Chapter 86:Reborn Wife Is Invincible

【086】 Journey and Fight

University students generally live on campus, even people in this city. It’s just that Luo You has a small cleanliness, where she would like to live with strangers, and she is not sure how much time she will spend in school. .

After being admitted to the university, Luo You’s plan to go international will also begin to be implemented. The three tests of Ancient Killing also take a lot of time, and there is also the unforgettable hatred she has always kept in her heart. These are all Luo You needs. As for studying, I can only think about it in my spare time.

The first task for freshmen after the start of school was military training, but Luo You obviously didn't intend to participate, so he went to the class supervisor to ask for leave. Luo You’s situation was so special that the class supervisor had no choice but to agree. I have a hunch that there will be many things like this in the future. Who will let such a special character in her class?

President's Office of Heart Star Entertainment

Luo You was low-key all the way, but he was too high-key because he was helpless. He greeted him with a bunch of piles and moved forward. The five- minute journey took ten minutes, and it was still Luo You's cold face. In case of one sentence.

"Xiaoyou, take a look. They are all very good scripts, and there are characters suitable for you. As long as you can see them, Auntie will help you win them." Aunt Luo said this very confidently, but it also revealed it. Another meaning is that these scripts are different from the two films that Luo You once filmed. The former Aunt Luo can be completely in charge, but the scripts of these films that are now in front of Luo You are not just a sentence. Enough to get it done.

The three dramas, all of which are large-scale productions of hundreds of millions, are directed by internationally renowned directors, and there are many international big-name actors. Each role is determined after various selections, but carefully separated, the situation of these three dramas is also very big. s difference.

Two of the dramas specially invited Luo You to participate, while one drama was in the audition stage. Many roles are in competition. Luo You must also participate in the audition if he wants to participate.

The role issues in these three dramas are also different. One is a heroine and the other is a supporting actress. It’s hard to say that Luo You was not invited. There are two or three roles suitable for Luo You. After all, Luo You You’s acting skills are great. As long as there is not much difference in appearance, they can be performed well. And the heroine and heroine of this third drama are classmates of the same age, and there will not be too much. In and out.

In addition to the above factors, there is also a big difference between the director and the content of the script. Although they are all internationally renowned directors, there are also gaps. One of them is from China, while the other two are directors from M country. , The script is also one with the East as the theme, and two with the West as the theme.

Luo You carefully read the three scripts and learned about the relevant knowledge of the three scripts. Luo You first returned the script that invited her to play a supporting role to Aunt Luo.

"No need to think about this one."

"I knew that would be the case. What about the remaining two? One is an oriental classical martial arts, and the other is a Western magical production. What about Xiaoyou's idea?" Aunt Luo was obviously not surprised by Luo You's choice, she was very calm. Asked.

"The two dramas have their own advantages, and it is difficult for me to make a decision at a time." Luo You is also considering the pros and cons of the two dramas. Classical martial arts have a strong oriental flavor, and the aesthetics in the sword and shadow are very popular with the audience. Welcome, and the image of the heroine of this drama is very similar to Luo You, with a cold and distant personality, and a cold and elegant atmosphere. Although it is not tailor-made, it is similar. With Luo You's acting skills, the heroine in the play is 100% Deduction came out.

The magical works in the West are relatively new, and it is also a small test for Luo You. After all, she has not played such a role, and the magical works are also very gorgeous, although they are based on a Western background. But it also contains quite profound connotations.

Compared with the two dramas, each has advantages, and this is why Luo You can't make a choice.

"Then think about it again. There is still time for three or five days, but it's best not to be too long, it will change after a while." Aunt Luo is not in a hurry. This kind of big production casting is always a waste of time. Luo You's first attempt to move towards a large-scale international production, it is better to be more cautious.

"I understand." The various changes in the entertainment industry are too fast, not to mention that they have not been selected, even after the shooting is started, it is not without a change of roles.

Luo You walked out of Aunt Luo's office and did not leave directly. Instead, she went to the scheduled meeting room. She still has a short meeting to be held today.

When Luo You walked into the meeting room, all the people who asked to attend the meeting were all there, and a total of 27 people. Except for Luo You, Li Angyu, and Xiao Xiao, the remaining 24 people were Luo You’s subordinates. The ace warrior of China is not the future queen of heaven, or the queen of actor and actress, and there are even top stars who are popular in the world.

"Sister Xiaoyou." All the twenty-four people stood up and said hello. The entertainment industry never looked at age, but grades. Luo You was young among these people, but his achievements were beyond doubt. Film and television song Sanxi popular artist, a well-deserved sister-level figure.

And the most important point is the admiration and gratitude of these people for Luo You. They are all stars that Luo You signed. If it were not for Luo You's excavation and cultivation, they would not be able to achieve the same results as today.

Among these people, the most powerful has already entered the front-line position, even the weakest one is also a popular artist with more than one million fans.

Yun Yan is also among these people. He is now a veritable actor. Since cooperating with Luo You in the drama "The Daughter of the Underworld", Yun Yan has become popular again, and he is cultivated by Xinxing Entertainment. During this period of time, Yunyan also took two movies, each of which has achieved very good results. He has already stepped firmly back to the front line position, and his net worth has doubled. Many directors are rushing to ask for it, never again. The Yunyan that was detested by everyone, and it was naturally Luo You who changed everything.

In addition to Yunyan, there are many people who have cooperated with Luo You, who have also become popular idol artists, such as Qi Zihui and Lu Ting. Although they can only barely stand on the edge of the line, they officially entered It is just around the corner to reach the first-line and ilk, and compared to Yunyan, they are younger and more potential. The future achievements are definitely better than Yunyan.

In addition to a few men’s surprises, there are also a few very good ladies. Dong Ran, an innocent jade girl, is already one of the representatives of the new generation. If it weren’t for Luo You’s pressure, the momentum would have been even stronger, and her personality was gentle and easy-going, and her age In her early twenties, compared to Luo You, she is more suitable to be the dream goddess of some people. There is a website that most wants to marry home and be a wife. Dong Ran's turnout rate has always remained in the top three, which shows that she Popularity.

In addition to Dong Ran, there are also Meng Di and Lu Yun, both of whom are representative of the new generation of actresses. Some are powerful singers in the music industry, and some are popular young queens. Several people are more beautiful than one, and each is more flavorful, each with its own characteristics. Each has its own elegance.

In addition to these artists in front of the stage, Luo You’s team also has many powerful behind-the-scenes staff members, such as Ma An, a newcomer in the director world, and Jing Feng, a vigorous music producer, who is developing into a gold medal agent. Gu Mingyu, internationally renowned makeup artist Sakurako, etc.

The team of more than 20 people is Luo You’s most important asset in the entertainment industry, and she has collected one by one with the most potential talents, although it still looks like a gathering of the new generation of entertainment industry workers. But Luo You is very confident. After five to ten years, when these people get together again, they are definitely a big-time figure who can make a huge wave in the entertainment industry!

"Sit all, don't be polite." Luo You sat on the main seat very calmly, smiled gracefully, and already had the posture of transforming from a princess to a queen.

Everyone sat down, Luo You slowly said, "This time we are summoning everyone here, mainly for three purposes. We are a team. You are all artists who have signed contracts with me. I hope our team can unite and work together. Work hard to make some achievements in the entertainment industry. You have followed me for some time. Everyone has found their own development direction. I will also provide you with the most beneficial resources. What you have to do is not just hard work. Apart from doing my own job, I will not interfere with the rest, but the premise is that I cannot do anything that harms the team. This is also the first thing I want to say in the meeting today."

Luo You has signed a contract with the people present for some time, but apart from meeting a few people alone, or some people who have cooperated, he hasn't held a meeting so formally. No, so it has been delayed until today.

"...The second thing, I have made a work plan for the next three years for you, and will send it to you after the meeting. If you have any questions and feel that you cannot meet the requirements in the plan, you can come to me in private , I’ll talk to you well.” Luo You’s words were a bit unkind, and his eyes swept over everyone one by one. Everyone who looked at them was frightened, and they couldn’t help but think of Luo You again. I thought of some way to squeeze them. You know, each of them has three to five times as much work as Luo You.

Everyone shouted in their hearts, but none of them dared to protest. They could only look at Luo You pitifully. In fact, they didn’t know that Luo You did it for their own good, and personally made future plans for them. For them, this is definitely something worthy of their moving heart.

However, no matter how touched, hard work is also hard work, but Luo You's leisure time makes them very envious.

"The last thing is a good thing. In order to reward everyone's hard work in recent years, I will build a special villa complex for you. Later, you can talk to Xiao Xiao about your own requirements for your future residence. As long as the ideas are not too peculiar, designers and architects will try their best to satisfy you, and this is considered a bonus for you.” Although Luo You often says that he is a businessman, businessman can also be generous, especially to himself Luo You's subordinate can be regarded as a good boss.

Of course, the wool came out of the sheep, and Luo You wouldn't lose money by doing this. Is this a businessman? He would never do business at a loss.

As for everyone who heard Luo You’s last words, their eyes lit up, and their excited expressions were self-evident. Although the work of an artist looks shining, only you know how hard it is actually. This aspect of making money is really not easy to say, especially for those who have a certain status when they just debuted, they are even more entangled. They need money to decorate themselves because they have become public figures. However, it is difficult to meet their requirements in terms of funds. There are also various aspects of entertainment, which is not untangled.

In addition to cost, residence is also very important. In Beijing, a place with a lot of money, a star’s residence is also very particular. Confidentiality is the most important thing, but their remuneration is difficult to pay. Certain people even live in the apartment provided by the company, knowing how hard it is.

"Sister Xiaoyou, boss Xiaoyou, what do you say? Well, what level do you plan to arrange for us according to what size? I don't ask too much. A small villa of three hundred square meters is enough. Anyway, I am single. It's really impossible to give me an apartment of one or two hundred square meters, and I don't dislike it either."

The first person to raise his hand to speak was Gu Mingyu, who was also the only agent in the team. Li Angyu was exclusively for Luo You. Although he would also be responsible for some of the other artists in the team, he was the only one who could not be too busy after all. , At Luo You's gesture, he found Gu Mingyu, who was a little chatty and thick-skinned.

Gu Mingyu was a MLM before he became an agent, and he could talk for hours as soon as he opened his mouth. People gave him the nickname Gu Chat, but relatively speaking, he was also the most economically problematic among the crowd. Even Lu Ting, who was born as an orphan, is now better than Gu Mingyu, because Gu Mingyu took the path of a broker, and the brokers in this team are very low-level, almost entirely relying on wages to support themselves, so it seems a bit pitiful.

Of course, compared with ordinary people, Gu Mingyu’s treatment is absolutely enviable, but Gu Mingyu, who has only worked for more than a year, still has difficulty buying a house, and his biggest wish is to buy a house in Beijing and then marry a wife. Live.

"Do you want an apartment?" Luo You had an imperceptible smile in his eyes, but on the surface he was very indifferent, which obviously meant to tease him.

"Ah? Well, I, I didn't mean that, I mean..." Gu Mingyu was stunned, a little eager to explain, but was interrupted by Luo You.

"If this is the case, then the apartment is ready. Anyway, you are only one person. One or two hundred square meters are too big, but sixty square meters are good enough for you to live on your own, and you can also save to clean up." Luo You very intimate suggestion At the same time, Gu Mingyu's expression was a little ugly, and he looked at Luo You pitifully.

"Sister Xiaoyou, boss Xiaoyou, you are my little ancestor, don’t you kid me, I’m not excited, you said, you want to give us a villa, that’s a villa, I I never thought I could live in a villa in my entire life. I used to..." Gu Mingyu suddenly paused when he said that, a touch of sorrow and pain flashed past, and then he continued: "Oh, let's not mention it. It’s because I talk a lot. In short, I live in whatever the boss gives me. Even if I go to live in your bathroom, I have no objection."

Gu Mingyu’s sadness and pain are for a reason. He has no money, no house, no car, and his girlfriend has disappeared because of this. He doesn’t blame his girlfriend for disgusting him, he only blames himself for not having the skills and can’t even support a family. !

"Go ahead, can you afford to live in my bathroom, but I can build an apartment for you based on the square meters of my bathroom, and you can eat and drink in one room in the future." Luo You said with a face. Disgusted, her bathroom is not accessible to everyone, just like Gu Mingyu, she is still not allowed.

But I don’t know why, Luo You suddenly remembered Ye Yuchen at this time. If the object was changed to Ye Yuchen, Luo You might reluctantly agree. After all, the man had even lived in his own guest room. It’s not impossible to live in the bathroom or anything else. Why don’t you wait for the next time a man is disobedient and be stupid again, just shut it in the bathroom and try?

The husband and wife are not allowed to quarrel, and they are not husband and wife. It is also good to put them in confinement.

Luo You thought wildly, there was a little weird expression in his face, but everyone who had been paying attention to her became a little curious.

"Xiaoyou, what do you think, so strange?" Yunyan is the oldest here, and there are many people who have contact with Luo You. He is probably the only one who can ask like this.

"Thinking about what it's like to live in the bathroom." Luo You answered very seriously, but obviously everyone thought she was telling a cold joke, so many people couldn't help laughing. Rare.

Moreover, it is extremely rare for these people to be able to contact Luo You so close, talk to Luo You, and see her so close. Luo You has given them too many things, career, work, money, hope, future, Their feelings for Luo You are also very complicated, and such contact is what they have been looking forward to.

Luo You raised her eyebrows. She didn't think what she was saying was funny. She was thinking about it very seriously. I have to admit that Luo You was also very cute and lovely at some point.

It’s just that for someone on a mission like this, I don’t know if it’s cute or helpless. However, as the old saying goes, Zhou Yu hits Huang Gai, one is willing to fight and the other is willing to suffer. It is estimated that this kind of thing will happen. For Ye Yuchen, he was willing to accept it. Who made him always be a little M in front of Luo You.

The main characteristic of Xiao M is that when facing his master, any punishment must be accepted willingly and treated as a reward.

After Luo You left Xinxing Entertainment, he went directly to the headquarters of Youshi Real Estate Company. He also had a brief meeting with Li Wencheng and Ye Chengze, in which he also mentioned his rewards to the people of Xinxing, so he discussed the new purchase A high-end independent high-end modern community with perfect defensive measures will be built on that piece of land. This community will also be divided into two parts: apartment area and villa area, and equipped with various high-quality service facilities, it is bound to make this community become There is no one of the top residential areas in Beijing!

Luo You may not be a person who is greedy for power and money, but he is a very wild and purposeful person. Otherwise, he will not do it. If he does it, he must do his best. This has always been Luo You’s code of conduct. Entering real estate, Luo You is definitely not just for fun.

Luo You approved six plots of land through various methods, and through various investigations and some news in his memory, he classified and used the six plots of land, building houses, building houses, building buildings, Luo You It even made use of one of the more remote areas to develop a plan for a large amusement park. It is bound to build a first-class amusement park in China, and it is very likely to become one of the landmark buildings.

Luo You is not short of money, and the funds of one billion to tens of billions are fully activated. Luo You is not stingy with the investment of funds. She has been able to get so much money when she is short of money. Now that money generates money, she does not Bad money.

In addition to the entertainment industry and the jewelry business, Luo You has been buying all kinds of superior stocks in her memory that can bring her economic benefits, and according to her memory, secretly invested in a number of promising companies, such as IT There are biological research, agriculture, transportation, and medical industries. Some have more shares, and some have less. It all depends on her mood at the time.

And the total amount of these scattered investments is quite considerable, but the profits brought to her are definitely huge than most people can imagine. Luo You is also very bold in this aspect, and she is almost not stingy. The top ten industries in the memory, the companies in the top 100 in China, have invested some funds, perhaps, this is the legendary one.

And now, these investments have successively gained some benefits. Coupled with the working capital in his hand, Luo You has almost all invested in real estate development. Construction of four of the six plots of land started at the same time. Now it has been about half a year. The development has already achieved certain results, and Luo You is now preparing to build the fifth plot, a piece of Luo You is going to be used to build the existence of a high- level community.

"Mr. Luo, you can rest assured that I will take care of this matter. The designers and architects have been waiting for a long time, and the construction can be fully started only after your order." After more than half a year of change, Li Wencheng also He became more and more energetic, and his speech and behavior were full of the confidence of successful people. Of course, there was no lack of respect and obedience to Luo You, as did Ye Chengze.

A smart person always knows what he should keep in mind.


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