Chapter 411:Start with a Mechanical Hunter

Latitude Weapon-Aidolo

Chapter 410 Latitude Weapon \- Aidol

Pan-Asian region refers to the territory of the old empire, that is, the main continent, plus a series of colonial island countries and mechanical enclaves.

In addition to the Pan-Asia region, there are two regions on Mechanism, which respectively correspond to the old alliance and the union.

They are called 'Future World' and 'Sacred Land'.

These three major areas are also the places with the most mechanical cities. In addition, there are colonies full of stars.

The styles of the three major regions are also quite different. For example, the Pan-Asian region has the harshest environment, with storms rolling in and occasional island collisions. This is the aftermath of the turmoil in the continental plate. Except for the rule of the Mechanical City, it is almost difficult for creatures to survive.

Pan-Asia region, Liangzhou Plate, near Lihai Sea

A small clownfish quietly raised its head and spit out the sea water quietly. The clownfish looked at the sea surface not far away. With the intuition of a weak creature, it could feel that there was a huge aura in the distance is approaching.

This breath gives people the feeling that the sea has opened its mouth to swallow all living things.

But the next moment, as a wave hit, the clownfish blinked in astonishment.

It suddenly discovered that the huge aura just now suddenly disappeared.

In the ocean shrouded in dark clouds of radiation, underwater vortices formed in the distance, as if turning into a huge and hollow face.

Then, a weird smile appeared on this face.

The clownfish shuddered violently and plunged into the water.

The sea is too dangerous, it wants to find Dad.

The deep sea is full of wonders. In the depths of this sea area, there is a piece of blue fluorescence, in which a large number of luminescent creatures live, including luminescent jellyfish, annelids, and some krill and sea fireflies.

On the bottom of the sea, there are still some huge mechanical remains, and the body surface is covered by dense seaweed. Among other things, the size alone is astonishingly large, which is very in line with the empire's "stupid, big and clumsy" style.

There is no doubt that this is an ancient battlefield.

And these luminescent creatures and plants are a rare radiation species, beautiful and deadly at the same time, the intensity of the radiation field here has reached S level, any deep-sea creature attracted by the 'light', within a few breaths, it will Will be melted by intense radiation.

Even the strength of the center of the nuclear explosion is not comparable to this deep sea area.

Radiation energy and fission energy, in the decades-long conflict, gradually produced some mutations.

In the deep sea, there are actually quite a few such 'deadly areas'.

Following the fluorescent light, there is a field of 'frozen methane bubbles'. Countless frost flowers cover the surface of the bubbles, making this area dreamlike, like a snow country. However, once these bubbles burst, the greenhouse effect produced is no less than that of the above. Hundreds of nuclear bombs exploded at the same time, which can directly increase the temperature of this sea area by dozens of degrees.

On the Liangzhou plate, this place is classified as a restricted area, and no creatures are allowed to stop here.

After passing through the 'bubble area', we reached the edge of this sea area. It was a huge submarine glacier. Countless floes rushed out of the seabed along the ice caves, turning into ice ** and rushing out of the sea. Who would have thought that in this sea The temperature is much lower than that of other sea ice floes, which contains such a 'super bomb'.

Of course, it's not that no one knows.

After a small mountain of ice disintegrated, a huge jellyfish suddenly fell from the sky. This jellyfish was hundreds of meters long. Its translucent body exuded the same level of luminescence as the "Ancient Battlefield". It causes any obstacles, and its falling speed is like falling from a high altitude, very fast, like a huge falling meteor.

This shows that the other party has been completely energyized, and things on the material level are completely unable to stop it.

This is an A-level radiation beast, and it is a severely injured radiation beast. There are continuous rays of light overflowing from the body, which are scattered energy.

What can cause this type of injury is definitely not physical damage, but an energy strike of the same level!

The next moment, a bomb seemed to be dropped on the surface of the water, and a human-shaped luminous body smashed into the bottom of the water with the momentum of blasting the sea. .

Gao Gong is like a certain 'Navy Salted Fish Admiral', and also like a large- scale energy launcher with multiple bursts. Countless energy beams burst out from all parts of the body and hit the opponent.

Carbon-based life, information life, energy life, mechanical life, among the four life forms, energy life has the thickest blood volume, and the more advanced the energy life, the faster the recovery speed.

This jellyfish queen has five million HP, and it took a lot of effort for Gao Gong to beat the opponent severely.

At this time, in Gao Gong's mind, the holographic model of this A-level radiation beast has been established. Every attack hits its energy nodes, interrupting its self-repair, and the opponent's whole body has more than 400 An energy recovery node, so in a sense, it is harder to kill than most A-level radiation beasts.

This is also the type of monster that players hate the most—the blood bull monster.

However, with Gao Gong's fierce attack, the opponent's blood volume has been hit to 10/1. Although the blood bar is still long, there is finally hope.

However, an alarm sounded suddenly from Gao Gong's mind.

‘Master, the power of the reactor is about to run out, the power of the reactor is about to run out. '

The personal AI Xiao A will give a sound reminder.

'Why didn't you say it earlier,' Gao Gong retorted: 'You are an afterthought, but you are not up to standard at all. '

‘But the wise and mighty master, haven’t you already prepared plan B? '

‘Hehe, of course! '

With the thought of Gao Gong, countless bioelectric currents agitated on the surface of the body, and the powerful bioenergy was directly injected into the carbon atom reactor, directly renewing this energy tool.

Using living organisms to recharge the mechanical body is a method that Gao Gong has only recently figured out.

‘It will be really cool when you point out ‘advanced energy reactor’ and ‘space reactor’. '

Gao Gong thought greedily.

This kind of advanced equipment does not need to be restored at all.

Thirty minutes later, with the last wail of the jellyfish queen, the entire seabed lit up, and the body of this large jellyfish directly melted into the water, as if it didn't exist at all.

There is another bad thing about this blood bull monster, that is, it does not allow people to touch the corpse at all.

Therefore, most players avoid it.

However, energy life also has an advantage, that is, its "bloodline replication" is much higher than that of other species. Whenever the energy it stores reaches a certain level, it will split itself, and the split bloodline will not deteriorate .

This kind of self-division even bypassed the shackles of A-level bloodlines.

Gao Gong has already killed three of this kind of 'Queen Jellyfish', and this is the fourth one.

[You killed the A-level jellyfish queen, experience +8 million, specialization points +3, a random blueprint of a second-order creature]

Probably because there are more monsters of the same type killed, the rewards are shrinking.

However, the subsequent rewards made Gao Gong's eyes shine.

[伱obtains a permanent status, 'Queen of Jellyfish']

[Your species coercion +10]

Jellyfish Queen's Confession (Permanent Status): Deterrence to this species +40%, Attack Bonus +40%, Attack bonus +30% to all 'Energized Creatures'.

Remarks: A-level bloodline is the crown of natural evolution. On this day, the crown will be taken off by you

An indescribable feeling came from Gao Gong. The next moment, it seemed that the movement of energy particles accelerated, and even the biological current reacted. Gao Gong understood that this was a change at the cell level.

All previous physical adjustments were not as profound as this time!

Gao Gong looked at the "Jellyfish Queen's Sincerity", especially the last attribute, and laughed strangely.

Energy body damage +30%, this attribute is so cool!

In a sense, he is also stuck with a bug.

Theoretically speaking, it is impossible for the permanent state of A-level radiation beast to appear, because there is no A-level radiation beast herd—at least in planetary civilization.

But the particularity of the energy body makes the same kind of A-level bloodline possible.

As a veteran driver, Gao Gong keenly seized this opportunity—in fact, only he could seize this opportunity.

Not to mention players, even all the high-level npcs on the planet, few of them can do this.

In terms of individual strength, Gao Gong estimated that he should be able to rank among the top 20 on the entire planet, the favored members of the mainframes of the three major planets, the warriors of the mother city, the leaders of several mechanical legions, and a few super corporations. The Overlord, as well as several monsters of the Rebel Army, are basically gone.

Of course, this was before Cybertide.

Once the cyber wave is launched, everything that represents order will be destroyed, and under the torrent of information, all material existence will be reorganized. At that time, monsters above level 80, 90, or even level 100, It was easily 'reorganized' out.

It sounds like a bug, but this is the "violent soldier" method unique to information civilization.

In the brain, looking at Gao Gong who was gradually showing a perverted smile, Aiduolu couldn't help complaining: "In any sense, this guy is more perverted than before."

"Why do you leave you alone if you are not abnormal," a cold voice suddenly sounded, "Mrs. Aidolo, you don't want your secret to be known by your husband, do you?"

Aiduolu's pupils widened suddenly, and the holographic projections turned on and off because of emotional fluctuations.

"This, is this the reason why Ah Hong was sent away? Let me tell you, we can have an agreement," Aiduolu said angrily, "Can you be so perverted that you want Aiduolu to accompany you? Just buy another 'I', why are you always interested in young women!"

"The well-known idol Aiduolu, so far, the number of users who have used your virtual products is no more than 50 million," Gao Gong couldn't help complaining, "In a sense, you are a pervert."

"Wh, what a pervert, I just love everyone!" Aidolo said shyly.

At this time, Aiduolu has completely broken away from Xiao Ai's disguise, and has become the tone of a world-renowned idol.

"I want to negotiate another deal with you."

In the brain disk, Gao Gong's data projection was displayed, and with a flick of a finger, countless Aiduolu were ejected, and the figures overlapped one after another, as if covering the entire planet.

A virtual product at the global level, not many can do this.

"I need all your data."

"Why?" Aiduolu asked back with a frown.

"I need to create a rising weft weapon, and the creation of this weapon is inseparable from the core thing, that is, a virtual individual with a very high content of information."

"You can understand it as the soul of the weapon, the soul of the weapon!"

(end of this chapter)

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