Chapter 6834:Return of the War God

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6823 \- Kill Bureau

Xuanyuan Qingtian and Tianshan Linglu on the side were all shocked at this moment, they almost stared straight at the pill in Hua Tiankuang's hand!

Under God Realm!

As long as you are alive!

Swallowing it for a quarter of an hour will heal the injury and return to the peak?

This, is this a pill?

This is equivalent to having an extra life!

It is no longer possible to use "precious" to describe this Flying Immortal Duerdan, it is completely meant to be a life-saving hole card at the bottom of the box.

But now!

This Hua Tiankuang took it out without hesitation, and wanted to give it to Ye Wuque.

This ** is really willing to spend money!

This is my boss?

Lu Laoba's eyeballs rolled, as if I had seen everything through.

But there is no exception to this.

What is the mission of the boss?

Amazing talent! Invincible Jay! And rightly so!

Ye Wuque was also a little surprised by Hua Tiankuang's behavior at this time, and he could naturally see at a glance that this Feixian Du'er Dan was unusual.

Even if he didn't have this kind of elixir, it has to be said that for him at this moment, it couldn't be more suitable.

With this pill, in a short period of time, he can immediately return the lost combat power and heal completely.

"As we all know, everyone knows that I have obtained an ancient inheritance, but in fact, what I have obtained is not only martial arts and supernatural powers, but also a series of cultivation resources."

"This Flying Immortal Du'er Pill is one of them, and the effect is amazing. I got a total of five."

"Over the years, I have only used one. Now even if I give you one, you still need three more."

Hua Tian explained with a wild smile, immediately making Xuanyuan Qingtian and Lu Laoba envious!

This luck is no one else.

There are three more!

In other words, it is equivalent to three more lives.

But here at Ye Wuque, it can be heard that Hua Tiankuang made it clear on purpose, in order to reduce the value of this Feixian Du'er Pill so that he can accept it.

"Brother Ye, without you, I'm afraid I would have died more than once."

"A mere piece of Feixian Du'er Pill can be useful to you, Brother Ye, this is the greatest value of this Pill!"

Seeing that Ye Wuque was silent, Hua Tiankuang added another sentence. These two sentences were sincere, and the sincerity was also on his beautiful and moving face.

Even after Ye Wuque finished listening, he felt a sense of comfort for no reason.

What is emotional intelligence?

What is talking?

Huatianmaniac showed it vividly.

In order to allow myself to accept this incomparably precious Feixian Duerdan with peace of mind, I have already talked about this part.

That being the case...

Ye Wuque was not a hypocritical person, he took the Feixian Du'er Pill directly, and nodded to Hua Tiankuang: "Thank you."

As soon as he got the elixir, Ye Wuque, who is a great master of alchemy, understood that there was nothing wrong with the elixir, and it was powerful, and it was just right for him now.

Sitting cross-legged again, Ye Wuque swallowed the Feixian Du'er Pill.

When Hua Tiankuang at the side saw this scene, a blooming smile appeared on her beautiful face.

How to deepen the relationship between friends?

That's human relations.

You help me once, I help you once, help, help, can this friendship not be deep?

Ye Wuque's willingness to accept his elixir proves that he has regarded himself as a friend, and the relationship between the two parties is deeply rooted!

In a place like the Tomb of Yongye, there are dangers everywhere, and the will of Yongye is with the gods. It is really terrifying. At this time, it is most necessary to meet a thigh and hold it tightly. Things to do!

Come out to mix, and if you have the strength to settle everything, it will naturally be a crushing flat push.

But when the strength is not enough, you need to judge the situation and eat your brains.

Only by taking into account each other can we be invincible.

Hua Tiankuang is obviously such a smart person.


After taking the pill, Ye Wuque immediately felt a heat blast in his body!

The surging power of the medicine spread out from the body like mercury pouring down the ground, and scattered into the limbs and bones.

A strange sense of bitterness followed, but it was the appearance of this bitterness that reflected the magic of this pill.

As an expert, Ye Wuque also discovered the magic of the Feixian Du'er Pill. This is not a elixir that can be refined by ordinary alchemy masters. It contains a special power, like... high-level power!

Divine power?

It would be great if I could get the formula of Feixian Duerdan.

A quarter of an hour passed quickly.

When Ye Wuque opened his eyes again, there seemed to be a cold electricity in his eyes, exuding a powerful deterrent force.

The pain in the body has disappeared, and the suppressed injury has completely disappeared.

The Holy Spirit of Dou Zhan resurged in the body like a stormy sea, providing powerful power!

Healed from injury.

The lost combat power is also fully recovered.

Ye Wuque has returned to his peak state, without any weakening.

"Sure enough, it's a good pill."

Standing up, Ye Wuque looked at Hua Tiankuang and praised him.

Hua Tiankuang smiled softly, seeing Ye Wuque recovering as before, he also felt a bit of peace of mind.

Ye Wuque looked at Xuanyuan Qingtian again and said, "Why did all the creatures in the transit station disappear suddenly?"

Hearing this, Xuanyuan Qingtian, who was originally smiling, suddenly showed a strange expression, and immediately looked to the front and said: "Just after Ye Brother and you entered the pothole, the front of the road to becoming a ** is the direction, a brilliant brilliance exploded suddenly, very gorgeous, just like a miracle!"

"It vibrates for tens of thousands of miles. With this scale and momentum, there is a 70% to 80% possibility that... a treasure will be born!"

"Or, it's a place like 'Secret Realm'."

"So, all the Sanhuang creatures present could no longer control themselves one by one, and immediately rushed in that direction!"

"It is conceivable that the treasures that appear on the road to becoming a ** must be at least artifacts, or even more inconceivable!"

Obviously, almost no living beings can refuse such a temptation, of course, Xuanyuan Qingtian is not among them.

He still patiently waited where he was, waiting for the return of Ye Wuque and others.

Lu Laoba on the side, at this time, his eyes lit up slightly when he heard the words!

After all, such a situation where a treasure is born is rare!

"The treasure was born?"

However, after Ye Wuque chanted these four words here, a faint sneer appeared in his eyes.

Could there be such a coincidence?


The few people didn't stay any longer, they also left the transfer station, and went straight to the front of the road to becoming a god.

About an hour later.

There was another fork in the road to becoming a god.

"That's the direction! Hiss!"

Xuanyuan Qingtian pointed at the fork in the road, and then couldn't help but let out an exclamation.

Buzz buzz!

At the end of the fork in the road, clouds and mist shrouded it, and the rising Baohui could be seen looming, and there was also the roar of battle that swayed out.

It seems that many treasures have been born out of nowhere and are being robbed. It is simply a feast of secret treasures!

Hua Tiankuang's beautiful eyes flickered.

Lu Laoba's eyes were hot, but he didn't act rashly.

Ye Wuque was also watching, but immediately shook his head slowly and said indifferently: "What a deadly killing game!"

"Whoever goes in will probably stay inside forever."

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