Chapter 34:Strict Wife of the Seventies Manages the Household

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Chapter 34-Bribery

Han Qingsong went out to find Minister Zhao.

Sun Zhuowen gritted his teeth with anger, and said loyally to Huang Wei: "What is it, it's not rare for me to eat it when you ask me to eat it."

Huang Weizhong persuaded him not to get angry, "The Korean Bureau has just arrived, just changed jobs, and the army is here. I don't understand our customs."

Here, the general new officials will ask their subordinates to have a meal, and of course, the subordinates will also give "light gifts" and set up friendships, and everyone is happy.

How did you know that Han Qingsong didn't play cards according to common sense, and he was stupid everywhere and out of place.

Han Qingsong went to Minister Zhao and asked if his food relationship had come.

Minister Zhao smiled and said, "Here, we will be in our commune in the future." Then he asked, "Will the Korean Bureau eat in the cafeteria or go home?"

Han Qingsong: “You usually eat at home in the morning and evening. If you don’t have time at noon, you’ll be in the cafeteria.” If something happens, it’s hard to get busy.

Except for those whose whole family lives in the compound, three meals a day can be eaten from the cafeteria, everyone else basically eats it here, and many people even eat three meals at home.

That way, you can take the grains and oils home to make them, and you can subsidize your family's food rations.

Minister Zhao saw that he was very serious when he spoke, and he was very different from the style of laughing and haha ​​of the grassroots cadres in the countryside, and he couldn't feel his temperament for the time being.

He said: "I know that the Korean Bureau does not have food stamps, so I will issue them two days in advance. If you want to go home to eat, you can go to the cafeteria to make an order and then go to the Grain Management Office to get the food out."

Just communicate with the cafeteria leader as much as you want.

Han Qingsong received his food stamps for this month and next month, and the others waited two days to send them out with everyone.

He first went to the canteen to open an order, and then went to the grain control office behind the commune to advance 30 kilograms of rations, half of which was fine grain, and the other half was replaced with more sorghum flour and corn flour in proportion to the thickness.

Generally, the staff of the general agency has 30 catties of food stamps a month, 60% of the fine noodles and 40% of the coarse grains.

But it's also a bit messy.

The local commune personnel are steamed buns and wowotou that are directly imported by a catty. This is a rule that has been passed down during the difficult period and has not been changed. The local grass-roots cadres have great opinions, because there is not enough food to find another way.

And the relationship between the county and the outside is that a pound of processed grain can be cooked and eaten by yourself.

Han Qingsong's is different from others, he has 44 catties of fine grains.

The advantage of this is that if you want to eat coarse grains, you can change it by yourself. One catty of fine grains can be exchanged for three to five kilograms of coarse grains, or even seven or eight catties for sweet potatoes.

However, when they are not full, many people use fine grain coupons to exchange for coarse grains. After all, a large number of coarse grains can fill their stomachs with a large number of people going home.

He changed less than 50 catties of corn flour and sorghum noodles for 15 catties of fine food stamps, and he also changed the other one catty of food stamps for two or two oils.

The employee of the Grain Management Office also took the initiative to disclose to him all the benefits of the Grain Management Office. You can spend money to buy kerosene without a ticket, up to five catties, a small bucket.

Large units such as the Grain Control Institute are all equipped with kerosene, and they have a few large barrels a month according to the quota.

In the past, stressful times were not enough, but now the economic conditions are much better than those in the early 1960s, and the grain control office is very affluent. Not only can their employees receive benefits, they can also sell their talents.

This is not a violation, it is their welfare.

Of course, not anyone can buy it. Basically, it still needs a status or relationship to buy it.

The village members have to receive kerosene tickets from the brigade, which costs only two to half a catty a month, and it is only five catties a year when it is difficult, and they are very nervous.

There are one and a half catties a month in the city, and there are naturally more cadres and the like, but some state-owned units will give benefits, which are much better than their members.

This is the difference between urban and rural areas, as well as between members and state-owned units. Therefore, the common people are envious of those who eat public food, and they want to enter the city even after sharpening their heads.

Han Qingsong changed his grain and carried kerosene back to the compound. It was almost noon before he started to eat dinner.

The cafeteria is also simple, with steamed buns, noodles, and pancakes. The dishes are big pot dishes. They are basically local seasonal vegetables. Naturally, they eat more oil than the members, and there are even meat residues in it.

Staple food needs food stamps plus money, and dishes only need to pay.

The canteen sometimes also cooks meat dishes. You don’t need meat tickets, but the money is more than half the price of buying meat tickets.

You can also call Xiaochao yourself, which is more expensive.

Han Qingsong ate the food and didn't eat it himself. He carried the grain, packed the meat in his bag, and went home with the kerosene drum.

When Han Qingsong came back at noon, Lin Lan was very pleasantly surprised. He didn't expect him to come back with food and kerosene!

"have you eaten?"

Han Qingsong handed her the lunch box and satchel, "I haven't eaten it yet."

Lin Lan glanced at the fact that there was meat in the bag, and her eyes brightened.

Great! It's been a few days since I had eaten fishy meat. She was afraid that the children would be so happy to hear that the meat would make people jealous, and she would not make it public. She just wanted to process the meat quickly after the meal. Without a refrigerator, the meat is afraid of spoiling. Basically, the meat is cut into pieces and then the oil is stir- fried. As long as you don't add salt and water, the rest will be eaten slowly without spoiling.

Han Qingsong looked at her with a smile on her eyebrows, and felt that the meat was a good deal, and even thanked the slaughter team leader for it.

Seeing him come back, the children who were robbing the radio without paying attention to meals immediately pretended to be okay and called Dad to eat quickly.

Lin Lan put the food brought back by Han Qingsong on the table, "Let’s see if the food in the cafeteria is better than ours."

Sanwang said in surprise: "There are meat residues and oily water in the canteen!"

Lin Lan asked the children to eat the food returned by Han Qingsong.

Han Qingsong put the grain in the tank and washed his hands and came to eat.

Lin Lan's stewed pumpkins and pancakes, as well as shrimp-skin stewed eggs, there are fewer and fewer vegetables in the vegetable garden in autumn. In a few days, he can only eat pumpkins, radishes, and cabbage.

Lin Lan said: "You ride a bicycle, don't walk."

Han Qingsong said: "It's not far, it's more convenient to walk."

The children rushed to finish the meal and hurried to school for fear of being caught by their father.

Lin Lan said, "Don't be so serious. You look at your children and are afraid of you."

Han Qingsong glanced at her, "Am I serious?"

Lin Lan showed a playful smile, "You are not serious, I am serious."

Han Qingsong looked at her, his eyes fixed, and the corners of his lips curled involuntarily, "I have received the food stamps for the last few days of this month and next month, and the other tickets will be issued in two days."

Lin Lan happily said, "It's great that you are going home, and we can all follow along and enjoy the blessing."

Thinking of the report letter, she felt a little guilty, for fear that Han Qingsong would take root in her heart. Naturally, she would like to thank him for coming back, let him feel the sense of accomplishment that was needed, and let him feel the dependence and gratitude of her and her children on him.

Hearing what she said, Han Qingsong was a little bit awkward. The country folks spoke vulgarly and rarely expressed feelings like this, which would make people feel nauseous.

But he felt very comfortable in his heart.

He told her about the result of Zhao Jianshe's punishment of the five people. Lin Lan was happy in her heart, but said: "Is our fourth son also sentenced so badly? The old lady is afraid it is unacceptable."

Han Qingsong said: "Going to the farm is not a bad thing. Someone is staring at the point of duty, so as not to get into big trouble later."

Lin Lan didn't say anything.

After eating, he still went to work on foot. When he arrived at the commune, Huang Weizhong said that the notice of the trial had been sent in the afternoon, and the sentence would be pronounced tomorrow morning, after which he could be escorted to the reform-through-labor farm.

Han Qingsong said: "Tomorrow the sentence will be handed over to the Revolutionary Committee."

The Revolutionary Committee pronounced the verdict, and the Public Security Bureau escorted it with militiamen.

Sun Zhuowen determined that Han Qingsong wanted to shirk his responsibility and made people think it was a ruling by the Revolutionary Committee. He couldn't help but said: "Korea Bureau, the Revolutionary Committee is fine, but the signature of the trial is ours. We can't afford it."

Han Qingsong turned to look at him, "Like it? Was it wrong?"

Sun Zhuowen didn't expect Han Qingsong to be so direct and not tactful at all, making it embarrassing to be unable to come to Taiwan.

Huang Weizhong said immediately: "No, no, the Korean game has been judged well."

At this time, a loud voice sounded outside, "Han Ju, Luo Haicheng is here to report!"

Huang Weizhong immediately said: "The Korean Bureau, this is Luo Haicheng, Captain Luo, the company commander of the militia company of our commune, and the captain of the Public Security Bureau."

Luo Haicheng stepped forward, "Korea Game!"

Han Qingsong got up and shook hands with him, "Hello, Comrade Luo Haicheng."

Sun Zhuowen looked a little bit sour from the side. When he was acting as the director a while ago, this Luo Haicheng still confronted him and laughed at him.

Han Qingsong chatted with Luo Haicheng and learned about the public security situation in the commune area. He knew that there was no problem, mainly the training of the militiamen.

Luo Haicheng handed over the training plan to Han Qingsong, "Korean game, please advise."

Han Qingsong glanced at it, "Yes, just follow this. The militia training of the production teams of each squadron should be flexible, and the slack training should be carried out when the farm is busy. Pay attention to the patrols of the squadrons.


"After the sentence is announced tomorrow, Captain Luo will be asked to lead them to the farm." Han Qingsong said.

Luo Haicheng smiled and said, "The Korean Bureau ordered that it is certain."

Sun Zhuowen can't wait to kick Luo Haicheng into the air, it takes you to show your courtesy and pretend to be something.

In the afternoon, Han Qingsong got acquainted with the environment and went to the temporary detention center of the Public Security Bureau.

The so-called detention center is nothing more than a small yard in the corner. At this time, the prisoners do not need to be tied up, they go straight inside and send them to the labor camp after the sentence is pronounced.

Han Qinghua was sent back to the commune two days ago and is now locked up with Zhao Jianshe.

When they first met, Zhao Jianshe was angry and beat Han Qinghua with a few thin guys.

Had it not been for Han Qinghua to tell him the 1,500 yuan, how could he have moved that evil thought and led people to steal the money and was caught by Han Qingsong?

He even wondered if Han Qinghua did it on purpose, but Han Qinghua said he was wronged. He just provided information. How could he rely on him?

He didn't know when the third brother came back.

Han Qingsong stood outside the wall, looking at the few people in the yard.

Zhao Jianshe was still their little boss. He was very unkind when watching Han Qinghua. He always wanted to provoke trouble, so he would beat Han Qinghua again for an excuse.

When Han Qinghua saw Zhao Jianshe walking towards him, he immediately shouted: "Help, help, we are going to beat people again!"

The militiaman in charge of the guard roared: "Zhao Jianshe, you are honest."

Zhao Jianshe was stubborn and scornful, "How can it be, I'm very honest, but he is the brother of the new director, how dare I move a finger?"

When he said that, he sipped at Han Qinghua and said contemptuously: "Your brother is the chief, so why don't you intercede and let him let you go."

Both the inside and the outside are threats, let Han Qinghua think clearly, hurry up and intercede, and it's best to let yourself go.

In fact, as long as Han Qingsong releases his younger brother, Zhao Jianshe will have a way to follow. It is impossible to just release his younger brother and imprison others. If that happens, he can write a report.

So Han Qingsong can be free as long as he releases his younger brother.

Han Qinghua was so wronged that she hated Lin Lan and Dawang very much, and naturally hated and angry with Han Qingsong.

If he can go home, he will take revenge!

Had it not been for Lin Lan, he would not have been arrested, nor would he be beaten by Zhao Jianshe, nor would he be locked up here, and would have to be sent to a labor reform farm!

"He will only kill off his relatives righteously, how could he let me go." Han Qinghua said angrily.

At this time, the guard militia came and took Han Qinghua away.

Zhao Jianshe yin and yang strangely said, "Oh, this is going to be let go."

Han Qinghua was happy, and immediately followed.

Soon, he was led to the room used for interrogation. He saw Han Qingsong standing there at a glance. He immediately held his head high and said stiffly: "Why, let me go to my house now?"

Humph, you know you dare not lock me up and see if my old lady doesn't talk about you to death.

Han Qingsong was standing at the window with his arms in his arms. At this moment, he turned to look at him and motioned to him: "Sit."

Han Qinghua gritted her neck and said stiffly: "Tell you, it's late!"

Don't take yourself home as soon as you come back, now you can't withstand the pressure of my old lady to let go? I'm not going back yet?

He proudly said: "I tell you, if you don't ask for my 1,500 yuan and 1,000 IOUs, I won't go back."

Han Qingsong looked at him in surprise, "Did you have any misunderstandings?"

Han Qinghua felt a little in his heart, "What's the matter, you still dare not let my house go?"

Han Qingsong: "You don't mean to repent at all."

Han Qinghua: "What am I going to change? What's wrong with just reading a book? Ask anyone in the school who doesn't read it? What is literacy at school? They are not allowed to go to university, and they are not assigned to work. Books? I won’t let you read the books, and have a ** learning?"

Han Qingsong raised his eyebrows, let go of his arms, and stared at him coldly, "You have no regrets for attracting outsiders to steal?"

"Remorse?" Han Qinghua held his chin up, "What do I regret? Where did I go wrong? Your wife stole my money and forced me to write an IOU. Why don't you tell me? She has 1,500 yuan. Who doesn't know in the village? Why did I tell you? What if I told you? Brothers are like brothers and feet, and women are like clothes. You forgot? We are a family, and that woman is just an outsider. You should give her away, or mother sooner or later. Make her angry..."

With a "bang" punch, Han Qinghua fell to the ground and looked at Han Qingsong in disbelief, "You, you hit me? You are no longer my third brother!"

Han Qingsong let go of his clenched fist and gently rolled his wrist, "This is called a warning. You should go to the farm to reflect on it."

He just used 10% of his strength, how could he call for a fight?

Han Qingsong turned around and left.

Han Qinghua was so scared that her face paled, and she could not stand up and crawl towards Han Qingsong, "Third brother, third brother, don’t leave me alone, third brother, I’m wrong, I’m wrong, please put me back soon. Home, I don’t want to work on a labor camp farm!"

Han Qingsong ignored him, but left with strides.

When passing by the yard, Zhao Jianshe came up and smiled: "Han Ju, the little bastard, the little one has eyes but doesn't know Taishan, please let the Han Ju calm down."

As he said, he raised his hand and gave himself two mouths.

Han Qingsong didn't look at him, and continued to stride out.

Zhao Jianshe was anxious to follow him, "Korean Bureau, don't know about me as a little bastard. I'm still young, I haven't grown up, and always be so bastard, my uncle..."

Han Qingsong said coldly: "I don't care about your uncle or your uncle. If you commit a crime, you will have to reform through labor."

He left without looking back.

When Zhao Jianshe saw him leave so mercilessly, Han Qinghua's heartbreaking cry came from the room behind, and he sneered loudly: "Han Qingsong, don't toast or drink fine wine!"

He has also been spoiled by his family since he was a child, causing trouble outside. If others come to the door and say that your construction has beaten our children, they will say "We are a good baby, sensible, and never beat people." After going back and forth like this, Zhao Jianshe became more and more perverted. In addition, there is an uncle in the factory's revolutionary committee, everyone has to fawn, and the uncle does not have a son and loves him the most, making him more and more uncomfortable.

In the county, even if the children under the leadership of the Revolutionary Committee are not as powerful as him, they hang around outside, thinking that he is the son of the director of the Revolutionary Committee.

In the end, no one thought that Han Qingsong would not sell that face at all. He was neither afraid of offending people nor about human relations. It was simply a pain in his teeth.

In the Office of the Public Security Bureau of the County Revolutionary Committee, Deputy Director Li was about to go out, and the second uncle Zhao Jianshe carried two bottles of wine. "Big Director, are you going to go out?"

When Zhao Jianshe fudged Han Qinghua, he naturally wouldn’t say too much about his personal connections. He basically said that his uncle knew people in the Armed Forces Department and the Military Service Department. In fact, his second uncle had a close relationship with the County Revolutionary Committee. Can talk.

Deputy Bureau Li and Ershu Zhao are elementary school classmates, and the two have been in a good relationship. In the past few years, they were also active members. Li joined the Public Security Bureau and became the deputy director, and Zhao joined the factory revolution committee, which was considered a real power faction.

He smiled and clicked on the second Uncle Zhao, "You give me this set. It's okay. The old man is uncomfortable. Take him to the hospital. You are a weasel to the rooster for New Year's greetings, haha."

When the two gagged and played poorly, Zhao Ershu sighed, "Brother, construction has to count on you."

Deputy Bureau Li knew that it was Zhao Jianshe who had helped send Han Qinghua back to the commune.

Previously, Zhao Anpin didn't need to think about it, so he said hello to the commune. He and Sun Zhuowen were also able to talk, give some benefits, and send the construction back to education.

It was a very simple thing. Who knew Han Qingsong would not agree with him, and he had to be sentenced to five years of construction.

The family was in a hurry, and I couldn’t wait to get the child back right away.

The elder brother and sister-in-law also complained about him. They wanted to engage in a relationship before and immediately fished out the child. He said it was okay. Han Qingsong's younger brother is still in the county. I am not afraid that he will not let him go.

He even thought about Han Qingsong, the old man, fearing that Han Qingsong, a straightforward soldier, wouldn't know how to work, and he didn't dare to come to the county to intercede with his younger brother. He asked Li Kuangjiu to see if he could send Han Qinghua back to the commune.

They discussed sending Han Qinghua back, so that Han Qingsong would not have to go to the county to beg for mercy, and would directly educate him and take his brother home to finish the work.

He doesn't judge his brother, and he certainly can't judge the construction.

Sending Han Qinghua over and bringing back Zhao Jianshe, everyone was very happy.

In fact, this in itself is a small thing that can't be too small. If you want to put it away from others, you don't have to call back to greet you.

They also specifically mentioned Sun Zhuowen, and Zhao Jianshe was from the county, and it was supposed to be sent back to the county for judgment and could not be disposed of in the commune.

Who knows... there are such unreasonable people in this world, really...

Deputy Bureau Li did not go back to sit down, and continued to walk out, Zhao Anpeng followed him with the wine.

Deputy Bureau Li said, "This Han Qingsong is not easy."

"What's not simple, brother, you are the county chief, you can't overpower him? It's a word." Zhao Anpin said.

Deputy Bureau Li turned his head and looked around, no one, he whispered: "Deputy, so does Han Qingsong."

"Hey, can he compare with you? His deputy is just to make a name, isn't it someone said, just to get his salary. This kid is a greedy for money, can't give him two hundred yuan?"

Deputy Bureau Li shook his head, "It's not that simple. That guy also wants to win him over."

Deputy Bureau Li did not tell the truth to Zhao Anpeng. Even if he did not agree to send Han Qinghua back to the commune, it would be useless. Another Deputy Bureau, Gao Deputy Bureau wanted to sell Han Qingsong a bit, and even the old director wanted to sell it.

After all, Han Qinghua just read a few books. If it weren't for his classmates to report badly, the Revolutionary Committee would not bother to catch it.

He has fought secretly with the surname Gao for so many years, and the old director saw that he would retire after two years, so he naturally couldn't make mistakes.

The more local grassroots, the more intertwined and fierce the struggle.

This Han Qingsong seems to be a big boss, has no culture, and is not so worldly, but he has military merits, and several commanders in the army value him very much.

Had it not been for his old leader to be involved and criticized, Han Qingsong would not change his career, I am afraid he would have to go a step further.

Not to mention anything else, just look at the attitude of Director Qin of the County Revolutionary Committee towards him.

Director Qin is the one who is the one who looks at people's food and drink. He is not so respectful to the old director, but he is polite to Han Qingsong, and he also took the initiative to ask about Han Qingsong's relationship with grain and oil.

Even though he is a fool, he can't stand it up.

Naturally, Deputy Bureau Li would not confess everything to Zhao Anpeng. In this era of fast-changing struggles and unlucky outbreaks overnight, only he can trust it.

Zhao Anpin tentatively asked, "Why don't I negotiate with the surnamed Han?"

Deputy Bureau Li laughed and patted Zhao Anpin on the shoulder, "Can you talk to Minister Zhang? Han Qingsong is his direct subordinate."

In addition to being the head of the Public Security Bureau of the commune, Han Qingsong is also the Minister of Armed Forces. Although he is a paid idle job, he is indeed under the leadership of the county Armed Forces Department.

Minister Zhang is his direct leader.

"Brother, you still have a trick, I'll go and ask."

"Go, it just so happens that Minister Zhang likes a drink." Li Kuangjiu pointed to the two bottles of wine.

Zhao Anpin hurriedly went. He felt that Minister Zhang could speak better than Deputy Li. He was a simple and direct character, and if the relationship or things were in place, he could speak easily. Deputy Bureau Li is just an old fox.

However, this minister is a little closer to the Deputy Bureau Gao every day. Because of his relatives, it is difficult for him to look for it directly, so he came to this chatter.

Now that Deputy Bureau Li took the initiative to raise it, he didn't hesitate to rush away.

On the second day, when Han Qingsong arrived at the commune, Director Jia of the Revolutionary Committee greeted him over.

Han Qingsong entered the office.

Director Jia motioned him to sit and poured a cup of boiled water in person, "Han Ju~~"

Han Qingsong looked at him with a puzzled face, and didn't understand why he was talking and panting.

"Han Ju, Han Qinghua is young and light. It's nothing more than reading a book. There are mistakes, but well, it's easy to educate. Ah..."

Han Qingsong: "Director, they are the easiest to go wrong at this age. Small punishments and big punishments."

Actually still dragging words!

Director Jia was a little embarrassed, and he chuckled and laughed twice. This kid is really a stupid big guy. He looks handsome and doesn't look like a stupid person. Why can't he understand the overtones so much?

If you don't let Han Qinghua go home, how can you let Zhao Jianshe go?


"Education and education are about the fact that the Revolutionary Committee meets and criticizes every day. Letting them sweep the compound is the same as going to the farm.

"Are no one in our compound sweeping the floor?" Han Qingsong was a little surprised, "Then transfer a few militiamen to watch."

Director Jia: "..."

Is this, is this sweeping the floor?

"Han Ju, look, they are not very old, isn't it just ignorant."

"Then send it to the farm and get an education." Han Qingsong is serious and his lips are almost straightened. If Han Qinghua doesn't know how to repent, he should be educated. Anyway, it's the same as the educated youth going to the countryside.

Director Jia found that he didn't explain it directly to him. It seemed that he didn't understand, but he could say it directly, and it was really upsetting.

With an idea, he called Sun Zhuowen.

Soon Sun Zhuowen came in, unable to hide the complacency on his face, let him know what to do.

Director Jia gave him a look and let him speak.

Sun Zhuowen said to Han Qingsong: “Han Ju, although Zhao Jianshe had theft, he failed to succeed. There was no result. This is called an attempt. The above thinks whether our judgment is a bit heavy, so it is better to change it to a year of education. Come on."

For a year, if you choke off the head and tail and prepare, you don't actually need to go to the labor camp.

Han Qingsong said: "I just took office and didn't understand the regulations. Let's find out that the judges have been judged in accordance with the usual practice for nearly ten years. How does the director feel?"

Director Jia said haha, "Well, the public security bureau has the final say. Our revolutionary committee is responsible for administrative and economic affairs. Haha, you have the final say." At this time, the county courts and procuratorates were confused, and the commune was even more confused. No, most of them are confused.

Sun Zhuowen’s eyes are all round. According to convention, this Han Qingsong is not insane. According to convention, Zhao Jianshe has to be shut down for ten years, and he has to hang a sign for parade, and... can he follow the usual practice!

Han Qingsong glanced at Sun Zhuowen, "It seems that the director is busy, so let's go to the deputy bureau to pronounce the sentence."

He said to Director Jia: "Is it necessary to hold a meeting to criticize, so that other people will not follow suit and corrupt the public order of our commune."

Director Jia hurriedly said: "The Korean Bureau, this is not necessary. You see that we are not enough. We will be busy with the autumn harvest in two days. The cadres are busy going to the countryside to guide the autumn harvest..."

When he said this, the cadres all over the office looked at each other and hurriedly went quietly to "guide".

Sun Zhuowen's little resentment eyes turned into substance, and Han Qingsong was almost about to poke two holes.

Han Qingsong was so thick and indifferent that he left with Director Jia and returned to his office.

Huang Weizhong hurriedly said: "Minister Han, Minister Zhang of the County Armed Forces Department is calling."

The Commune Revolutionary Committee has a telephone, which is connected to the post office and transfers it from the post office.

The telephone is in the confidential room of the Revolutionary Committee, not in the office of the director. You must register and strictly record any and all calls.

Han Qingsong raised his eyebrows. The commune had no serious armed forces department at all. There was only him as a named minister. The county armed forces department didn't know that he could even call him.

Needless to say, it is for this, otherwise, whoever is full will think of him, unless he wants to remove his job and swallow his salary.

He went to the confidential room, and the female radio operator helped to register and dial the number and gave Han Qingsong the phone.

The phone rang as soon as the phone was connected, and it seemed that the other party had been waiting.

Han Qingsong: "Hello."

His voice is already low and low magnetic, but he is not in a good mood at the moment, so he naturally gets more and more low.

The female radio operator who was peeping at him was so frightened that she quickly lowered her gaze.

Minister Zhang was still chattering over there, trying to talk about Zhao Jianshe in a roundabout way, so that Han Qingsong should let him go quickly and not offend others.

"Han Qingsong, you have a promising future. Your future should not be limited to the commune. Your future is bright. You have to look far and ambitious and think about your future in the county..."

Han Qingsong frowned and murmured, "The phone is broken, I can't hear you clearly."

When he said that, he handed the phone to the female radio operator, turned and left.

Listening to the passionate mobilization of the opposite party, the female radio operator made her ears almost deaf. She hurriedly said loudly: "The phone is really broken, I can't hear anything, I have to have someone fix it quickly, you Don't worry, I will find someone to fix it."

She put the phone on the table and shouted out: "Xiaojie, Xiaojie, this broken phone is broken again—"

Minister Zhang on the other end of the phone: "..."

Zhao Anpin looked at Zhang Jinke expectantly: "Minister Zhang, how? He agrees."

Minister Zhang hung up the phone, with a suspicious expression on his face, but nothing happened.

"You can't make a phone call. Why don't you take a trip in person. If you don't meet and talk, it will be different when people arrive." Zhang Jinke told Zhao Anpin.

Zhao Anpin said, "Minister Zhang, it stands to reason that the construction should be brought back to the county, and his brother should send them back to the commune, so why not send the construction back?"

There is really no way to say this. There are no certain rules. It depends on local practices or local styles.

Stealing things are basically punished locally. If a foreigner steals something locally and is caught, the local militia company will deal with it, and seldom send it back to other places.

Besides, this is not a bright thing. Let the County Revolutionary Committee and the Public Security Bureau openly tell the commune to dignitaries?

That's not that big face either.

Otherwise, there is no need for Zhao Anpin to move around by himself.

Zhao Anpin thought that his sister-in-law was crying and wiping tears at home, and nodded, "Okay, I'll go and give him this face! No, it's Minister Zhang's face."

He left the Revolutionary Committee and immediately went back to prepare. His elder brother would also be with him. The two brought three hundred yuan and a few gifts.

I thought that Sun Zhuowen would help them to delay for a while. As a result, when they hurriedly arrived at Shanshui Commune, Luo Haicheng, the active man, had personally led the five of them to the labor reform farm, and had no food.

The brothers Zhao Anpin didn't care about getting angry, so they immediately divided into two groups, the eldest brother chased them, and Zhao Anpin went to find Han Qingsong.

Han Qingsong is in the cafeteria for dinner. He sees that there is not much oil and water today, just ordinary dishes, and they will not be delivered home if there is nothing special.

He made a meal and used the tickets of two thin noodle buns to make six hybrid noodles Wowotou. He sat there and ate with radish stewed potato chips.

He eats fast, cleans the lunch by himself, and takes it back to the office.

No one else in the office is there, only one I don’t know.

He glanced, "Who are you looking for?"

Zhao Anpin immediately stood up and said with a smile: "I'm late, and invite the Korean Bureau to have dinner a few minutes earlier." But his heart burst into flames.

Han Qingsong poured himself a lunch box of boiled water and drank two sips. He left his tea mug at home for Lin Lan. He used the lunch box to eat and drink at work.

"Whoever invites me to dinner during working hours, I invite him to sit in prison." Han Qingsong said casually, but his face was very serious.

Zhao Anpin was choked, "The Korean Bureau can really laugh."

Han Qingsong: "I don't laugh."

Zhao Anpin felt that the other party was just a mallet.

How did such an unsophisticated person become a director?

Why not just change jobs and let his family repair the earth?

It's so ** off!

He couldn't help but slander Han Qingsong. He must have offended the leader of the army and was driven back. He had so much merit for nothing. If he had given so much military merit to others, he would have gone to the division early.

Damn, it's better to be promoted, lest you come back to harm them.

Zhao Anpin deeply realized how sad the local officials would raise money for Hai Rui to get him promoted. If possible, he would be happy to promote Han Qingsong!

"Korean Bureau, let's open the skylight and talk brightly." Zhao Anpeng went out.

Han Qingsong looked at him, "Zhao Jianshe's family is free to talk. The verdict has been read out, and people are also sent to the farm, so let's visit there. There is no restriction."

Zhao Anpin felt that blood would come out at any time.

"Korean Bureau, let's stop talking about it, it should be accommodating..."

Han Qingsong looked at him seriously, "Are you the uncle of Zhao Jianshe?"

Zhao Jianshe tugged at his neck yesterday, calling him something to do, and keeping Han Qingsong away.

Zhao Anpin smiled and nodded, sweating on his forehead, wondering if he took the money directly?

He put the two bottles of wine and two packs of tea at his feet forward, motioning to give them to Han Qingsong.

Han Qing loosened his eyebrows and did not move. "Get it back quickly, lest I catch you as a typical bribe, no joke."

Zhao An sneered, "Han Ju is just humorous. I know you don't like this little thing."

He took out another pile of tickets, including cloth tickets, cotton tickets, oil tickets, kerosene tickets, and so on. There are always a bunch of them.

If you have a ticket, you still have to spend money. Zhao Anpin also attached a hundred yuan. This is a great gift, and no one is tempted.

Han Qingsong looked at the colorful tickets, picked up one and looked at it, it was 20 kilograms of peanut oil.

Oh, generous.

Zhao Anpin smiled with a smile on his face, but he was extremely contemptuous in his heart: Soil buns, let you see and see! Lord can kill you with a ticket!

Han Qingsong's handsome face was densely covered with clouds, and his compelling aura spread, and Zhao Anpeng suddenly became uncomfortable.

However, Zhao Anpin believes that Han Qingsong must be a greedy for money. If he doesn't, he has a big appetite and too little.

He thought very well, to give Han Qingsong as much as he wants, and save his nephew home first. After giving, immediately report to the County Revolutionary Committee, and slapped Han Qingsong, who is unreasonable and greedy for money!

"Han Ju, as long as you have a word, you can have as much as you want, and there are two hundred catties of fine noodles." Zhao Anpin squinted his eyes and looked very proud, "I'm asking if you want to build a house, brick Wabao is on me, how?"

Han Qingsong frowned into a word for Sichuan, and said every word: "No wonder the members don't have enough food and clothing. They are all here with you."

Zhao Anpin was taken aback, what are these words?

Why did you come to me?

He smiled and said: "The Korean Bureau is a sensible person. You can't eat more in less than two years. I will help you change the money when that happens..."

"Okay, you don't have to go back, go to the farm with Zhao Jianshe." Han Qingsong threw the bills and money into a file bag, then grabbed Zhao Anpin with his big hands, "Let's go."

Zhao An was impoverished and didn't understand what Han Qingsong meant. How could he expect that there would be such a person who gave him money by himself, and he actually wanted to arrest himself.

Is there anyone who offends the God of Wealth like this?

"Han, Han Qingsong, what do you mean?"

Han Qingsong frowned, "Are you stupid? Didn't I make it clear?"

"Dare you!" Zhao Anpin found out that Han Qingsong was not joking, but serious, and was anxious all at once.

He has managed so many relationships with Zhao Anpin, and has never seen such a shameless person, it is a shame for cadres!

Han Qingsong grabbed him with his big hands like pliers, showing no face at all. At this time, Sun Zhuowen and Huang Weizhong invited Director Jia to come.

Director Jia smiled and said: "Misunderstanding, it must be a misunderstanding, Korean game, don't be impulsive."

He stepped forward and pulled Han Qingsong's wrist, trying hard to ** Zhao Anpin off.

Once Han Qingsong's hand clasps something, it's like an eagle's claw, no one can break it apart.

Director Jia was very embarrassed and smiled, "Korean Bureau, take a step to speak."

Han Qingsong said: "Director, I want to report Zhao Anpeng, how much is his salary a month? How generous is he to bribe a commune cadre."

Han Qingsong shook out the contents of the document bag and made a colorful table.

Sun Zhuowen subconsciously touched his pocket, which also contained cloth tickets and food stamps.

Director Jia was even more embarrassed.

Han Qingsong righteously remarked: "His behavior is a hundred times worse than Zhao Jianshe's, business affairs..."

"Han Qingsong, you don't want to spit people, what's the matter with me counting? If you see it, I will spit people if I don't give it to you!" Zhao Anpin had no choice but to say, "You are not qualified to catch me, I belong to the county. "

Sun Zhuowen scolded Zhao An for a poor stupid, and laughed with him: "Han Ju, we really don't have the right to arrest people."

He was about to poke his eyes to the sky in his heart. You said Han Qingsong, what a big face you are, you really think you are a great director.

A broken director of the commune is not a good cadre.

Most of them don’t have sesame and mung beans, even the director of the supply and marketing cooperative and the director of the grain control office are not as good! At most, it's like a security officer, you say you are dragging, and there are three fires for a new official to take office.

Zhao Anpeng is really a waste, and Han Qingsong is so generous, and he hasn't given himself so much in the past few years!

It's really good, you must file a complaint with Bureau Li!

Han Qingsong: "So you didn't come to intercede with Zhao Jianshe?"

Zhao Anpin was stabbed, almost speechless.

Han Qingsong: "You came to my office and saw me alone, not to plead with Zhao Jianshe, but to... count your tickets?"


Zhao An was riding a tiger with difficulty, and had a brood of hornet in his head. He broke the jar and shouted: "What's the matter? I can count where I want to count! Who can control, who dares to catch me?"

Han Qingsong said coldly: "You are the one caught."

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