Chapter 33:Strict Wife of the Seventies Manages the Household

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Chapter 33

Han Qingyun: "...The third brother."

The third brother is courageous, and he can talk about things like building a new house. It is worthy of Wu Neng who went to battle to kill the enemy, Wen Neng sewed his beloved wife, a true man!

It's no wonder that Han Qingyun is surprised. At this time, building a house in the countryside is a bigger task than marrying a wife and giving birth to a son, and it is the most difficult task for the villagers.

Marrying a daughter-in-law is nothing more than reaching age, saving a hundred catties of grain, a hook cloth, a few pieces of household items, a piece of meat, and even a living without so much halved. Anyway, as long as a man is not bad and has the strength, no matter how poor he is, he can always marry a daughter-in-law. When you marry a wife, you don’t have to worry about having a son.

But the house is not good.

Building a house requires wood, straw, adobe, stone, wheat straw, food, manpower, etc.

Even if you only need to spend money to hire two big workers, masons and carpenters, the small workers are all the captains leading the labor to help, but the materials are actually prepared by themselves.

Building a house requires a lot of wood, which is used for beams, purlins, etc. Trees do not grow all at once. Ordinary members have no money and no place to buy. Basically, it is hard to save, and it is good to save for more than a decade.

In addition, even if the rafters are replaced by cheap materials like straw instead of wood, they have to be replaced in the production team by work points.

Work points are used to exchange food for food, but the family can’t eat enough, so where is there so much to change materials?

Although the small workers can help in the village and do not eat, the big workers and the strong labor of laying the walls and beams have to eat a few meals.

Imagine if you don’t have enough food to eat, where can you get food for food?

Either way, it is enough for the members to worry about.

If you build three rooms, it will be even more remarkable. It is really handed down from the ancestors, and then repaired by one generation. When life is good, a one and a half room will be built for the son to make a living and marry a daughter-in-law.

If it is really possible to build a new one, it will cost about a hundred yuan. If it is bricks, it will naturally be more.

One hundred yuan, how many yuan can the country folks save all year long?

Besides, who is not sick yet? Marriage, children, funerals, and human relations have to spend money.

When you get married, your family’s savings for more than ten years will be emptied, and funerals will be emptied for more than ten years. In case there is something else, there is really nothing you can save at home except the mouse hole.

Even if you have been the secretary of the party for nearly 20 years, you can't easily say how many years you have to save to build a house.

His eldest and second elder brothers have not been separated, he still lives in the same room with his parents, and getting married in the future will be a matter.

Those who apply for homestead in the village have been saving for more than ten or twenty years, and the family cannot bear the need to build a house and separate their families.

Han Qingsong is really the first to say that he wants to build a house so easily, and Han Qingyun will worship.

Han Qingsong didn't think about these things. He was not at home all year round and didn't understand the market situation in the village. In the army, he would do everything on command. The more difficult he was, the more difficult he would be.

Besides, there are so many people in the army, and they are all strong young men. There is nothing to do, it is really effortless.

Han Qingsong also didn't think it would be laborious to do what he needed. If he didn't, he would think of a way, and he would always be able to do it.

When he thought of building a house, he acted immediately.

Building a house is not the business of the family. You must first apply for a homestead with the brigade, report the materials reserved for building the house, such as wood, straw, adobe, etc., and you must apply to open the paper to buy bricks and tiles.

People in the village basically don't think about bricks and tiles when building houses. One is that they are too expensive to buy, and the other is that they can't find a relationship approval note.

Even if bricks and tiles are not used, other wood and straw are not so easy to get together.

At the moment, it is all collective farming labor. Each family's own reserved land is divided into two parts of the multilateral corners and can only rely on the production team to divide the materials.

Not to mention that wood is difficult to collect, even straw is also difficult.

The local roof must be bundled with stalks of straw, covered on the beam frame, and then covered with yellow mud, thatch or wheat grass. The role of this stalk is equivalent to the rafters. If there is not so much wood, then stalks are used instead. After all, the cost of stalks is much lower than that of wood.

But even so, with so many households in a production team, it is not so easy to gather them all on their own.

Han Qingsong thought that since he wanted to build a house, he would only build bricks and tiles. The earthen house would easily collapse and be unsafe in case of heavy rain, and it would have to be repaired several times a year.

Han Qingsong went to Han Yongfang, "Master, I want to line up to apply for a homestead to build a house."

Han Yongfang smiled and took out the schematic diagram of the village homestead. "Look at it. Pick wherever you like it?"

Han Qingsong looked at him in surprise, "Don't you want to line up?" He inquired at least for the next year.

Although it is not easy to build a house, many people have already squeezed a dozen people into the three huts, and it is really hard to squeeze them. Almost every household has a need to build a house, but there is no money, food, and materials that are temporarily shelved.

Han Yongfang shook his head, "No, I have already applied for you."

Han Yongfang had long wondered about Han Qingsong's change of career.

In fact, the old Han family could apply for a homestead to build a house to separate. After all, Han Qingsong sent the money back, and the old lady was not short of money. It’s just the old lady’s habitual thinking as a feudal patriarch, and she doesn’t want to split the family. After the split, the son and daughter-in-law will live their lives separately. Who cares about her old lady? Regardless of the family, the whole family circled her, she said that she was so prestigious?

Many families do not divide their families. One is that they are too poor to be divided. The other is that the elderly are afraid of being lonely and are abandoned. They don't like desertedness, so they have to live with their children and grandchildren and wait until the second elder or father passes away.

Han Yongfang considered Han Qingsong's return to work. The household registration relationship between grain and oil is different from that of others. It is slightly more complicated. For example, when other people change jobs, they are based on the principle of proximity. Wherever they go, their household registration will be transferred back to their own village.

Han Qingsong's household registration did not come back, but in the county, but his relationship with grain and oil has returned to the commune.

He can get a total of three wages in the county and the commune, and at the same time two benefits in the county and the commune. For example, the food stamps can cost 30 catties a month for the general staff, and now some cadres with better conditions can get 36 catties.

However, Han Qingsong had 44 kilograms, which was taken according to the standards of a heavy person. This kilogram refers to edible flour, etc., rather than unprocessed grains such as wheat and corn directly harvested in the countryside.

The 44 catties included edible oil, and one catty of food stamps contained three or two oils. It was not a simple food stamp for rural people to exchange for food.

Han Yongfang does not accept other cloth tickets, such as cotton tickets, so it is not clear, but he guessed that it must be double or high-standard.

For example, if someone’s cloth is ten feet a year, he may be at least ten feet five.

If cotton is two catties for others, he may have three catties.

With such good conditions, the first demand is definitely to build a house.

The two thatched cottages that the brigade borrowed from him were too dilapidated. Temporary accommodation is okay. If you live for a long time, it will leak and cold in winter, and it will leak if it rains heavily in summer.

If it catches the heavy rain, it will flood the house.

There are quite a few applications for homesteads in the village at this time. If you line up, Han Qingsong will have to wait until the next year.

Fortunately, he had already applied for it.

He wondered that although Han Qingsong was registered in the county, it did not mean that he could take his family to the county.

One is that his main job is in the commune, and it is impossible for the county to allocate a room to him. If the room is not allocated, it means that he is just hanging out and does not have to go to work.

The second is that Lin Lan and her child's household registration will definitely not go to the county, unless Han Qingsong becomes the director of the county public security bureau in the future, and that is possible.

At this time, it is very difficult to convert from a farmer to a non-licensed country. There is a shortage of jobs in the city itself, so it is natural not to let the agricultural hukou enter the city, unless there is a big contribution or the reason for having to enter the city.

Therefore, he felt that Han Qingsong must build a house in the village.

Sure enough, let him count it.

Han Qingsong looked at it and said gratefully: "Thank you, uncle. I will ask the child's mother to pick it."

Han Yongfang smiled slightly, "Take it back, go home and pick it up."

Han Qingsong also borrowed two batteries from the brigade by the way, and then took the batteries and a big thick notebook home to look for Lin Lan.

Lin Lan's mattress was almost stitched, and she was wondering when she saw him come back with a big book in his arms, "What is this?"

Han Qingsong put the notebook on the kang, went to change the radio battery, "I'll pick it for you."

Lin Lan took a look and was pleasantly surprised: "Pick a homestead?"

Han Qingsong raised her eyebrows, and she suddenly saw that it was a homestead.

Lin Lan couldn't pull his eyes out immediately, so he lay there and looked like that, "Where shall we go to build it? Just beside the brigade? Or go to the back of the village? Isn't it better to go to the east end of the village? It's convenient to go to school next to the school. Or is it at the west end of the village? It’s close to the private plot, so it’s convenient to grow vegetables and pour vegetables..."

Han Qingsong watched her lying there, her unevenly cut hair was washed very smoothly, glowing with a soft light, so awkward, he reached out and touched it.

Lin Lan said, "What?"

Han Qingsong immediately withdrew his hand, "You have broken grass on your head."

She looked at Han Qingsong's face turning suspiciously red, and said with a smile: "It's okay, I'm going through the haystack all day."

There is no straw shed in the house, and the haystacks are soaked by the rain outside, so they can only be burned from the inside.

She looked at it for a while, but couldn't make up her mind, "Would you like to wait for the children to come back and pick it together?"

Han Qingsong thinks that the choice of homestead has something to do with her children. She decides not to be fine? But he nodded, "Middle."

Lin Lan put down with joy and continued to sew the mattress, which was finished.

Han Qingsong went out to take a look in the yard. He had prepared the materials for building the house. He had to wait for the autumn harvest, almost September and October.

There is no shortage of money for his family to build a house now, and it is easy to say that he spends money to hire a few great workers, and the captain will lead people for at most three or four days.

The most difficult thing is to prepare the materials and take your time.

He observed in the yard, and chose a position where the south wall was against the hut, and built a straw shed so that the firewood could be put in, and he was not afraid of rain.

Bicycles and household items can also be put in. They can't fit in the house, and they are easy to rot in the wind, sun and rain.

It is much easier to build a straw shed. Use the south wall to build a dirt wall on the opposite side, and use some curved wooden sticks that cannot be used as purlins, and cover it with thatch, reeds, etc.

Han Qingsong went to prepare the materials first. In the afternoon, Lin Lan gave him a hand to help. After the end of work in the evening, Han Qingyun and Han Qingyun came to help, and the straw shed was set up.

Brother Han and Han Qingyun naturally refused to stay for dinner, and left after helping.

Han Qingsong helped Lin Lan to tear open the rain-drenched haystacks outside. The haystacks that had been drenched on the top were exposed to the sun and burned.

Grass that has been drenched in rain is easy to rot. If it is not dried in the sun, it will turn into soil in a few days.

Lin Lan looked very satisfied, boasting: "Director Han is really capable, can attack and retreat can defend."

Han Qingsong glanced at her, and didn't know where he learned the jokes.


The children came back for dinner one after another in the evening.

Lin Lan motioned Erwang to listen to the radio, and Erwang said in surprise, "Mother, do you have a battery?"

Lin Lan smiled, "Your father borrowed it from the brigade, and he bought it back later."

Erwang happily began to adjust the channel. At this time, the programs included singing, singing operas, model operas, storytelling, etc. Songs such as "I Love Beijing Tiananmen", and storytelling "Take the Tiger Mountain Out of Wisdom" are all very popular now.

However, children are also prone to disputes. For example, Dawang and Sanwang like to listen to war storytelling, Erwang and Maisui like to listen to various songs, but Xiaowang likes to listen to music such as erhu, flute, tambourine, and guzheng. The sound... must be noisy again.

Lin Lan hurriedly persuaded: "Or you take turns to listen."

"The storytelling is going to continue, and I won't be able to listen to it after a day."

"You didn't have to listen to you without a battery a few days ago!"

The children quarreled, and the two cabins boiled like a pot.

"Stop, stop!" Lin Lan persuaded a few words, but the children didn't listen at all, instead they made more noise.

Han Qingsong entered the house from the outside, wrinkled his thick eyebrows, "Everyone has it, stand at attention!"

Just like the conditioned reflex, the big prosperous two prosperous three prosperous, immediately stand at attention.

Maisui proudly enjoys the radio and tunes to singing programs.

Sanwang looked at his sister dissatisfied, pushed his elder brother with his hands, and groaned.

Maisui pouted at them triumphantly.

"Why listen to her, I also want to listen!" Sanwang began to be unconvinced.

Han Qingsong turned the radio switch with his hand, "If you want to be fair? Then don't listen."

Suddenly the room was quiet.

Han Qingsong handed the radio to Lin Lan, "Don't let me hear any of you noisy."

The children were pursing their mouths tightly, all with an angry look.

Lin Lan thought for a while, "Why don't I make a few sticks, let's draw lots for storytelling and songs, which one will I get?"

The children were not very happy, but there was no better way. The key black father had a dark face, and they were also a little timid.

Lin Lan has never married or had children in her previous life. Now she teaches her children to cross the river purely by touching the stones. With her open-mindedness, she naturally brings out the atmosphere of tolerance and friendship of modern parents towards their children. This is indispensable. Conflicts with Han Qingsong's old-style traditional education.

After all, China's educational philosophy has always been: filial sons are born under the stick.

disobedient? Fight, still not obedient? Fight hard!

Lin Lan said that Dawang would owe his father to beat him, but if the small cane was really drawn, she would pump it again, feeling very guilty.

So she is willing to use a more peaceful way to communicate with the children and find positive and effective solutions.

It's just that this method has its drawbacks, and it's slow to work, especially for children with low EQ and late understanding, and when they encounter something they like, the obedient Erwang and Maisui also become stubborn, and Lin Lan is a bit blinded.

In that case, put it away first, and no one wants to listen to it when it doesn't.

At dinner, the atmosphere was a little depressed, and even Xiao Wang didn't dare to speak, and leaned directly on Lin Lan to eat obediently.

Lin Lan tried to invigorate the atmosphere several times, but the children did not react enthusiastically.

After the meal, Lin Lan said: "You do your homework first, and after you finish, we will have a meeting to select a homestead."


Upon hearing this, the children immediately responded, "Mother, shall we build a house?"

Lin Lan smiled and said, "Yes, this house is not ours either. You can't borrow it for the rest of your life. Of course you have to build your own house."

There was no homework. After a few minutes of writing, a few children slumped on the kang to pick one out, one in the back, the other in the east, and in the same place... After a while, they quarreled again.

Lin Lan watched Han Qingsong's face getting darker, and immediately smiled at him and motioned to him not to be angry.

To tell you the truth, the five kids were making noise in a small house. It was really noisy.

Finally, Lin Lan said, "Vote. Whoever wants to choose a place will raise his hand. The more votes count."

The children thought about it, but they didn't have any problems, and they emphasized their favorite positions.

Basically there are two factions, Sanwang listens to the eldest brother, Erwang and Maisui, Xiaowang is still small and ignored.

Lin Lan said, "In this way, if anyone can write the right words in the south, north, east, west, and middle of the village, let him have two votes."

Stimulating them to study hard. There were five votes in total, three of which won.

She motioned Dawang to write first, and Dawang glanced at her with an angry expression in his eyes.

Lin Lan said, "You can't write ha, who will? Who can write and who has 2 votes. I and your father do not vote, you decide for yourself."

She didn't believe they could write it.

Erwang said: "Mother, let me try."

Maisui quickly started.

When they followed the sister-in-law and uncle, they also read a few words.

Dawang also gathered up the pencil murderously over there.

Sanwang stared!

Xiao Wang looked at this and looked at that, "I'll follow my mother."

Lin Lan hugged him, "Okay."

Finally finished, Lin Lan took a look.

Mai Sui Nan didn't write it right, and neither Wangxi nor Nan wrote it right.

Sanwang can't write a single one.

Emma, ​​Da Wang actually wrote it right, but the words are uglier than his father!

Dawang raised his eyebrows triumphantly and snorted. Your big brother is your big brother!

With such four children, three to two votes, the decision-making power is prosperous.

He decides where is where.

Erwang said to Sanwang: "Sanwang, the eldest brother wants to live at the back of the village, where it is the furthest away from the school. In winter, you can't get up and you are late and the teacher punished your father and beat him. Don't you think the east end of the village is the closest to the school?"

Sanwang felt that the second brother was right.

Dawang glared at Sanwang. If you dare to betray, don't think I will take care of your posture.

Lin Lan watched with joy, and let them struggle there. Children's friction is also a process of promoting feelings and finding solutions.

She asked Han Qingsong, "Do you have to go to work tomorrow?"

Han Qingsong nodded, "There will be results tomorrow."

When Dawang heard that the black father is going to work tomorrow, he immediately relieved, it seems that tomorrow will be saved for practice.

In the end, Sanwang was forced by his eldest brother's lewd power and temptation. The eldest brother said that he would take him in a war game in the future, so he happily continued to take refuge in his elder brother.

Dawang said, "Just build the house next to here."

A dry person:? Isn't it about the back of the village?

The back of the village is the most inappropriate, pure Dawang deliberately sings against the tune.

Dawang raised his eyebrows triumphantly.

Lin Lan:...

It is Lin Lan's meaning to build a house near here. It is convenient to build a house close to home, and it is close to the brigade headquarters, it is also convenient to hold meetings or divide things, and it is close to Xihe and the vegetable garden, which is convenient for growing vegetables.

Although Erwang and Mai Suijian are not next to the school in the east, they are not at the back of the village. They are also very satisfied, "Okay."

Ok, deal.

"Now you work more, go out picking stones when you have time." Han Qingsong ordered.

Let Sanwang say, don't go to school, just pick up rocks.

The next day Dawang thought that Han Qingsong would escape the drill when he went to work. As a result, Han Qingsong got up earlier, and the weather was good and practiced harder!

Running gymnastics, jumping squats, push-ups...

Dawang deeply felt the pain of not listening to the old man. Yesterday Han Qingsong asked him to step on his legs. He dismissed it. This morning, he felt his legs were as sore as noodles!

Erwang is fine, after all, yesterday is sour and refreshing today.

Dawang was pumped twice by Han Qingsong because of his sore legs. Finally, he gritted his teeth to complete the training. He was sweating profusely, and his body was falling apart, and the pain was even worse.

Honestly, I stepped on each other's legs with Erwang, and at first they could bear it, but later they yelled terribly.

Han Qingsong's eyes are as sharp as a falcon, and it is less laborious to deal with a few hairy children than a recruit. disobedient? To put it bluntly, they are too energetic and can't stand it. The training makes them fall apart and don't dare to breathe. Where else can they get into trouble?

Erwang suspected that his father was punished for robbing the radio last night, but Dawang apparently didn't realize it.

"When you go to school, you must abide by school rules. Let me hear you fighting in school, bullying your classmates, bullying teachers, and you will double your training in the future." Han Qingsong's voice was cold, colder than the white mist in the early autumn morning.

Erwang peeped at Dawang.

On the first day of school, Dawang had a conflict with several senior students. He was able to cause trouble in the village, but now he is naturally uncomfortable, and Liang Zi is settled.

Er Wang guessed that in a few days the teacher and other parents should come to the house jointly to file a complaint. By then, the eldest brother may be annoying.

He is also forced by his eldest brother's lewdness on weekdays, and now he must be gloating at misfortunes.

When Han Qingsong went to work, the children were rushed to school. Lin Lan cleaned up and let Xiaowang and the children in the village play together on the street.

Little Wang, don't play dangerous games, don't go to dangerous places, just play with other children in the streets of the village.

Lin Lan took the homestead and went to find Han Yongfang.

Han Yongfang circled the place she chose, wrote her name, and then filled out a homestead application form, stamped the brigade stamp, and pressed her fingerprint.

In addition, you have to write an application for building materials. You need to find a way to save or buy wood. You can apply for straw, wheat straw, and adobe in the brigade.

In the hottest summer every year, the brigade and production teams lead the members to throw the adobes, dry them, and pile them up. In addition to the brigade and production teams for their own use, they are used by the members.

There were no secrets in the village, and Lin Lan's application for a homestead to build a house soon spread throughout the village.

Someone rushed to the brigade when they left work at noon, "Our family's homestead application has been applied for a year, why hasn't it been approved? Why did their family apply for it?"

Yu Yuzi and Liu Chunfang's family have also applied, but they have not been approved. At this moment, I heard from others that Yu Yuzi immediately used the topic.

She resented Han Qingsong for refusing to let her son back. She had been running around for the past two days. At this moment, she heard people say that Lin Lan's family was going to build a house, and she was the first to jump out to make trouble.

Han Yongfang said: "All work for me, don't be okay with troubles. The cotton is picked up? After two days break the stick, will the housework be ready?"

"The party secretary, why did she approve as soon as she applied? We didn't approve it for two years?" Yu Yuzi was angrily, thinking that he had grasped the handle, "Don't just be officials..."

"Get out!" Han Yongfang cursed before she finished speaking: "Dogs can't vomit ivory. Why would Changzheng'er stole chickens and dogs all day, so you don't want to think about it? How good a child was when he was a child, why didn't you let you Is this mother-in-law taught blind?"

The Long March is Liu Chun and his nickname.

He threw out a bunch of application forms, "I'll take them out. Do you understand if you see bad people? Take a good look. Han Qingsong has already applied for six years ago, and it’s only granted to him now. What is two years?"

The captain came to testify immediately.

When Han Qingsong was promoted a few years ago, the brigade thought that Han Yongchang would come to apply, and Han Yongfang wrote the list easily. Who knows it hasn't come, so she put it on hold.

When Lin Lan came to apply, he would use it directly.

The members who came to the trouble immediately had no objection, and Yu Yuzi was also ashamed of being scolded.

Han Yongfang continued to curse: "It's good to be positive when you are working."


Han Qingsong officially went to work on the first day. He first met his colleagues in the commune's office compound, and then went back to the office to learn about his own affairs.

As he said before, there is basically nothing wrong now, and a few colleagues are idle all day grind their teeth and gossip.

The most important case at this time was the verdict of Zhao Jianshe and Han Qinghua, who was also transferred from the county to the commune for punishment.

According to the previous regulations, there must be a meeting to criticize, parade, and then send to the labor reform farm to work.

Sun Zhuowen and Huang Weizhong are the heads of the office. When there is no director, they preside over the work.

Originally, Sun Zhuowen felt that the former director had been knocked off, so he ran to the county to do some activities. It was his turn. He was ready to banquet to celebrate his chief, but suddenly a mud-legged soldier descended from above, vomiting blood with anger.

Sun Zhuowen has inquired about Han Qingsong's situation and has a general understanding.

He put the verdict on the table for Han Qingsong to sign, and Huang Weizhong made tea and delivered it.

Han Qingsong looked at it, writing well, and going around, seeing the tricks of scholars.

He frowned slightly, and said lightly: "Too around, simple and direct."

Sun Zhuowen's eyes became more and more contemptuous, and he felt that Han Qingsong had never been to school, had no education, had little literacy, and was not an educated person like the former director, who was particular about deciding words and making sentences.

Han Qingsong glanced at the tea again, "This is the welfare of the Public Security Bureau?"

At this time, tea is a high-end product, and ordinary members can't drink it, so small cadres want to buy some tea foam.

This tea is not bad.

Sun Zhuowen made no secret of his arrogance, "Korea Bureau, this is the welfare and practice of the director."

It's really a soil bun, I guess I haven't tasted the taste of tea in my life.

Han Qingsong frowned, "Forget it."

An insignificant department that may be removed at any time is still messing up so much. No wonder people say that the grassroots cadres are very corrupt, so the rural areas have to launch the Four Cleans Campaign to check the accounts, and let the members report the corruption and corruption of the commune and brigade cadres. Kanah wants to go to the countryside to engage in another behavior.

However, Huang Weizhong felt that this illiterate Secretary of Mud Legs was not easy to fool, and signaled Sun Zhuowen to converge.

Sun Zhuowen was not afraid. There were people above him. Besides, the subordinates of the director of Liushui Tie Da, the public security bureau and the militia company, but they had the final say.

Director, hehe, it's just a decoration, I just said it.

Han Qingsong asked about the customary punishment for such thieves.

Sun Zhuowen said: "Criticizing fighting and parading, sentenced to a few years, and sent to a labor reform farm."

Han Qingsong saw that there were no Zhao Jianshe's names, only three, and pointed out, "What's the matter?"

Sun Zhuowen immediately gave the expression of what you pretended to be a big- tailed wolf. There is no Zhao Jianshe on it, and there is no Han Qinghua. He said meaningfully: "Han Ju, the know."

Han Qingsong glanced at him and raised his eyebrows: "What? I don't understand."

Sun Zhuowen was a little embarrassed. He secretly scolded you for being so stubborn with mud legs. What are you pretending to show me your power?

Huang Weizhong said immediately: "The Korean Bureau, the county has said hello."

Han Qingsong: "It is clear that Zhao Jianshe was acquitted and released?"

Huang Weizhong smiled and said: "That's not true. The Korean Bureau personally caught it, so it won't be innocent."

Sun Zhuowen couldn't understand the appearance of Han Qingsong's muddy legs. He really didn't look like a prince wearing a dragon robe. What good is it for you to shut down Zhao Jianshe. Even if he fights, he is also hungry.

Han Qingsong said: "He is the mastermind, at least five years according to the regulations."

If it was the chaos before, it was him for ten years.

Sun Zhuowen's expression changed and he couldn't help but sarcastically said: "Han Ju, don't have to hold on, then Han Qinghua..."

"Han Qinghua read reactionary books privately, and the books flowed from Zhao Jianshe. Zhao Jianshe brought people into the house in the middle of the night, and the news came from Han Qinghua. These two people..."

Sun Zhuowen couldn't help but raised his eyebrows. If you sentenced Zhao Jianshe to not your brother, then you have to talk about it. If you sentence your brother, you will be ruthless!

At this time, there is no concept of the legal system. The Revolutionary Committee has the final say. For the bad elements of the commune, as long as they do not need to apply to the county if they are not among the shots, the commune can punish it. Even in the past few years, many people were killed and there was no need to apply to the county. If they died, they died in vain. There is no saying.

Sending Han Qinghua back from the county itself was a face to Han Qingsong.

At this moment, the director of the Commune Revolutionary Committee said no matter what, let the Public Security Bureau take care of it, naturally it was Han Qingsong who had the final say.

Han Qingsong's complexion did not change, "It has been five years and sent to Shanshui Farm."

The Shanshui Farm is located in the most remote ravine of the commune, guarded by soldiers, it is difficult to escape.

In addition to daily farming, prisoners detained there are also transferred to repair ditches and roads. Of course, they are also indispensable for criticism and education at meetings. Because it is guarded by a regular army unit, it will not be as prone to excessive and brutal violence as in a rural brigade, and life is guaranteed.

There are those who go to reform through labor, and those who are lazy and greedy are most suitable to go.

This kind of reform-through-labor farm is very different from the prisons before and after, because many of them are so-called political prisoners and cultural people. The common people do not discriminate against them. They only participate in labor, study, education, etc. in the local reform-through labor, and they can also learn. , Get married and get married.

Hearing what Han Qingsong said, Sun Zhuowen widened his eyes and looked at Han Qingsong as if he was neurotic.

My own brother!

When someone commits something, they still take the initiative to intercede. He is fine, and he wants to take the initiative to send his brother to labor reform.

Is this a neurosis?

Don't be a silly soldier, right?

I really don't understand a bit of human feelings and worldliness, and I'll be unlucky for eight lifetimes when I stand with such a director!

But he was also secretly happy. Just be dead. You don't give it to the county staff. Don't blame me for not reminding you. In the future, people will judge you, and you will suffer by yourself. Don't hurt us.

Han Qingsong looked up at them, "What's wrong?"

Huang Weizhong hurriedly said: "The Korean Bureau is right. According to the regulations, it must be so sentenced."

The other shortest dwarfs are three years, while Liu Chunhe and Shouzi are four years.

Han Qingsong raised his eyebrows and pointed at Liu Chunhe, "This is even more hateful, just like Zhao Jianshe."

Leading a wolf into the room is supposed to add one more crime.

Huang Weizhong hurriedly responded, took the document and went back to change it, but Sun Zhuowen turned the corner of his mouth to the root of his ears.

They were in the same office, and when they returned to their seats, Huang Weizhong and Sun Zhuowen exchanged glances to stop him from being impulsive.

After a while, the two took the document to Han Qingsong to sign.

Han Qingsong signed, "When is the ticket issued for our office?"

Huang Weizhong said: "The Korean Bureau, this is issued by Director Zhao of the Logistics Committee of the Revolutionary Committee. Generally, the food and meat tickets and non-staple food tickets are issued at the end of the month, and the cotton tickets are issued at the end of the year. In addition, there are some temporary tickets that are not fixed."

There are only two days left after this calculation.

Han Qingsong nodded, "If you buy bricks and tiles, who will approve it?"

Huang Weizhong saw that Sun Zhuowen's expression was not good, and he quickly said, "You can find the director of the Revolutionary Committee and the director of the supply and marketing cooperative. Of course, it is more convenient to know the director of the brick kiln factory."

Sun Zhuowen couldn't help but choked: "Oh, the Korean bureau has to build a house as soon as it changes jobs. The transfer fee is quite high."

Who doesn't know that such rural soldiers are not popular, have low transfer fees, and build brick houses? What's showing off! You can really pretend!

Han Qingsong said, "It's not high, so I built three brick houses."

Of course, 1,000 yuan is more than three rooms. At this time, careful calculations are enough to build a small courtyard.

When Sun Zhuowen heard this, he couldn't restrain his jealousy. They all lived in communal dormitories, with only one and a half or two rooms, and the whole family was crowded inside, not to mention aggrieved. Living is uncomfortable, so those whose hometown is near the commune go home to live, and those who live in other places have no choice but to live in a dormitory.

Sun Zhuowen happened to be near the commune. He was too far home, so he could only live here. The household registration was not local, and he didn't let him build a house. He could only squeeze in the dormitory.

"The Korean Bureau is so generous, it's really enviable."

Han Qingsong got up, packed up, "Don't be envious, if you go to the army, you will definitely be better than me."

After speaking, he carried his bag and walked to the supply and marketing agency.

Sun Zhuowen slapped the table with anger, "Shenma stuff, look at his triumphant style, he doesn't put us in his eyes at all. A muddy leg from the countryside, he really is his own chief director!"

Huang Weizhong persuaded him to converge, not to head-on with the new director, "Furthermore, the company commander changed his career."

He guessed that Han Qingsong should have paid a transfer fee. It was just right to build the house at this time. If it is not built, there will be no money left in a few years. In addition, if it is built in a few years, people will gossiping about it, thinking that the chief of the Public Security Bureau can build a house if he has the money to build it.

Han Qingsong first went to the director of the Revolutionary Committee, but as soon as he left, he went to the Supply and Marketing Cooperative. Director Qian accidentally went to the County Supply and Marketing Cooperative.

Han Qingsong went to the slaughter group first.

When he went out in the morning, Lin Lansai gave him five yuan and asked him to carry it. He said that the big man had to carry the money, so he took two yuan and gave him the rest. He doesn't have a meat ticket at the moment, so he wants to buy some pigs who don't have a ticket and go back home.

Han Qingsong was still wearing a military uniform, standing tall and capable, the aura emanating from his whole body was not comparable to that of Sun Zhuowen's militia cadres, and it aroused everyone's ideas as soon as he entered.

The team leader will look at his words and look, and see Han Qingsong feel uncomfortable, but seeing that he is wearing a military uniform, is tall and has a cold face, he guessed that he is the new chief of public security.

He immediately stepped forward to entertain him and listened to Han Qingsong saying that he wanted to buy some tickets without tickets.

He smiled and said, "Ah, it's not a coincidence that you came here. I killed a pig today and was taken away by the canteen of the Revolutionary Committee." He saw Han Qingsong's complexion as usual and left without asking more questions, and immediately said: "However, Coincidentally, there are still a few catties of meat and a few catties of bones."

Han Qingsong: "The meat ticket will be issued in two days. I will buy the meat today and keep the account, and the ticket will be delivered in two days."

The group leader smiled and said, "Yes, don't forget it."

Han Qingsong estimated that he should have half a catty of meat a month, so he cut half a catty and asked how to sell the bones.

Bones don’t need a ticket, and they are not expensive, but they are basically digested internally and are not so easy to buy.

Moreover, the bones have no meat or oil, and it costs firewood to cook. Unless the production team kills pigs and buys meat sporadicly, most people don't like to ask for it.

The group leader said: "You buy meat, and by the way, you can sell it with a tube bone."

The price is naturally not expensive.

Han Qingsong paid and kept half a catty of meat tickets.

When the team leader cut the meat, he picked the fat pork belly and handed it to Han Qingsong with a straw rope.

Han Qingsong looked at it, "Are there any newspapers?"

The group leader thought he was afraid of carrying the flesh and looked dazzling with understanding, so he brought a piece of oiled paper over, wrapped it and handed it to Han Qingsong.

Han Qingsong said in his heart that it would not be ashamed.

The group leader looked at Han Qingsong's leaving back, and muttered: "Can this boss understand what we mean?"

Han Qingsong bought the water. He said that it was gone and disappointed the other party. Then he said that there was still some meat, and he didn't need a ticket to sell it to him. Most people knew that they would appreciate it.

I wonder if this new director who looks serious and old-fashioned can understand?

Han Qingsong carried the meat back to the Office of the Public Security Bureau of the Revolutionary Committee Compound. He looked at the sky and thought about waiting for a luncheon to eat together, so he was not in a hurry.

When Sun Zhuowen saw him carrying something, he immediately smelled a strong smell of raw meat, and he didn't smile. "Oh, Han Ju, I even went to buy meat for a treat. I'm really embarrassed."

Han Qingsong didn't even look at him, and said lightly: "You misunderstand, this is to buy a home to improve your life."

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