Chapter 6831:Return of the War God


6820 \- Impossible

Natal artifact?

In the void in the distance, Ye Wuque's eyes flashed immediately when he heard these four words.

Before this, he had seen more than one artifact.

I have even seen a lot of artifact sets.

For him now, the artifact is like paper, it is of no great use!

But now, the appearance of this natal artifact has finally proved one thing...

Artifacts are also divided into high and low.

There is no need to say too much about the word natal, it is easy to understand.

It's just that its natal artifact seems to have been controlled by Yongye's will before?

The fallen ancient ** with the Immortal Spear in his hand, at this moment, the spear is united, and the aura exuded is earth-shattering, more fiery and sharp-edged!

"What if there is an extra artifact?" Ye Wuque said suddenly, his tone cold.

The Luogu God immediately smiled, with a hint of contempt in his eyes, and the mockery reappeared.

"Do you think that my natal artifact is the same as the ** artifacts you have seen in the hands of the Guardian Clan and the Guan Clan?"

"The so-called 'divine weapon' is nothing more than a trace of divine power that our gods infused into ordinary ancient weapons."

"For us, ordinary artifacts are just hand-crafted, which can be forged at will, and only need to endow oneself with divine power."

"But the natal artifact is completely different..."

"Is it rare that you don't understand the meaning of the word natal?"

"This is a helper for our true life. It is made of many precious metals day and night, and it has exhausted endless efforts. It will even sacrifice our own blood to start the front!"

"The natal artifact is equivalent to our second life!"

"The ** who controls the natal artifact is the real peak state! Originally, due to some reasons, I was unable to control the natal artifact due to a temporary decline, and I had to hand it over."

"But now, thanks to you, I have it again!"

"You said, how should I thank you?"

Luo Gushen smiled grimly, and under the illumination of Lie Shen Immortal Spear, his face also turned red, like a red demon from hell.

"By the way, I forgot to remind you, although I have temporarily fallen, but my natal artifact has never fallen!"

With a long laugh, the Lost Ancient God rose to the sky again holding the Lie Shen Immortal Gun, his face was bruised, and he held the gun with both hands. At this moment, endless black light poured into the gun body again!

The Lie Shen Immortal Spear immediately shone with blazing brilliance, with mighty power, piercing the sky, forcing Ye Wuque to leave!

The entire void was instantly pierced!

The coercion of the artifact is like a stormy sea!

Ye Wuque's gaze sharpened, and his whole body turned into a bright starry sky again, and the peak blow exploded!


But this time, the power of the natal artifact pierced the void, and Ye Wuque's peak blow was pierced!

Blood splattered out!

Ye Wuque's shoulder was rubbed, and he immediately backed away.

The terrifying heat seemed to invade his body, but was forcibly suppressed by Ye Wuque.

With a full retreat of tens of thousands of feet, Ye Wuque stabilized his figure, and his eyes became solemn.

Is this the power of the natal artifact?

Sure enough, it is worthy of the word natal!

Whether it's the material, or the power, and the power that erupts, it surpasses the previous artifacts many times!

The ancient gods who had come back to the void saw Ye Wuque's embarrassing appearance, and smiled proudly while panting!

"How does it feel?"

He asked Ye Wuque back, wanting to kill people.

Ye Wuque's face was expressionless, but at this moment he directly said indifferently: "The artifact of my life is extraordinary."

"However, judging by your current appearance, it seems that you are powerless to use it..."

Hit the nail on the head!

Luogu God's eyes were slightly focused, he didn't expect Ye Wuque to notice the only weakness so quickly.

That's right!

Now, he has temporarily fallen into a fallen demigod, no longer a real god, unable to exert the true power of his natal artifact, and every time he uses a trace of power, he will have to pay a huge price.

In fact, if it wasn't his natal artifact, he wouldn't even be qualified to use it.

"It's more than enough to kill you!"

The ancient gods attacked again, desperately releasing the power of the Lie Shen Undead Spear, and continued to penetrate towards Ye Wuque!

Ye Wuque exploded with a peak blow, and the essence of life was running, and he was tough with him again!


Under the operation of exquisite body skills, Ye Wuque avoided the fatal blow, but half of his body was still pierced!

The blood mist filled the air, and with the sinister laugh of the fallen ancient god, the spear in his hand vibrated, intending to shatter Ye Wuque into pieces.

But Ye Wuque had no match in his physical body, so he broke free at this moment and retreated back.

It can be seen that under the power of the natal artifact, the current Ye Wuque seems to be unable to deal with the ancient gods!

Down below, Hua Tiankuang had already felt it for a second, but was even more powerless.

Ye Wuque has tried his best!

Unexpectedly, there was the existence of Yong Ye's will, sending the natal artifact of the ancient gods, as if cheating.

How to do?

In the void.

Ye Wuque's surface injuries are recovering, but his internal injuries are getting worse.

"The time of death has come!" Panting, Luo Gu Shen raised his spear again, his killing intent boiling.

Ye Wuque withdrew his gaze, his face was still calm, his bright eyes looked at the Lie Shen Immortal Spear, and he suddenly said with emotion: "Indeed, facing a intact natal artifact with bare hands, I look down on you too much..."

As soon as these words came out, Luo Gu Shen immediately smiled dismissively.

In his opinion, this was just Ye Wuque's wailing before his death. He didn't mean to speak again, and he just raised his gun to kill him again!

Kill Ye Wuque as soon as possible!

But when the Luogu gods rushed to kill, Ye Wuque also moved!

He didn't hide.

There is no escape!

But come oncoming!

Just when the distance between the two was about ten feet...

I saw Ye Wuque's right hand slamming into the void!

A broken golden halberd appeared, and Ye Wuque held it in his hand!

The Luogu God, who was still a little curious at first, was instantly happy!

"That's it?"

"This is your last resort?"

"A waste halberd like broken copper and iron?"

"Ha ha ha ha!"


The Lie Shen Immortal Gun stabbed fiercely!

Ye Wuque didn't speak, his gaze was like a knife, and the dragon halberd in his hand was slammed in front of him!


The tip of the spear pierced the body of the big dragon halberd, and a terrifying piercing power erupted immediately!

The blazing storm that was set off caused Ye Wuque to fall into a sea of ​​flames!

But Ye Wuque's gaze became even sharper!

As for the ancient gods, their eyes froze for an instant!

His Lie Shen Undead Spear was actually...blocked by this tattered halberd? ?


The Luogu God once again pumped all the power in his body into the Lie Shen Undead Spear, and swept towards Ye Wuque with an extremely fierce horizontal strike!

The majesty of the gods is mighty, covering the sky and the sun.

Ye Wuque was also boiling with fighting spirit, pouring all his power into the dragon halberd!

Holding the big dragon halberd high, he slashed at Mount Hua with one move, and slashed through it fiercely!

The two weapons collided fiercely in the void in an instant!

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