Chapter 2069:Special Forces God Level Extraction System


Chapter 2069 Demigod

Song Yu knelt in front of Lin Kai, hugging his leg, begging for mercy loudly.

Lin Kai glanced at him indifferently, then said in shock, "Mr. Song, you are a guest of the nine forbidden places. Just kneel in front of me like this, you can break me. Please get up soon!"

Song Yu smiled bitterly and said, "Brother Lin, don't laugh at me. I sit in the well and watch the sky. It's too overwhelming."

Song Yu bowed to the end and pleaded again: "Brother Lin, please spare the forbidden land."

Lin Kai said lightly: "Since Mr. Song has spoken, then I can't help but give you this face. But, I have to say, only those who surrender now can we open the door. If you still want to resist, don't blame it. We're welcome!"

Song Yu's expression was a little embarrassed. Everyone in the forbidden area was arrogant and looked down upon the outside world and regarded it as a barbarian.

Now, let them come out and surrender, it is difficult for them to accept.

Lin Kai looked cold and said coldly: "It seems that Mr. Song is very embarrassed, then I won't force Mr. Song, please get up."

"No, no, no!"

Song Yu hurriedly smiled and said, "I will go back and persuade them to come out and surrender."

Lin Kai said in a pleasant tone, "Mr. Song, don't be too embarrassed. Let me give Mr. Song an hour. If it fails, then don't talk about it."

Lin Kai patted Song Yu on the shoulder, and sincerely persuaded: "After an hour, Mr. Song hastened out. I will bury them for them."

Song Yu shuddered, looking at Lin Kai with a trace of fear.

Although Lin Kai is only a young man, he is a demon in his eyes!

Song Yu didn't dare to delay, got up quickly, and ran out.

"Wait a moment!"

Lin Kai suddenly called out and stopped Song Yu.

Song Yu's expression changed, and he said in horror: "Brother Lin, are you going to regret it?"

Lin Kai shook his head, and said with a smile: "No, I mean I'll give you a ride, it's faster."

Song Yu looked confident, and said solemnly, "Brother Lin, don't worry. I am also a great master, and my flight speed is very fast!"

Lin chuckled and said, "You'll know when you go sit down."

Lin Kai took a look at Fu Leng, and after Fu Leng understood, he called in a young man.

After the young man walked in, he paused on Xuanyuan and Lin Kai's body, with a fanatical expression in his eyes.

In particular, he looked at Lin Kai's enthusiastic eyes, which was the hottest, which made Lin Kai feel a little hairy.

The young man took a deep breath and said loudly, "Hello, a few chiefs!"

Lin Kai nodded and smiled at him: "Hello. You drive the plane and send this gentleman back as fast as you can."


A light flashed in the young man's eyes, and he promised loudly.

Song Yu was anxious, but since Lin Kai said it, he must follow suit.

He could only follow the young man to the outside, where a fighter plane was.

This fighter plane is like a leopard, showing a kind of beautiful lines, which is the achievement of Blue Star's most pinnacle technology.

The young man sat in the cab and said lightly: "Mr. Song, come up."

Song Yu looked anxious, can such a big guy fly fast?

You must know that he can fly at the fastest speed, which can exceed the speed of sound, and can fly 400 meters per second.

Song Yu sat on the co-pilot with a helpless expression, sighed and said, "Brother, please hurry up. I'm in a hurry."

"Haha, Zhang Fang. Did you hear that? This Mr. Song wants you to drive faster. Don't let him down."

The onlookers looked jealous, not because Zhang Fang received the task.

It's because this task is the ** in their hearts, Lin Kaifa.

But they can't help it. Zhang Fang's driving skills are the best.

Zhang Fang's face was indifferent, and after making all preparations, he said lightly: "Be careful, I'm about to take off."

Song Yu resisted his impatience and said, "Get up... fly... let's..."

After finishing the three words, the plane disappeared in the same place with a bang, and appeared in the sky a kilometer away.

Song Yu's eyes widened, his body pressed tightly on the seat.

Fortunately, he is a great master, and this pressure will not hurt him.

He widened his eyes and looked at the surging air wave behind him, shocked.

Song Yu stammered, "Little brother, how fast can this thing fly?"

Zhang Fang controlled the plane and said lightly: "It's not very fast, it's only five times the speed of sound."

"Oh my god…"

Song Yu groaned and slumped in his seat.

The speed of this flight even surpasses most demigods.

In other words, if the plane wanted to escape, even the demigod would not be able to catch up.

Maybe most people don't think there is anything, but this is just an airplane controlled by ordinary people.

Song Yu sat there blankly, plunged into a life of suspicion.

But before long, the rumbling plane suddenly changed from extremely fast to extremely quiet.

With the fighter plane floating in the sky, Zhang Fang said lightly: "Mr. Song, it's already here. Go on."

Song Yu nodded blankly, and was about to fly off the plane.

Suddenly, Zhang's face changed, and the plane leaped forward suddenly under his control.

At the same time, the plane made several difficult rolls in the air, seeming to avoid something.

After a short while, before Song Yu hadn't reacted, Zhang Fang flashed a sharp look in his eyes, and directly started the fighter combat mode.

You know, the speed of this aircraft is just an additional function, and its most powerful use is combat!

Two cannon barrels protruded directly from under the plane, and then densely packed ammunition poured out like rain, blasting toward the original position of the plane.

There was a middle-aged man standing there. He looked at the plane in amazement, as if he didn't expect it to fly so fast.

He sneered, although it was fast, but he hadn't paid attention to it yet.

He just wanted to make a move, suddenly the danger warning of death deep in his heart sounded frantically, causing his hairs to stand up.

He jerked his head up and looked at the fighter.

I saw two clusters of red dots in front.

That is the bullet fired!

The bullets flew out at a speed of several kilometers per second, and almost instantly, densely packed bullets poured out on his body.

There was hardly any pause, and his whole body was torn into minced meat, not even a single bone was left.

At this time, Song Yu shouted in surprise: "No!"

Zhang Fang stopped firing and said faintly: "Your words came a bit late."

Song Yu was both heartbroken and shocked. The man just now was a demigod. How could this be possible?

Even if he was just promoted, he was the weakest demigod.

However, it is also a demigod!

Song Yu never thought that the demigod would die on such an inexplicable thing.

The firepower pouring out just now shocked him and frightened him!

This scene was beyond his imagination, and his mind was in chaos.

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