Chapter 429:Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

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Su Rui smiled as he watched Su Wan turn her face to the side, a bit unhappy. “Be good. I’ll tell you okay?”

Saying this, he gently held Su Wan’s feet and pulled her dress up a little.

“Hey, don’t. Don’t touch me.”

Su Wan held onto her dress tightly, her face flushed.

Su Rui’s gaze flickered. It was rare seeing his wife looking that bashful. He exclaimed mischievously, “Why are you shy? I’ve seen your whole body before. There’s a red birthmark on your chest and you have a faint scar on your back. You told me that you accidentally hurt yourself when you were little at home. No one was home back then so you bled a lot. Then…there was a scar.”

Su Rui’s gaze darkened. “Wife, sorry for your tough childhood.”

Su Wan was frozen in place when she heard his words because she knew everything he said was true.

She subconsciously reached for her back. Because the scar was on her back, even if she wore a gown, people wouldn’t notice


Right. All these years, whether it be Su Qiqiao or Qin Shiyong, they hadn’t noticed her scar. Even more, they had no idea that she almost died in the villa that time.

Su Wan held in the bitterness and looked at Su Rui, her gaze dazzling. “You’re really from the future?”


Su Rui held onto Su Wan’s hands tightly. “Wife, I know you’re really upset right now. You might not get over Xing Yi but…it’s inevitable to encounter many obstacles in life. Whether it be love or career, don’t be upset or extreme because…you have a beautiful future. You will have a good husband and your family and child. Mn. We’ll even have a really cute granddaughter.”

Cough, although she was a brat.

They’d have a beautiful family with lots of children.

Wasn’t that the life she had yearned for?

“This feels like a dream.”

Su Wan muttered to herself. “Su Rui, even if you’re telling the truth, can you tell me why Xing Yi likes Su You but not me?”

Su Wan really couldn’t get over this.

This was her first time investing in a relationship. It was difficult for her not to mind this.

Su Rui sighed. He naturally wouldn’t tell Su Wan that Xing Yi liked Su You and even loved her to death. Those were the necessities of the plot. The male and female leads naturally were attracted to one another.

It’d be too ruthless if he told her this.

“In reality, Xing Yi only was with you from the start because he accidentally mistakened you for Su You. Three years ago, when he was hiking, he got into an accident and got saved by Su You. He was unconscious back then and vaguely opened his eyes, remembering the person’s blurry face. When he returned to Yun City, he recognized and took you for that person.”

Although Xing Family was an influential family within Yun City, Xing Yi had grown up in his grandfather’s house. He only returned to Yun City three years ago, during that accident. Then, he encountered Su Wan.

The plot seemed to be calculating against Su Wan.

Su Wan froze hearing Su Rui’s words.

Three years ago…

Xing Yi never mentioned what happened three years ago. Never did. He wouldn’t mention it in the future either.


How was he so sure that Su You must’ve been the one to save him?


“What if I say I was the one who saved him three years ago. Su Rui, do you believe me?”

Su Wan looked up, her gaze sparkling.


Su Rui froze but subconsciously nodded. “I believe you. No matter what you say, I believe you.”


Su Wan suddenly laughed out loud, tears flowing down her face. “I believe you too.”

I believe you, from the future me.

Because you’re the person I have been looking for.

It’s you.

“Su Rui, I’m really happy.”

Su Wan suddenly extended her arms and hugged Su Rui.

Every girl who has encountered a hardship…have you guys ever dreamed of a person descending from the sky during your weakest and most lonely moment? He’d hug, comfort, and hug you, saying: I’m your future.

This was like a dream he was unwilling to wake up from.

“Don’t leave, don’t wake up.”

Late at night, Su Wan held onto Su Rui’s hands still, murmuring in her sleep.

The stronger a girl acted on the surface, the weaker they actually were.

Su Rui looked at Su Wan and subconsciously lifted his other hand to caress her furrowed brows. “Wife, sleep well. I’ll always be here.”

The next morning when Su Wan woke up, she saw Su Rui sleeping by her bed.

Wasn’t this a dream?

Su Wan blinked her eyes and thought back to yesterday’s action. She covered herself with the blanket, feeling vexed.

She must’ve been crazy or infected by him.

She actually believed that this man was her future husband!


Seeing Su Rui’s sleeping appearance, Su Wan fixed her gaze on him. He treated her really well nor did he have any bad intentions. Even more, he was such a powerful hacker. He wouldn’t mind Su Family’s assets.

Could he be a fool that would sacrifice but not ask for anything in return?


Su Wan exclaimed softly. She lifted her hand and touched Sui’s face softly. Seeing that Su Rui was still sleeping soundly, she smiled and tipped toe out, entering the bathroom.

Su Rui gradually opened his eyes after hearing that Su Wan closed the bathroom door.

Silly wife, who is the actual fool?

By the time Su Wan changed her clothes, Su Rui was already gone.

Su Wan looked at the neat blankets, stunned for a while. The empty feeling was indeed a strange feeling.

Su Wan sighed and went downstairs.

Su You was the only one downstairs. Breakfast was Aunt Zhang’s western-style breakfast that she was good at. Seeing the same breakfast, Su Wan suddenly thought of the food Su Rui cooked yesterday morning. Su You said the food was really good but she didn’t get a single taste of it.

She suddenly felt really unhappy.

“Xiao Wan, you’re up! Teacher Su, he…”

Su You found out that Su Rui was a teacher at Su Wan’s school because he had her tell Su Wan that they’ll see each other at school.

“I’m not eating this.”

Like usual, Su Wan left after grabbing her backpack.

“Xiao Wan!”

Su You called her. “You and Su Rui, you two…”

“It’s my matter. Why do you care?”

Su Wan exclaimed after she turned around. “You really think you’re my sister huh?”

“No. Xiao Wan, you and Xing Yi…”

“That’s my matter too. Su You, you better remember your identity.”

Su Wan then left without hesitation. Su You softly sighed.

She knew that Xing Yi liked her.

But he was Xiao Wan’s fiance. Su You didn’t want to destroy Su Wan’s happiness. But now that Su Wan and Su Rui were together, she started worrying for Xing Yi.

Compared to the female lead’s indecisiveness, Su Wan also felt restless

She always thought that she couldn’t forgive Xing Yi’s betrayal.

Even until her death.

But ever since she encountered Su Rui, she found out that there was another possibility in her life…

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