Chapter 970:Start a Base

The old universe collapsed

The rules of the new universe are becoming more and more perfect, and there is no need for Li Yunpeng to take action in the follow-up.

He named Huo Feng'er and Xia Mengdie as the two creation goddesses of the new universe and was responsible for cultivating life.

Li Yunpeng began to find a way to open up the old and new universe.

Because the time in the old universe is running out.

If the two universes cannot be opened up as soon as possible, then the old universe will die out, and if you take your own adventure, you will lose most of the meaning.


In the old universe--

The universe at this time has expanded to near the critical value.

The distance between a star system and a star system can be tens of thousands of light-years.

New life has ceased to be born.

The whole universe feels like a heroic twilight.

"Mom, will Dad really not come back?" Li Xingyao asked.

Wang Shiyan looked at the starry sky that had almost disappeared, "Dad is waiting for us in another world, and we will see each other soon."

Li Xingchen sighed and shook his head. It has been billions of years since his father left. No matter what kind of speculation, the probability of seeing him again is infinitely close to zero.

Ren Xiao, Liu Zide and others bid farewell to Li Yunpeng and stayed on Saturn.

Thanks to the strength of the Guards and the Moyang Interstellar Empire, although Li Yunpeng left, the universe is still stable.

In Moyang City, there are wine bottles everywhere on the roof of Liu Zide's old house.

"Dezi, how many years has Brother Peng been away?"

"I don't know, it's been a long, long time, I can't remember what he looked like."

"Hey, I think back then, the barbecue you made by someone who could use rusty stainless steel on horseback was really different."

Liu Zide was very proud, "That's natural."

Ren Xiao scolded with a smile: "Hey! I have a bad stomach and can only eat soft food, which is the root of the disease left from your time!"

"Hahahaha, Ren Xiao, you shameless, it's your own choice to cut into the Yan Clan. What does it have to do with Dezi's craftsmanship?" Zhao Si said.


The three lay on their backs, drinking and chatting.

Satiated with alcohol and food, and overwhelmed with mouth addiction.

Ren Xiao sighed: "Hey, one meal is one less. I didn't expect that our godlike characters would sometimes reach the end."

"The universe is going to be over, let's be a shit!"

"What are you afraid of, this life is enough."

"Oh, it's a pity, Huo Feng'er and Xia Mengdie, they left too early."

Liu Zide got up, "Hey? You two said, Brother Peng and them..."


Ren Xiao gave him a horror, "Don't chew your tongue, it won't work if Brother Peng is not there!"

"Hey, I just guess at random."


In the entire old universe, the only orderly ones are the guards and the military intelligence bureau left by Li Yunpeng.

The National Guardian Army has long been disbanded, and the middle and high- level guards of the Guardian Army have all been incorporated into the administration of the Interstellar Empire.

Although the guards and the Military Intelligence Bureau knew that the end was imminent, they still guarded the legacy left by the lord of the country conscientiously.

Even though the world has swelled greatly and their forces are becoming more and more stretched, they still strive to do their best.

All civilizations are making their final farewell.

The universe, the rate of collapse, is getting faster and faster.

When the last starlight in the sky completely disappeared, everyone knew that the darkest moment had finally arrived.

All civilizations in the universe are either crazy or frightened at this moment. Most of them are waiting silently, embracing family members, holding hands with lovers, or relying on three or five friends.

Among them, some are dominating the pinnacle-level evolutionary who have lived for endless years, some are babies who have just been born less than a day, some are rich men, and some are beggars who have no longevity.

At this moment, they are all standing on the same finish line.

Only time and death can make people feel fair, because no one can cheat in these two aspects, except...Creation God.

The madman screamed, "Destroy the universe! Come on! You ** singularity!"

The fearful person was shaking, "I don't want to die, I don't want to die yet!"

The greedy person misses, "Goodbye, everything I have! Or... I have nothing..."



The entire universe swelled to a diameter of nearly one trillion light-years, making a humming sound of trembling souls.

Then, like broken glass, the space shattered into pieces, rapidly collapsing toward the singularity.


No matter what state it was before, the collapse began, and countless civilizations in the universe suddenly began to struggle fiercely.

But this struggle is destined to be meaningless.

Moyang City——

Wang Shiyan hugged his children and looked at the broken time and space with cold eyes.

Life and everything, enter the countdown!

The universe of one trillion light-years soon collapsed back to 96 billion light-years, only a moment away from returning to the singularity.

At that time it will be a new reincarnation. Everything in this universe will no longer exist. Even the creation ** cannot reverse the universe that he did not create!

"Mom, we still didn't wait for Dad after all." Li Xingyao murmured.

Wang Shiyan was a little choked, which is also the biggest regret in her life.

Because I care about my children, I didn't follow in the footsteps of my lover.

But it doesn't matter, isn't it about to see each other soon?

All creatures in the universe have stopped struggling at this moment, closing their eyes in despair, waiting for the next moment of destruction!

However, when the universe collapsed into 96 billion light years, the next death that everyone was waiting for did not come for a long time.

"Huh? What's the situation?"

"Isn't it dying? How come you stop?"

"Playing? It's all fake?"


Everyone has a dumbfounded look, which is totally incompatible with the rules of the universe.

However, the top group of people, Wang Shiyan, Li Xingyao, Li Xingchen, Ren Xiao, the high-level guards and the military intelligence bureau, the high- level Moyang Empire, and the masters of civilizations in the universe, all felt the difference.

There is a kind of energy that is constantly fighting against the collapse of space.

This is a kind of external energy, trying to prevent the increase of entropy!

For the top evolvers in the universe, a dusty memory in their minds is instantly clear.

"Li Yunpeng!"

"God Lord!"

"Yes, it must be him!"

"He is back!"


Li Xingyao also realized, "Dad!"

A voice that was so empty and magnificent that the entire universe could hear, "Hey, Xing Yao, do you miss me?"

This voice seemed to be made by the rules of the universe. To others, it is not to be blasphemy, and to Li Xingyao, it is extremely warm.

Li Xingyao didn't reply, but nodded desperately, tears gushing out like a clear spring.

"Dad! Is it really you?" Li Xingchen also asked excitedly.

"Boy, it's only billions of years that you can't hear your voice anymore?"

Li Xingchen: "..."

He wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes, and then smiled heartlessly.

"Don't dare to forget, don't dare to forget."

In these billions of years, Wang Shiyan hasn't shed a single tear, but now, in his eyes, it is like breaking a bank.

Li Yunpeng sighed in the voice of the rules of the universe.

Wang Shiyan has endured too much. Hearing the sound of his return, he finally put down all pretense and can express to his heart all the loneliness and despair he has endured over the past billions of years.

"Shiyan, I'm back, and I won't be separated again."

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