Chapter 139:Strategy to Attack the System

.A long time outside

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Jiang Fu said with a smile.

"Ah, I remembered it wrong."

I didn't notice the difference there, and I hung up the phone after a long while uneasy.

"Hui Huihui!"

The body of the young man with a soft smile on his shoulders still seemed to smell of sweet candy, Yin Hui paused with his fingers and said lightly.

"The teacher will check the recitation in the next class."

Jiang Fu, who was lying on his back, stretched out his hand happily to make trouble. The soft white fingers clinging to Yin Hui's unconscious gaze randomly poked his workbook, his casual voice was soaked in soft coquetry.

"I don't want to recite it, Huihui, don't let the teacher draw me, OK?"

Yin Hui continued to lower his head to write, and said calmly.

"I don't know who the teacher will get."

You don't know, but you can change.

Because in this spiritual world, you are the one who makes all the rules.

Suddenly, a warm and soft touch was imprinted on his side face, and it took a few seconds to react. Yin Hui's pen fell on the table, and he rolled to the side of the table, and he was about to fall down.

Yin Hui didn't have time to take care of it. His entire face was flushed red in an instant, and his eyes fell on the table awkwardly and dared not to move, and he groaned restlessly.

"you you……"

"what happened to me?"

The pretending innocent young man held his red earlobe without fear, smiled and made a very tempting promise.

"Huihui, if I am not drawn to recite, I will kiss you after school."

Yin Hui turned his head to look at him fiercely, his dark eyes were astonishingly bright, overflowing with desire and expectation.


"Really, Huihui can kiss as long as he wants."

Yin Hui's breathing was suddenly confused, and his heavy eyes couldn't help but stick to his blushing lips, and he was silent for a while before speaking in a dumb voice.

"You said, you can kiss for as long as you want."

"I speak for words."

Jiang Fu lay on the table lazily, with black hair scattered on his lotus root arms, invisible entangled like deep seaweeds, attached continuously.

Yin Hui looked at him for a while, lowered his eyes slightly, his low voice hides a subtle shudder that is difficult to detect.


As long as you are not drawn, you can kiss wantonly.

Don't be drawn.

Don't let Jiang Fu be drawn.

After the class bell rang, the Chinese teacher opened the textbook and, as usual, began to draw people to recite the textbook tasks assigned in the previous class. Sweeping around, her gaze moved to the young man in the third row by the window who was lowering her head and painting, but as soon as the thought came up, she seemed to be strangling her throat suddenly, as if the naturally generated rules in her mind were unconscious. Ordered her not to cross the restricted area.

She opened her lips slightly, avoided the boy's name instinctively, and called another person.

After the spot check, Jiang Fu snuck Yin Hui's finger secretly from under the table and whispered in appreciation.

"Huihui, I really haven't been drawn."

Yin Hui clenched his fingers calmly, and there was obvious pleasure floating in his flat voice.


Really boring.

The corners of Jiang Fu's lips cocked slightly.

Before school, Yin Hui, the class leader, was called by the teacher to explain things. When he came out of the office, the people in the teaching building had almost left, so the girl's courageous confession was especially loud in the empty corridor.

"Fufu is so cute, I like you!"

The young man at the door of the classroom was green and tall, with black hair and white muscles. After a moment of stunned, he rubbed her head with a smile, and the gentle answer, even if it were straightforward, could not cause any resentment.

"Sorry, I already have someone I like."

Yin Hui's heart was beating fast, almost bursting through his chest fiercely.

But the call in his mouth had not yet flowed out. After seeing the ** tiptoe and quickly kissed Jiang Fu's cheek, he suddenly froze in place, and the thick black ink in the shrinking pupils quickly spread, in an instant Suddenly, there was a violent rage like a storm.

His Jiang Fu can only be kissed by him.

Jiang Fu stared at the blushing girl and ran away shyly like a small deer. He laughed and tried to rub his cheeks, but he was grabbed by a hand before he reached the top, and he was pressed on the place where he was kissed. Kneading, stubbornly trying to erase the invisible trace.


The face of the boy who didn't say a word was covered with heavy haze, and the expression of resentment even oozes a bit of murderousness and cruelty that gradually spread, wrapped in a frenzied rage that almost destroys the world.

The soft and greasy skin was sore by repeated rubbing, Jiang Fu wanted to turn his head away, but was tightly restrained by Yin Hui.

"Huihui, what are you doing..."

The whole world began to shake suddenly, and at the same time, the mechanical alarm sounded sharply in Jiang Fu's mind.

Damn it, this jealousy is too big.

Jiang Fu has been in the interstellar world for many years of rainbow trading. As long as he uses tailor-made methods on selected objects, he can easily get anything he wants. In the spiritual world of artificial humans, he actually needs to start the mission. Facing failure?

Woo, the handsome boy will never admit defeat.


Yin Hui was stunned, and the heavy eyes that slid past the speed of the green garbled light instantly returned to normal pupils, he asked in a daze.


"Orange is my name."

The surrounding buildings are constantly collapsing and shattering like a mirage, but the two people are watching each other closely without noticing it, as if in the vast universe of the universe, they only care about each other.

Jiang Fu's dimples were soft and his eyes were dark, he looked at him seriously and said.

"Orange is a name in this world that only you know."

He didn't lie. "Jiang Fu" was named after his father, and his mother called him "Orange Orange" because he loved oranges when he was pregnant. Since the death of his parents, no one has known his secret nickname.

Only you know the name.

Yin Hui's restless and almost irrational heart seemed to be injected with new blood, such as boiling water that was constantly heating up, braving overwhelmed, pleasantly surprised and sweet bubbles.

The whole world on the verge of collapse seemed to have pressed the pause button, only their voices were vivid and clear.


When the unfamiliar words slip out of the lips and teeth, they already have a stunning bright color, wrapped in sweet and sour, unique taste that only oneself is qualified to call.

The same taste as Jiang Fu.

"Well, Huihui, don't be angry anymore."

Jiang Fu rubbed his head, raised his head and printed his lips, licking and licking with gentle coaxing.

Yin Hui lowered his head motionlessly, the storm accumulated in his eyes fluttered several times, and finally calmed down slowly, just like the sunny tomorrow remaining after the heavy rain, shining brightly.

"Well, not angry."

After he answered softly, he pressed Jiang Fu's head against the guest, and deepened the kiss.

Everything around me began to quickly return to its original state like the fast forward button, and the alarm in my mind gradually became flat.

With the disappearance of the mechanical tail sound, the illusion-like collapse disappeared instantly, and the distant sunset cast a hazy orange twilight, spreading furry warmth.

It's so coaxing.

Pushing open the solid wood door of the bathroom, Yin Hui, who was drunk and slightly drunk, was stunned after hearing the strange noise.

He hesitated for a moment, and recognized one of them as a member of the basketball team. Before the college entrance examination, the whole class started a class party to relax their nervous mood, so he turned off the basketball team dinner, but he did not expect to be in the same restaurant.

Yin Hui listened for a while, and finally knocked on the compartment door anxiously, and asked him politely if he was okay.

The sound in the compartment stopped, and a moment later, the boy who opened the door blocked the girl behind him, questioning with an unhappy expression on his face.

"Yin Hui, why are you bothering me on purpose?"

Yin Hui frowned unclearly.

"What are you doing?"

"doing what?"

The boy smiled ambiguously.

"Doing what a couple should do."

What should couples do?

Yin Hui's eyes moved slightly, and he asked confused and curious.

"What is it?"

What should a couple do?

He also wants to do it with Jiang Fu.

After the party, Yin Hui sent Jiang Fu home. The moonlight was faint, the shadows of the trees were faint, and the yellow light of the street lamps stretched the shadows of the two people into a long, as if they were merged into one.

After eating and drinking, Jiang Fu bounced and hummed for a while, urging Yin Hui behind him to hurry up without raising his head. After waiting for a while, there was no movement. He looked back at Yin Hui, who was worried, and ran back to pull his sleeve in dissatisfaction.

"What's wrong with you? It feels weird to come back from the middle of the party."

Yin Hui lowered his eyes slightly to look at him, his eyes covered with warm sugar from the street lamp seemed to be shining with a thick and dark light.

"You lied to me."

? ? ?

Jiang Fu looked up at him slightly, his well-proportioned face was full of ignorant innocence.

"What did I lie to you?"

Yin Hui slowly grabbed his hand, interlacing his fingers inch by inch, as if he was afraid that he would run away by denying him, his questioning tone was wrapped in a dull grievance.

"You said that as long as you ignore it, it will get better on its own."


Jiang Fu looked at Yin Hui who was suddenly resuscitated in a subtle mood, scratched his hair tangledly, and made up his mind to go to the end.

"I really don't know."

Yin Hui stretched out his hand to embrace him, resting his chin on his thin shoulders, his low tone was cautious expectation and desire.

"I want oranges."

Jiang Fu rubbed his hair comfortably, and did not speak for a while.

Although I met a lot of people in StarCraft, they were all just rose lie with sweet talk, and there was no one who really satisfied him. And the humanoid in front of him is the most perfect finished product in the entire interstellar space, and he has a strong affection for him. In fact, Jiang Fu, who is still a place, can't help but feel a little eager.


"How about after the college entrance examination?"

He deliberately made a promise.

"After the college entrance examination, I will listen to Huihui."

The arms around his waist tightened suddenly, and Yin Hui stared at his eyes closely, asking in disbelief and extremely surprised.

"Really? Oranges don't lie to me anymore."

"Hey, I won't lie to you this time."

Jiang Fu curled his eyebrows with a smile, and the dimples on his lips were so sweet and soft that Yin Hui couldn't help but want to kiss him and lick it carefully.

Want orange orange.

Really want.

At the end of the college entrance examination two weeks later, Jiang Fu was taken back to the villa by Yin Hui for the night. Originally thought he would be ignorant and ignorant at a loss, but as soon as Jiang Fu opened the bedroom door, he saw a pile of things lying on the bed.

Facing Jiang Fu's complex expression, the blushing Yin Hui firmly held his hand, his joyous voice was a little shy.

"I have checked how to do it, don't be afraid of Orange Orange."

Obviously and also for the first time, Jiang Fu calmly flicked his forehead, saying quite sophisticatedly.

"If the service is not satisfactory, I will return the product."


Yin Hui, whose expression changed slightly, clenched his hand firmly, bowed his head and gently kissed the back of his hand, staring at him with a deep gaze like an invisible cage, as soon as he caught any thoughts of trying to be broken away The harvest is getting tighter and tighter, and I want to hug Jiang Fu and plunge into the abyss hell.

"Orange is mine, you can't leave me."

Jiang Fu was startled, and squeezed his face grinningly, his posture soft.

"Just kidding, I like Huihui the most."

Yin Hui's eyes were astonishingly bright instantly, and uncontrollable satisfaction spread from the corners of his eyebrows and eyes, as if the bright spring light never faded away.

"Well, I also like oranges the most, only oranges."

The foreplay was so long that it was not as painful as I imagined when I was entered. Yin Hui's movements are awkward and awkward, but his carefully cherished gesture will give people a sweet feeling of being taken care of by the apex of the heart.

But soon Jiang Fu didn't think so.

After gradually groping, Yin Hui, who quickly grasped the essentials, seemed to be a different person. A strong and unfamiliar feeling entangled Jiang Fu's airtight package like the tide of extinction. He couldn't help but curled up his toes.

Woo, I feel pretty good.

I don’t know if it’s because Yin Hui’s body is a man-made man. The young boy who tasted the first time was incredibly energetic, and the extremely tired Jiang Fu was always awakened by him intermittently. In the end, the energy of moving his fingers was dimly No more.

Yin Hui lovingly hugged the drowsy tender boy, rubbing his blushing lips, his eyes filled with the pleasure of fullness, as if the always empty heart finally found the missing part that fits perfectly.

In the moment of filling the whole moment, all the heartbeats, all throbbing, all the joys and sorrows will only come from the bright young man who affects every trace of his emotions.

you are mine.

I am yours too.

"It's very close."

"Are everything within range?"

"No, there are some that are going this way."

"Then wait."

The zombie that arrived first grabbed the food source and greedily bit down the living person's skin.

Jiang Fu cut off the arm of the zombie neatly, kicked him out with one foot, and looked at the crowd of zombies in front of him, his eyes brightened, and the railway was cut firmly.

"let's start."

The three thunder-type men next to them immediately activated their abilities, and there was a rumbling rolling sound from the distant sky, and then a huge lightning bolt was drawn over, violently slashing towards them from the depths of the sky.

Jiang Fu stared at the hideous group of zombies without turning his eyes, his hands were tightly tightened, the dark blue blood vessels on the backs of his white hands almost burst open, and thin sweat ran down his forehead silently. , Fell to the ground along the lower jaw.

"Lu Tian, ​​shock me."

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