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According to a rumor, three years ago, the black street prince spoiled a woman. Three years later, she hated her to the bone.

However, the truth cannot bear to look straight.

“Qin Muchen, there are many men who like me, you can go in line slowly!” After fleeing and losing again, Gu Shinian finally broke out.

Qin Muchen stepped forward and held her waist: “If you can’t get you in line, then I will jump in the line and get on you.”

Little Theater 1: When Qin Muchen provoked Gu Shinian, Gu Shinian would furiously threaten: “Qin Muchen, believe it or not, I will give you a lot of x incompetent medicine!”

However, when Gu Shinian got into trouble, she would act like a coquettish beggar and beg the tiger to please: “The chief adult is here, and the little girl will give a lot of x very powerful medicine!”

Little Theatre 2: Qin Muchen: Have to write a review of 3000 words again?

Gu Shinian:…

Qin Muchen: Do you want me to help you?

Gu Shinian: Hmm! ! !

Qin Muchen: Old rules, please me!

Gu Shinian: Go, open the room, I invite you!

Qin Muchen:…

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