Chapter 32:Strict Wife of the Seventies Manages the Household

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Chapter 32

Lin Lan returned to the house, so she said: "The old lady is really angry now. I let you out just now, how nice you have to go, sew the quilt, let me come."

Han Qingsong raised his eyes to look at her, "It's almost done."

Lin Lan smiled, oh, can't tell, Director Han!

Han Qingsong was a little hairy by her, "Huh?"

Lin Lan: "Sew a schoolbag." She took the cloth heads given by Sister Liu.

Han Qingsong glanced at it and said, "Don't fight it." Without a sewing machine, it was not worth it.

There is a relatively new military satchel at home. Han Qingsong has to carry it to work, and there is another one that is not old, and Han Qingsong just got it back.

Lin Lan felt that there was only one schoolbag, and the four students couldn't divide it. It wouldn't be for anyone. It's better to keep it as a prize. When the time comes, whoever studies seriously will be rewarded.

Not to mention elementary school students, even college students are proud to carry a military schoolbag.

At the beginning, Han Jinbao took the military uniform and schoolbag brought back by his third brother to show off in the school.

Lin Lan thinks this can be used as an incentive method. After all, she is carrying only a patch-packed cloth bag when she goes to the market.

Han Qingsong pointed to the homespun cloth bought by Lin Lan, "This cloth is used for school bags. It is thick and resistant to abrasion."

Lin Lan didn't give up the labor cloth to make clothes.

The ready-made cloth, a large piece of cloth to make a school bag, Lin Lan was a little bit reluctant.

Han Qingsong saw her hesitation, and said: "Just sew one, there are not many things, let Dawang carry it on his back."

Lin Lan felt that one schoolbag for four children wouldn't work, at least two, so they still had to sew two, but the cloth on hand was used for quilts and cotton-padded clothes, as well as shoes. Schoolbags could only be used slowly.

She fiddled with the cloth, and the one layer of the schoolbag was too soft. It's better to use a drape underneath as a lining, so that the schoolbag would be more stiff. However, you have to keep the shoe soles, so there is a small amount at home. It is not enough to make two pairs of shoes. So many children in the family still have to make shoes.

After calculating, Lin Lan felt that everything was lacking, and she still had to find a way to get it.

Han Qingsong watched her fiddling hard, so he said, "It's better to take a two-foot cloth ticket and go to the supply and marketing agency to buy a schoolbag."

Lin Lan sighed. How many clothes, bags and shoes she threw away at a time?

"You go to the commune to work, do you have more cloth tickets and cotton tickets than ordinary members?"

Lin Lan is not short of money now, the most lack of votes.

Han Qingsong thought for a while, "There must be more than ordinary members, so I will ask when to post it later."

He wanted to get more cloth tickets back, so that Lin Lan could buy shoes, so that she would not have to pay for the soles of shoes like other women.

He didn't know why, he couldn't imagine Lin Lan holding up a pair of shoe soles like other women, walking wherever he went.

The two sewed a quilt and a schoolbag. At this time, Han Qingyun came to him, shouted outside and went into the yard.

Lin Lan hurried out and said with a smile: "Qingyun is here."

Han Qingyun smiled brightly, "Sister-in-law, where is my third brother?"

"I'm here."

Han Qingyun entered the house and looked at Han Qingsong while he was sewing the quilt. He was stunned for a moment. No matter how lazy and incompetent men in the village were, they did not work as maids. Cooking, washing, sewing and mending at home are all women’s jobs. , Where does a man do this?

He glanced at Lin Lan in surprise.

Lin Lan smiled in order to cover up her embarrassment, "I, I have got a hand, and your third brother said to help me sew."

Han Qingsong glanced at Han Qingyun, "Something?"

Han Qingyun smiled and said, "Third brother, I will learn to sew quilts from you."

Knowing that he was joking, Han Qingsong did not smile, bowed his head and sewed the quilt by himself.

Lin Lan said: "If you have anything, just talk about it."

Han Qingyun leaned over to look at the quilt sewn by Han Qingsong, "It's not that Yu Yuzi, which annoys me. I ran to my house and cried like this. They knew that the third brother was the newly appointed Director of the Public Security Bureau. Brother deliberately kept people from letting my dad intercede. My dad didn’t bother to care about them. He scolded them and told them to stop, or else they would go back and deal with it together. My dad asked me to tell you that I should work in the future. When you work, don’t worry about the mess. If anyone bothers you, just let them come to my father. He has a way to cure them... Oh brother, your stitches are really good, not worse than my mother's stitches."

Lin Lan was cured in an instant. Look, it's not because of the bad stitches, but because Han Qingsong's level is too high.


Han Qingsong nodded: "There is an uncle, so I don't have to worry about it. Looking back to the uncle to have a drink."

Han Qingyun laughed and continued to watch him sew the quilt.

Han Qingsong glanced at him, "Are you really going to sew for me?"

Han Qingyun shook his head quickly.

Han Qingsong said, "Go ahead if you have nothing to do, I know."

Han Qingyun smiled at Lin Lan, said goodbye, walked to the yard and leaned over to Lin Lan and whispered: "Sister-in-law, if you don't know how to sew, you can ask my mother and sister-in-law to help you, my third brother is a great director. It doesn't sound good to quilt the quilt."

The men in the village basically went home and didn't do anything. The oil bottle fell over and couldn't help, let alone housework.

He raised his head to meet Han Qingsong's gaze in the window, and waved his hand, "Brother, I'm leaving now, I'll find you a drink in some time."

Lin Lan returned to the room and said with a smile: "The Qingyun guy is very nice, warm and righteous."

Han Jinbao was playing tricks at the time, and Han Qingyun helped.

Han Qingsong continued to chuckle, chuckle, and sew the quilt.

Although it was still on outside, but the room was dark early, Lin Lan lit the oil lamp.

Han Qingsong has sewn a quilt over there.

Lin Lan:! Director Han did it!

Han Qingsong saw that there was still time, and motioned to Lin Lan to bring the other bed over and sew it together.

Although there are two military quilts at home, it is a single quilt. Although it is thick enough and not wide enough, it can only be covered by one person, and there is no matching mattress.

Han Qingsong and Mai Sui can be divided into one, she and Xiaowang have a big one, and the other three brothers have to have a big quilt.

So she prepared two stitches of cotton and cloth. The bed before was made of self-dyed blue cloth made up of other quilts, the most rustic. This bed is a yarn-dyed fabric bought by Lin Lan. It looks much better than the indigo dyed with homespun fabric. The red, blue and green colors look particularly bright in a dimly lit room.

Lin Lan only makes a colorful quilt, and the rest intends to sew the wheat ears.

The two of them spread the natural lining, cotton wool, and three-color checkered surface sheet together. The speed is much faster. Lin Lan's action is light and fast.

After laying it out, Han Qingsong stitched up the four sides of the quilt.

"Mother, my eldest brother went to fight with others again!" Er Wang ran home and shouted.

He put the basket against the wall, hung the sickle on the wall of the hall, turned around and took the bowl and drank water. He looked up and saw his father sewing a quilt on the kang, "Puff...cough cough cough..."

Lin Lan hurriedly thumped him, "What are you robbing?"

Erwang was like seeing a ghost, "Mother, mother...he, my father, him..."

"Why make such a fuss? Your father is so versatile. You should also learn a little bit. You will have the advantage to find a wife in the future."

Erwang drank water in silence.

Lin Lan remembered Dawang's fight again, and said to Han Qingsong: "I have to go to the party secretary and the principal to tell Dawang to go to school with them too, isn't it just two years older? Can we still pay? on?"

It used to be the original owner who delayed Dawang. Now whenever she asks Dawang to go to school, Dawang refuses because of her age.

Han Qingsong looked up at her.

Lin Lan: "You said he can't go to school when he is old?"

Han Qingsong: "...I didn't speak."

Lin Lan said, "I'm going to talk to the teacher now. You and Dawang have to tell him to go to school anyway. If you don't go to school, it's unreasonable. If you are confused, you will know how to fight and play sideways."

Erwang smiled and said, "Going to school doesn't necessarily make sense."

As soon as he rolled his eyes, Lin Lan would realize that sister-in-law and uncle are also going to school, it's not like that.

However, you still have to go to school anyway.

Lin Lan confessed to let Erwang cook, and Mai Sui also led Xiao Wang back.

Xiaowang was playing with his flute. Although it didn't make a tune, at least one of the notes could be played.

Lin Lan did not hesitate to praise her son, "My child is awesome! Try to make these holes sound." The child has small hands and can't stop it. It's good to be able to sound.

Xiaowang immediately guarded his three loyal listeners and fumbled intently.

Lin Lan left the house to find Han Yongfang first.

It has been raining in the past two days, and the members do not have to go to work, but some work still has to be done.

The directors of the revolutionary committees in other villages are all full- time. They either hold meetings or entertain guests or make gestures all day long. Han Yongfang has been going to the ground with the members, so the old members like him. Han Yongfang is a person who can't stay idle. He leads people to see rivers and ditches all day long without getting down to the ground. He also has to look at corn and peanuts.

Now is the critical period of maturity and cannot be delayed.

Lin Lan was looking for Han Yongfang in the yard of the brigade. He was resting with a few old men, smoking a cigarette.

Lin Lan told her what she meant, to let Dawang and Sanwang go to school with Erwang and Maisui.

Han Yongfang looked at her in surprise, "All four are on?"

The other old men are also very surprised. Is this a dream? Where is it so easy to supply students. It is not easy for a child in a family to leave work and go to school. Those who have students in the family are basically the hardest and poorest, unless a man is a cadre.

A person doesn't earn work points if he doesn't work, but he has to worry about eating, drinking and clothing, paying tuition, buying books, etc., three or four labors are hard to raise a student.

She actually let all four of her children go to school, even if Han Qingsong changed jobs with a little salary, it would be idiotic.

Everyone thinks she is joking and unrealistic.

Han Yongfang didn't question her, but said: "Go if you like. Family members of the military go to school. Our village does not charge tuition, so you can buy your own books."

Their village has its own elementary school, and at the beginning, no tuition is charged. As a result, some people ask the teacher to look after the children, then call them home to work when they are older.

The teacher complained directly.

Later, Han Yongfang decided to pay tuition fees, one for the first and second grades in one semester, and two for the third grade...

Three yuan a year has blocked 90% of parents who don't want their children to go to school, leaving behind those students who really want to go to school.

However, Han Yongfang did not deliberately make things difficult for others. Children who can learn will give out stationery every three to five, and there will be rewards during the New Year. After such a year, almost all the tuition fees have been earned back.

In addition, the teacher led the children to mow the grass, earning three or four work points for one basket in the morning and one basket in the afternoon.

Ordinary members didn't understand this account, and only said that the old party secretary made things difficult for others and was overbearing.

Lin Lan can figure it out clearly.

After telling the party secretary, Lin Lan went to the principal Han Qingping.

She also wanted to test whether she could also take the time to go to school to listen to classes and learn some cultural knowledge.

She really didn't want to do physical work, even if she was a scorekeeper or accountant, she just didn't know how to succeed. Scorekeepers, accountants, etc., are not something that anyone can be. It depends on seniority, level, and prestige. It also depends on the meaning of the Revolutionary Committee. It is recommended by the masses and approved by the Revolutionary Committee.

After all, all the educated youth who go to the countryside are considered literati, but they still work with the members. There are also many who go to elementary school or even middle school, and most of them still work in the fields after returning home.

She couldn't pass the prestige of the masses at present, and the reputation of the original owner was too bad.

Lin Lan is not discouraged, so she should prepare first. At least she can pretend to be motivated and make progress when she knows a few words. If she can learn to read and keep track of books slowly, she always favors those who are prepared. If you are not ready, if there is a chance, you can't help it, right?

She didn't want to be roasted into jerky at work in the summer.

Lin Lan went to the elementary school in the east of the village. On the way, he happened to ran into two teachers, a boy and a girl. The boy was the principal. He was 37 or 18 years old, named Han Qingping, and the girl Huo Yuan was an educated youth who was sent from the district.

She yelled happily, "Principal Han!"

As soon as the other party saw her, he ran away.

Lin Lan hurriedly shouted: "President Han, don't be afraid, I won't beat people—"

She yelled so, Principal Han ran faster.

Lin Lan swiftly blocked Han Qingping's path, and smiled: "Don't be afraid of the principal, I don't hit people. Really, I will tell you about going to school."

Han Qingping looked disbelief. Because of Huo Yuan's side, Lin Lan couldn't beat him, so he was brave enough to listen.

The shrew wants her child to go to school, unless he sees a ghost, he won't believe it.

Lin Lan said: "Principal, my family should be in the first grade. I will send it to you tomorrow. Please take your time."

She looked at Han Qingping's appearance of being struck by lightning, and didn't want to continue to scare him. She smiled and left.

Han Qingping took a sigh of relief.

Huo Yuan is also very curious. The three daughters-in-law of the Han family are really interesting. For a while, they are like crazy women, and they have to go to heaven to reason with God, and for a while they are like the educated youth from the big cities.

Listen, "Thank you so much", this is really hard for most people to say.

Han Qingping was more surprised than her, because he had scolded Lin Lan before.

At that time, he wanted Dawang to go to school, and he talked to Lin Lan. As a result, Lin Lan said that all those who went to school were insane, and that his children didn't go to school, and they were learning those things that were inconsistent.

"There's a ** to go to school? Don't you have to come back to farm? To go to school is useful, why do educated youth go to the countryside? Why did Chairman Mao let them go to the vast world of the countryside to make great achievements? Why not let the peasants go to the cities to make great achievements? "

If he persuades him again, he will directly curse: "Are you not good to see us? Look at you, saying that you are a scholar, what's the use of you? You can't pick up on your shoulders, and you can't hold your hands. If it wasn't for our old secretary to take care of you, you I've been locked up in the bullpen a long time ago. Right, those who closed the bullpen and the cellar are all your scholars, right? Who knows what ** you read in your studies, you can't see it, how about being locked in the bullpen and the cellar? Fudge us to study, you save time. You are useless and want my children to follow suit."

Han Qingping was so angry that he shivered while pointing at her, "You said you, you, and you have a good appearance, so why are you willing to fall and become a ** who hates others? Is it true that getting married is a dead fish eyeball? ?"

For this sentence, the original owner chased Han Qingping several streets, scolded when he met, and scolded when he thought of it, saying that the scholar was really not a good thing, and he looked down on her specifically.

At this moment, Lin Lan spoke in a good voice, and Han Qingping was really uncomfortable.

Huo Yuan smiled and said, "Principal, it's not a dead eyeball now, right?"

Han Qingping wiped the sweat from his forehead, "No, I feel alive." I don't know if she is true or not. Will she send the child here tomorrow?

After dealing with a major event, Lin Lan went home happily. On the way, she also ran into Liu Chunfang who was hovering behind her house.

Lin Lan glanced at it without saying hello, and left with her head held high.

Liu Chunfang:...

When they got home, Erwang and Maisui had prepared their meals, and Dawang and Sanwang were standing under the eaves.

Lin Lan said smoothly: "Oh, what's this for being so good?"

Dawang stuck his neck and said nothing, his handsome face was full of rebelliousness.

Sanwang pursed his lips, his eyes turned sharply, and showed a coquettish expression towards Lin Lan.

Lin Lan instantly understood: Punishment to stop.

Hahaha, you also have today!

The old mother can't heal you, so naturally there are Tathagata Buddhas who surrender you.

Haha, let me smile for a while.

Lin Lan laughed unabashedly and annoyed Dawang and Sanwang, and both of them looked at her.

At this time, there was a cold snort from the room, and the two children looked terrified, and immediately their backs were straightened, and they looked straight ahead with a serious face.

Lin Lan pursed her lips and entered the room, "Erwang Maisui, it's so delicious."

Xiaowang ran over, "Mother, I'll play another one." He immediately nodded with his little hand and started playing the flute.

Lin Lan was surprised: "You are awesome, my child! Mother really admires you!"

Xiaowang is more beautiful.

Lin Lan went over to see that Han Qingsong had actually sewed the flower quilt almost completely.

"Oh, it's Director Han, really amazing!" She gave a thumbs up.

Xiaowang: "Mother, who is great with Dad and I?"

Lin Lan smiled and scratched his little nose, "Of course it's a good kid, I guess he won't be able to make a hole."

The child was happy, and led Wangwang to see Brother Duck—actually Sister Duck.

When eating, Lin Lan asked the two children to come over for dinner, Han Qingsong: "Let them be hungry."

Lin Lan whispered: "Education belongs to education. You don't need to be hungry, don't be hungry."

Han Qingsong: "Whoever eats, listen to whoever says. If you don't obey, you won't eat."

Lin Lan nodded, nothing wrong.

If you pick up the bowl to eat and put down the bowl to scold your mother, it's really wrong.

It's just that the child doesn't seem to be that ** either, it's just that there are some problems that children have.

But seeing Han Qingsong's face cold, she really didn't dare to stroke the tiger's beard.

So, brother, sorry, mother eat dinner first.

In addition to regular meals, Erwang also stewed an egg pickle with eggs, shrimp skins, and chopped green onions, which was delicious.

Lin Lan's eyes lit up after eating, "Well, it's delicious, Erwang's cooking skills are getting better and better."

This is better than the old mother, which is gratifying. In the future, the kitchen can be handed over to you, and the old mother can sit back and enjoy it. Hahaha.

Er Wang looked at Lin Lan with a proud and proud expression, and felt happy in his heart, but he always felt that the expression in his mother's eyes was a little calculating.

Lin Lan coughed and said sternly: "I'm announcing a major event."

Han Qingsong put down the chopsticks in his hand, and the other children immediately put them down when they saw it, looking at her.

Lin Lan was a little embarrassed, "Don't be so serious, starting from tomorrow, you all have to go to school."

Erwang and Maisui are ready, but Dawang and Sanwang outside are faint.

Dawang didn't say a word.

Sanwang objected at the time: "Mother, I'm not old enough, I'm only seven years old."

Lin Lan: "Where did you get younger when you were 7? Liu Hulan sacrificed for the country at the age of 15."

Sanwang: "Then there are devils now, I am not afraid of sacrifice!"

Lin Lan slapped the table: "Why do you talk so much." Come on, think the old mother can't tell you what's wrong?

Han Qingsong snorted softly, and Sanwang didn't dare to speak.

Although his mother can bluff, she doesn't hit people, and hitting people is also tickle.

His father is black, his hands are black!

That slap on the butt, my mother, my ** is still numb.

The eldest brother was even more miserable. He ran into the black feet of Dad Hei, kicked his butt, and fell on the ground at that time.

Black father also said that starting from tomorrow, if you get up early and do morning exercises, you will be punished if you are late or can't keep up. He will decide how to be punished.

But most of it is going to get a whip!

Sanwang couldn't help but lowered his head to glance at the rattan at the root of the wall, not to mention that the rattan was only thick with his pinky finger, and it hurts when he pulled it off.

Sanwang subconsciously squeezed on his eldest brother, squeezing Dawang all the way, Dawang threatened him with his eyes, and he was not afraid.

After eating, Han Qingsong continued to sew the second quilt.

Lin Lan whispered: "Brothers, shall we eat?"

Han Qingsong: "You have the final say."

Lin Lan went out and said, "Let's eat."

Dawang snorted, a little unconvinced, but Sanwang rushed into the house holding a bowl and snorted and drank the porridge, "Delicious, delicious!"


Lin Lan doesn't care about being prosperous, anyway, Han Qingsong is at home, not afraid of how skinny he is.

Lin Lan took out the military satchel and said, "The school bag your father brought back, I will reward whoever takes the best exam during the New Year!"

She hung the army-green schoolbag on the wooden wedge on the wall, making the children drool and greedy every day, inspiring them.

Erwang and Maisui's eyes glowed, and they both wanted it.

Sanwang also swallowed.

Dawang didn't even look at it, and seemed unmoved.

Lin Lan took out the pencils and notebooks she bought, one for each, one for each pencil, and one for the two with an eraser. Please wait for the textbooks to go to school tomorrow, ask the teacher to think of a way, and then one for two children will be enough.

Four children, two tables, one book for two, enough.

She put the schoolbag she sewed on the table, and made a pen curtain with a piece of curb, and rolled four pencils inside to protect the nib.

There is a chance to buy another pencil case back.

Erwang and Mai Sui are very interested in the brush curtain, they have not seen such a thing yet.

Erwang: It's easy to use, but it's too ugly, and it doesn't embroider flowers.

He glanced at Han Qingsong, who was still sewing the quilt, wondering if Director Han could embroider.

Sleeping at night, Lin Lan and Mai Sui put their arms around Xiaowang, and the three of them put on a new quilt. It was warm and warm, which was great.

The men covered the military quilts brought back by Han Qingsong. Han Qingsong led Erwang, Dawang and Sanwang. The quilts were a bit small.

The child Sanwang slept, punched and grabbed the quilt, but Dawang couldn't cover it at first. Later, Dawang was covered up tightly, Sanwang arched his head into his elder brother's arms, and his lower body was on the wall, and the dog digs twice as if swimming.

The next day, Han Qingsong got up before dawn, pinched the small cane by the way, and lightly twitched the edge of the kang, Dawang sat up with a rub.

Erwang also quickly got up.

As soon as the eldest brother left, Sanwang fell off the wall, slept awkwardly, and was dreaming of not knowing what good food to eat.

Han Qingsong hesitated before calling him.

Lin Lan woke up and quickly gestured, "The kids will get more sleep."

According to her idea, Erwang also sleeps a little longer. He is still a child when he is 9 years old.

Dawang should be educated, after all, she can't control it.

She wanted to plead for Erwang, but she was afraid that Dawang would be unbalanced, so she held back her words and gave Erwang an encouraging look.

Erwang was still a little embarrassed, thinking of how cold winter was and how hot the bed was, he didn't want to get up at all.

Now that he felt his father's majesty and his mother's encouragement, he had to get up too.

So Maisui, Sanwang, and Xiaowang were added to Wangwang, and they slept soundly.

The two brothers were trained by their father in the morning, followed him to learn stretching exercises, then ran to warm up, and then came back to do push-ups.

Erwang: "Father, it's not easy to walk when it rains, I can't run."

"Take the road flat and you can run." Han Qingsong didn't give face at all.

Two brothers:...

Erwang: "Father, the shoe broke the mud, so my mother got angry."

Han Qingsong thinks about it, "Find a location for push-ups by yourself. The boss is in his forty, he is in his 20s and 30s."

Dawang couldn't be troubled, but Erwang was a little struggling.

If the movement is not in place, Han Qingsong's cane will be pulled on his legs with care, asking for abdomen, head, back, buttocks, and legs to be straight. If he reminds him that it is not standard, he will pull it harder.

Not running is push-ups and squat jumps. In half an hour, the two boys were sweating profusely and numb all over.

When they finished training, Mai Sui and Sanwang were walking out with a yawn, and said in surprise: "Why are you doing this?"

Dawang snorted and entered the house angrily. Erwang looked unlovable, "Sister, why are you a female?"

Mai Sui: "Could it be that you want to be a girl?"

Erwang is happy, at least he doesn't need to be ruthlessly drilled by his father.

They all say that there is a real father who is a soldier, and he has a head!

Some are all blood and tears.

After the children were trained, their appetites became better, and Lin Lan couldn't help but think twice about breakfast.

Han Qingsong: "You two step on each other's legs to relax your muscles."

He didn't take the cane when he said this, and Dawang didn't take it seriously.

Han Qingsong didn't care about him either.

Lin Lan advised Erwang, "It doesn't hurt to listen to your father."

Erwang listened to Lin Lan, so he let Sanwang and Maisui step on them. When they stepped on it was sour and refreshing, it was almost ecstatic.

Lin Lan's old mother looked at him kindly, "Erwang, you will know the benefits by tomorrow."

Tomorrow, Dawang’s legs are so sore that his teeth are sore, and you are as light as a swallow, you will know that your father did not lie to you.

Don’t think that you’re all right when you’re doing farm work. This squat jump and push-up exercises have different muscle groups.

This is a talk of experience!

After breakfast, the two children really had a good appetite, Lin Lan thought that she still had to find a way to get food, and could not sit and eat in the sky.

The half-sized child eats the poor old man.

Lin Lan took out the schoolbag she had worked so hard to sew, put the book and the pen curtain in it, and handed it to Dawang, "Take it on your back, Dawang, and send it to the siblings in the classroom, and put them in together after school. No harm, no use. Lost it, a pencil is three cents."

She said to Han Qingsong again: "You send the children over, the first day you go to school, the parents want to send it."

It is also a sense of ritual.

Han Qingsong glanced at her and nodded.

Lin Lan gave him the money again, "This is the tuition fee, and ask the teacher to buy books for the children, just a set for two children."

She thought that she would have to bring Han Qingsong's pocket money with her, and it would be fine for a man to go out without money.

Han Qingsong didn't have a penny on him, so his wife took it to him, glanced at the children, and suffocated those who were happy or unhappy, and followed him to school.

When the school arrived, Han Qingping was already there, and there were still thirty or forty students in the classroom.

The school is just a large classroom, three rooms are put together, there are blackboards on the front and back, and there are three teachers in total.

Han Qingping is the principal, teaching Chinese from grades one to five, another teacher teaches math from grades one to five, and Huo Yuan teaches art, music and nature.

It is said to be in the fifth grade, but in fact there are not many children. There are more than one in the first and second grades, and there are less than twenty in total. You have to add surrounding villages. There are ten in the third grade, and ten in the fourth and fifth grades.

At this time, there is no serious study everywhere, especially in the countryside, just learning a few words.

In many local language classes, poor peasants are asked to talk about family history, remembering bitterness and thinking sweetly, math classes follow the production team to calculate work points, nature classes study how to grow soil and fatten up, and music and art is to recite quotations and sing patriotic songs.

After all, at this time, I feel that studying is useless. Even if I am still in school, I have to go home and farm. The factory does not recruit workers and the university does not recruit students. It is really useless.

Therefore, the school still has a task. The teacher will lead the children to mow the grass once in the morning and once in the afternoon. When the farm is busy, they will also go to the field to help harvest the crops.

In this way, children can learn to read and settle accounts and earn work points. Parents are willing to let them go to school. Otherwise, they will either mow the grass or watch the children, and they will basically not come to school.

Han Qingsong sent the child over. Han Qingping was very happy, and said a lot to Han Qingsong, the most of which was "Qingsong, Lin Lan is making great progress now, very good, very good! Not afraid of being dull, just afraid of not changing, she Now that I know progress, she is really a rare good woman."

The more he boasted, the more energetic he was, and he always had a kind of self-education, which was very happy.

Han Qingsong: "My child doesn't have textbooks. You can buy two books for your child, and you can buy one for the two children."

A table of Dawang and Sanwang, wheat ears and Erwang.

Han Qingping was a little embarrassed, "The book was published before, but now I am afraid it is not easy to buy."

Dawang immediately raised his eyebrows in triumph, and stuffed his schoolbag into Maisui's arms at the front desk, "I don't have any books for any class, I'm leaving now."

He stood up, and Sanwang immediately followed him, very proud.

Han Qingsong said coldly: "If you don't have a textbook, just copy it and memorize it!"

Dawang: "..."

Sanwang: Oh!

After Han Qingsong finished speaking, he said to Han Qingping: "Leave the child to the teacher, and just beat him up if he doesn't follow the rules."

Han Qingsong left after speaking.

The four children of the Han family:...

Dawang held a pen like a sickle, with murderous eyes, wasting time at school, sitting here like a fool, might as well go to mow the grass to earn work points.

Han Qingping first introduces classroom discipline, and then talks about the daily schedule, "Don't worry, students, we have labor courses, so we don't delay mowing. We can also mowing and lecture."

He talked about the content of the first class of Chinese. The convention of the first sentence must first be learned "I wish the great leader Chairman Mao a longevity!"

After you know how to read, you have to learn to write, starting with the simplest.

Han Qingping watched Dawang hold the pen with a sickle and hoe, and quickly demonstrated how to hold the pen, so that the students could follow along.

Dawang couldn't learn, was upset and irritated, and almost broke his pencil.

Sanwang quickly reminded him: "Brother, three cents!"

If you go home, your mother will have to talk about it. If you talk about it, mother will wait for you to be beaten.

He understands, father listens to mother, as long as mother is not happy, no one will have good fruit.

The husband and wife who were labeled as "wife, sing, husband and follower" are still sewing the quilt. Han Qingsong finished the second bed that was not sewn last night, while Lin Lan planned to sew a mattress.

The kang is too hard and she sleeps uncomfortably.

At this time, many people and their whole families cover such a quilt, and there is no extravagant expectation about what the quilt is.

The original owner used to have two quilts, one large and one small, and he had never laid a quilt.

A small family like Lin Lan owns four quilts, which is definitely the first one in the village.

She looked at it, and put together the remaining rags, and a little old cotton that was eliminated, so that a thin mattress could be quilted.

It's definitely not warm, but fortunately, there is no need to keep warm. The cushion is always softer than Guangkang.

At this time, Xiaowang led Wangwang back from the outside, and the flute was tied on his back with a twine. Seeing the adults sewing the quilt, the children couldn't help but go up and roll.

Lin Lan was more tolerant of Xiaowang than other children, but she didn't want him to roll on the new quilt with dust from outside, so she coaxed him not to go up.

It is rare for Xiaowang to act like a coquettish and naughty, but the allure of the quilt is too great, and he wants to roll.

Just as Han Qingsong was about to make a straight face, Lin Lan winked at him and motioned him not to be so fierce to children.

Han Qingsong's complexion softened, "Come here and tell you a story."

Lin Lan pricked up his ears, can he still tell stories? Lie to the children.

Xiaowang has always been indifferent to Han Qingsong, and even a little scared. He leaned in when he heard of telling stories, "Wangwang likes listening to stories the most."

Han Qingsong told him a story about a stupid woman and a greedy man. The stupid woman sews a quilt and sews herself into the quilt. The greedy man doesn't want to eat all the time. When it rains, she says she is crackling the window like fried beans. When it snows, it’s fluttering like a piece of dough...

It sounds dry to Lin Lan, and it's really not emotional at all.

Xiao Wang listened with gusto, and kept asking: "Has that stupid lady come out? Have you eaten the greedy man?" Children like to have a happy ending no matter what stories they hear.

Han Qingsong glanced at Lin Lan, "The stupid lady has a diligent man, and the greedy man has a clever daughter-in-law. They are all satisfied."

Xiaowang is also satisfied.

Lin Lan was so guilty that she almost checked herself into the seat. Is he changing the way and making fun of her stupid?

Han Qingsong sews more and more skillfully. He sews the quilt in a short while and also helps Lin Lan sew the quilt.

Lin Lan quickly refused, "No need, the mattress is very thin, I can do it myself."

Han Qingsong didn't insist, "I'll go to the brigade to see and buy some wood."

Lin Lan said before that she would pack two boxes to put clothes, and there was no place to lock valuables at home, which was really unsafe.

At this time, the furniture for young people to get married was basically a table, two chucks or a stool, a wardrobe and two hand boxes. The closet is just a square deep cabinet with a large storage space. It is not a problem to put five or six quilts, and you can also stuff seasonal clothes. If you still have the conditions, you can stack a large box on it, half the size of a closet.

The two hand boxes are very small, and usually put some small or private things.

At this time, there is no concept of a wardrobe in the countryside.

Another thing is to put a kang cabinet on the kang, but generally there are many children in the family, and the couples take their children to sleep on a kang are very crowded, and there is no place to put the kang cabinet and the like.

These furniture are square and square, without any special shape, which can maximize the value of the wood and maximize the storage space.

Lin Lan and Han Qingsong got married very shamelessly. They only had a lame desk and two hand boxes. One of them was given to her nephew, and the other was not like it. There were no other wardrobes, large boxes, or kang cabinets.

Han Qingsong wanted to make a set of furniture for Lin Lan, a set of tables and stools, two hand boxes, and a wardrobe to enlarge the box. If you can buy more wood, you can also make a chest of drawers, wardrobes and the like.

It takes a lot of wood.

Fortunately, he has a job now, he can get his salary every month, and paying the carpenter's fee is not a problem.

Generally, people in the village make furniture by asking a carpenter in the village to make it, or come to the house to do the meal and give a little money, or send the wood over and let someone help make it and give it more money.

Han Qingsong understands that the carpenters in this village have average craftsmanship. Those who asked him to do some work a few years ago said that they had pulled out the seams, or their legs could not stand.

He first went to the team to find the captain, and exchanged the thick-waisted locust tree from the branch for the dried locust tree in the team. In addition, regardless of the tree species, elm, catalpa, poplar, and phoenix, then replaced a few ready-made wood ,board.

The wood for furniture cannot use freshly cut trees. It must be dried in the shade for a year or two, otherwise the furniture will be finished when the wood shrinks.

He didn't rush to pull when he changed the wood, and put it at the brigade department first, knowing it was him, no one dared to take it now.

The four thieves' feet and arms are still fresh in their memory. The shadow area is not small. Who would dare to hit the director's idea?

Han Qingyun knew that he would change the wood to make the house, and enthusiastically gave him an idea, "Third brother, let me tell you, don’t look for grasshopper legs to make the house. His craftsmanship is too bad, and my eldest brother’s furniture is all scrapped. My sister-in-law is talking directly. You can find Carpenter Wang from Wanghetun to the south. He has good craftsmanship. He played my second brother, and it hasn't changed at all."

Grasshopper leg is the nickname of the carpenter in this village. It is good to drink wine, but there is no food to go with. A grasshopper leg can have a drink. It is said that he likes to eat grasshoppers.

Han Qingsong has also learned about it before, and it is almost the same as Han Qingyun said, "Okay."

Han Qingyun asked him what he was hitting again, and Han Qingsong said, "Full set."

Han Qingyun looked at him in surprise, "The full set? Third brother, you can't put it down in the house because you do so many things."

Han Qingsong thought about it seriously, "Well, it must be a new house."

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