Chapter 136:Strategy to Attack the System

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Jiang Si moved into the villa next door. (((Cartino Novel Network

But sometimes he forgets. When going home, he would always go to his original home subconsciously, and then he would often stumble upon Jiang Fu and Yuan Chen lingering on the sofa or kitchen in the living room, and his face blushed in shock.

So Yuan Chen deleted Jiang Si's permission to enter the door.

The next time Jiang Si failed to come in, he was very angry. He squatted at the door and used his personal terminal to crack the authority. Jiang Fu in the villa was pressed against the wall of the stairs by Yuan Chen, biting Yuan Chen’s shoulder nervously and shamefully. He was willing to speak out, for fear that Jiang Si, who had broken the authority, would bump into them after entering the door.

However, under Yuan Chen's control, Jiang Si never cracked it.


After graduating from Oren College, the little nobleman moved into Jiang Si's home. Later, Jiang Si had no time to run over to crack Jiang Fu's authority.


One time when Jiang Fu went to look for Jiang Si next door, he saw a unique clock on the table. He thought it was something from the ancient earth, so he fiddled with it with interest.

Jiang Si, who ran out blushing from the bedroom, was dumbfounded when he saw him falling asleep holding the clock, and ran downstairs anxiously to try to wake him up. The little nobleman who ran out of the bedroom immediately followed his grudges The clothes chased behind Jiang Si.


Clocks and watches are new things that Jiang Si recently researched. If you fiddle with the dial, the memory will be adjusted back to the corresponding time.

So Jiang Fu, who woke up, returned to the appearance he was still arrogant before participating in the experiment. After seeing the little nobleman, he smiled and molested him. The little nobleman was at a loss and was pinched by him, and asked Jiang Si blankly what to do.


Yuan Chen finally found Jiang Fu who was having dinner with the speaker’s son in a famous couple’s restaurant in Star World. When Jiang Fu’s affectionate and tenderness asked him if he wanted to go to the art exhibition tomorrow, Yuan Chen gave him expressionlessly. Just pick it up and go out.

Jiang Fu, who had lost his memory, was stunned. He kicked and beat him to let him down. Yuan Chen carried him into the private starship without saying a word and stripped his clothes.

Thinking that he was the first time Jiang Fu struggled desperately, and finally he whimpered and cried non-stop, all messed up, and he kept cursing Yuan Chen, Yuan Chen took his clothes and wrapped him back from the starship After arriving at home, he never got out of bed again.

It wasn't until Jiang Si worked out the reverse operation of the clock a few days later that Jiang Fu, who recovered his memory, remembered what happened before. He was afraid that Yuan Chen would grab the recovered memory and continue to settle accounts, so he secretly covered his hot ass. Fleeing in the starship.

However, the starship was controlled by Yuan Chen to fly back before it left the Capital Star, so Jiang Fu hadn't been out of the house for a month.


After graduating, Jiang Si went to work in the National Laboratory Building and became the apprentice of a scientist who had studied artificial humans.

He was obsessed with work every day, and when he was busy, he forgot to go home. He waited eagerly at home for his little nobleman crying and asked his brother to help find someone, so the big nobleman always had to drive the starship to take him in the middle of the night. Go to the laboratory building and take Jiang Si home.

When the little nobleman embraced Jiang Si beamingly, the forgotten nobleman left with a black face.


The more frequent visits, the nobleman met the bookworm in the laboratory building.


Well, that's the nerd whose memory was tampered with by Jiang Fu.


The Federation already has a mature technology that can artificially multiply same-sex sperm/children into babies, but Yuanchen doesn't want Jiang Fu's eyes to be attracted by others, so they have never had a child.

Jiang Si and the little nobleman applied for this technology after they got married, and because Jiang Si is a federal scientist, they took the child back after a month. They are twins, they are very cute and clingy. Had to hug Jiang Si.

Jiang Si thought that the child would not affect his work, but every time he went to the laboratory building, the twins held one of his legs to prevent him from leaving, blushing and crying pitifully, and the little nobleman only came to help. He coaxed the child and cried and hugged him from behind like twins, forming a deafening trio.

After several tortures, Jiang Si applied to work from home.


Newborn twins always eat milk, but they don’t like to throw away the milk they bought. Even if their hungry face turns pale and refuses to eat the tasteless things, they grieved Jiang Si’s grievances. Look for milk for clothes.

Jiang Si blushed and asked the little nobleman to take the twins away, but the twins just refused to let go. The big grape-like eyes were filled with watery tears. Jiang Si would lose out every time, and his heart softened into a pool of water.

The neglected little nobleman was jealous and hugged Jiang Si from behind. The naive one competed with the twins for favor. He regretted that he wanted Jiang Si's heart to stay at home, so he offered to have children. Now Jiang Si's heart is indeed at home. , But not on him.

At night, the little nobleman played with Jiang Si while being aggrieved. Sometimes he heard the twins wake up crying and looking for him. Jiang Si wanted to get out of bed to coax the children, but the little noble refused to let him get out of bed. He cried with tears, then cried and complained while entering him from behind.

Jiang Si never managed to get out of bed every time.


After trying many ways to coax the twins to breastfeed, Jiang Si had to buy a male-specific breastfeeding device online, but he was embarrassed to let the little nobleman know, so he secretly fed the twins while he was out.

The little nobleman, who didn't know it, bought milk powder that was said to be delicious from another planet and hurried back home, and was stunned when he saw Jiang Si who was breastfeeding.

Later, Jiang Si nursed the twins during the day and the little nobleman at night.


The twins can talk when they grow up a little bit, and they like to pretend to be obedient, fighting for the right to hang out with Jiang Si in front of the little nobles, turning their heads and running to Jiang Si, crying and saying that Dad is bullying they.

At this time, the little nobleman was very aggrieved. He couldn't hold Jiang Si during the day, so he could only make up for the time at night. When he looked at Jiang Si pitifully with his wet eyes, Jiang Si finally found out about their father and son. Similarities between.


Although Jiang Fu had no children, he liked to tease the twins every time he came to see Jiang Si. The twins couldn't walk when they saw his looks, and they all kissed him honestly and cutely.

But soon they will be picked up by Yuan Chen and thrown into the arms of the little nobleman.


When the king of the Federation was changed, the third prince gave the position to the eldest son of the fifth prince, and then moved to the opposite of Jiang Fu's house with Guan Jiu.

In this case, it would be very convenient for Jiang Fu to find Guan Jiu to drink, but he always waited at the bar when he passed by, and then waited until Guan Jiu scratched or limped out of the bedroom.


The three princes did not go out often, most of them stayed at home and watered the flowers to watch movies. His first half of his life worked too much for the Federation, so he spent the second half of his life on a leisurely ordinary life.

Guan Jiu didn't go to work in a bar anymore. He often made drinks for him at home, and sent good drinks to Jiang Fu and Jiang Si's homes.


In Guan Jiu's house, there is an intelligent robot called Xiaokouai, responsible for all housework.


The three princes have always eaten nutritious meals made by Little Cutie, and then frowned after eating a meal made by Yuanchen.

The next day, Guan Jiu went to Jiang Fu's home and asked Yuan Chen to teach him cooking.


In addition to adhering to Jiang Si, the twins' second favorite is the third prince, because he is good-looking, and Guan Jiu who lives with him looks much gentler than Yuan Chen.

Guan Jiu was also very happy that the twins came to play with the third prince, because he was afraid that the third prince would be bored at home, and every time the twins came, the third prince seemed to be in a much better mood and his cold expression would become gentler.


Soon after, Guan Jiu and the third prince adopted an orphan. If they used sperm to reproduce a child, it would involve the blood of the royal family. The third prince was tired of the cold-blooded struggle between the federal royal family and did not want his next generation to be involved. Go in, so I went to the orphanage to adopt an orphan.

The orphan is a thin and small boy, timid and afraid of life, but looks like a girl and is indisputable and beautiful.

They named the orphan Mingxiu.


Ming is the last name of the Third Prince.

twenty one

After the twins grew up, they became two mixed world demon kings. Except for Jiang Si and the third prince to control them, they would not listen to anyone else. They also liked bullying people, especially Mingxiu.

Mingxiu's personality is only conscientious. She didn't dare to fight back and tell the third prince and Guan Jiu after being bullied at school. Because he was already sensible when he was adopted, he was careful to pay attention to the adult's face everywhere, for fear of where he did it. If they are not good enough, they will be driven back to the orphanage.

The third prince had a cold temperament, and it was difficult to detect his sensitive mind. Guan Jiu's whole heart was put on the third prince again, so Mingxiu was already grateful for them to adopt him, let alone dare not trouble them any more.

Later, when the twins ran into Mingxiu at school when he was blocked by a bad senior in the bathroom and picking up his pants, they knew that he was always bullied. The children had their own solutions, so the twins beat the bully Mingxiu viciously. All over.

Since then, Mingxiu has followed them to school every day.

twenty two

When the twins and Mingxiu were in junior high school, the great nobleman and the nerd moved to the opposite side of Jiang Si and the little nobleman’s home. When the nerd first saw Jiang Fu coming out of the villa garden diagonally opposite, the whole person was stunned. , Eyes straight, blushing.

Before he stammered and greeted Jiang Fu, he was carried back to the house by the black-faced nobleman.

twenty three

After settling down with the great aristocrat, the bookworm blushed every time he saw Jiang Fu, but he was just habitually shy in front of good-looking people.

Then one day after he finally saw all the people in the three surrounding villas, his blushing that day seemed to explode.

twenty four

Since the nerd moved in, he has often joined Jiang Si to work in the laboratory building, and sometimes he will get together to study experiments together after returning home.

The little nobles who were left out said they were very sad.


The great nobles and nerds later applied for the technology of same-sex sperm/child reproduction and raised three boys and a little girl.


The little girl is the little princess of all adults and minors in the four villas. Every day, there are people rushing to dress her up.

And the little girl is not afraid of anyone, she smiles sweetly when she sees it, and the laughter melts.


Seeing that everyone has children, Jiang Fu went to other people's homes every day to tease the children. He reluctantly didn't want to come back after playing until the evening. He smiled and coaxed the children to call him uncle.

Without exception, the children held by him will stick to him and hug him, calling his beautiful brother softly.

And Yuan Chen was very upset when he saw them kissing Jiang Fu. He stared at them straight behind Jiang Fu. The children felt wronged and hugged Jiang Fu's neck pitifully, waiting for Jiang Fu to hug them. When they coaxed gently, Chong Yuanchen triumphantly made faces.

Yuan Chen's face was as cold as frost.


At night, Yuan Chen bit his ear and asked him if he was pregnant. Jiang Fu tensed his toes and shook his whole body, sobbing and crying on him, sobbing. Yes yes yes.

Then Yuan Chen clasped his hand to touch his slightly bulging abdomen, and said seriously that since there is already a baby, then he must stay at home with the baby, and then the baby will be jealous if he goes out to hug other children. of.

Jiang Fu had to sob and kept guaranteeing. When he woke up the next day, he thought it was just last night's love/interest, so he continued to go to the noble house to play with the little princess. It didn't take long for him to be found. Yuan Chen caught him back.

Later, the children from various families hadn’t seen Jiang Fu for a week. When they saw Jiang Fu about to hug again a week later, Jiang Fu just looked at them reluctantly and dare not come close at a distance. His face was full of sorrow that dared not speak.


During the Chinese New Year, they will take turns to have reunion dinners at various homes every year. Jiang Fu and Yuanchen, who are always traveling, will come back. Jiang Si and the nerds who often spend time in the lab will honestly not talk about research and take charge The big nobles, who are rich in big companies every second, will vacate their holidays in advance, and even the three princes who rarely come out at home will never be absent from the dinner table every year.

The twins happily pulled Mingxiu’s hair and braided him. Mingxiu bit her lip and did not dare to resist, while the little princess of the great nobleman happily took apart the New Year gifts that everyone gave her, and put on new clothes one by one. Just run around the dining table and have to hear the phrase "good-looking" from every population.

Her elder brother and second brother were playing with building blocks, while the younger brother nervously followed her, the little princess, wherever she was afraid.

But when it’s time to eat, all the children will sit at the dinner table obediently and sit with their fathers, and then everyone will have a cup of blessing in the New Year’s bell, and watch the holographically projected gorgeous fireworks together lively. After midnight, smiled and said goodbye, and led their babies and children back to their homes.

The next day they said good morning to each other through the villa door, and then began a new and still happy year.


This is true every year afterwards.

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