Chapter 1:Strategy to Attack the System


"Jiang Fu, can you plead guilty?"

The sound was a middle-aged man with a serious face, and the intense white light in the room cast on his cold silhouette, like a soulless robot. +++ Girls must go to the website

In fact, he is really not a real human being. In the galaxy era with highly advanced technology, the life span of human beings has been extended to hundreds of thousands of years, and the clumsy and degraded organs have become obsolete objects that can be replaced by alloy machinery. Any human who desires to match the rapid development of the galaxy era will choose to use it. It is very common for mechanical organs to obtain a more agile and healthier body.

But the young man sitting across from him was a very rare, complete and vivid human being.

His black hair is fluffy and soft, and his white and greasy skin exudes a seductive luster like mutton jade. His eyebrows are beautiful, like the darling of God carefully carved, and his squiggly eyes are filled with soft water. His smiling lips curled up with an innocent and elegant arc, and the shallow pear vortex was slightly sunken, exuding a thrilling charm, which made people willingly offer the whole heart at a glance.

The hand bones of the young man carelessly resting on the tabletop are distinct, and the dark blue blood vessels are clearly visible. When he taps the tabletop, he crawls like a green snake, silently digging into the cracked bones.

"Sir, I'm just an honest and good citizen. Have you caught the wrong person?"

The middle-aged man was indifferent to the grinning young man, and indifferently opened the paper on the table and read it in a straightforward manner.

"'The "Interstellar Law" Article 723 stipulates that no one shall rob or buy or sell human emotions by illegal means, and all forms of emotional trading should be prohibited.' Jiang Fu, you are trading humans in underground auctions. Twenty-three emotions, the evidence is solid, what else do you want to say?"

The youth's eyes were dark, but the smile was still brilliant, and the clear voice was warm and soft, like an innocent ignorant young deer.

"Sir, I don't understand what you say at all."

Seeing him so uncooperative, the middle-aged man's face became colder and colder, his mechanical arm slammed on the metal tabletop, and the extremely hard tabletop shattered a few obvious cracks. As if satisfied with such a deterrent, the middle-aged man sneered.

"Jiang Fu, the Interstellar Court will not give you a chance to argue."

As soon as the voice fell, he suddenly turned and left the room.

The surroundings are smooth and dark black, only the bright light above the head hits straight down, and the pale white spread on the terrifying cracks on the metal table, the suffocating silence and the mottled and strange light and shadow flood the cold room, like a heavy The huge boulder is overwhelming, and it is easy for the prisoner to collapse and confess his guilt during the cramped interrogation.

But the young man was just lazily leaning on the back of the man's chair, his hands confined to the table by the light handcuffs pinched each other's white fingers boredly, and his two long legs stretched loosely.

His leisurely posture was completely free from the fear of impending imprisonment, and it looked like he was on vacation rather than accepting an indisputable interrogation, but his mind was running fast.

Tomorrow/the clothes will be seamless, why was it so unlucky this time to get caught upright?

Thinking of the various debts accumulated before, the young man raised his head in depression and sighed sadly.

In the galactic era, human beings have been transformed by technology in all aspects. At first, some people regarded their innate emotions as a burden, and they used technology to eliminate emotional factors that they did not want to leave, such as laziness, jealousy, and tiredness. As more and more emotions disappeared, it was not until a human being who was emotionally overwhelmed suddenly went mad and committed a bad event that harmed others or even threatened interstellar safety, that fearful humanity finally realized the importance of emotional integrity. Sex, began to find ways to find the incomplete emotional fragments.

However, there are few emotional fragments left. For the sake of the overall situation, the Federal Interstellar has formulated corresponding laws to manage the seized emotional fragments for the needs of the interstellar warriors or the noble and prominent federal nobles who are responsible for ensuring the safety of the satellites. The "rainbow transaction", which is used by the people to purchase a variety of emotions at high prices, is strictly forbidden. Nevertheless, it cannot completely prevent the crazy popularity of underground auctions.

And because of the natural beauty advantage of the young man, in the interstellar world of great integration, he earns a living by soliciting human emotions and then changing hands for auction. Although the emotional factors he has dealt with are incomplete, it is enough to become a rare item for dignitaries and dignitaries.

What to do if you are caught, or ask for help.

The young man lay down on the table in distress, scratching his side, but when he thought of the deceived people who were obsessed with him, he immediately dispelled the new thought.

I might as well stay in prison.

In a daze, the door of the room was suddenly opened. Three strangers came in. Their old faces showed that they had lived in the Milky Way for a long time, but they were trembling with childlike excitement. He stared at the young man, as if he was a delicious Chinese meal in the mouth of a hungry eagle.

The young man suddenly turned sideways slightly alert and put on a defensive posture.

"Sir, won't you take me away?"

He spoke to the middle-aged man behind the three of them, smiling eyes still staring at the strange three of them cautiously.

The middle-aged man frowned tightly, as if reluctantly.

"You follow them."

As soon as the voice fell, the light handcuffs on the young man’s hands were ordered to be separated from the metal table, but the young man’s hands were still imprisoned, and a light blue light circle was emitted, in order to send out a strong electric current. The youth fainted due to electric shock.

The youth slowly scanned the three of them, and then said.


Across the transparent suspended corridor, the three men led the youth to a starship. The young man glanced at the Federation logo on the starship and the strict guards behind him, touched his nose, and resigned his foot to walk in.

The starship flew very smoothly. The young man admired the scenery outside through the skylight, but his ears were quietly pricked up, but he was focused on whispering in a circle not far away, and from time to time he looked at his three people with creepy eager eyes.

Gee, what the hell.

The starship's flight speed was extremely fast, and after a while, it stopped steadily. The young man walked out of the starship and was stunned when he saw the snow-white building in front of him.

He has seen the sign on the building-the research base of the top interstellar scientists. All the experiments are created and developed here, including the technology of cutting emotions into peelable and extractable pieces, or the technology of implanting machinery into the human body to change the structure. .

The youth's face suddenly froze.

Wouldn't he just throw his felonious offender to a scientist as a guinea pig without trial? ? ?

He began to regret very much why he chose to conduct the rainbow transaction at the underground auction in the federal center city this time. Although the price will be higher, but now it seems that life is more important!

Dejectedly followed the three people into the research base. Many people met along the way. They humbly smiled and saluted the three, but the three of them just looked back at the young man from time to time, and then talked excitedly, towards a certain Go in the established direction.

In the research base, he almost turned dizzy, and the young man finally reached his destination.

As if bewitched, he walked over to the transparent glass of top-secret material in doubt and curiosity, looking at the naked/naked man lying inside.

"Who is this?"

The man is tall even when lying down, his perfect body proportion is like a unique and wonderful sculpture, slender body, clear texture, compact and smooth, and his eyebrows are handsome, high nose and deep eyes, long eyebrows and thin lips, like a quiet sleep It is a stunning picture, which can be said to be the best-looking person the young man has ever seen.

It's even the kind of people young people want to get in touch with.

Seeing him showing interest, the three exchanged glances, one of them asked eagerly.

"Do you know cyborgs?"

Of course young people know.

One of the notable new technologies in the galactic era is the invention of artificial humans. They are no different from humans on the surface and can do many things instead of humans, but due to lack of self-awareness, even if they are widely used in homes, restaurants or various places, artificial humans It is still not regarded as a real organism.

An incredible conjecture emerged in the young man's heart, and his white fingers pointed straight at the man in the glass.

"He is a human being?"

"Yes, he is the most perfect artificial man we have developed so far."

No wonder it looks much better than ordinary humanoids.

The young man whispered, his previous enthusiasm had disappeared without a trace, he just stared at the man's face and asked absently.

"Then why are you looking for me?"

"We want to ask you to cooperate with us in an experiment."

"What experiment?"

"Through catalysis, artificial humans can derive emotions independently."


The young man looked at the three serious-faced people dumbfounded, suspecting that he had heard it wrong, and let out a laugh.

"That's right, he is a man, how can he derive his emotions on his own?"

One of the scientists took a step forward, looked at the young man with more eager eyes than before, and even pinned all hope, and said firmly.

"That's why we brought you here."

When artificial humans were invented, the serious phenomenon of emotional fragmentation in the stars made scientists have an extremely bold idea-to invent artificial humans that can generate emotions on their own, and then strip the emotions to fill the interstellar dwellers. Everyone once again has complete emotions, so this society can become stable again.

Therefore, scientists have begun to try to connect volunteers with the spiritual world of artificial humans, so that volunteers can catalyze and awaken the emotional factors of artificial humans, and thus develop advanced artificial humans that can independently generate emotions.

But every attempt ended in failure. All the volunteers woke up from the test bench exhaustedly, saying that they could not influence the emotions of the artificial humans in the spiritual world. Scientists are unwilling to give up this extremely challenging adventure. After many searches, they found the young man who appeared most frequently at auctions and was able to get human emotions the fastest.

He looks like a ghost and is good at playing with people's hearts. No matter how you look at it, he is the best candidate for this experiment.

"So this is ah."

The young man gently buckled the glass with his fingers, looked at the unresponsive man-made inside, and refused with a smile.

"But I don't want to cooperate."

The three scientists were shocked, and unbelievably stepped forward and grabbed his arm abruptly, his eyes bursting with excitement and hope.

"Why? Why are you not willing to cooperate? If you can develop more advanced humanoids, this will bring the most shocking and great era!"

The young man gently withdrew his hand and took a step back, smiling beautifully and ruthlessly.

"Because I don't like artificial people."

Obviously it is a machine object with no emotion, how can it vainly try to possess precious human emotions.

It's ridiculous.

The trio's complexion changed drastically, and their resentment and resentment suddenly changed, as if it was because of his non-cooperation that human history could not overcome obstacles to reach a new era.

After another whisper, they opened their mouths.

"Don't you want to be free?"

The youth's eyes moved slightly, raising his eyes.

"What do you mean?"

"As long as you agree to cooperate, we will apply for exemption from all charges after the experiment is over."

The youth's eyes lit up, then after thinking about it, he asked suspiciously.

"How can you have such great rights?"

The three smiled, and reported their names. That is the name that young people often hear in federal reports, because they have unparalleled privileges because of their great contributions to the interstellar.

As long as you cooperate with the experiment, you can become a free man again.

The irresistible temptation caused the young man's eyes to flash slightly, and then he lowered his eyes, and raised a seemingly slight smile, like a sly child quietly giving away an unseen prank.

Since it's a cold humanoid, it doesn't matter even if he turns upside down in his spiritual world.

"Okay, I agreed."

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