Chapter 969:Start a Base

Creation God

Li Yunpeng recalled that in his life, he had come to many forks. Every time he had to make a decision, any decision had a huge impact on the future.

"I walked out of the base outside Wuzhou City."

"I walked out of the warm and comfortable Saturn planet."

"I came out of the galaxy, the entire universe! I didn't want to find a safe haven, but to find a way out, a way out that would lead human civilization and lead the cosmic civilization to prosper!"

"So, I choose, Chaos Space!"

Li Yunpeng chose firmly, and instantly broke into the channel that represented the chaotic space.

A turbulent flow of time and space flashed by, and Li Yunpeng appeared in a completely gray world.

Looking back, the passage when I came has already disappeared.

There are only two vessels containing souls all over the body.

Li Yunpeng stabilized his mind, and then explored in several directions.

However, there are gray spaces everywhere, and nothingness matter, just like the singularity, endless.

"Damn! So a hammer?"

Li Yunpeng mobilized the power of the gods and punched hard.


After the energy burst out in the body, it unexpectedly reacted strangely with the gray void matter.

An atom is created out of thin air.

Li Yunpeng took a closer look, "Hydrogen atom!"

This discovery made him ecstatic.

He immediately meditated cross-legged, covering a piece of nothingness with divine power, and then injecting divine power to make the divine power react with the gray void matter.

Soon, some basic substances representing various elements appeared!

Li Yunpeng's eyes lit up, and he directly mobilized his whole body's divine power to envelop hundreds of kilometers of void matter in the area and create matter with all his strength.

Just then, in the chaos, Li Yunpeng had a small house, then a yard, a small river, a grassland, and the earth, mountains, and deep valleys.

Divided into heaven, divided into earth.

The rules came into being and were formulated completely in accordance with Li Yunpeng's ideas.

The temperament of Li Yunpeng's body also changed accordingly.

At this moment, he has fully reached the realm of the ** of creation, and he is creating a world!

With the rules in place, the system was revived.

"Master, is this?"

"Hahaha, system, finally it's time for you to ask Laozi!"


Li Yunpeng continued: "I'm not as stingy as you. You don't tell me what you ask. This is the chaotic space. This world is created by me in the chaos. Although it is not big, it is eternal!"

"Eternal!" the system said silently.

"Master, you did it!"

Li Yunpeng sighed, "That's right, but it's not perfect yet. Next, I will leave the work of creating material things to you."

"Yes! Guarantee to complete the task!"


When someone takes over the work, Li Yunpeng only has time to study the two souls that he is familiar with.

In this universe, it is even greater than his ability in the conventional universe.

Because here, all the basic rules are all formulated by Li Yunpeng himself.

He said that if there is light, there will be a sun in the sky.

He said to have land, countless mountains and rivers, appeared out of thin air.

Here, he has truly achieved what he said and his thoughts come true.

"Come on, let me see you, who are they?"

In this world, a kind of soul power was born out of thin air, quickly replenishing two nearly exhausted souls.

Soon, the soul has vitality and gradually recovers!

"Peng, Brother Peng?"

If it were not for his own universe, Li Yunpeng would almost jump up.

"you know me?"

"Brother Peng, I am Feng'er!"

Li Yunpeng: "......"

"Huo Feng'er?"


Li Yunpeng had a ** of a face, "Then you are..."

Another soul said: "I am Mengdie..."

Li Yunpeng: "I rely on!"

"How did you appear in the singularity and entered it 100 million years ago?"

Huo Feng'er said: "Brother Peng, in the real universe, 100 million years have passed. After human beings were promoted to the sixth-level peak civilization, Mengdie and I had no meaning to exist, so we met together to go to the singularity and look for you. , But...the one who dominates the pinnacle evolution, the moment he enters the singularity, he is shattered by the turbulence of space..."

Li Yunpeng knew that the threshold for entering the singularity seemed to be only God-level evolution.

After the two of them were shattered by the turbulence of space, only two groups of unconscious souls were left, and they were finally met by themselves.

"Oh, you two, what do I say to you? Isn't this a nonsense? If you didn't meet me, you might be gone forever!"

Huo Feng'er was silent for a moment, and then whispered: "If you die, you will die. You are gone. Life is meaningless. Why do you live so long? The longer you live, the more suffering you will suffer."

Xia Mengdie also echoed, "I, I agree."

Li Yunpeng: "......"

This can also be regarded as a stranger in another country.

"Alright, since I'm here, I can only survive here. This world is not big, but the victory is safe. I will help you reshape your bodies first."



Relying on memory, Li Yunpeng retrieved the necessary particles and began to shape the bodies of Huo Feng'er and Xia Mengdie.

It's just that, in the past few years, his memory is a bit blurred, and he can only make it similar.

After the souls and bodies of Xia Mengdie and Huo Feng'er merged, they looked at each other and looked at each other, and then they were embarrassed.

Li Yunpeng wondered, "Ahem...this thing...I am also the first time, right?"

Huo Feng'er blushed and said, "Peng, Brother Peng, we are in your this image?"

Li Yunpeng was taken aback, his face seemed to be fine.

This figure...

"Ahem... this figure... is a little too high... I'm sorry, or I will give you a new body."

The two shook their heads immediately, "No, I like what Brother Peng likes."


Li Yunpeng: "......"

"All right, you guys are happy."

"This world has just opened up, and there are no rules and restrictions of the old universe. I will help you break through to the master level first, and then you will help me open up the world and create the universe together!"

When Huo Feng'er and Xia Mengdie heard this, their eyes were colorful.

To create a universe, this is not everyone's chance.


With the addition of Huo Feng'er and Xia Mengdie, Li Yunpeng's world has become bigger.

The gray emptiness outside is inexhaustible, and everything he needs can be born from it.

Soon, the construction of a galaxy was completed.

With systematic experience, the following work will become faster and faster.

Li Yunpeng’s world has gradually evolved towards the universe...

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