Chapter 1:Strict Wife of the Seventies Manages the Household

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Chapter 1 Drinking Pesticides

At the end of June, the summer heat was strong at noon. In the past, the members of Shanzui Village were resting for a while, but today they are all enclosed in the yard of the brigade headquarters. There are three floors inside and three floors outside, and the water can't leak.

There was a sharp roar from the crowd, "You tell him, if I don't come back, I will drink pesticide and wait for the body to be collected for me!"

"Gosh, she really drank it?"

"That's very poisonous in 1605!"

"Oh mother, dead dead!"

The crowd was yelling, and the crowd became chaotic.

The captain yelled, "It's all ** dead, Doctor Barefoot!"

The party secretary glared at him and said dullly: "Go and send a telegram again, it's urgent!"

Headache, dizziness, thirsty, this is Lin Lan's biggest feeling about a hangover.

Last night she was in a bad mood and drank two more glasses. She went back to the apartment and fell asleep. The nightmare kept going all night, and there were always phone calls and door slamming in her ears.

Unexpectedly, when I woke up, there was another buzzing sound in my ears that disturbed my dreams.

"Second brother, you said mother...Did you really drink pesticide and died?"

"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh, keep it quiet, my mother is acting to scare them, and I want Dad to go home. Let's mow the grass."

Lin Lan tried to open her eyes, but her eyelids seemed to be stuck in something, and she couldn't open them.

After a while, there was another harsh voice, "The third child is in the army. I think she is too busy to help her with her five children. She is fine, she works hard all day. If you don't want to pass it, you will go back to your family's house, no She is so rare! She is either hanging or drinking pesticides. This is because my old lady is an eyesore and wants me to die first. The ** has never seen such a vicious daughter-in-law! Want to separate? Why don't you strangle me with a rope? …Don’t be pestered, go to work, don’t be lazy and slippery!"

Then there was the sound of the door slamming.

What to drink pesticides and what to separate?

very messy.

Lin Lan had a splitting headache and almost exhausted all of her energy to lift her eyelids.

What I can see is the narrow and cramped room. I didn’t see the windows. I only saw a broken grass curtain hanging. The walls and roof were all smoky. There was still a long black ash hanging in the corners, and the nose was also filled. With the unpleasant smell mixed with various smells, Lin Lan couldn't tell whether it was animal feces or children's urine, moldy or strange smells.

It's boring and nauseous.

Lin Lan's brain thundered, and a bolt from the blue—did she cross it?

Lin Lan closed her eyes and waited for a long time, and then opened her eyes, it was still the smoky yellow mud wall.

At this moment she was convinced that she had really crossed.

The reason for this determination is that some information that does not belong to her has appeared in her mind. It is like reading a book or a movie, and it is impressive.

Shanzui Village, a small village in the north of China, D Province, in the 1970s.

The original owner has the same name as her, her family is Lin Jiatun, her husband's surname is Han, and her husband Han Qingsong is a soldier. The two have five children.

The original owner did not go to school, and only attended a literacy class for a few days, and he knew no more than 50 characters. Since I was a child, I have been strong and violent, my temper is not very good, I am ignorant and knowledgeable, and I will not calmly think of a solution when encountering problems. The most common method is noisy, so when I was in my natal family, I was not welcome.

She was married to Han Qingsong at the age of 16. He was not at home all the time. She was suppressed by her mother-in-law and concubines. She couldn't think of a way to resolve conflicts and ease the relationship.

Han Qingsong served as a soldier at the age of 17. After more than ten years of hard work, he is now a company commander.

The future is promising.

Because of this, the original owner is not at ease, always suspecting that he looks down on himself, and wants to climb high when he has a promising future.

So she kept making noises to let him go home to live, so as not to be hooked by those educated, young and beautiful foxes outside.

The reason why the scene of drinking pesticides was staged this time was because the original owner heard the conclusive news that a demobilized soldier had brought back—Han Qingsong was out there, and he was the daughter of a certain commander!

Han Qingsong's desire to divorce her has become the last straw that crushes the camel. The original owner ran to the commune to telegraph the troops again and again, and the man must change jobs and go home. If she doesn't go home, she will die! And to die with five children!

This matter was known by her mother-in-law, and the old lady Han naturally disagreed. The good future of her son was the glorious and financial support of the old Han family. If we got her son back, wouldn’t it be necessary to return to the pre-liberation overnight?

Absolutely not!

Then the original owner asked the mother-in-law to give her the allowance of his man, otherwise he would force the man to go home and no one would think about it. If she didn't agree, she would drink the medicine!

She asked her second son, Han Wangjun, to quietly pick up an empty 1605 bottle and return, thinking that there was no pesticide, and she couldn't see it with water, pretending to drink pesticide to scare people.

Of course, there is also the meaning of showing great to the family.

How do you know that this 1605 is highly toxic? If the liquid drops on the skin when it is sprayed, it will be poisoned, so why not drink it directly with water?

Although she pretended to take a sip, it was enough to attract a woman with unhealthy body all year round.

So Lin Lan walked through.

It's just that in the original story, this time the original owner really succeeded.

Her husband, Han Qingsong, was frustrated by the trouble and had no intentions of official career. He finally applied for a job change with the army, and would go home in a few days.

But he went home and didn't make the family reconcile from now on, but opened the prelude to the tragedy.

The original owner originally vowed that as long as the man returned home, she would live in peace, but when the man came back, she suspected that the man looked down on her and suspected that he had an affair with other women. As long as he leaves his sight of eating a meal, she wonders if he has a tryst with someone.

The eldest girl and little daughter-in-law in the village, even widows, are her suspicions.

As long as a man doesn't follow her heart, he will make a lot of noise.

Han Qingsong became the director of the commune public security bureau after he changed his job, and was later promoted to deputy director of the county public security bureau. At that time, the Cultural Revolution was coming to an end, control was loosened, and some cadres did not act, public security in the county became increasingly chaotic.

He was busy with official duties and was troubled both internally and externally. Finally, after she made a big fuss, he was physically and mentally exhausted and was stabbed to death in the course of performing official duties.

After his death, she became even more distorted. While pitying herself for taking the child out of her anger, she took care of the short-term and doted her, and gave up all the children, but in the end there was no good death.

and many more!

Lin Lan suddenly realized that this familiar plot seemed like a novel she had read a long time ago. The male and female protagonists in the book are childhood sweethearts, busy making a fortune and running off to a well-off life. The female partner is impressive because of her natural style. She is Han Maisui, the daughter of the original owner. She has a pretty youthful and lively personality. Since childhood, she has been raised by the original owner to be more vain than the sky. She always feels that she is a princess and wants what she wants. Anything that is not good to her is a bad person. The original owner helped his daughter devote himself to pestering the male lead, and her sons were all crooked and could not end well in the end.

The fundamental reason is that this is inseparable from the twisted family.

She actually went into such a home...

What should she do?

go back? It's impossible.

runaway? divorce?

No one gets divorced these days. If she just divorces herself, I'm afraid Lin Jiatun will not be able to tolerate her. It is impossible for a divorced woman to return to her natal family in this era, it is so feudal.

And at this time, I can’t go anywhere without my household registration, work points, or letter of introduction, I can’t find a job, I can’t make money, I’m even having problems with food, and I can’t live. It seems that she can only live as the original owner.

It's just that she suddenly changed her evil spirits and returned to righteousness. I don't know if others will doubt it. Even if it causes doubt, she really can't live in the way of the original owner.

She suddenly came up with an idea that she can use the disaster not to give up and get frustrated, and suddenly figured out that she would no longer be entangled with the past as an excuse to live a steadfast life!

Yes, Not Bad!

It's just that her mother-in-law suppressed her and her husband didn't have feelings for her, and it was not a terrible thing. She still had many ways to live her life.

For her, the most terrifying thing is—

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