Chapter 85:Reborn Wife Is Invincible

[085] Test of the Master

The next month is the extreme physical challenge, load-bearing running, trail running, pull-ups, parallel bars, rock climbing, skydiving, 70% of the training methods are carried out in accordance with special forces training methods, and relatively speaking , More stringent.

Compared with the training that Luo You had done, the intensity of these trainings has increased by two to three times. Luo You was very uncomfortable at the beginning, and could only persist through gritted teeth. The members of the Guards performed well. Luo You is even more exciting. She is not a person who likes to admit defeat, so even if her tired body collapses, Luo You still perseveres.

Then, with the adaptation to various training intensities, Luo You gradually increased the training items. Since she has the purpose of training, she must achieve the effect of training. She does not want to waste her time and make herself stronger. , Has always been what she was looking forward to!

And the test of the controller this time is also physical. A good controller needs too much ability. Intelligence is the most important, but physical strength is also indispensable. However, the requirements are not too high. You only need to be able to ensure that you will not be in The enemy was wiped out in the action, not to kill, but to protect himself.

One month of extreme physical training was followed by another month of fighting skills training. Grandma Gu recruited four instructors who were proficient in all aspects of fighting skills for Luo You, who specialized in various combat training for Luo You. Two of them In addition to fighting skills, Luo You is the most classic assassination technique!

Assassination is a lesson that every member of the ancient killing must learn, and the master of the ancient killing is naturally no exception.

Luo You was very talented in learning fighting and assassination techniques. Grandma Gu and the members of the elders group saw the whole process of Luo You training through monitoring and were very satisfied with Luo You's performance.

"Madam, the young master performed very well. You should also introduce us to meet." It was a member of the elders group. Although they had received a lot of news about Luo You, they were actually not officially Meeting on occasion is also an unwritten rule in the ancient killings. Only heirs who are truly recognized by the elders can officially meet with all the members of the elders.

"It's nice to hear you say this. I will arrange for you to meet."

When Luo You appeared at the door of the meeting room, she already knew her purpose for coming here, but when she saw a group of old men in the elders group, she still couldn't help but feel like laughing.

It doesn't feel like a conference room here, but more like a nursing home. When people are old, they should enjoy their old age. Occupying a position and holding on to power is a headache for the younger generation.

"Xiaoyou, these are the elders of the ancient killer, come and see you." Grandma Gu introduced all the people present to Luo You, and Luo You also took these people in her heart seriously, although these people temporarily She didn't seem to have done anything to her, but she only needed to think of the Luo family's accident in the previous life. It was precisely because of the inaction of these people that the ancient killer became an existence standing idly by, and then fell into a state of depression. There is an urge to break these people into pieces!

Stubborn and decayed, it was too eye-catching to look at, and Xiaoyou didn't have any idea of ​​wanting to have a relationship with these people, and had always been very indifferent.

Luo You's attitude is not friendly enough, which makes these old men feel uncomfortable, but it is not too caring. After all, Luo You's indifferent temperament is well known, but some of the problems still exist.

"Young Master, since you intend to accept the ancient killing, can you stop being a star? The master of the ancient killing should not be too exposed, it will be very dangerous." The elder is the spokesperson of this group of elders, It also raised the question on behalf of the elders.

There are eight positions in the elders of the ancient killing. The elders are selected from the members who have contributed the most to the ancient killing. Of course, they are generally the elders who can no longer perform tasks and have considerable prestige. It was changing, and the existence that could not keep up with the historical trend was bound to be replaced, but these old stubborns who were about to be replaced in Luo You's heart were obviously impatient and interfered in her life.

Luo You narrowed his eyes slightly, and coldly scanned the eight elders who were waiting for her to reply.

"I have seen people, and I will continue your trials. I still have to train and will not be accompanied." The explanation is not impossible, and the justification may not be ineffective. Delaying tactics and other things are also very useful. You can also change the subject. In fact, Luo You really has many ways to cope. She can think of it, but she doesn't want to do that.

Maybe it's the reason for being too proud. She hates to use those messy ways to perfuse, and even more hates these old men treating her with that kind of self-righteous attitude. No one can decide her life, no one can!

Luo You left with a cold air, leaving everyone staring at each other.

"Madam, what does Young Master mean?" The elder asked grandmother Xiang Gu in a somewhat unkind tone.

"...Xiaoyou is this temperament, you elders don't mind, you should also make a decision about Xiaoyou's test. Xiaoyou is a bit anxious, and everyone should look at her efforts. The year’s performance was also very good. It’s time for the post-implementation test."

The ancient grandmother is naturally toward her granddaughter, and the test of ancient killing does not actually refer to two things, but has always existed since the successor was determined. In the past few years, Luo You has not been the ancient killer. What to do, but some of Luo You's actions are known to everyone, and the intelligence organization of Gu Sha is not for nothing.

"The young master is only 18 years old, is it too early?" The elder is obviously very worried about Luo You's age, and in his eyes, Luo You's temperament is really not very pleasing. The elderly always Luo You, who likes to be obedient and polite juniors, is obviously not letting the elderly be seen by the arrogant Luo You.

"Age is not the key to determining the problem, and I just ask you to formulate a test for Xiaoyou. Whether it can be completed depends on Xiaoyou's own efforts, and it takes time to complete. Xiaoyou will grow better and better. "Grandma Gu's words are actually sincere. Although she believes that her granddaughter will be excellent, she is not looking forward to the time Luo You will be able to complete the test. Didn't she feel that Luo You was a little too young? Appropriate to take over the ancient killing now.

The reason why Grandma Gu wants to determine the content of Luo You's assessment as soon as possible is to train Luo You in a targeted manner, so that Luo You can complete this trial better, and it can also make the people of Ancient Killer recognize Luo more. quiet!

Grandma Gu was obviously well-intentioned, but she also underestimated the ultimate goal Luo You wanted to achieve. Luo You didn't think his age was inappropriate.

The summer vacation hurriedly passed, when Luo You took the guards to bid farewell to Gumeng Island again, a group of teenagers around 20 years old, in addition to youthfulness, but also extremely powerful, this golden team has gone through a long period of running-in. After special training again and again, they got rid of their immature, and they have gradually matured, exuding their unique light.

"Young Master, this is all the information I can investigate about the Mask Party. Please check it out." On the plane, Xiao Xiao handed over the prepared information to Luo You with a very cautious expression.

Before leaving Gumeng Island, after some simple tests, the elders finally formulated three test contents. As long as Luo You can complete, Luo You can become the master of the ancient killing, and one of the requirements is except Except for the members of the Guards, Luo You must not mobilize any ancient killing forces.

And one of the tasks Luo You has to complete is to eliminate the National D Mask Party and kill the fourth-ranked killer mask on the killer list in the case of heads-up, so that Luo You can occupy a place on the killer list. .

Relatively speaking, this task needs to complete three things: destroy the Mask Party, kill the Mask, and enter the rankings. From the perspective of the tens of thousands of members of the Mask Party in Country D, this is definitely not an easy task, but Fortunately, what the elders asked for was not to eliminate all members, but to make the Mask Party no longer exist, otherwise Luo Youke would become a murderer.

As for the mask, the fourth killer in the killer list, Luo You's attitude is also very cautious. Although she is good now, she still has a long way to go compared with the top masters. Although she thinks the strength is worth It is not the key to victory or defeat, but it is very cautious in attitude.

Except for the content of the Mask Party experiment, the other two are not easy, and one of them is not easy, it also makes Luo You very helpless. If it weren't for the grandma to persuade, Luo You would never Yes, because she thought it was just a joke.

Among the other two tasks, one of Luo You's acceptable is to let her complete the meeting with the leaders of the dark world. Naturally, not all countries are included, but some major countries, about 20 or 30 people. It was enough. This was also to announce Luo You’s existence and identity to the world. It was considered a necessary ritual, and it was also an experience method that has existed since ancient times. Although Luo You found it troublesome, he did not refuse. .

But the last item made Luo You very speechless. All members of the elders, including his grandmother, actually demanded that Luo You must give birth to an heir before he can officially take over the ancient killing. Whether it is a male or a female, he must It was Luo You's biological child, and he had to adopt the ancient surname, otherwise he would never agree to Luo You becoming the master of the ancient killing!

With regard to this item, Luo You expressed helplessness and anger, really wanting to uncover the heads of these old men to see what the ingredients are, even this kind of request can be made! It’s just that before Luo You protested, Grandma Gu mentioned the promise Luo You had made to herself. At the beginning, Luo You agreed to let Ye Yuchen enter the ancient killing. Grandma's request was only made again now, and Luo You couldn't even say what she refused.

The contents of the three trials are different. If the first two are troublesome and time-consuming for Luo You, then the last one is not troublesome to describe, and it is not a problem that time can solve!

"Young Master, although it is a bit presumptuous to have a question, I still want to ask, is this okay?" Xiao Xiao, as a member of the guard team closest to Luo You, is somewhat familiar with Luo You. Ask a question or something. Still very normal.

"Say." Luo You was thinking about it, and he didn't care too much about Xiao Xiao's words.

"Um, how long do you plan to officially take over the ancient killing? Um, you know it, you need to determine the time for this, I think, it may be enough to eliminate the Mask Party for one or two years, and it is easy to visit the bigwigs of various countries. It can be regarded as a world travel. Only this third item needs to be handled by you. It is naturally impossible for us to interfere. I just want to ask you and determine the time we work overtime. You know as the young master Your guards, if you want to become the guards of the masters, you still need to work harder."

Xiao Xiao's remarks were relatively euphemistic, and there were many explanations attached, but the explanation was to cover up. Luo You's face turned a little blue after Xiao Xiao's remarks!

She is only eighteen years old, and she hasn't even celebrated her eighteenth birthday. Why do these people start to worry about these things! During the Chinese New Year, my mother wanted to be engaged to her and Ye Yuchen, and now the Gu Sha group even wanted children, which is ridiculous!

Who do you want her to have a baby with? Is it really going to be with Ye Yuchen? The figure of Ye Yuchen appeared in Luo You's mind, not because Luo You deliberately thought about it, but when he thought of this kind of problem, the man appeared so naturally.

"Xiao Xiao, since you want to work hard, you can double your training content in the future. I believe you will become a very good guard team member." Let these stinky kids watch her jokes, blessings and difficulties. She feels uncomfortable, and don't even think about it!

Xiao Xiao suddenly showed a bitter face, looked at Luo You pitifully and said: "Young Master, I'm sorry, I said, I won't mention your sadness again in the future, don't let me double my training. OK."

It was almost the same time that Xiao Xiao's words were over. The others in the room couldn't help covering their eyes, not wanting to see Xiao Xiao being repaired!

Sure enough, the next moment Luo You started his hand, and his bent fingers hit Xiao Xiao's head fiercely. Xiao Xiao couldn't hide, but he could only lament how he said something wrong again.

"Triple times, you can't eat if you can't finish the training!" Knowing that she was worried about this, she dared to say it.

The rest of the guard team members laughed, but the smiles have not disappeared, so they can't laugh, because Luo You immediately said: "You doubled your training. Xiao Xiao has worked so hard. It's not good that you are behind. , It will affect the balance."

The rest of the members said that it really doesn't matter what affects the balance. They won't mind Xiao Xiao being stupid than them, really!

It has been a long time since the college entrance examination is over, and the university is about to start, and Luo You, the long-lost Beijing champion, has finally returned.

Gumeng Island can be regarded as a place isolated from the world, but in fact, various channels of communication with the outside world are very convenient. Although Luo You has disappeared for more than two months, there is no lack of attention to the outside world. The entertainment industry is still I will mention some topics about her from time to time, but more often I call for her to appear. Fans all missed it.

In addition to the entertainment industry, Luo You's name appeared again in the education sector more than a month ago. As the woman champion in Beijing, she is also a very famous woman champion. The Ministry of Education and major media have almost exhausted He tried his best to publicize the matter, but there was a flaw in it. Luo You himself never appeared. According to Luo You’s agent Li Angyu, Luo You is studying abroad and will not accept any interviews, but Luo You will still Regularly upload some photos on Weibo, so that fans can comfort the suffering of lovesickness.

The fact that Luo You became the champion also made many fans of Luo You even more obsessed with and admired Luo You. A national idol who is busy with work can achieve such a shocking result in the exam, how can it not be admired!

Although people on the Internet occasionally say that Luo You’s scores are fraudulent, they will soon be overwhelmed by everyone’s saliva. There can be many fraudulent things, but anyone with a bit of thinking ability will not believe that Luo You’s college entrance examination scores are Fake, because even if it was a fake, it wouldn't be so compelling, unless Luo You's courage would really be so big.

In order to achieve fairness, the Ministry of Education also published Luo You's examination papers for various subjects. Luo You Qingya's sharp handwriting once again made many fans praised, making those who want black Luo You really helpless.

Luo You seems to have become so red that he can't be blackened. The darker he gets, the redder he will become. Those who want to step on Luo You's superior position or be famous will inevitably disappear from everyone's sight.

At the beginning of September, a freshman from Beijing University registered. Luo You chose to study in the Department of Metaphysics at Beijing University. It was a major that made everyone who knew Luo You chose this major, and many people even said the first time they knew the news. Last sentence, please stop joking!

But this is not a joke, but an iron fact. This is Luo You's choice after a long period of serious consideration. She has never figured out why she was born again, and there seems to be no way for her to make it. Understand, it's just that she is still curious occasionally, so after deliberation, she made such a decision!

It has been passed down for five thousand years in China. Metaphysics, as a very ancient science, naturally has the necessary meaning for its existence. Luo You did not believe in it in his previous life, but he had to believe it in this life. In order to explore the mystery, Luo You was the last Made this choice.

Moreover, the major of metaphysics has very low requirements for students. Luo You can't guarantee her attendance rate, nor does she want to let her schoolwork tie her down. This subject really suits her situation, so she came without hesitation.

The freshman reception area of ​​Beijing University is very lively. It is very lively in the south of the country and in the north of the sea. The students who come here to report come from everywhere. The young boys and girls are full of youth and look forward to making people very envious. .

And most importantly, in addition to the new students who came to report, there are many more excited faces interspersed among them. Those are fans and reporters waiting for Luo You to report!

The news that Luo You applied for the Beijing University Entrance Examination was not a secret. When Luo You noticed the news, it was already public and could not be disclosed again. It was too late to keep it secret. This also made her a little annoyed, but after thinking about it, even if it is not public now , I can’t keep it from now on. I can only blame her for being too popular. Even sitting in the classroom with arms may not be safe. It is either recognized by fans or sent to a mental hospital as a mental illness.

Many fans waited for Luo You at the freshman registration desk, and Luo You would not be unaware of this situation. As a student with a very unusual background, Luo You chose to go through the back door and go straight to the car in order not to cause too much sensation. After entering the school, he went through various procedures at the tutor.

The instructor is a middle-aged woman who looks very capable in wearing professional clothes with eyes. After receiving Luo You's call, she has been waiting for Luo You to appear. When Luo You went through various procedures, her face was always warm. His smile looks very comfortable.

The procedures were quickly completed, and the instructor's smile became a little shy. After hesitating for a while, he asked a little embarrassedly: "Xiaoyou, that, I can call you that, hehe, can you sign me? My name, my daughter is a fan of yours. Knowing that you are going to school at Beijing University, I arguably ask me to sign for her every day."

"Of course." Luo You smiled, and wrote his name directly on the signature book prepared by the instructor, and after inquiring, he wrote a blessing, which made the instructor very happy. The evaluation has greatly changed.

Who said that Luo You's temperament was cold and not easy to get along with? It was Princess Bingshan? This is simply slander. Seeing how gentle other people’s children are when they are beautiful and funny, and they learn to act well and have a sweet singing voice, they are simply the most perfect existence. If her family is not a girl but a son, she must be introduced to Luo. You know that if you have Luo You as a daughter-in-law, you must be envious of all mothers with sons in the world!

Fortunately, Xiaoyou didn’t know that her tutor was such an off-line person, otherwise he would be full of black lines. Recently, these uncles and aunts, grandparents, and grandparents, how come they can think of this kind of thing no matter what they think. , It is really a headache.

Thinking of this, Luo You once again inevitably thought of a certain man. This made Luo You more headache. Why would he think of that man every time he thought of this question? It was engagement and childbirth. She only had ten Eight years old, why should we consider this question, this is why!

At the same time, a man who was performing a secret mission sneezed abruptly, almost alarming the bandits not far away. Fortunately, he reacted in a timely manner and suffocated back, but he also muttered in his heart. , Who is thinking of him, or is it scolding him?


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