Chapter 6830:Return of the War God

Natal artifact

6819 \- Natal Artifact

Following the sudden roar of the fallen ancient god, an infinitely ancient, terrifying, and vast unknown wave suddenly spread from the nine heavens!

Last come first!

Before Ye Wuque's attack, he suddenly enveloped the Luogu ** and moved him to another direction!


That void suddenly exploded, and Ye Wuque exploded with a peak blow, but it blasted into the void.

On a cracked mountainside below, the figure of the ancient ** reappeared, his face was pale and he was out of breath!

But around him, there was a weird... black circle!

Unreal and real.

It was because of the appearance of this black circle that the Luogu gods were completely immune to the devastating force of Ye Wuque's blow.

A void.

Ye Wuque's figure hovered, looked over coldly, condensed on the black circle covering the whole body of the fallen ancient god, and immediately raised his head, looking up to the nine heavens.

Rolling nine days, dark clouds are densely covered, as if there is an invisible big hand messing with everything.

The majestic aura coming towards his face was infinitely terrifying, like a cold poisonous snake in the dark night, overlooking everything.

"Could it be... the Will of Eternal Night??"

"He can summon the Will of Eternal Night?" Hua Tiankuang was already terrified, and this cruel fact made her shudder.

Just now, the ancient gods shouted loudly, who did the word "Eternal Night" call out represent?

Who else?

It can only be the greatest will of the Yongyetian Tomb!

Hua Tiankuang's heart was boiling with thoughts!

Why would a ** appear in the Yongyetian Tomb?

Why do you temporarily fall into a demigod?

It should be looked at from another angle.

Only the greatest will of the Eternal Night Tomb can make a ** bow down!

Among them, there may be unimaginable conspiracy and cause and effect.

But Hua Tiankuang was followed by a kind of intense fear and uneasiness.

If the ancient gods have the side of Yong Ye's will, how can they fight?

Ye Wuque...will definitely die!

How to do?

How to do?

Hua Tiankuang was extremely anxious.

Halfway up the mountain, Luogu God showed a ferocious and cruel joking smile towards Ye Wuque at this time.

He is enjoying the moment.

The mentality that was almost cracked because of the defeat, and the bad breath accumulated in my heart finally seemed to be able to take this opportunity to spit it out!

Yongye Will gave him a response!

The appearance of the "black circle" was the blessing of Yong Ye's will.

Under this black circle, his injuries can be healed in a short period of time, and he will become stronger, receive unprecedented blessings, and restore a glimmer of glory as a "god".

This is also one of the previous agreements with "Eternal Night Will".

"It turns out that the so-called 'God' is nothing more than a dog's leg. If you can't beat it, you'll be called someone..."

In the void, Ye Wuque's indifferent voice sounded, mocking without concealment.

Hearing this, the Luogu God on the mountainside sneered and said, "Idiot."

"There has never been such a thing as fairness in this world."

"In any matter, only looking at the result, not the process, and unscrupulous means are the most effective means!"

"Are you angry? Are you unwilling?"

"Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do."

"Your strength is beyond my imagination. It is no exaggeration to say that you are fully qualified to be called... the number one creature under the gods!"


"Still dying!"

The ancient gods spoke slowly.

Ye Wuque watched coldly.

Even though above the head, there is the appearance of Yongye Will!

Although, the ancient gods in the distance seem to be reborn.

Even if the injury in his body is already serious!

But at this time, Ye Wuque was fearless, his eyes were cold, like a bright light in the dark night!

But just keep punching.

No matter how many conspiracies and tricks you have, calculate blessings.

I broke it with one punch!

If it doesn't work once, then ten times, a hundred times, ten thousand times...

What is there to be afraid of?

The mind is condensed, and the fighting spirit is like a wave!

At this moment, Ye Wuque only felt that his life was strong, his energy and spirit were integrated into one, and his whole person seemed to have the meaning of extreme sublimation!

The ancient gods were still laughing jokingly.

The black circle shines!

But just when he was about to enjoy the joy of recovering from his injuries, the black circle around him suddenly became unstable!

Tremors, convulsions!

at the same time.

The dense dark clouds above the nine heavens suddenly rolled violently, and indistinctly, there seemed to be looming fierce battles and roars coming from inexplicable places!

The will of the eternal night... fluctuated!

It has suffered some sort of disturbance.

Ye Wuque, who was shrouded in the power of the False God, noticed this immediately.

"And it's become... confusing!"

"It seems that Yongye's will is not pure, as if his personality has been split..."

Ye Wuque's eyes became deep, thoughtful.

"what happened??"

"What are you doing?" The Luogu God, who was still grinning grinningly a moment ago, roared angrily at this moment, as if he was asking.

Because the black circle around him unexpectedly dimmed at a speed visible to the naked eye, and slowly disappeared.

How could the ancient gods not be shocked?

There is no other way for an injury.

But the drastic change in Yong Ye's will has exploded to the extreme at this time.

Ye Wuque watched with cold eyes, the power of the virtual ** felt to the extreme!

"There should be something that is fighting against the will of Yongye, and it is sudden. In the farther area, it is not the side of Yang, but the side of Yin!"

"Could it be...Brother Xiaosa?"

Suddenly, such an idea popped up in Ye Wuque's heart.


With the last tremor, Yongye's will seemed to have really dissipated temporarily.

It seems there are more important things to do.

Abandoned the ancient gods!

"You violated... the agreement!" Luogu God roared at this time, which seemed to be a curse.

Looking over with angry eyes, he happened to meet Ye Wuque's gaze.

But this time, the joking party became Ye Wuque.

The Lost Ancient God suddenly gritted his teeth!

The black circle around him has completely disappeared!

The ancient gods also noticed the drastic change in Yong Ye's will, but it seems that his curse has worked!

The moment before Yongye Will disappears...


The sky in the distance suddenly lit up, and it seemed that something descended from the sky and was flying towards the ancient gods at high speed.

During the rapid movement, a bright red light was dragged out, like a big red snake with teeth and claws!

The Luogu God, who was originally burning with anger, seemed to sense something, his expression froze suddenly, and then eased up, even showing a hint of surprise.

Ye Wuque shone with the power of the virtual god, and found that in the bright red light was actually a shot...

long gun!

The aura exuded actually made people feel a sharp and piercing trembling feeling.

With a slap, the Luogu God grasped the flying thing in his hand.

In an instant, a monstrous divine power emanated from his hands, shaking Amano!

That was a long gun.

The whole body is red, one foot long, engraved with ancient and frenzied patterns, the tip of the spear is red gold, sharp and sharp, and it is burning with raging flames!

"That's... an artifact?"

Hua Tiankuang below suddenly blurted out.

"No, compared to the artifacts I've seen before, the majesty of the gods emanating from this spear is much stronger, too much! And it seems to be perfectly integrated with this Luogu! As if they are one with each other? His aura has become thick again!"

"Ha ha ha ha!"

"There is no unparalleled road! Sure enough, Yong Ye's will has followed the agreement, even if it is only a part!"

"Here's the 'Lai Shen Immortal Spear', my... natal artifact!"

At this moment, the Luogu God finally burst out laughing, as if he regained his confidence!

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