Chapter 1:Return of the War God

: Ten years of silence, Ye Wuqian!

"Boom" "Om"

The Yuanli fluctuated, and there was the sound of double fists fighting, and the flying stone chips, Ye Wuque was hit in the chest with a punch, and his figure fell back three feet before stopping his figure.

However, a 14-five-year-old boy with fair skin and handsome appearance, especially his eyes are naturally bright, adding a strange charm to his immature face.

It's just that Ye Wuque is slightly embarrassed at the moment, his black hair in the martial arts shawl is fluttering, and he does not look at the opponent who defeated him in three strokes on the performance stage, but closed his eyes, expressionless, and seemed to be immersed in his own. In the world.

"Ye Wuque, eliminate! Murong Hai, win, enter the next round!"

With the sound coming from behind the huge martial arts stage, Murong Hai, who was standing on the martial arts stage, jumped off the stage, with a scarred face, a burly figure and eighteen years old.

With an arrogant expression on his face, Murong Hai's eyes swept over Ye Wuque's closed eyes. The pleasure and contempt in it were unconcealed. When he walked by Ye Wuque's side, he suddenly smiled slightly.

"Ye Wuque, I really admire you. For ten years, have you ever counted how many times you have defeated? Oh, yes, I forgot. I guess you have forgotten what it's like to win. , Hehe, what a...trash."

"Fei Wuque was turned into a team with Murong Hai in the first battle. He deserves bad luck!"

"Three tricks are defeated without any lack, tusk tusk, really weak!"

"Oh, in the past ten years, Fei Wucai has never won a single battle in countless battles, and he has been defeated and fought again and again for a whole ten years! What a strange thing!"

Surrounding the left side of the huge martial arts field, there are more than a hundred boys and girls who are not eleven or twelve years old, and they are all dressed in light blue martial arts uniformly tailored, each young His face was shining brilliantly and vigorously, like the sun just rising in the morning.

All of this, Ye Wuque, who closed his eyes, seemed to be used to it, but no one knew that earth-shaking changes were taking place in his body at this moment!

This change, even though it has been silent for ten years, and his heart is hardened like iron, Ye Wuque, whose will is polished and transparent, even trembled slightly, his heart was agitated like a tide, and the throbbing from the depths of his soul became more and more fierce.

"The Emperor is worthy of his heart! Ten years of silence, and now I have achieved my wish. Am I finally successful?"

........ "Haha, Binglan, I'm one step ahead, don't fall behind."

Murong Hai, who had long turned into a brilliant smiling face, came to the stone bench on the right side of the martial arts field where dozens of young strong men sat, and smiled at a girl sitting in the front.

With his arrival, Dao Dao's fighting spirit and fiery eyes focused on him, and many powerful fluctuations swept across him, all of which belonged to the young powerhouse of the Murong family sitting here.

"Muronghai, do you feel happy to win over Ye Wuque's waste? Your strength has indeed grown very fast, and you have broken through to the Eighth Heaven forging Body, but compared to Brother Tian, ​​you are still far behind."

A slightly cold daughter's voice sounded from the girl named Binglan by Murong Hai. Although this woman is sitting on a stone bench, her slender legs crossed together form a charming arc. She is wearing a red close-fitting silk dress with blossoming embroideries on her chest. The small waist that she holds is straight. On her pointed chin is a pair of beautiful phoenix eyes, her nose is straight and her lips are bright red. She is an excellent beauty.

After hearing Binglan's words, Murong Hai's smile stagnated, eyes flashed with jealousy and jealousy, he smiled, but stopped speaking, walked to his stone bench and sat down with his eyes closed.

After hearing the words "Tian Ge", those young strong men sitting awkwardly behind Murong Binglan showed envy and admiration almost at the same time.

"The next game, Murong Binglan vs. Murong Jie."

At the same time, an energetic man's voice came from behind the martial arts stage. As soon as this voice rang, the whole martial arts field suddenly became silent, because it belonged to Murong Patriarch Murong Changqing.


Two young figures suddenly jumped up from the stone benches and rushed towards the martial arts stage. A scent of fragrant wind rushed past. Murong Binglan stood pretty on the fifty-foot-long martial arts arena, and one stood opposite her. The middle-looking boy, his gaze swept across Murong Binglan's face, and there was a trace of drunkenness and love.

Murong Binglan, one of Murong Shuangshu!

The qualifications are good, the looks are beautiful, and the temperament is even more cold and compelling. I don't know how many of Murong's children are the goddess. Looking at the beauties in front of them, Murong Jie is even a little cramped and nervous. He originally stood on the martial arts field and closed his eyes. Wucai opened his eyes at this moment. The strong will he has cultivated in the past ten years has well controlled his emotions. His eyes are as calm as before. He looked at the two standing on the field and walked straight down the martial arts arena, but Murong Binglan swept away. There was a deep humiliation and disgust hidden in his eyes.


"Boom" "Boom"

Murong Binglan and Murong Jie broke out in a war.

Ye Wuque, who walked down the martial arts field, was still agitated in his heart, but he slowly walked to the position behind the martial arts field and swung his hand at one of the ten figures sitting there.

"Uncle Changqing, Wuxia will go one step ahead and go back to practice."

The boy's voice was clear and melodious, and it seemed that the defeat just now did not cast any shadow on him.

"Well, no shortage, you go back first."

There is a complex meaning in Murong Changqing's eyes. How amazing was the handsome young man standing in front of him ten years ago?

Although Ye Wuque did not come from the Murong family, since that person entrusted him to the Murong family eleven years ago and left something like that, Murong Changqing has not regarded Ye Wuque as an outsider. Cultivation talent can be called a monster!

At the age of four, he practiced Murong’s family's superb grade "Hao Tian Jin". At the age of five, he broke through to the fifth layer of forging body. In that year, he defeated one of the five super sects of the Northern Tianyu who came here. The peerless little genius.

This news stirred up waves like a stone!

Five-year-old, bodybuilding five-fold heaven, what is this concept?

When a cultivator embarks on the path of cultivation, the first great realm is the physical training realm. This realm is divided into ten heavens. The physical body is beaten and the blood is condensed. They correspond to: "skin, flesh, tendons, bones, and marrow."

And ordinary people break through the first level of physical training at the age of ten, and they are called geniuses. If they can break through to the third level of physical training at the age of ten, they will be rare in a century. genius.

Such a rare genius in a hundred years, as one of the three major families of Longguang City, one of the 100 main cities of the North Tianyu East, only one Murong family has been born for several generations, and that is Murongtian who has entered the Murong Forbidden Land and is about to leave. !

Murongtian, a ten-year-old break through the triple heaven of body-building, is known as a genius who is rare in a century.

At the age of only five years old, what was Ye Wuqian, who had broken through the fifth heaven of forging body before forming the blood in his body and reached the level of strengthening muscles?

Murong Changqing originally thought that God blessed the Murong family and gave this generation of two geniuses, but after the five-year-old Ye Wuque defeated the peerless little genius from the Qingming Temple, in ten years, he was nowhere to go. !

For ten years, Ye Wuque stayed in the fifth heaven for bodybuilding, stopped at the realm where he was astonishing and stunning when he was five years old.

Murong Changqing tried countless ways to find out the cause, but only one result could be obtained.

"The blood in the body is inexplicably exhausted, and it is no longer suitable for cultivation."

Tian is jealous of talents, nothing more than this.

Just after Murong Changqing had to give up, Ye Wuque chose to continue practicing. He didn't seem to be affected at all, and he continued to practice hard.

Only in the eyes of outsiders, Ye Wuque couldn't bear to fall into the bottom for a while, crazily trying to restore his genius glory.

They thought that Ye Wuque was already crazy.

"Wuwuwei" became his alias.

Just when Ye Wuque was about to leave the Yanwu Platform, a wave that rose to the sky quickly struck from far to near!


Powerful vitality surging around the body, the visitor is tall and looks only seventeen or eighteen years old. The skin, flesh, tendons, bones and marrow all over his body have been thoroughly practiced. The blood and vitality have long been completely integrated, regardless of each other. The ** is permeated with a huge force!

Ye Wuque could clearly see the light silver crescent moon pulsating behind this person, which was as high as the person. Although vague and unstable, it exuded a powerful breath.

The white vitality slowly dissipated. The man was dressed in a white martial arts shirt and hunted in the wind. His black hair was in a bun.

"My God! It's Murongtian! Murongtian is out!"

"His breath? Did he really break through the physical realm?"

"Hi! That is... Poyue?"

"At such an age and cultivation level, he is indeed the first person in the Murong family's younger generation!"

...The entire martial arts field immediately exploded with the appearance of Murong Tian, ​​and countless shocked voices spread, especially those young disciples who were sitting on the stone benches and Murong Tian's age. Murong Hai, who was bitter and helpless, was still silent a moment ago.

Murong Tian, ​​everyone's eyes were concentrated at this moment, he was the center of the light.

The two people fighting on the martial arts stage also stopped at this moment, and Murong Binglan stared at Murong Tian closely with a pair of brilliant eyes.

"Haha! God bless my Murong's house! God, you finally condensed Poyue and stepped into the first stage of Yingpu state in Xifan! The seventeen-year-old Yingpou state! Good! Great!"

At this moment, an old man sitting next to Murong Changqing suddenly got up and looked up to the sky and smiled. The old man looked ordinary and exuded a scent of haze, but at this time he laughed extremely freely.

The third elder of the Murong family, Murong Baishi, is also Murongtian's grandfather.

"Murongtian has met the Patriarch and the elders."

When he spoke lightly, Murong Tian's expression was also indifferent, but there was a trace of innate arrogance in his tone.

"Tian'er don't have to be polite. You successfully gathered Po Yue, and entered the realm of washing the world at the age of seventeen. At such an age, it is considered to be the top three in the two hundred years of my Murong family."

Murong Changqing was also very happy. As the heir of the Murong family, Murong Tian's excellence will undoubtedly make the Murong family one more master in the years to come.

"Yeah! Tian'er is a genius that is rare in a century!"

"The old man has lived for sixty years. A genius like Tian'er can only be seen in his life."

"Reward! Patriarch, Tian'er is so excellent, deserve a reward!"

...Murong Baishi heard the admiration of other elders, and his heart was even more proud. His grandson is so outstanding, so long face!

Ye Wuque stood behind Murong Tian and still didn't leave. His eyes swept across the pale silver crescent moon, revealing a strange light, and his thoughts surged.

"Is this the symbol of Washing the World Realm, Poyue? It's really strange."

Depressing the thoughts in his heart, feeling the earth-shaking changes in his body, Ye Wuque was about to leave here, he had very important things to confirm.

This is his ten years of death, in exchange for... good luck!

Today, I finally got what I wanted!

"To the Patriarch, Murongtian has something to ask for."

Murong Tian spoke indifferently again. As soon as these words fell, the pretty eyes of Murong Binglan on the martial arts stage lit up, as if thinking of something, he was overjoyed, his eyes swept over Ye Wuque, who was about to leave, full of disgust and relief. .

"Oh? Hehe, I once promised you that as long as you can break through to the realm of the retreat this time, I promised you two requirements. Now you have done it. So, God, you have any requests to speak up."

As if he knew what Murong Tian was thinking, Murong Changqing smiled immediately.

Murong Tian, ​​who was affirmed by Murong Changqing, suddenly turned his eyes, and looked at Ye Wuque who was about to leave indifferently, like a nine-day dragon looking down at the ant.

"The first thing Murong Tian spoke on behalf of Bing Lan, begging the Patriarch to take back Bing Lan's marriage contract with Ye Wuque, because he... is unworthy."

When this remark came out, everyone was shocked.


Only heard the sound of several air-conditioning sounds around, many of Murong's children were taken in a daze and then suddenly looked at them.

"call out"

With a fragrant breeze, Murong Binglan swept down the martial arts stage like a fiery red butterfly, standing beside Murongtian, raising her delicate chin, and said coldly: "Father, Binglan doesn't want to marry Ye Wuque. I also ask Dad to take his life back, it is impossible for Binglan to marry a trash!"

The frosty voice of her daughter spread all around, and instantly fell into the ears of Murong Changtian and the five elders who were sitting together, and even more clearly to the ears of every Murong child.

At the same time, Ye Wuque, who also heard the words of Murong Tian and Murong Binglan, also had a meal. This scene fell in the eyes of Murong's children, and instantly made up for Ye Wuque’s sadness and unwillingness, and part of it was projected on Ye Wuque’s body. His eyes were full of sympathy and pity, but it was more of a sense of joking.

Sure enough, Ye Wuque quickly turned around.

It was just that the distorted face did not appear, and replaced by a

Ye Wuque’s Junxiu’s face was full of smiles, and she clasped her fists and said loudly: “Uncle Changqing, I have already refused to you about the marriage contract. It’s just that today, you can take it back and you will be grateful.”


Dozens of extremely unexpected sounds of surprise sounded. The Murong children present had imagined all kinds of sadness, unwillingness, madness, and humiliation, but they didn't expect Ye Wuque to answer this way, and they seemed to be sincere. ...Happy?

Hearing Ye Wuque's answer, Murong Binglan suddenly felt dark in front of her, and could hardly stand firm, and a strong sense of humiliation instantly filled her heart!

Murong Tian also raised his brows. Obviously Ye Wuque's answer was also unexpected. It was just that Murong Tian's scheming was not bad, his eyes were still indifferent, and he did not wait for Murong Changqing to answer and speak again.

"The second thing is to ask Patriarch to give me the Blood Dragon Jade. Ye Wuque is not qualified to own this thing."

These words echoed word by word in Ye Wuque's ears, and his smiling face also converged little by little, and a deep chill flashed in his calm eyes!

Blood Dragon Jade, this is the only thing that Fu Bo left to him except the letter that cannot be opened. It is temporarily kept by Murong Changqing, and it carries the deepest yearning in Ye Wuque's heart in the past 11 years. He has been eager to look forward to the precious things, and has nothing to do with Murong's family.

In other words, this originally belonged to Ye Wuque.

And now, Murong Tian wants to grab it!

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