Chapter 138:Strategy to Attack the System

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The reunion of classmates was held in a luxurious box. The former classmates all took a completely different path. They either raised their eyebrows or smiled awkwardly, but they were still wrapped in the warmth of nostalgia. (((Cartino Novel Network

In fact, the two of them only participated in half of the school life, but because of their undiminished attractive appearance and obviously noble dress, they were surrounded by the stars and asked curiously.

Yin Hui obviously didn't adapt to such enthusiastic politeness, but his frown stretched abruptly when he saw Zhou Chuan who was pushing in. He held Jiang Fu quietly in his arms, and his intimate attitude of squatting silently demonstrated his deep possession of the person in his arms, and a cold warning to the person he was coveting.

"Yes, we have been together for several years."

After hearing Yin Hui's demonstrative words, Jiang Fu, who also saw Zhou Chuan stiffly standing at the door, felt amused. He simply raised his head and kissed Yin Hui's side face, and then announced with a smile.

"Yes, and we will get married soon."

Even more surprising than the shocked people was the sudden tightening of the arms. Jiang Fuchong's startled Yin Hui blinked, his lowered voice was like a sweet fruit candy, exuding a dazzling fragrance.

"Huihui, do you want to say you don't want to with this look?"

"No! I..."

The hurried explanation was choking on his throat, like a damp sponge, and the whole heart was soaked and melted.

Yin Hui buried his head in the socket of his neck, his tall body trembled slightly, and his bewildered voice overflowed with unbelievable ecstasy.

"I...I'm just so happy."

I am glad that you not only did not show dislike for me, but indulged me in taking you an inch.

Jiang Fu pinched his ears and laughed softly, his eyes collided with the gloomy Zhou Chuan inadvertently.

Zhou Chuan apparently heard what he had just said, staring at him, his eyes filled with unwillingness and anger, but he pressed his lips and said nothing.

And the wife of his newly married Yan'er should be around his arm, wearing a light-colored little dress, long gentle and pleasant, but suspicious eyes converge on Jiang Fu along with Zhou Chuan's gaze.

A few seconds after the shocked young man was shocked, sensitive vigilance appeared on her face, and she couldn't help grasping Zhou Chuan's arm tightly for fear that her husband would be snatched away.

Jiang Fu glanced at Zhou Chuan, then lazily retracted his gaze, and continued to talk with Yin Huigan. They and Zhou Chuan were sitting at the two sides of the dining table. They didn't disturb each other on the bright side, but in the dark there were invisible tensed strings.

Yin Hui kept thinking about Jiang Fu's words and was in a daze, with thin red ears, absent-mindedly forgetting to block the wine, and everyone toasted with him simply drank it neatly.

Jiang Fu couldn't speak a few words with the girl next to him, and when he turned around he saw that he was leaning on the back of his chair and not talking. He looked calm, but his dilated pupils had already told him that he was drunk.

Jiang Fu saw that the party was almost going on, so he planned to take Yin Hui home. As soon as he stood up, Yin Hui immediately grabbed his hand and looked at him blankly and nervously.

"where are you going?"

The expression of self-sufficiency in the past rarely showed a bit of childish innocence. Jiang Fu was itchy and couldn't help but want to lower his head to kiss him, but due to the full view, he had to hold his hand instead and whispered.

"I'll go to the bathroom, let's leave when we come back, okay?"

"I go with you."

Yin Hui muttered to his feet, but then he staggered and sat down. He frowned and rubbed his eyes, as if trying to wake up a little bit, but didn't know that his movements had become much slower under the numbness of alcohol.

Jiang Fu, who was suddenly poked, rubbed his head and said softly, comfortingly.

"I will be back soon, you are here to wait for me, huh?"

Yin Hui held his finger reluctantly, and his drunken eyes were full of reluctant nostalgia.

"You come back quickly"

"Well, I know."

The cold water rushed on the back of the white hand, and the thin blood vessels of the cyan color were highlighted. Jiang Fu casually pulled a few pieces of paper, and while wiping his hands carelessly, he walked quickly toward the bathroom door.

Immediately afterwards, people who walked in from outside the door strictly blocked the exit.

Jiang Fu threw the wet paper into the trash can, glanced up at Zhou Chuan and motioned for him to step aside.

"I want to go out."

Zhou Chuan stared at him closely, motionless, with complex nostalgia and longing in his eyes.

"Fufu, long time no see."

"Not long, and only a few years."

Jiang Fu passed him and twisted the doorknob, and when he was touched, he was hit by the shoulder and hit the wall behind him.

He frowned slightly, looked at Zhou Chuan coldly, and reminded him.

"Zhou Chuan, you are already married."

Zhou Chuan's expression changed, but he quickly explained with joy and anxiety.

"It's not like that, Fu Fu, Qiao Yu and I are just a business marriage, I don't love her at all! I"

Before he finished speaking, he was pushed away, and the beautiful young man rubbed his wrist and looked at him strangely.

"What does this have to do with me."

Zhou Chuan froze suddenly, but saw that Jiang Fu was impatient to leave again. Even though he grabbed his arm hard, he eagerly confided in what he had been holding back for a long time.

"Fufu! I've already investigated, have you been locked up by Yin Hui for several years? He must have forced you to say that! Fufu, I like you, I can save you from leaving, Leave him forever!"

Jiang Fu looked at him in amazement, but his expression was unreasonable. After a few seconds, he said helplessly and calmly.

"What are you talking about? I like Huihui in the first place. I just joked with him that night at the masquerade. Zhou Chuan, I'm doing well now, so you don't need to worry about it."

Zhou Chuan looked at him incredulously, his trembling tone full of anger.

"Impossible! Fufu, he kept you for three years and you still said good things to him? He must have forced you, and I must save you."

Jiang Fu looked at Zhou Chuan, who was stubborn, with a headache. He couldn't help but was entangled by him. He wanted to go back to Yin Hui as soon as possible.

He thought about the kind of people he had encountered in the interstellar, and decided to follow the foolproof old method.

"You are right, I was indeed forced by him."

Zhou Chuan choked for a while, staring in astonishment at the youth in front of him changing from mild and harmless to cold and disgusting.

"Actually, I have the ability to leave him a long time ago. The reason why I still stay with him is because I want to avenge him. He is selfish and domineering, jealous, and easy to be jealous. I want him to think that I really love him, and then Tell him the truth when he is happiest, this kind of revenge is what I want."

Jiang Fu's lips curled up with a mocking smile. He looked at the dumbfounded Zhou Chuan, raised his index finger and hissed. The nice voice was full of soft smiles, but it was like thousands of sharp blades. It pierced the unguarded heart fiercely, and the blood was blurred.

"So Zhou Chuan, you don't want to hurt me, you know?"

Zhou Chuan stared at the smiling young man blankly, and gave him an enlightenment. When he reacted, he immediately blocked Jiang Fu anxiously, and asked hopefully.

"So Fufu, have you never liked Yin Hui?"

How could it be, my Jia Huihui is the cutest.

But in order to get rid of Zhou Chuan's troubles at once, Jiang Fu decided to make a full set of the show, so he said indifferently in the coldest tone of his life.

"Of course, just play with him."

He touched the doorknob and unscrewed it. While wondering how to coax Yin Hui when he came out for too long to go back, he raised his eyes and saw Yin Hui, who was pale.

Old attack, listen to me! qaq

Yin Hui's solemn gaze cut across his stiff face inch by inch, and then focused the focus of his anger on Zhou Chuan.

Before Jiang Fu had time to say a word, he saw Yin Hui strode over him in a violent stride, and directly slammed Zhou Chuan's face with a vicious punch. Zhou Chuan, who was beaten up, unwilling to show his weakness, began to retaliate, and vented his grievances about not being able to get Jiang Fu.

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