Chapter 414:Start with a Mechanical Hunter

Flag Officer Spike Killer

Chapter 413 Flag Officer Insta Killer

Tianping Group, one of the four giants in the biological field, has the most advanced biotechnology on the planet, especially good at body modification technology, and is the biological giant that has the closest relationship with military contractors.

For example, one of its recently listed projects is to seamlessly match the customized human body of military aircraft. With just a small memory implant, an excellent military aircraft pilot can be created.

This is also the case, and the penetration of the Knights seems to be taken for granted.

After all, if the 'Meat Machine Technology' wants to develop, it is inseparable from learning the most cutting-edge technology.

'General Winter' felt that instead of waiting for those three procrastinating idiots to bring back the 'rebellious biological computer', it is better to use other methods to recreate ancient creatures.

After all, he is not the only person in charge of the paleontology project. Once other flag officers make breakthroughs, he will be in trouble.

Feeling the intensified extreme cold of the human body, 'General Winter' slowly closed his eyes. He knew that it was time for a deep sleep.

Right at the threshold of 'General Winter''s hibernation, someone Gao has already touched in.

There are two natural barriers for protection, which have both advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that there are basically no foreign enemies, and the disadvantage is that the internal defense is also extremely loose.

In fact, it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to loosen it. In the ‘frozen methane bubble layer’, any monitoring equipment cannot be used, otherwise it will cause an explosion.

So after Gao Gong transformed into the blue-blood man model, there were basically no obstacles along the way.

A group of skull soldiers patrolled the fluorescent world. After passing through a layer of seaweed, they suddenly saw a figure with blue light.

These skulls were obviously stunned for a moment, and after reacting, they had lost their senses.

Glancing at the tens of thousands of experience points added on the panel, Gao Gong kept moving forward, and all he could see were glowing plants.

These crystal-clear plants may seem dreamlike, but stuffing these into a nuclear bomb doesn't even require processing.

Fighting here, if the enemy cannot be eliminated in an instant, then these seemingly harmless plants will immediately breed an energy storm.

Which genius of the Knights found such a dangerous place?

Looking at an 'aircraft carrier wreckage' not far away, Gao Gong raised his eyebrows and floated over. There were obvious battle marks on the deck, and the 'electromagnetic gun' was broken in half.

It can blow up a recoilless weapon like an 'electromagnetic weapon'. How intense is the war?

Is this still an ancient battlefield?

Gao Gong walked slowly among them, and the surrounding luminous jellyfish and mutated fluorescent shrimp did not respond to this. After all, the radiation power emitted by this creature in front of him was even stronger than them.

This is one of our own.

Soon, Gao Gong saw the previous scene with his own eyes. Among the huge icebergs, a prehistoric species was frozen in it. Its giant feet alone were enough for Gao Gong to look up to.

Relying on the instinct of the biological body, Gao Gong can feel the weak but powerful life force of the opponent.

'what? '

Gao Gong squinted his eyes. If it was just a simple prehistoric species, it would be fine. What's more, he felt a familiar power from the other party.

That is a trace of Houkai energy.

Prehistoric species actually have the ability to collapse!

This kind of high-level energy, which obviously surpassed planetary civilization, already existed in prehistoric times?

Isn't it developed in the age of civilization?

Gao Gong's stop suddenly made the guard's complexion change drastically.

Gao Gong smiled slightly, and the next moment, a special biopheromone flashed away, biting the life codes of these people like poisonous snakes.

In an instant, the faces of the backbone of these knights turned red, and they all died. Many scientific researchers were still stunned when they died.

Pheromone poisonous snake max (certificate of the master): The human body is a nest, and the gene chain is the body of a snake. Through the reverse secretion of pheromones, you will continuously produce biochemical viruses. As many advanced genes as you have, you can produce as many pieces of information toxin virus'.

This trick is not too cool to deal with low-level organisms, especially products made by biotechnology.

It is simply a large-scale spike skill.

The only weakness is that it is ineffective against mechanical bodies.

The bodies of these dead bodies, in addition to turning bright red, also grew a large number of fiber bundles, which soon attracted fluorescent fish to wander among them.

This is probably the common response of the scarlet queen cells and fiber bundle cells.

Gao Gong instantly appeared on the back of 'Katov'. On its back, Gao Gong saw the traces of countless operations, such as gene extraction, biological organ transplantation, cell transformation and so on.

'Kill me...kill me...'

The idea of'Katov' is howling.

Gao Gong didn't hesitate at all, and pressed his palm on the opponent. The next moment, countless flesh and blood spores gushed out from the palm, directly covering the opponent's flesh and blood.

After a while, Gao Gong stopped, and only a huge skeleton was left in the ice.

[You have absorbed the prehistoric behemoth 'Katov', your ancient genes +1]

And in the 'biological computer', a huge model is being built.

The research institute in Fuqing Island has something to do again.


Gao Gong was about to close the panel when he was surprised to find that the original 99% Honkai energy had become 99.1%.

After killing 'Katov', the mission was not completed, so Gao Gong touched the core of the base again.

It was a bit unexpected, when Gao Gong killed all the outer guards, no powerful figures came out.

Although it is impossible to have strong defensive equipment due to the special environment here, according to Gao Gong's estimation, there should be a 'flagman' guarding here.

But until Gao Gong went to the deepest point, this mysterious flag officer didn't show his face.

Then, Gao Gong saw the 'General Winter' in hibernation, and then he showed a dazed expression.

I see!

The advancement of technology comes at the cost of instability, especially black technology.

So every high-end product of Meat Machine Technology, that is, the flag officer, has some problems on his body.

For example, "General Winter", because of the high concentration of cold energy field on his body, he has to enter a hibernation state every once in a while, and he wants to make up for the loss of cells in this state.

However, by coincidence, at this time point, Gao Gong just stepped in.

‘Isn’t this just a coincidence. '

Gao Gong was talking to himself, looking at the other party with more and more dangerous eyes.

Before the opponent wakes up, kill the opponent with one move, perfect!

It just so happened that Gao Gong had a big move, and he was looking for someone to try it out.

Planet species coercion: 56

Planet Species Coercion (Professional Talent): The biological bloodline you implanted and the advanced species you killed will all cause you oppression of species, try to collect these oppressions, and then turn them into a more powerful biological field.

As Gao Gong unleashed all the coercion of these planetary species and integrated it into the "pheromone poisonous snake" skill, at the genetic level, a huge snake cave was born.

Countless high-level radiation beasts killed by Gao Gong, the resurrected corpses came out of the darkness.

On the opposite side, "General Winter" also felt that something was wrong. In the ice layer on the surface of his body, cracks formed rapidly. It could be seen that he was preparing to wake up from hibernation.

Finally, when all planetary species bloomed in coercion, the high-tech consciousness suddenly expanded, and the area covered by the consciousness was all biological domains.

Biological LAN!

Gao Gong finally touched this realm.

The next moment, under the blessing of the local area network, the pheromone poisonous snake expanded wildly, and the moment the 'General Winter' opened his eyes, it turned into a worldly python, engulfing the other party.


[You get the title 'Banner Holder Spike Killer']

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