Chapter 2:Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 2

Lu Chu fed Su Wan a little porridge, then helped her lie down and rest. Although Su Wan knows that this body needed to rest more, she suddenly remembered that at this moment Xuanyuan Rui and Ye Zhihua were at the execution ground, an hour later would lead to Xuanyuan Qing and Ye Zhijin’s road to death. Thinking of it at this moment, Ye Zhihua must be feeling in bliss.

Well, if anything happened for her to lose happiness, Su Wan felt this would make her healthier, so she immediately ordered Lu Chu to bring her paper and pen, imitating the former host’s handwriting, to quickly write a letter to home.

“Princess, you’re going to…”

Seeing her master was writing a letter, Lu Chu was stunned, because the time she married out to the prince’s household, that time Su Wan also severed all relations with the general household. No matter, who knew that princess’s birth mother pa.s.sed early, only leaving behind a sick and weak baby for the general? But General Su always wished for a healthy son that he could take to the mighty battlefield.

Afterwards, when Su Wan was still not yet half a year old, his majesty sent out a marriage order for General Su. This time it was also a Royal Princess married to him. This Royal Princess was also very compet.i.tive, so after nine months she was able to give General Su a male child named Su Rui. Su Rui was younger than Su Wan by a whole, however from a young age he was very healthy. At three he began martial arts, at the age of seven to eight he was already way taller than Su Wan.

As a young child, the relationship between both of them was well, Su Rui knew from a young age that he should protect his sister. This matter made General Su very happy, but as time pa.s.sed, the relationship between them had begun to undergo a sky shaking change.

The backstory of General Su was also not mentioned in the plot, this was kind of like a BUG, after all, Princess Su Wan had a high status. But how did she die so sadly, helpless to life, helpless to death?

Her father was a mighty general, while her mother was the most favored princess, so what happened in the family that others did not know?

Currently Su Wan lost her status as a Princess consort, she was also sent to the Cold Palace, so why does her family not care at all?

In this story, Su Wan had a clearer view than anyone else. Thus, after recuperating all of the owner’s originals memories from the times the original host time in the general household, Su Wan felt comfortable all over.

Su Wan was not the original host, she was also someone that did not give any chance to achieve her goal, so for the original past, the General was a tiger she could rely on, who was related to the original host, ha ha, indeed a cheat arrived at her front door.

“Lu Chu, send this envelope over to Su Rui. Hurry! No time should be wasted.”

Lu Chu saw the determination in Su Wan, her face was pale and not shaky: “Cousin, now that you did this to me… I will never look back now.”


Su Wan’s laughter was desperate. “If cousin does not give me a way out…. then for all my life I will never turn back.”

Listening to Su Wan’s words, Lu Chu’s face became even paler, princess perhaps… doesn’t want to live anymore?

Seems like the prince hurt princess to the end, otherwise why would she write a letter to that dog Su Rui.

Squeezing the letter in her hand, Lu Chu could not stop trembling, she knew that was holding her owner’s lifeline.

“Princess, please rethink…”

“I told you to go! Go! Ka ka ka.” (Cough sounds)

Su Wan’s coughed like never before. There was blood flowing out of her mouth, but at this moment, her eyes were also clear like never before. Seeing her clear eyes, Lu Chu decided to go for it.

The place they lived at was a remote area, but Lu Chu made it relatively clean. Xuanyuan Rui didn’t want to trap them much, so Lu Chu was able to freely enter and exit in the household. But this time she didn’t exit, just standing in a corner, facing the wall, she lightly called: “Dark Wei.”

A dark image came out, his figure was covered in black clothes, you could not clearly see his figure, but you’ll know that he was highly skilled.

Looking at that familiar yet frightful figure, Lu Chu slightly retreated a step. After suddenly thinking of something, Lu Chu took in a breath with a straightened back, holding out the letter: “Princess personally handwrites this letter, quickly hand it over to your master to avoid disaster.”

Right, I’m not afraid of death, why would I be afraid of this?

At this moment, Lu Chu felt so proud!

Dark Wei received this letter with no movement whatsoever, he completely disappeared.

Since the princess married into the prince’s household at the age of 15, Dark Wei followed her here, it has already been four years. Perhaps because he was really familiar with princess’s personality, Dark Wei thought that he had to have been abandoned by his owner, why else would he receive a mission that he is unable to complete?

But today, right now the mission that he never thought was possible to complete, was done in an unexpected way.

At this time, Dark Wei felt beyond happiness to die.

Okay, truthfully at this time Ye Zhihua was at the execution grounds, looking at the remaining hour, she felt happy to die.

But, there was no one, exactly no one else, feeling the same as Su Wan.

After she finished writing the letter to Su Rui, Su Wan immediately laid down and smiled in bliss. Having that dog Su Rui join the stage, in the future, this drama would be explosive, but currently, all she could do was wait.

By the time Lu Chu came back, Su Wan had already fallen asleep, and this time she was not pretending, her body was really weak…

When Su Wan was awake again, Lu Chu did not wait in the room because actually, she saw a gentleman, wearing white attire and sitting dazedly at the edge of the bed. When he saw her awake his face had a touch of embarra.s.sment, shyly he opened his mouth: “Princess you’ve… you’ve woken up?”


Su Wan answered, after that, she opened her cute lovely beautiful eyes to look at the man at the bedside: “Doctor, the prince asked you to look at me didn’t he? Cousin’s back? I want to meet cousin!”

According to the plot after Ye Zhihua’s rebirth, during this time Princess Su Wan was near her deathbed, waiting for Xuanyuan Rui’s heart to change, but in the end, she died in misery.

Su Wan knew that the body could not hold, so she, even more, wanted to hold the heart of this man.

This man’s name was Si Yu, his background was from a family known for their medical knowledge. Originally, Xuanyuan Rui invited him for Ye Zhihua, but because Ye Zhihua wanted to act like a beloved fairy in front of Xuanyuan Rui instead invited him to check Su Wan.

This action of hers immediately captured the heart of both man, but after checking Su Wan’s health, Si Yu honestly reported to Xuanyuan Rui that Su Wan didn’t have long to live. At this time Ye Zhihua like being controlled by an angel said that she wanted to meet Su Wan, giving her an abundant amount of medicine. The princess who was acc.u.mulated with wealth and happiness from a child to now, saw her love rival acting ‘bold and flaunting’, this caused her disease to worsen.

Si Yu, that was an outsider, was tricked to fall for that woman Ye Zhihua.

Heavens, are men really that stupid?

Su Wan really didn’t want to swear, but Ye Zhihua that learnt the original host had a serious illness, broke down crying, saying nonsense like sister you had it hard it must be tragic, I pity you it’ll be good if you died in your sleep so it wouldn’t be so painful, because of this Si Yu who was secretly in love with Ye Zhihua, gave the original host a ‘painless death’.

Your sister died painfully!

Therefore don’t look at Su Wan who looks pitiful, because in her mind she is wondering how to dismantle this dude.

Si Yu obviously didn’t know what was happening in the mind of Su Wan currently, he only felt that this princess was really pitiful, subconsciously he softened his voice, “Princess, these days the prince is very busy, he said if he has the time he will make sure to visit.”


Su Wan laughed in despair, on her face two wobbly lines of transparent water flowed down: “Cousin is actually at Ye Zhihua’s side, that’s right, I shouldn’t bother him, I… can’t accompany him, I can’t bear children for him, truthfully I..”

Saying up to here, Su Wan’s small hand tightly seized the quilt on her body, her chest trembling violently, “The obligations of a wife, I can’t do.”


Listening up to here, Si Yu was really shocked, he looked up to see the appearance of Su Wan crying flowerlike pouring like the rain.

The former host was n.o.ble, on the outside she was very beautiful, this was one of the reasons why she was so pampered by Xuanyuan Rui.

At this time, Su Wan was only wearing a white blouse, messy shirt, disarrayed hair, and perhaps because of her crying, her eyes were slightly swollen and red. Chest constantly shaking, at this moment Si Yu found this lady, even though skinny, really pretty.

Ah, what is he doing?

Si Yu’s face immediately blushed, secretly blaming himself for being disrespectful to the princess.

But honestly, Si Yu never expected that the princess and his highness that had been married for four years but never bedded, this was indeed an astonishing story.

Truthfully, this was a secret between Su Wan and Ye Zhihua. When they first married, Su Wan only just got of age, Xuanyuan Rui that was really loving to her, so afraid that she would be injured because she was in bad health, he also tried not to touch her, there were many times he would not be able to control and would shot like a gun but looking at the trembling and scared figure of her under him, he didn’t do it.

At those times, Xuanyuan Rui would remember that he could wait for Su Wan to get healthier, they still had a lifetime left together.

But after that Xuanyuan Rui met Ye Zhihua, after Ye Zhihua married in the household, Xuanyuan Rui was finally able to taste the pleasure of that, but Ye Zhihua was not only talented, she was also a beauty, Xuanyuan Rui was satisfied both psychologically and that.

After that he gradually matured, he had a mind of his own, a path he needed to go, Xuanyuan Rui was no longer that teenager that only need to drink and eat till full, so he no longer needed to love his childhood sweetheart. As well as her skinny body that could not bear his touch, he didn’t have any interest.

Honestly, at this time Su Wan had a strange yet intriguing idea, if this novel changed roles then that would be so interesting.

Hah, Xuanyuan Rui really loved the princess but she didn’t bring the light of life to him then he had to find it. That was exactly Ye Zhihua, Ye Zhihua really loved Xuanyuan Rui, after fallen for him, her heart was then crushed. Then she was pregnant after she lost her baby she immediately wanted to leave Xuanyuan Rui but at this moment Xuanyuan Rui faced death, forcing them to stay together, making them fall in love and out, in the end HE.

Thinking of these images, Su Wan felt they were very interesting.

The candles in the room blurred out, Su Wan said nothing, Si Yu lifted his head to see Su Wan’s entranced state in the light, her lips bore a saddening smile, ridiculing herself.

The suffering, despairing face of the young women immediately hit the desire of Si Yu’s heart, he felt the need to save, save, save her!

So this boy, ah you know this illusion of yours is an illness, you know how to cure?

She laughed so much that her soul flew to heaven.

Royal Princess (暗巫) – this was ranked in the web novel but I’m sticking to English only

Cheat – It was actually golden thigh but I prefer to not use that

Sister – Another Chinese thing, it’s like what wives of the same hubby call each other but I guess in English spoken language they didn’t have monogamy so I couldn’t think of any terms.

Your sister died painfully! – To describe this it’s kind of like she’s cursing

The obligations of a wife, I can’t do – For those that don’t know its the rolling in sheet thing

Ha, Xuanyuan Rui rea…. – Didn’t really understand this some parts of this paragraph

{轩辕睿喜欢小郡主,但是舍不得碰自己的白月光,那么每次只好找替身发泄,而那个替身就是叶知画,叶知画原本爱着轩辕睿却在一次次被他虐身虐心之后死心了,之后她重生了,重生后的叶知画想要离开轩辕睿,但是这时候轩辕睿就霸道总裁了,来了个强迫爱,于是两个人相爱相杀相爱相杀,最后居然还HE了…… }

T/N – Yet another few hours of hard labor, the suffering, these two chapters was such a rollercoaster ride.


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