Chapter 413:Start with a Mechanical Hunter

balance plan

Chapter 412 Balance Project

Entering the ice layer, Gao Gong quickly felt the increase in the concentration of the radiation field, and the 'snowflakes' floating in the ice cave were solid radiation energy.

On this planet, Gao Gong was the first to see solid radiation energy.

This shows that in this area, the radiation field has completed the initial transformation from 'energy' to 'matter'.

This kind of transformation can only be done by a level A radiation beast at least.

Gao Gong showed a vigilant look. This place, even if there are no enemies, is very dangerous.

The strong radiation field even made him feel vaguely uncomfortable, which even surpassed the 'beast tide state'.

Solid radiation energy does not seem to be able to bless the 'radiation species'.

In other words, it even kills its own people.

Gao Gong these days, apart from killing the radiation beast, is exploring everywhere on the seabed. Combined with the information of 'Kermos', he can basically conclude that there is a seabed base of the Knights here.

With the operation of the 'biological computer', gradually, an unfamiliar biopheromone was received, transformed into data, and deciphered.

Gao Gong immediately reflected such a picture in his eyes.

In a thick ice layer, a prehistoric monster was sealed inside.

This prehistoric monster looks very much like a yak. ​​It is as high as a five-story building and has six feet. Each foot is like a giant pillar. The bedding is on both sides of the body, and there are three horns on the top of the head, the thickest one is broken off, exposing the black bones.

Honestly speaking, for someone Gao who was on the beast tide at the beginning, he didn't see one or two giant beasts of this size, and there were quite a few B-level radiant beasts with this size.

However, from this 'prehistoric yak', he did not feel the slightest radiant energy.

That is to say, it is purely a large creature, a species that was born on this planet before the development of civilization, similar to the dinosaurs, mammoths, and titanic pythons of the previous life.

This is an ancient species without mutation.

And if it were to mutate, its size would be at least dozens or even hundreds of times larger.

100 times the five-story building, that's a bit of an exaggeration. Godzilla's resurrection can't compare, and Ultraman's little monster friends are almost the same.

‘Is it not only the underground base of the knight order, but also the place of the dead souls of ancient creatures? '

Glanced at the task bar—

【Task: Paleontological Requiem Ceremony】

Difficulty: Level 2-Difficult+

Mission briefing: The installation of the 'Large Biological Computer' is for the next step of the 'Knight Order', the preparatory preparation for 'Paleontological Recovery'. In the Pan-Asian Sea, the Knights have collected a certain number of 'Paleontology Remains', Please let these 'ancient creature ghosts' rest in peace.

Mission Objective: To bury the ‘Paleontological Remains’

Task time: two months

Mission rewards: experience +500,000, sea area reputation +10,000, ancient genes*2, a random second-order blueprint

‘Luck is not bad. '

Under the blessing of the biological computer, the biological information just collected was translated soon.

'Save me...pain...pain...death...'

In the picture, above the ice layer are the standard skulls of the Knights. They are constantly cutting flesh and injecting something into the back of the 'prehistoric yak'.

There is no doubt that this is a taboo experiment in evolution.

Gao Gong has no obsession with moral cleanliness, and evolution itself is not a shameful thing. The "reverse evolution" of species is also very common in carbon-based civilization.

But the reason why the 'taboo test' is 'taboo' is that the test technique is imperfect and problematic.

Otherwise, the other party's instinctive consciousness would not be so painful, but changed to Yameidie, Yameidie.

Just as Gao Gong was about to continue to 'translate', there was a slight 'click' sound. In an instant, the hairs on Gao Gong's body stood on end. Under the strong threat of death, the 'biological computer' instantly entered the 'sleep mode'.

Gently wiped off a handful of white sweat, Gao Gong turned his head, and saw a 'frozen methane bubble' not far away, with a crack on the surface.

‘What a sensitive environment! '

Around this 'bubble', there are densely packed other bubbles. Once a bubble bursts, a chain reaction will inevitably occur, and the entire ice layer will immediately become a terrifying nuclear crater.

‘Can’t there be any energy, no wonder the Knights put their secret base here. '

Gao Gong talked to himself.

A high-intensity radiation field that literally melts most marine life.

And the 'methane bubble layer' that will explode immediately when any energy reaction is sensed.

Two natural defense layers are enough to block 99% of the enemies. Even if surrounded by an entire mechanical army, they cannot break through in a short time.

After all, if mechanical life is to function, energy reactions are essential.

‘In this case—’

With Gao Gong's thoughts, his body gradually changed, blue lines appeared on the body surface, and a luxurious and mysterious temperament was bred, and inside the body, a large number of chemical substances were transformed into 'information' state'.

Blue blood people (level three): As a half-carbon-based and half-information life, blue blood people are famous in the Robert galaxy for their mysterious temperament and obscure speech style. After dissecting the bodies of the blue- blooded people and obtaining their secrets, it turns out that the blood of the blue-blooded people contains special information substances, which allow them to feel the existence of higher dimensions from time to time.

Although in the third-order bloodline, blue-blooded people are known as garbage, but it is a dual-lineage life after all. Once it enters the "blue- blooded person mode", a considerable part of the biological body will be transformed into information substances.

Since it has been informationized, there will naturally be no energy reaction.

Gao Gong stretched out his crystal clear blue palm, and slowly touched a 'methane bubble'. Surprisingly, his fingers actually passed through the ice layer and touched the bubble inside.

It was a wonderful feeling, like sticking into ice water, but the ice water was boiling.

Gao Gong withdrew his palm, and with a thought, the 'biological computer mode' restarted again, only this time, no methane bubbles burst.

There has never been garbage blood, only people who can't use blood.

Gao is so confident.

In the No. 8 Research Center of the Knights, the Glacier Banner Officer is frowning as he looks at the experimental report of his subordinates.

In front of him, there were several Knights scientific researchers who were completely frozen, breathing cold smoke all over their bodies.

Obviously, the experiment was not going well, and the main reason for the failure was the absence of the blessing of a 'large biological computer'.

Without huge computing power, it is impossible to recombine the mutated genome, and naturally it is impossible to resurrect the ancient creature "Katov".

'Katov' is the name of the prehistoric yak. ​​According to ancient written records, 'Katov' means 'the bearer of the world'.

Just by looking at its name, you can tell that its vitality is actually very strong, and it is also one of the most likely to be revived ancient creatures.

It's a pity that the 'large biological computer' has not been in place for a long time, and ordinary supercomputers simply cannot perform this level of genetic reconstruction.

Because 'resurrection' is not 'recovery', according to the plan of the knight order, while reviving the ancient creature, it is also radiating and mutating it.

The powerful genes of prehistoric species are the key to their ability to become S-class beast kings.

"Go down."

The scientific researchers of the Knights wiped off their sweat and knew that General Winter did not plan to kill any more people today.

After everyone else left, only the top manager remained in the entire submarine base.

The high-level members of the Knights are generally tall, especially the flag officer, who is more than 3 meters tall, but there is an exception for the glacier flag officer known as the "Winter General".

Not only is his figure not tall, but he looks like a child, but no matter who can look at him, he will be shocked by his terrifying aura.

The biological magnetic field he is mixed with has completely evolved into a cold energy field. In this high-intensity radiation environment, all scientific researchers must wear heavy protective clothing, except for him, because as long as the radiation is close to him, it will be destroyed. It will be automatically frozen, so his body surface will always be covered with a thick layer of frost. No one knows his real appearance, only a pair of pure blue eyeballs, which seem to be able to freeze people's souls.

'General Winter' thought for a while, and turned on a holographic screen. Soon, a middle-aged executive in a suit appeared on the screen.

The executive looked around nervously, and after a long while, he complained: "Didn't you say that you won't contact me until the last moment?"

'General Winter' said indifferently: "I'm sorry, I may have misunderstood you, but I have to explain that our knight order is not a charity organization."

There is no doubt that this executive has something to do with 'General Winter', and coupled with the reputation of the Knights, his face immediately turned pale, and he forced a smile:

"Misunderstanding, misunderstanding, I have always cooperated with your organization tacitly, if there is anything, you can just say it."

'General Winter' looked indifferent, and said straight to the point:

"I need you to place our people in the 'Balance Project', can you do it?"

"Insert people?" The executive was stunned for a moment, and then smiled wryly: "This plan is still in the experimental stage, and the top is watching very closely. Once a new face appears, I'm afraid it will be noticed immediately."

"Then don't bother you, Director Chris, when you arrange our people in, someone will naturally take over."

The executive's expression turned serious. The Knights are definitely not the only one in the company.

"I understand."

"By the way, the new hairstyle is very nice."

The executive froze for a moment, then touched his half-white hair subconsciously. His hair looked normal, but a careful person could tell at a glance that half of his 'hair' had been replaced by 'white nerve bundles' .

Brain beam, the 200 million nerve fiber bundles located in the middle of the brain, which balances the structure of the left and right brains, is also the subject of this experiment.

Balance Plan-Life Cutting Agreement.

Cyber ​​test in Liangzhou plate.

Experimenter, Tianping Group, one of the four major biological groups.

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