Chapter 137:Strategy to Attack the System

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Like a silent signal, the ankle entanglement quickly climbed up from his loose trousers along the calf, and Jiang Fu jumped out of the bed immediately after his brain was blank for a second, almost crying out.

There are really ghosts!

As soon as the white soles of the feet stepped on the cold ground, the thing had already entangled his entire waist, and countless vines had entangled his whole person, and even hooked his neck and slowly tightened .

Jiang Fu lay down on the ground and struggled hard, the perception of danger in the darkness was extremely sensitive, and the excited abilities condensed into a sharp water column from his fingertips, attacking the vines close at hand.

But he seems to have forgotten that water is a nutrient for plants, not a natural enemy.

As if it had been well moisturized, the vine instantly became a lot of excitement, and then the sturdy vine body and tightening movements soared, as if to strangle people alive.

Jiang Fu panted quickly, his spasmodic hands trembled and tried to activate the abilities again, but there was always a tip of water and then weakly disappeared, leaving only wet water marks near the ground.

As if laughing at his weakness, the vine triumphantly admired his weak defiant posture, and the strength tied to his neck would get bigger and smaller.

The suffocated chest was burning with pain, and even his sight became confused, and his eyes turned black.

Jiang Fu bit his lower lip hard until he tasted a trace of blood spreading. A cold light flashed through his eyes, and the explosive power suddenly condensed an ice blade with a sharp cold air on the fingertips, and a hand The defenseless vines slashed to pieces.

While the vines did not continue to wrap around, he quickly pressed the alarm button on the wall near the door. It was a special button for the supernatural player in the room to call for help when a tight situation occurred. The piercing alarm sounded immediately made him slightly With a sigh of relief.

The suffocation of being strangled still remained in the trembling and tired consciousness. He slowly slid down the wall and sat on the ground, clutching his collar tightly, panting, and a thin layer of cold sweat on his forehead. .

I don't know how long it took, a pair of feet stopped in front of him.

Jiang Fu raised his head in confusion, tried to identify for a long time before pulling the trousers of the visitor in awe, and whispered weakly.

"You finally came."

The drooping head looked pitifully like a puppies who had suffered from grievances, and the weak breathing sound seemed to disappear soon, and soon became longer and longer.

Actually fell asleep like this.

Should you say that your vigilance is too weak, or is it too dependent on him?

Glancing at a few broken green vines not far from the room, Yuan Chen moved his fingers slightly, and the vines sneaked out of the gap in the doorway like alive, leaving no trace.

Yuan Chen looked down at Jiang Fu's head for a long time, then stretched out his hand hesitantly, and touched his furry head very lightly.


He thought.

Jiang Fu didn't react at all, still holding him tightly as a pillow of peace of mind.

After thinking about it for a while, Yuan Chen bent down and reached out to hug the person.

He was unexpectedly thin, and he seemed to be able to feel the flexibility and beauty of this young body through thin clothes.

Jiang Fu's head rested on his chest, his steady breathing was very small, his face was drowsy and tired, and with unremoved fear, both hands subconsciously grasped Yuanchen's clothes, like Looking for a certain sense of security.

When he was put on the bed, Jiang Fu grabbed him and refused to let go, wrinkling his nose and muttering uneasyly.

The strength that could have been easily broken away stopped when he heard the vague "Yuan Yuan", Yuan Chen propped his arms on both sides of him, maintaining this ambiguous posture and looking at this close at hand, it would make him feel strange. Young people.

It was indeed a pretty face, with soft dimples and red lips. When he smiled, it seemed to be filled with all the bright light, and it was amazingly bright.

Even my heart will feel slightly hot.

The expression on Yuan Chen's face was serious as if he was doing major research. He tried to touch the cheeks of Tujiang Fu with his fingertips. The warm and greasy feeling did not feel annoying, but he wanted to continue touching it.

Even more, deeper contact.

The gaze in the darkness slowly moved to Jiang Fu's beautifully-shaped lips, and when he saw the shallow wounds clearly above with a sharper vision than ordinary abilities, he was unconsciously startled.

Yuan Chen's face faded a bit, as if he was still angry with unknown reasons.

The fingertips gently wiped the blood stains, there were tiny drops of blood stained, and then they were licked away with frowning.

In an instant, the heart was bursting with an uncontrollable high fever, the blood in the whole body changed into a rapid surge in the rampage, and the limbs and limbs that collided sent a strange sour numbness.

Yuan Chen was silent for a few seconds, barely calming down the strangeness in his heart, and forcibly peeled away Jiang Fu's hand.

As if he was asleep, Jiang Fu lay on the bed docilely, with messy black hair showing his half-hidden face.

Yuan Chen stood up and planned to leave, but the absent-minded Yu Guang caught a glimpse of the skin exposed at his back, and the bruise on it was somehow an eyesore.

His brows furrowed, and he pressed on the bruise without saying a word before leaving the room.

Inexplicably a little rush.

When all the sounds settled and the room returned to the silent darkness, the person who was sleeping slowly opened his eyes, as if he couldn't help but smile, Jiang Fu pressed his lips, and bends his eyes silently. Chu.

Yeah, no matter how cold it is, it still won't be able to resist me.


Starting the intensity training the next day, Jiang Fu looked listless, with a faint cyan under his eyes, rubbing his eyes while trying to release his abilities.

The staff in charge of monitoring asked him whether he was sleeping well. Jiang Fu annoyed and scanned the bright small rooms, and he stopped talking.

The swift and thrilling scene last night was like an unknown nightmare. He didn't have any evidence to prove that there was a sneak attack by an unknown object, and the staff did not seem to notice any abnormality.

After shook his head silently, Jiang Fuqiang cheered up and continued training.

Water resources in the last days are extremely precious, and people with water system abilities are generally judged as defense systems, because no one thinks that people with water system abilities can solve the enemy when facing zombies, instead of wasting water The corpse was washed clean.

But this kind of cognition was limited to before Jiang Fu appeared.

Jiang Fu came to this world the day before the awakening of the ability. After awakening the water system, in addition to finding that water is very convenient, he is also looking for other ways to make the ability more aggressive. After all, in front of the zombies of the last days, it is pure Relying on others can only be a dead end.

A week later, the small apartment he lived in was completely paralyzed after being repeatedly attacked by zombies. He had to risk his life to go out to find a new shelter.

After escaping for a whole morning, he really had no energy, so he hid in the small supermarket and prepared to use all his abilities to kill the group of zombies that were constantly surrounding outside, just when his body was slightly exhausted due to excessive consumption of abilities. , He heard the rumbling of the huge truck, and then Zhou Zheng rescued him.

So in Zhou Zheng's eyes, he was actually a weak chicken with zero attack power.

But it’s strange to say it. Maybe it’s because Jiang Fu’s abilities are strong and weak when he just awakened. Sometimes he feels that he is powerful enough to make the entire base submerged by water, and sometimes he can only use his fingertips. Make a small splash.

Jiang Fu spread his hands innocently and looked at the people outside blankly.

"Today's state seems not so good."

Next to him was a half-person-high transparent bucket with only a layer of clean water floating in it, and a lot of water splashed on the surrounding ground.

Yuan Chen is still wearing a white coat, with two straight and slender legs, and deep eyes staring at him coldly.

"If you can't fill it up within an hour, you will be stimulated with electric shocks."

Jiang Fu opened his eyes slightly, poked the glass unhappily, and protested dullly.

"I said I don't like this, why are you so annoying."


Yuan Chen suddenly disliked hearing this word from young people.

With a cold expression, he walked to the glass and stared at the pouting man.

"You have no choice."

Jiang Fu murmured something, and then slowly stood up, leaning against the glass like boneless, as if he was talking an intimate whisper, with a sly and bright smile in his eyes.

"Why don't you change the rewards and punishments to encourage me?"


Across the clean glass, the young and beautiful face seemed to be within reach, Yuan Chen's gaze fell on his blushing lips subconsciously, and he did not listen to him for a while.

Jiang Fu pursed his lips and continued with a smile.

"First of all you have to promise me that you must be solely responsible for my ability training, and no one else is allowed to interfere."

Yuan Chen had a strange and subtle feeling of satisfaction, just as he originally thought.

"it is good."

"Then, the rewards and punishments during this period are determined by me. If you promise to cooperate with me, I promise to upgrade the ability to level A within a week."

Yuan Chen raised his eyebrows slightly and said nothing.

"Why, don't you believe me?"

Jiang Fu casually scratched the glass, thought about it, and said casually.

"If I don't reach it, I'll do it with you, how about it?"

Yuan Chen's pupils shrank abruptly, his fingers curled up suddenly, his white knuckles pressed hard against each other, as if he was trying his best to control a certain dark huge wave that was surging like a storm.

His body was tense and tight, and it took a long time to gradually loosen it imperceptibly, his calm expression seemed to have never changed, and his low voice seldom contained a few complicated jokes.

"I may dissect you or do experiments."

"It's up to you."

Jiang Fu's expression was joyful and his dimples were deep, as if he had delivered his whole life just like this, and he didn't care at all.

How is it possible, you simply can't bear it.

Yuan Chen looked deeply into his dark eyes, and the corners of his lips under the mask slightly curled up.

"Okay, I promise you."

Amy's eyes widened, and she grabbed Jiang Fu's clothes corner in disbelief, and hugged the doll in her arms tighter in fear.

Although Shi Sang is the weakest member of the S regiment and rarely communicates with his companions on weekdays, they are also comrades who have fought side by side after all, but now they are on the side of the zombies, which is really difficult for people accept.

Jiang Fu took off the communicator that was rustling in his ears and threw it to the ground.

"Since we were attacked, the communicator has no signal, and the zombies have been specifically instructed not to harm me and Amy. Shisang, how long have you been preparing for this trap?"

"Since I knew we were going to patrol together."

Jiang Fu frowned and asked.

"You are the zombie emperor, why have you hidden in the base for so long and no one has discovered it, so you want to deliberately expose your flaws in front of me?"

Shi Sang seemed to suppress the turbulent desire in his heart, looked at him with admiration and expectation, and said eagerly.

"Jiang Fu, this is what makes you special. If others know that I am a zombie king, they will definitely be eager to kill me, but you are still so calm. I die?"

"Ah, you may have misunderstood. You didn't report that you wanted to work out your plan. As for you don't want to die."

Jiang Fu thought about the matter for a while, then said seriously.

"Because I want to arrest you and give Yuan Yuan to study how to develop a zombie antidote."

Shi Sang was taken aback, then a trace of envy swept across his face.

"I've already told you that Yuan Chen is playing with you! Why are you still obsessed with it!"

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