Chapter 6832:Return of the War God

God's First Life

6821 \- The first creature under the gods


The endless ripples of power exploded, blasting away the dark clouds above the nine heavens!

The ancient gods are struck by lightning!

His pupils shrank violently!

An unimaginable supreme sharpness emanated from the tattered halberd in Ye Wuque's hand at this time!

At this moment, the natal artifact, Lie Shen Immortal Spear, let out... howling!

Kamui disorder!

Not only that, but the ancient gods even saw a gap in the brilliant and sharp tip of the spear!

His all-conquering Lie Shen Undead Spear was damaged a little? ?

"Do not!"



At the moment when the ancient gods were shocked and angry, an ancient dragon chant exploded!

The tattered golden halberd flew from Ye Wuque's hand again, like a golden dragon roaring!

Through the brilliant golden brilliance, the Luogu gods even saw Ye Wuque's sharp eyes that were close at hand!

Subconsciously, Luo Gu Shen once again held up the Lie Shen Immortal Spear in his hand, and could only block it with all his strength!


Sparks burst out as if countless gunpowder kegs exploded, rendering the void.

Under Ye Wuque's peak blow injection, the terrifying power from the tattered halberd coupled with the unimaginable burst of sharpness, the ancient gods were really struck by lightning!

The wailing of the Lie Shen Undead Gun became even stronger!

Lost ancient gods' minds were affected, and they immediately suffered backlash!


Blood spewed out as if they didn't want money, and the ancient gods rolled back into the void, excruciating pain all over his body.

And the Lie Shen Undead Spear in his hand was trembling and convulsing!

On the gun body, a dent was clearly visible, and it was almost cut off!

More than half of the gun body was damaged!

The eyes of the ancient gods bulged violently, and their minds roared!

" this..."

"A piece of... broken copper and iron... why is it so powerful??"

"Could it be that it is also an ancient magic weapon of the divine weapon level?"

The ancient gods are going crazy!

And at this time...

"As expected of a natal artifact!"

"It can resist the two halberds and still's amazing..."

Ye Wuque floated over with a touch of admiration and surprise, and immediately made the eyes of the ancient ** Lu Luo turn red, and his heart was filled with anger!

Is this speaking human language? ?


But what was waiting for the fallen ancient gods was Ye Wuque's menacing attack, the third halberd injected with all the power of the peak strike, and the explosive killing intent!

"So, can you still resist the third blow?"

The souls of the fallen ancient gods are dying at this moment!

The supreme sharpness flickered, exploded from the golden halberd, and flooded the world!

He could only continue to hold the Lie Shen Undead Spear in front of him.


The Lie Shen Immortal Spear let out a mournful wail!

this time...

Which breaks!

It was cut into two abruptly!

Afterwards, the golden halberd continued unabated, under the horrified eyes of the ancient gods...


In the void, Ye Wuque's figure staggered past the fallen ancient gods.

After standing still, Ye Wuque turned around immediately, holding a big dragon halberd, his gaze was like a knife!

The ancient gods froze in the void, motionless.

The Lie Shen Immortal Spear in his hand had been broken into two pieces, his aura was dim, and he was moaning, as if he was dying.

Luogu God stared at Ye Wuque, opened his mouth slightly, as if he wanted to say something, but his body suddenly broke into two pieces!

Under the supreme sharpness of the great dragon halberd, coupled with the infusion of Ye Wuque's full power, the Luogu gods, together with his natal artifact, were divided into two!

Divine blood scattered in the void!

Dye red everywhere.

Hua Tiankuang below looked completely motionless, as if in a daze!

"you you…"

It seems that Luogu God has not died. He stared at Ye Wuque, wanting to say something, his eyes became infinite...resentment!

But in the next moment, it turned into a kind of boundless indifference.

"it's not finished yet…"


Intense black light suddenly exploded from the two bodies of the fallen ancient god!

Instantly overwhelmed everything.

When everything calmed down again, only Ye Wuque was left in the void.

Stand with a halberd.

As for the ancient gods, they seem to have been wiped out!

But Ye Wuque didn't show any excitement, he just let out a breath of turbid air slowly, then raised his head again and looked at Jiutian, his eyes became cold and deep.

With a whoosh, Hua Tiankuang rushed over, his stunning face was covered with endless blush!

"You, you... killed a god!"

"Invincible! Too invincible!"

Hua Tiankuang almost became incoherent.

What she witnessed was too shocking, and she couldn't calm down at all.

Ye Wuque in front of him was covered in blood and looked extremely embarrassed, but in the eyes of Hua Tiankuang, he looked like a heavenly man, as if blooming with infinite brilliance!

Hua Tiankang even suspected that the legend that Nangong Musheng could receive two blows from the gods without dying, would it be true?

Is it fake news?

Or is that "God" equally problematic?

"do not care!"

"You should be... the number one living thing under the gods!"

"You ended everything, you ended everything!" Hua Tiankuang added excitedly.

At this moment, Ye Wuque withdrew his gaze, looked at Hua Tiankuang, his eyes were deep, but he spoke lightly.


"No, the real battle may have just begun."

After a while.

Ye Wuque carried Lu Laoba who was still fainting, and Hua Tiankuang returned the same way, and re-stepped into the passage that connects the yang side and the yin side.

Hua Tiankuang's beautiful eyes flickered, as if he had been thinking all the time, and finally looked at Ye Wuque again, and said thoughtfully: "You said yes, that ancient god... is not dead?"

"A real ** with the title of 'Undead God' won't die so easily. Coupled with the existence of Yong Ye's will, he won't just sit back and watch me slaughter a god."

Ye Wuque replied lightly.

"If Luo Gu is not dead, isn't it because you were lonely in this battle?" Hua Tiankuang seemed a little unwilling.

"Although he has not been completely killed, he has been crippled. Even if he does not die, there is no possibility of returning to the 'God Realm' in the future. Let's be a fallen demigod forever."

Hua Tiankuang's heart was full of ups and downs!

He forcibly abolished a ** at the level of a demigod?

Such an achievement is simply unimaginable!

Moreover, according to Ye Wuque's statement, and the appearance of the ancient gods, it proved that there may be shocking changes in the tomb of Yongyetian that she could not have imagined before.

But the man in front of him might know.

From the very beginning, is his angle and field of vision different from all the other creatures in the wilderness?

Mysterious man!

Invincible and fearless man!

Hua Tiankuang quietly stared at Ye Wuque, who was close at hand, his beautiful eyes kept flickering, and he couldn't calm down for a long time.

Ye Wuque was also thinking.

The appearance of the ancient gods represents a very dangerous signal!

Is there only one ** who enters the tomb of Yongye and works hand in hand with the will of Yongye?

Perhaps, far more than that!

The current enemy has been fully upgraded!

Became... gods!

The good news is that Yongye Will seems to be in his own trouble for the time being.

And after the defeat of the ancient gods, there may be a second ** appearing in a short period of time without any flaws.

Even if it appears, he is not afraid.

Unless, there is more than one fallen demigod.

However, there was still a strong sense of urgency and crisis that exploded in Ye Wuque's heart at this time!

Fallen demigods are fine.

But what if a fallen demigod could suddenly revert to being a true...god?

How can he be against him now?

He must become stronger!

"Perfect into a god..."

In the end, Ye Wuque muttered to himself, seeming to spit out these four words, his eyes were deep, and he looked at the end of the road to becoming a god, thoughtfully.

After half a quarter of an hour.

Ye Wuque returned to the transfer station together with the two of them.

"Brother Ye, you are finally back!" Xuanyuan Qingtian's voice of long sigh of relief sounded immediately!

But Ye Wuque had noticed.

In the entire transfer station, the building was empty, only Xuanyuan Qingtian was left alone.

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