Chapter 1:Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 1

The story takes places during the Xia Dynasty. This dynasty was rich, prosperous and all the common people were happy. The ruler of this dynasty surnamed Xuanyuan, currently the Emperor was old in age because of this many of the royal princes were competing, gradually revealing their talent in court, however, the male lead of this story was a prince born from an unfavoured imperial consort. This fifth prince was born with a birth defect, his birth mother who was only a palace maid left behind a child unfavoured by both the emperor and empress dowager, because of this at the age of 16, when he was a young adult, the fifth prince Xuanyuan Qing immediately left the Royal Palace and moved to a separate residence bestowed by the Emperor. Until two years later, the fifth prince reached marriageable age but there was no one that would be willing to marry their daughter to a prince that was disabled and unfavoured. In August of that year, the fifth prince suddenly developed a serious illness, an Imperial Priest consulted his illness and requested to find a female maiden that fate cancelled out his unluckiness.

And the person that had this matching fate with the fifth prince was actually the daughter of the Imperial Censor.

The daughter of the Imperial Censor name was Ye Zhihua and as the name suggests she was a talented beauty, by the age of fifteen she already had a lot of suitors.

After Imperial Censor Ye learnt of this compatibility with the fifth prince, of the daughter that he unconditionally pampered as well as his First wife that was also very saddened by this. However, Ye Zhihua was a very clever person only people in the household knew of this aspect, not even the emperor knew who that maiden was.

She remembered that in the family she still had another sister born one hour after her because of this she had the intention of changing the bride.

Although the fifth prince was not favoured but in the end, he was still apart of the Royal Family, they could not hide from this marriage but instead, if they took the initiative to hand over the maiden they would be praised by the Emperor.

Moreover, Ye Zhihua knows that this sister of her was a timid and weak person. This type of person that had no talent or virtue could not be married to any good family in the future. As an elder sister, that did this kind of deed she thought that she was very benevolent. This is a very good thing!

Therefore, after Imperial Censor Ye had a discussed with the family, he decided to follow Ye Zhihua’s plan, of sending Ye Zhillin to the fifth prince residence for Xuanyuan Qing.

Ye Zhilin was not favoured in the Ye family, her mother was only a concubine, she could not protest against this arrangement, she could only sit on the sedan chair and enter the fifth prince residence.

But no one thought Ye Zhilin delicate temperate would somehow greatly simulated the vicious Xuanyuan Qing. He killed her on the spot. Three days late, Ye Zhilin opened her eyes but her whole personality changed.

Yes, the original Ye Zhilin died, the soul currently residing in her body was from a person of another time.

This person crossed overworlds.

So this time Ye Zhilin has officially turned into the female lead, she used her knowledge and experience gained from her original worlds workplace to achieve the love of Xuanyuan Qing. In the end, she received Xuanyuan Qing’s heart.

Only until now did Xuanyuan Qing tell Ye Zhilin that he was deprived of any sickness, those years he continuously schemed to bid enough power to achieve the throne, that so-called ‘serve illness’ was just a play between him and the Priest, he wanted to pull the Ye Household to his side, unexpectedly they used a substitute bride but because of this ‘marriage’ Xuanyuan Qing was able to meet Ye Zhilin.

Afterwards, Xuanyuan Qing and Ye Zhilin together plotted to achieve the throne and finally won success. However, the Ye Family had already allied with the third prince, afterwards the third prince failed to archive the throne, the whole Household got executed. In the end, Xuanyuan Qing became Emperor and Ye Zhilin naturally became Empress, mother of the world.

Yes, the original storyline was like this.

But in fact, before Ye Zhihua passed she was visited by Ye Zhilin and informed that she was a soul transmigrated over and the original Ye Zhilin had long died.

“So do not talk to me about blood relation, your sister has already been killed by you.”

Ye Zhihua was beheaded filled with horror, regret and endless remorse. Her heart was unsettled and full of resentment after being beheaded because of this she got reborn!

To talk, Ye Zhihua was actually an extraordinary genius. She was born in the Xia Dynasty, she was talented and praised by many. The reason she did not agree to be the bride of Xuanyuan Qing was not because of his low status but because Ye Zhihua already had a sweetheart.

That year she swapped in her sister to be the bride, the first reason was that she didn’t want to give up on her sweetheart and second because she really thought this plan was a win-win situation, to the parents, to the family, to herself and her sister.

Who knew that her true sister died by the hands of Xuanyuan Qing on their bridal night? And the self-proclaimed girl did not only occupy her younger sisters body but also worked together with Xuanyuan Qing, not only did she kill her beloved but also killed the whole Ye Household.

Ye Zhihua regrets, she was not willing.

Thus, she was born again.

Ye Zhihua went back in time, one month had already passed since Ye Zhilin had already been married to the fifth prince, now the original Ye Zhilin had already passed.

Ye Zhihua knew that her younger sister body was occupied by a transmigrated girl, she has lived through one life already and was known as a talented lady, she calmed down and recalled everything that happened. Ye Zhihua started her path of counterattacks.

The first thing she wanted to do was to confess to the third prince, Xuanyuan Rui. This man was the one she loved in her past life but never dared to confess, Imperial Censor Ye because of Ye Zhihua stood on Xuanyuan Rui side.

That being said, Xuanyuan Rui was ranked as number one successor. His IQ was very high. He was also very handsome with high EQ as well among the princes because of this he was supported the most and he is also the person most supported to be crown prince.

Ye Zhihua believes that with the help of her Xuanyuan Rui would definitely be able to win against Xuanyuan Qing.

The battle officially began after Ye Zhihua married into Xuanyuan Rui household.

The final outcome between these two parties was, of course, Ye Zhihua who had been given a second chance succeed.

Currently, Xuanyuan Qing ‘tricks and plot’ had been discovered, and Ye Zhilin had been labelled ‘enchantress’, these two would be executed within an hour.

Su Wan thought that if she did not come to do this task, then the world would have a perfect ending.

Unfortunately, she had already arrived.

“Ke, ke, ke.”

From behind layers upon layers of bedcurtains sounded out the piecing cough of a young woman.

Hearing the coughing sounds, a maid clothed in green pulled open the curtains, worriedly questioned: “Princess, lady, are you awake?”


Weakly Su Wan lifted her eyes up to look at the maid in front.

The maid’s name is Lu Zhu, she was the trusted friend of the original host and at present was the only person who the original host was happy with.

“Lu Zhu, where is cousin? I want to meet him.”

Hearing Su Wan asking about him Lu Zhu was distressed: “Princess, the prince he, the prince he… is at the execution grounds.”

Today is the day of Xuanyuan Qing’s execution. Xuanyuan Rui, as the winner, of course, had to personally see this.

The answer that Lu Zhu gave, Su Wan didn’t want to but thinking of the weak and tender of the original owner Su Wan immediately looked at Lu Zhu with watery eyes: “Lu Zhu will, will cousin never see me again?”

Since being trapped by Xuanyuan Rui, the health of her master would weaken by the day, every day she would stay awake would shorten, she would always be in a dreamlike state. It was rare to see her awake, but when she was she would always ask such questions.

Looking at the eye full of expectations, Lu Zhu subconsciously looked towards a different direction.

In the palace, they would be celebrating a happy event, but the princess of her house had been replaced and a maiden named Ye Zhihua of no ranking would soon become a princess consort of Xuanyuan Rui.

All of these matters Lu Zhu doesn’t dare to say to Su Wan. She knew that princess from a young age had an unwell health and that she would not be able to handle any kind of simulation.

Because of this Lu Zhu could only choose to stay silent, inside she resents Ye Zhihua even more.

What right did that woman have?

Also wasn’t it a year ago this prince drank and stayed the night with her? Did she really have to announce it to the whole world so that the prince would marry lady?

Also that year the prince promised to the princess that for a lifetime he would only be good to her but since that other woman came into the picture he slowly forgot about the princess.

Yes, the princess health is not good and could not serve prince but was that necessary?

That seductress knew that princess had bad health and went out for a walk when she was pregnant. The princess was sad and heartbroken and went to the prince to consult her feelings. This resulted in both of them falling in a lake with the fetus being lost, who was wrong did the prince not care anymore?

At this time, Lu Chu had already entered into a thinking state that could not be stopped, Su Wan just quietly sat on the bed, trying to calm her emotions.

The original hostname was also Su Wan, this was the wish she was granted, the host could choose anything from their past life, and she chose to carry her name.

She didn’t like to use other people’s name, this useless cheat could only be used in the aid of her naming.

But for Su Wan, this was enough.

Because comparing her to the female lead or a transmigrated one she already knew about the plot, this was already considered the biggest cheat to her.

At first when she opened up the plotline and read about it Su Wan found it was very astonishing. Ye Zhihua was a wonderful person, she always felt that she was loving and caring and cautious of her love towards Xuanyuan Rui. So after Xuanyuan Rui was drunk she could not help but keep him overnight. This story was discovered and could not be contained, it got bigger and bigger until it reached the ears of the emperor and he arranged for their marriage.

Okay, you wished to marry into the household and you knew that the current head wife couldn’t live for long so you decided to come out of the closet? Yet at this time you could still not tolerate it in the name of love?

You dare to say that the princess will die sooner or later, whether it be by falling ill from falling in the lake or by serious illness? Isn’t it your fault?

After your child was gone, you immediately confirmed that this sick princess was the same type as Ye Zhilin, a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

You think like that are you sure you’re not drunk?

Honestly talking, the original owner was the rightful first wife of Xuanyuan Rui, they were childhood sweethearts betrothed from a young age, before Ye Zhihua rebirth the two of them were a pair of affections husband and wife, they were the envy of many, according to the original plot even after the original Princess consort died Xuanyuan Rui was still very much in love with her.

But damn, after Ye Zhihua rebirth, she quietly weaved her way into Xuanyuan Rui’s life. Don’t know whether the aura of a woman given a second chance was too strong or not but once Xuanyuan Rui bedded with her made him addicted, he gradually spent days and night with her becoming lukewarm towards his concubine (original Su Wan). Then because Ye Zhihua lost their child he also believed the words of Ye Zhihua, he regarded Su Wan as a ‘Venomous woman’, killing his child that hasn’t yet been born.

Hence, Su Wan became a cannon fodder, once a princess pampered by a prince turned into a princess locked in the Cold Palace.

In fact, the role of the role of the ex-wife was not the favored mission of Su Wan. Su Wan always choose the high-class cold ‘ex-girlfriend’ moreover she has obsessive-compulsive disorder ah ~!

She did not like any physical contact with the male lead or any other male.

However, for this profile, Su Wan could break this rule (obviously not because of the high points).

Besides the health of the body was sick and weak, she didn’t have to room with Xuanyuan Rui.

Moreover in this world, Su Wan felt that Ye Zhihua really needed to be taught a lesson. In her previous life, she would boast that she was extremely clever, arrogantly pushing her younger sister to the fifth prince. It was for the best, your useless, his also useless, this was a perfect match! What kind of demonic brain thought of this?

However, after her rebirth, she always says that the female lead murdered her younger sister. This type of person really makes others speechless.

Xuanyuan Qing – Some of these name are taken from Sasa spoilers on NU. (Because am lazy)

Imperial Priest – You know like those Taoist people that look at fate and stuff.

Sister – Think its cousin but going by the Chinese way its sister.

You think like that are you sure you’re not drunk? – 这样的奇葩,想想都是醉了。 (Don’t know what this was).

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