Chapter 412:Start with a Mechanical Hunter

material for sword

Chapter 411 Materials for Sword Casting

In the future, no matter whether it is Turing God who is ascended from the throne of God, or the information matrix of alien cosmic monsters, ordinary weapons, no matter whether they are kinetic energy weapons or energy weapons, will not be able to deal damage.

To deal with information species, especially large information species, an informatization weapon is essential.

The materials for casting such weapons are also information, and it is high- purity information.

What is "purity information" is not messy and low-quality big data, but real and hot emotional data.

According to the old two-dimensional saying, generate electricity for love.

A popular virtual idol in the world, this kind of "purity information" is very high, enough for a high-level engineer to create a "sword of love".

However, Aidolo doesn't think so.

In front of Gao Gong, the girl who had always been salty and weak changed her expression for the first time.

The pink hair began to rise with the inexplicable aura, and in the pure and gentle pupils, one by one 'stars' lit up, and each 'star' was a specific 'virtual product' \- holographic partner Aiduolu , portable stick Aiduolu, singer Aiduolu, godmother Aiduolu, countless customized 'Aiduolu' are on the line.

Although they look similar, each one has completely opposite temperaments. This kind of "special customization" is Aidolo's forte, and it is also the reason why she is popular all over the world.

Including the punk idol Aidol who is a fan of Ah Hong, it is also one of the customized templates.

Aiduolu, or rather, the 60-level virtual life — Electronic Ji Aiduolu, is the real body of this one!

The huge information flow is like rivers, lakes and seas, surging around.

Don’t think that people who like this ‘virtual idol’ are all dead houses, and there are many wealthy businessmen and politicians among them.

Because Gao Gong felt more than a dozen "corporate will", the "corporate will" that only top executives can mobilize.

As a successful virtual product, unless it is absolutely necessary, it will not do something like an "idol breaking the rules".

Gao Gong's words touched her red line.

Years of accumulation have made her strength even surpass that of Gao Yuanyuan, who is also an information life.

In Gao Gong's brain disk, the girl idol is getting bigger and bigger, the soles of her feet are stepping into the underlying neural logic, her arms are tearing away the dark clouds of data, and her head is almost splitting the entire brain disk.

The pink information flow is unbreakable!

"This is the power of protection!" Gao Gong's eyes showed admiration.

"It's not just idols who are loved, and not just because they are cute, but all kinds of people with all kinds of dreams!"

"I am not the heroine of tragedy, any kind of sad ending, I will do my best to break through it!"

"Those who want to be gentle are gentle."

"I will protect my beauty, protect everyone's beauty, and fight for all the beauty in the world!"

When it came to the last sentence, the strength of the other party's code directly rose to the level of the religious code.

The ancient religious gods were worshiped by all living beings.

However, modern super virtual idols worship every user.

This is the core and irreversible principle.

Gao Gong watched this scene with bright eyes, without paying attention, each of his brain disks was pushed to the limit by the opponent's power, and the biological computer crashed for the first time.

And just one thought from the other party is enough to blow his head off.

This is also the inevitable result of stuffing a level 60 monster into the mind.

"So, do you want to kill me now?" Gao Gong asked with a smile.

Aidolo smiled sweetly:

"Idols are existences that bring hope to people. Aidolo will not allow herself to break this principle. I just want to give you a little energy. Oh, you can also lick my shoes."

I don't know if it's an illusion, but Aiduolu's temperament is becoming more and more "young woman", her body is getting fuller, her front is convex and her back is curled up, her pink hair has also fallen down, and she has become a long-haired beauty with the temperament of a girl and a young woman. In between, the rhyme is self-sufficient.

It's broken, find her weak point!

Aiduolusu waved her hand, revealing a large area of ​​white underarms, and countless streaks of pink light shot out from her body, covering someone Gao.

Each of these 'crossbow arrows of love' is fired, and once it hits, it will automatically download the 'love program'.

Various types of 'love programs', there will always be one suitable for him.

Gao Gong seemed inevitable, and was hit by countless love arrows on the spot.

[Your 'love value' increases by 20%, 30%, 40%...]

[Aiduolu automatically loads the 'Young Woman Template', please select your favorite young woman model, select Finish, and enter the modeling stage]

[Your nervous system enters modification mode, 'wife' is being generated]

In Gao Gong's memory, the impression that originally belonged to Director Du and Sister Rose began to fade, and replaced by a new wife, a young woman of a new model, Aiduolu.

"I want to delete my wife, but the question is, can you delete it?"

Gao Gong said to himself, and directly let go of the memory bank, not only the memory bank of this life, but also the memory bank of the previous life. The next moment, under the shocked eyes of Aiduolu, beautiful girls as many as stars levitated In the universe, each one is an existence comparable to oneself, or even far surpassing oneself.

‘So, you know, what’s going to happen in the future? '

I don’t know when, the biological computer restarted again, and on the screen, countless red data streams flashed out, and each data stream directly penetrated a user of ‘Aiduolu’.

"Let you take a look at the scene of the arrival of the information matrix."

Accompanied by Gao Gong's words, Gao Gong disappeared, replaced by a huge "silkworm chrysalis" covering the entire planet. This silkworm chrysalis is so big that the cybernetwork can only be used as the outermost silkworm clothing.

There are tens of millions of feet in the chrysalis, and thousands of silk threads are differentiated from each white and tender fleshy foot, winding around everyone's head.

‘Slightly, let’s feel it. '

Aiduolu's pupils suddenly widened. As a world-class virtual product, she felt the feelings of all users in such an instant.

Human reason disappears, human emotion disappears, human emotion disappears, imitation, counterfeit, defective product, simulated illusion, mirror image, copy, illusion, disguise, pretense, imitation, illusion, pretend, simulation image, role-playing, Phantoms, shadows, falsehoods, masks, disguises, substitutes, substitutes, fabrications, parodies.

The indifference and warmth of the mechanical age have completely disappeared, replaced by a more colorful world, or in other words, a purely colorful world.

The virtual world has no world, only endless virtual worlds.

In the deep sea, Gao Gong opened his eyes, clicked his tongue twice, and swam towards the ice in the distance.

He never thought of persuading the opponent by force, or sleeping with him.

He is ready to speak with facts.

Even if it is only based on the memory of the previous life, the phantom of the "information matrix" that is simply simulated can cause such a big impact on the other party, so once the information matrix comes, the impact can be imagined.

The ones most affected by the information matrix are "public virtual products" like Aidol.

Gao Gong is not so confident that the other party will believe his 'nonsense', he is just giving the other party a vaccination.

Actually, Aidoru is in the half-belief stage right now.

And once there are signs of the arrival of the information matrix, the other party will definitely perceive it immediately.

At that time, her instinct as an idol will make her actively choose to cooperate with Gao Gong, even if she sells out the agency.

After all, idols exist to protect everyone.

Gao Gong's "device soul" is now available.

In addition to the "device soul", to create a "latitude weapon", there must also be a "device body".

In fact, Gao Gong also made arrangements for the 'body'.

The other shore of freedom, also known as the city of gold, the world of virtual pleasure, and the portal of the mother city, here, illusion and reality are almost inseparable.

Sister Ji, a female gamer who was born for sex, is currently applying for a pass to the other side of freedom.

Capsule man H, the former aboriginal dead house, now the ** of capsule man, is staring blankly at a "holographic public dream". The content inside is really exciting.

"It's done, let's go!"

Sister Ji beckoned, followed by the capsule man H.

The two of them have to complete an almost impossible task in this world with abundant means of virtual pleasure.

Sell virtual products.

To be precise, it was developed by Gao Gong in his previous life—the third type of popular lover.

The positioning of this type of product is to allow human beings to return to the enjoyment of the flesh.

And the human body chemical substances secretly extracted by this kind of products will be the sword body material of Gaogong casting "Shengwei Weapon".

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