Chapter 1612:Scholar's Advanced Technological System

Fighting Power

Chapter 1612: Fighting Power

“It seems that the result is pretty good.”

Just as the crew on the Qinling was shocked by the scene of the naval guns, Lu Zhou and many officers from the First Fleet Command also witnessed the scene from the Lagrange Space Base. The rain of bullets poured towards the asteroid belt like a waterfall.

There were a total of 67 targets, the automated artillery array that simulated air pirates were deployed in a fan-shaped area of the asteroid belt with a width of 10 kilometers, relying on meteorites and asteroids as shelters.

However, even with the asteroids and meteorite blocks as a cover, it only took less than a minute to destroy all the targets.

Immediately after the Qinling executed the exercise, they practiced a series of subjects such as covering and attacking moving targets, as well as long-distance raids on the spaceport.

Seeing the mysterious green dots on the radar and the amazing test data, all the officers in the command headquarters held their breath in shock.

“This is amazing!” Commander Sun, who finally recovered from the shock, clenched his fists excitedly and said, “I swear that once such technology appears on the battlefield, it will crush any starship without a warp drive! Even in the face of aliens, we have the confidence to compete with them!”

Lu Zhou smiled and said, “Don’t be arrogant. If there are aliens, they are tens of thousands of years ahead of us, or they must have mastered something similar to faster than light technology… No matter what the situation is, it is not so easy to deal with.”

Hearing Lu Zhou’s words, Commander Sun Liwei just smiled and did not give any comment.

After seeing the performance of the Qinling in the experiment, he was extremely confident in the future of the First Fleet. If before they were powerful compared to other fleets in the solar system, with the second-generation controllable fusion and warp speed navigation technology, they were now like gods!

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It took less than three seconds to go from the Lagrange point to the asteroid belt!

From a strategic point of view, this rapid deployment capability allowed them to play a deterrent role for several fleets.

From a tactical point of view, this travel mode could not only avoid radar and radio telescope tracking but also change the position of the battlefield in an instant, whether it was to escape the opponent’s fire tracking range or suddenly teleport to the opponent. After firing a round of naval guns in a preemptive manner, any wild tactics would become possible.

Of course, this kind of warp speed navigation technology was not without weaknesses.

For example, the hyperspace channel could only be opened normally when the starship was between two massive celestial bodies, and for example, the influence of Z particles on the curvature of space could be superimposed with the vibration state of other Z particles.

In other words, as long as the target starship’s approximate course and navigation direction were known, in theory, the warp travel could be “intercepted”. This kind of technology was not too difficult at all. It only needed a power device similar to the Z particle oscillator.

However, it was only easy for Lu Zhou.

For other regional alliances on the planet and even the Pan-Asian Cooperation, which had mastered warp travel technology, it would take a lot of time to light up this branch of the warp navigation technology tree.

Therefore, at least at this stage, there was nothing wrong with the evaluation of Commander Sun.

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For the First Fleet that had mastered warp speed navigation technology, the power projection range would be completely increased by an order of magnitude, and the maximum combat radius would be more than a thousand times higher than before.

However, in contrast with Commander Sun’s optimism, there were people that held the opposite opinion.

Staring at the test data on the holographic screen, a staff officer thought for a long time and finally couldn’t help but express his concerns.

“I admit that if you look at it this way, the Qinling’s firepower is indeed strong enough. But I think that a single firepower output method will eventually have a negative impact on its overall combat effectiveness. If there are no guided weapon—”

“There is no need for guided weapons at all.”

Lu Zhou looked at the officer, smiled, and said, “Although I am not an expert in the military field, at least with the current technical conditions, no missile can catch up to the hyperspace channel. At least not for a long time.”

Warp speed navigation was not a matter of installing an engine. It not only required a considerable amount of energy but also involved a series of complicated spatial curvature calculations.

It was absolutely impossible to integrate a second-generation controllable fusion reactor, a Z particle oscillation device, a sensor, and a quantum processor responsible for calculating the navigation path all on a missile. At least not with the current technology.

Lu Zhou was very confident, that even in a hundred years, he might not be able to find a way to produce this weapon.

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After the live-fire exercise, the Qinling returned to the spaceport at the Lagrange Space Base.

Commander Sun Liwei finally put the Qinling in Lu Zhou’s hands with confidence, letting him experiment as he pleased.

After Lu Zhou boarded the Qinling and walked around, he asked Captain Deng to send himself back to the Tianzhou. He then returned to Jinling by shuttle.

He had a lot of work to do, so he didn’t have much time to waste.

Aside from the space elevator, in addition to improving the speed engine, there was also an interplanetary highway system waiting for him to research. Although the latter two were technically related to a certain degree, neither one could be easily handled.

This not only involved a considerable amount of calculation…

But also patience…

Another month passed by. In the blink of an eye, it was already June.

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Sitting in front of the workbench in the laboratory and facing the dazzling pile of parts spread out in the holographic blueprint, Lu Zhou scratched the back of his head. He was having a headache.

“So annoying…”

It was easy to improve the warp drive. The problem was mainly in the calculation and selection of hyperspace channels. His current information science was level 10. With the help of Xiao Ai, he optimized the calculation module of the warp drive and integrated a multi-core quantum processor on the engine, which basically solved this problem.

However, the stargates of the interplanetary highway were another problem…

Using a few fixed straight lines to connect the planets whose positions changed in real-time really stumped Lu Zhou.

Lu Zhou glanced at the calendar. Just as he felt that time was flying by, a communication request pop-up suddenly appeared next to him.

As soon as he saw that the communication request was from Academician Ge, Lu Zhou turned off the holographic composition system in front of him, put on his personal terminal, walked to the lounge next to him, and clicked the connect button.

As soon as the video call was connected, Academician Ge Huaizhi’s face immediately appeared in front of him. He seemed to have something to say. His face was red and his eyes were full of excitement. He almost wanted to crawl out of the video window.

“Lu—Academician Lu!”

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“What’s the trouble again? Calm down.”

“No, not trouble! It’s a good thing!”

Lu Zhou, who sat down on the sofa, looked at the incoherent old man.

Lu Zhou wanted to give him a glass of water, but he realized that Academician Ge Huaizhi was just a holographically projected figure.

“What is it? Don’t worry, speak slowly.”

“The space elevator!”

After taking a deep breath, he finally calmed down. Looking at Lu Zhou excitedly, Academician Ge Huaizhi continued with a trembling voice, “Our first phase of the project has been completed!”

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