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Obviously he has no love for medieval bread that is so hard that he has to rely on it for food!

It’s like hobbies and work don’t match, but they deserve it.

Sheila stabilized a villain who was going to be demonized in the future, and unilaterally decided to hire him as a child laborer, but the villain who was still 10 years old sneered “hehehe”.

Later, Sheila developed tens of thousands of patterns on bread, saying that Oser, who had grown into a demon king, had pink flowers in his heart, and he was bulingbuling every day.

8-year-old Sheila x 10-year-old Oser

Sheila: From now on you will be my little brother!

Oser: Jie Jie, just rely on you? Look at the armor that my dark magic can condense. This is an invincible existence. It can swallow any magical attack and corrupt all living beings!

Qian stretched her hand, and her armor shattered to the ground.

13-year-old Sheila x 15-year-old Oser
Oser: This world is too dirty, especially the human mind! I want to wash the world with dark blood and let everything start again!
Sheila: Oser, here is the bread~
Oser: Wang–

18-year-old Sheila x 20-year-old Oser
Oser (with a confident smile): Be my woman.
Sheila (panic): Are you drunk eating bread?
Osser: … [The eyes are gradually dangerous (wei) dangerous (qu). 】

The copywriting is wasteful, in short, it is the lovely Western fantasy childhood sweetheart text, just sauce(:з)∠)
1. This article uses Western Fantasy as the basic background setting, but there are many private settings on magic;
2. There must be bugs, and the logic can only be guaranteed to pass. If there are any problems, the little cutie is welcome to point it out gently and gently, and I will definitely change it;
3. The male lead waits for the female lead to be slightly stronger, so please be patient with the little cute readers;
4. There is no abuse in the whole book, please read it happily.

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