Chapter 2073:Special Forces God Level Extraction System

Enter the forbidden area

Chapter 2073 Entering Forbidden Land

Xuanyuan smiled and nodded, and said with emotion: "I haven't returned to the forbidden place for a hundred years, of course I have to go in."

Fu Leng also nodded, and said in a deep voice: "I'll take a team of 1,000 people and accompany the two leaders into the forbidden area."

Lin Kai shook his head and refused: "No, everything in the forbidden ground is unknown, so don't let too many people in."

When Fu Leng heard this, he became anxious and said loudly: "Because of this, I can't let the two chiefs take risks."

The subordinates who followed him flushed and looked at Lin Kai pleadingly.

Lin Kai said helplessly: "Of course I don't know if it was my eldest brother and I, Mr. Song and this friend of Shen Yaozong will go in with us."

Song Yu, who had been waiting by the side, and a very strong middle-aged man quickly walked up.

The middle-aged man bowed slightly to show respect to Lin Kai and Xuanyuan, and said in a deep voice, "Here is the elder of the Shenyao Sect, Lin Haisheng."

Lin Kai chuckled lightly and said, "It's my own family."

Lin Haisheng quickly smiled and said, "This is an honor to be here."

Lin Kai turned his head to look at Fu Leng, and said solemnly: "Be vigilant and be ready to launch forbidden weapons into the forbidden ground at any time."

Fu Leng's face was solemn, and Lin Kai's words were not aimless. It seems that there are indeed hidden dangers in the forbidden ground.

"Let's go!"

Lin Kai took the lead to fly to the forbidden area.

Standing on the ground in the forbidden ground, Lin Kai felt an abundance of spiritual power rushing towards him.

Lin Kai was astonished, and finally understood the reason why the ancient warriors in the forbidden area lived so long.

Living in such an environment with abundant spiritual power, even ordinary people can live to a hundred years old.

Not to mention the ancient warriors, the life time has become longer.

The aura in this forbidden area is not at all inferior to the Dongxian Mountain where he arranged the Spirit Gathering Formation.

You should know that Dongxian Mountain is just a mountain range, and this forbidden area is a few hundred miles in radius, and the range is very wide.

From this one can imagine how strong the aura of this forbidden land is.

Lin Kai felt it for a while, frowned, and sighed softly.

The spiritual power in this forbidden area was indeed abundant, but the space node was destroyed and a big hole appeared.

Lin Kai could clearly feel a large amount of spiritual energy pouring out crazily.

Maybe within a month, the aura in this forbidden land will disappear.

What's more, this big hole is slowly getting bigger with the passage of time, and the speed of the spiritual current will flow faster and faster.

When Lin Kai felt the spirit of the world around him, the few people around him did not bother him.

Seeing Lin Kai sighing, Song Yu finally couldn't help but asked, "Brother Lin, why sigh?"

Lin Kai sighed lightly: "This forbidden land is full of spiritual energy, and it is an excellent holy place for cultivation. Moreover, in this holy land, countless treasures of heaven, material and earth have grown. These are all treasures that are not available in the outside world."

Lin Kaifang looked round, and in this forbidden land, the fragrance of birds and flowers were everywhere, and various rare and precious spiritual things grew.

In the sky, there are many strange animals living deep in the forest.

It's just because of the attack of taboo weapons that they are very restless, and they are still restless, watching the outside world vigilantly.

Song Yu looked at Lin Kai bitterly, and complained in his heart. Isn't all this caused by you?

Now, why are you still feeling up.

Lin Kai said indifferently: "Don't look at me with this kind of eyes, Huaxia is a person who does not offend me and I do not, but the offenders will be punishable even though they are far away! To blame, blame the magical medicine sect for harming this land of spiritual masters. ."

Now it was Lin Haisheng's turn to be embarrassed.

Lin Kai frowned, turned to ask Xuanyuan, and said, "Big Brother, do all these forbidden lands have such a strong aura of heaven and earth?"

Before Xuanyuan had learned the method of believing in gods, he could hardly feel the magical effect of the spiritual energy of heaven and earth.

But now, he can already feel the aura of heaven and earth.

Xuanyuan can even absorb the aura of heaven and earth.

However, what he practices in his body is the power of faith, and the spiritual energy of heaven and earth enters his body and it will be swallowed directly.

For him, it is not worth the loss.

Xuanyuan's current cultivation can only rely on absorbing the thoughts of sentient beings to increase his cultivation.

Normally, he can only absorb the thoughts of sentient beings floating between the heaven and the earth, and the cultivation speed is not too fast.

However, this time the forbidden area was wiped out and the ancient warriors in the forbidden area came out and surrendered.

With the gratitude of the Chinese people, they have contributed a very large number of sentient beings.

This made the power of belief in Xuanyuan's body grow more rapidly.

Of course, Lin Kai is the same.

The Nascent Soul cultivated by the power of faith in his body grew by an inch.

Lin Kai felt that his current cultivation base was already equivalent to that of a cultivator in the middle of the Yuan Ying period.

Xuanyuan recalled, and said in a deep voice, "Yes. There are very strong heaven and earth auras in the nine forbidden lands."

Lin Kai was a little surprised, in a closed space like Forbidden Land, it is impossible to generate heaven and earth aura out of thin air.

In this forbidden area, the aura of heaven and earth is so strong, it shows that there is a shocking secret hidden in these nine forbidden areas.

This secret is related to the origin of heaven and earth aura.

Lin Kai looked at the three of Xuanyuan and asked, "Brother, do you know where the source of the spiritual energy of the world is?"

A trace of blankness appeared on Xuanyuan's face, he was a peerless genius.

It only took a few decades to become a demigod, shocking the nine forbidden places.

However, because of this, he also spent almost all of his time in cultivation.

He knew too little about the forbidden area before.

After he became a demigod, he began to yearn for the outside world, and finally turned his face and broke out of the outside world.

Therefore, even though he is over a hundred years old, he actually knows very little about the forbidden area.

Lin Kai looked at Song Yu and Lin Haisheng again.

The two looked at each other with a blank face.

They don't even know what heaven and earth aura is, let alone the origin of heaven and earth aura.

Lin Kai sighed lightly, he knew that this secret was not something ordinary people could know.

I am afraid that only the veteran demigod can know the secret of the forbidden land.

When several people were staring at them, Lin Kai's eyes flashed, and he saw a few shadows flashing past the Divine Medicine Sect.

Lin Kai no longer considered these, and said solemnly: "Big Brother, let's split up. Catch all the mice hidden in the forbidden ground!"

"By the way, when you meet the Sect Master of the Divine Medicine Sect, let him live first. I still have something to ask him."

Xuanyuan nodded, and said in a deep voice, "Be careful about everything!"

Lin Kai nodded, and took Lin Haisheng and Song Yu to fly to the Shen Yao Sect.

After all, Xuanyuan came from the forbidden area, so he acted alone.

During the flight of Lin Kai's three people, they encountered many disciples of the Divine Medicine Sect who were hiding in the dark.

These disciples are all ancient warriors who participated in the gene medicine incident. They all knew that the outside world would not let them go, so they didn't want to surrender.

When Lin Kai used the power of his huge divine mind to pull them out of the dark, before he could do anything, Song Yu took the initiative to kill them.

In order to win Lin Kai's favor, even Lin Haisheng shot them mercilessly, beheading them on the spot.

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