Chapter 431:Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Extras (Epilogue)

Couples from school enjoyed coming to the western-style restaurant near Shengming.

Su Wan and Xing Yi were regular customers as well. When Su Wan arrived at their usual place, Xing Yi had been waiting for a while.

Xing Yi enjoyed taking a seat by the window. He reserved this spot. The sunshine penetrated the window and shone on his handsome face. Su Wan peered at him several times.

Speaking of, Xing Yi was considered a rare handsome guy. But compared to Su Rui, he lacked a lot. Not just his appearance but also imposing manner.

Of course, most importantly, Xing Yi and Su Rui were two different types of people.

“I’m here.”

Feeling Su Wan’s gaze, Xing Yi lifted his head to look at her. “Sit. I ordered food for you.”

“There’s no need.”

Su Wan sat across from Xing Yi and said, “I made plans to eat with someone. I just want to make things clear with you today. Let’s…cancel our engagement!”

Xing Yi had been conflicted over this but Su Wan brought this up first.

Xing Yi froze when he heard this.

After realizing that he got the wrong person, Xing Yi had been thinking about canceling the engagement with Su Wan. But after all, they had been together for two years. He had some understanding of Su Wan’s situation at the Su Family. Firstly, he felt bad and secondly, because Su You was an illegitimate daughter, he was afraid that Su Wan and the others would blame Su You if he hastily canceled the engagement.

Maybe this was the real reason why Xing Yi hadn’t talked to Su Wan about canceling the engagement.

He considered everything for Su You but he didn’t do so for Su Wan.

This was the difference between love and not loving someone.

Maybe happiness did come too suddenly. Xing Yi froze and then turned to look at Su Wan, a bit uncertain. He didn’t know whether she meant it or he was trying to test her.

“I’m telling the truth. Does it seem like I’m kidding?”

Su Wan lifted her brows arrogantly. “Xing Yi, in the past I thought that I wouldn’t be able to live without you but now, I found out that I had been wrong. I had been horribly wrong from the start. I wanted the gentleness and lenience, and sincerity you gave me. But now, you started to be annoyed at me and even hated me. You hadn’t been concerned about me for such a long time. You stopped smiling sincerely at me too. What’s the point of holding this sort of relationship in my hands tightly?”

In the past, she didn’t understand. She expected something in return whenever she made a sacrifice. But now, she understood.

Love was much more complicated than what she thought and much richer too.

Love couldn’t be weighed.

Once you love someone, you loved them. Even if you have to sacrifice everything for their smile, it was worth it.

“Xiao Wan.”

Xing Yi felt a bit guilty.

He recalled the first time he extended his hand towards Su Wan two years ago. She widened her eyes, her gaze clear and bright as she stared shockingly at himself.

At that moment, he was indeed moved


Whether it be repaying her for saving him or just purely feeling bad for the little girl, Xing Yi still didn’t understand up to now.

Maybe this was the difference between women and men.

Men had subtle feelings and their emotions passed quickly.

In front of their new flame and old love, they were unable to make up their minds. They thought that they wouldn’t hurt anyone but in the end, they still did.

As for women, once they loved someone, they would love them with their fullest even if they were covered in injuries in the end.

“Xing Yi, let’s leave it like this. Breaking up will free both of us.”

Su Wan nodded at him and then stood up, turning to leave without longing in the least bit.

She bid farewell to this unhappy relationship. She wanted to walk off elegantly.

Xing Yi, goodbye.

Su Wan pushed the door open and welcomed the sunset glow. She smiled.

If she didn’t say goodbye to the past, the future wouldn’t come.

Xu Ce silently walked off seeing Su Wan’s smile as he stood at a corner not far from her.

“Young master.”

An exquisite-looking girl quickly chased after him and asked, “Young master, why did you give up? You clearly had a chance this time…”

“Xiao Shi.”

Xu Ce cut her off. “I didn’t give up. Really. I just learned what love is.”

People could silently watch from afar and and look over them too. This was also a type of love.

He could fight with Su Rui. After all, he had lots of advantages that Su Rui didn’t have.

But he didn’t.

Since he met Su Wan for the first time, Xu Ce made up his mind.

He couldn’t keep doing that, even if this was in a virtual reality.

He could play the role of a perfect lover and a gentle prince but that’s not him, not the true him.

Was he going to deceive Su Wan again using the illusions?

No, he couldn’t.

His biggest regret was deceiving a person he shouldn’t have lied to, ruthlessly at that.

But now, he had no regrets. Really.

Although this was a virtual world, seeing that Su Wan had gone on a different path, Xu Ce felt comforted.

Su Wan.

Love was really magical.

You and Su Rui are really happy together. I wish you guys the best.

I think that in the future, I’ll be as happy as you guys one day too.

I don’t want to intervene in people’s relationships or destroy their hard to come by love.

I am sure that everyone will find their own happiness. They just needed to wait. That person will come.

Su Rui was still sitting at his seat when she arrived at the restaurant she went to yesterday. There were two laptops.

Seeing Su Wan’s confused gaze, Su Rui shrugged and smiled. “The people in this world are really kind and returned the laptop back to me.”

Su Wan was speechless.

Such a high-performance laptop was enough to sentence someone if they stole it. Did he think everyone would consciously go against the rules?

“I already broke up with Xing Yi.”

Su Wan sat in front of Su Rui and looked seriously at him. “Su Rui, did you cross over from another time-space to get me to break up with Xing Yi?”

Su Rui replied, “Um, cough. Wife, being too smart isn’t that. I actually just wanted to visit you, your past self.”

“Now that you’ve seen and helped me, Su Rui, are you…going to leave now?”

Su Wan had a feeling that Su Rui would leave and return to the future.

Su Rui’s expressions changed. His voice turned a bit deep. “Wife, I’ll never leave you, never. In the far future, we’ll forever be together.”

“Really? Then that’s good.”

Su Wan let out a sigh and smiled at Su Rui. “Then before leaving, my man, can you do something for me?”

“What?” Su Rui subconsciously asked.

“Beat Xing Yi up for me.”

Su Wan tilted her head and smiled.

Although she had cut off ties with him, Xing Yi, I am the daughter of a businessman. I’d never agree to a losing deal.

Please return whatever you owe me!



General Su received his wife’s order so he naturally dragged Xing Yi to the wilderness and gave him an unforgettable beating.

Su Wan walked over in satisfaction after seeing Xing Yi curl his body up, his body covered in blood.

Seeing the familiar appearance, Xing Yi felt incredulous.

“Xiao Wan, why…”


Su Wan smiled and bent down. “I really shouldn’t have saved you three years ago. I’m just letting everything return to its original path.”

Su Wan then poked Xing Yi’s injury and said, “These injuries look the same as back then. Of course, this time, I’ll call Su You for her to come and save you. That way, she’ll be your benefactor again. You guys can finally be together as well. Congratulations.”

Saying this, Su Wan stood up casually and said, “Su Rui, let’s go. I’m so tired. Carry me home.”


Su Rui immediately bent down skillfully and let Su Wan jump on his back.

This time, Su Wan didn’t hesitate and held onto his neck…

Xing Yi’s gaze started to turn blurry but his memory became incomparably clear.

“Xiao Wan! There’s a dead body here. I’m so scared. Let’s call the police already!”

“Hush, he’s still alive. Let me go and take a look.”

“He’s fine now. I called the ambulance. The medical members from the scenic area will come right away. Xue Hui, let’s go.”

“Xiao Wan, you’re covered in blood. Aren’t you going to wait until he wakes up? At least let him say thank you.”

“I don’t need it.”

An arrogant girl like her didn’t need anyone’s gratitude, understanding and approval.

This was Su Wan.

Xing Yi’s gaze gradually turned bloody. Before he became unconscious, he saw Su You’s pale face as she walked over. “Ah! Xing Yi, it’s you! What happened to you?”

Su You panicked and had no idea what to do. She wanted to move Xing Yi’s body under a whim of panic but this caused him to furrow his brows, in pain.

As it turned out, he didn’t get the wrong person.

He got the wrong person the second time.

Xing Yi was overwhelmed with emotions. However, Su Wan didn’t care about this, She leaned her face against Su Rui’s back and then gradually closed her eyes.

Su Rui, it’s great that I got to know you.

“This is the lovable Ling Aisu. Get up! Get out of bed! You’re going to rust if you don’t get out of bed!”

The voice came from Ling Aisu’s prerecorded smart alarm clock.

Su Rui woke up from his dream and he pulled Su Wan into his arms out of habit.

“Wife, I love you.”

Love you so much.

“Why are you being so greasy early in the morning?”

It was unclear when Ling Aisu had gotten inside their rooms but she was staring at Su Rui with her sparkling eyes in dislike.

Su Rui jumped at the loli’s voice. In the next second, he hollered, “Ling Li! Take your brat away! Do you want to die?”


Ling Aisu pursed her lips and looked at Su Rui, teary-eyed. “Daddy already eloped with mommy. Even my grandmother and grandfather don’t love Aisu now? I’m going to become an orphan! I can warm the bed and act cute too. Who’s here to be my sugar daddy? This baby behaves!”

Su Rui was speechless.

Ling Li, how did a high IQ male lead like you raise your daughter to be like this?

“Okay, stop acting pitiful. Your mother has used this too many times.”

The noises in the room finally woke up Su Rui. She rubbed her eyes and was about to sit up.

“Wife, slow down. Watch yourself.”

Su Rui immediately helped Su Wan up nervously. She was still pregnant.

This child belonged to him and Su Wan and it was also the newest member of the future big family.

“This baby didn’t do it on purpose.”

Ling Aisu also climbed on bed silently, extending her chubby hands to softly touch Su Wan’s stomach. “Hello uncle. I’m the cute Aisu. I’m here to see you again. Mwah.”

“Little uncle, come out already. I’ll protect you when I grow up!”

Su Wa and Su Rui had no words

This child was just like Susu when she was young, always dreaming of being the big sister…

After they finally got rid of the annoying loli Su Rui got up and helped Su Wan to the bathroom.

“I haven’t become handicapped yet, have I?”

Su Wan couldn’t help but joke.

“I like serving you. Is that a good response?” Su Rui looked up, his gaze sparkling.

Since coming out of the dream, Su Rui felt like he hadn’t treated Su Wan well enough. He told himself he needed to treat her even better, hundred folds better.

“I love having someone serve me.”

Feeling the sweetness in Su Rui’s gaze, Su Wan smiled.

Yesterday, she had a dream.

She dreamed of her past and Su Rui too.

Really. Dear, I love that you’re here with me.

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