Chapter 35:Strict Wife of the Seventies Manages the Household

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Chapter 35

"The Korean game, the Korean game, I have something to say." Huang Weizhong hurriedly stepped forward to make a round, let Han Qingsong calm down, don't have the general knowledge of Zhao Anpin.

In the end, Han Qingsong let go of Zhao Anpeng. Although Zhao Anpeng changed the bribe and counted the money by himself, it sounded naive and false, but he also slipped away from the suspicion of giving gifts by himself.

Even if he suspects that the origin of his property is unknown, the commune can't control it, so it can only be investigated by the county.

It is not Han Qingsong who has the final say in the county.

Zhao Anpin was convinced that Han Qingsong couldn't do anything about himself, but he couldn't ask his nephew again to plead with him. Thinking about it, he was really suffocated.

Han Qingsong let go of Zhao Anpian.

Zhao Anpin immediately pulled the ticket he had brought into his pocket, hum, toast and not eat or drink fine wine!

Wait and see!

Because of this, he couldn't say anything to Director Jia, so he also rode his bicycle to chase his eldest brother and Zhao Jianshe and his group.

When he left, Sun Zhuowen said, "Director, you see this is making trouble."

Director Jia laughed and said: "A misunderstanding, a misunderstanding, this colleague, like a husband and wife, needs to run in, we all have to run in a lot."

He was accustomed to being accommodating, and Sun Zhuowen knew that he couldn't offend Han Qingsong. He didn't expect such a trivial matter to fail, and he was really aggrieved.

Sun Zhuowen felt more aggrieved than he was when a dozen or so people slept in a small room.

Although he was still aggrieved, he had to show respect to Han Qingsong on the surface, lest the stunned guilty conspiracy gave himself a hat for the following crimes.

In short, when a new official took office, You Hua's subordinates boasted that they had the ability to give them offense and did not dare to stage it blatantly.

After all, Zhao Anpin, who claims to be supernatural, has failed to get his nephew back, and can only watch Zhao Jianshe enter the farm crying with his eldest brother.

"Dad, second uncle, think of a way, I don't want to be locked up, woooo~~"

Zhao Anpin and his eldest brother are heartbroken, and they want to suffer for their nephew.

Although the labor camp and the brigade are about to work, Zhao Jianshe has been spoiled since he was a child, and has he ever done a little work?

Such a delicate skin and tender flesh, now go to the ground, how can you bear the suffering.

Father Zhao already covered his face and cried, "Second brother, what's wrong with the construction? How can he steal things for such a good kid? What do we want, why would he steal? We are building a boy. Did a bad boy seduce him? I said that he should not be allowed to play with those ** children, and we will be taught badly sooner or later. It's time to talk."

As he spoke, he bitterly said: "Did someone frame our construction? Second, you said, did you offend people outside and others took our construction a knife?"

Zhao Anpin can't say anything, he can't say that building outside is not good, he hasn't stolen a factory in the county.

He could only listen to his elder brother crying and complaining, and he felt like a knife in his heart. He hated Han Qingsong upright in his heart.

The brothers had to ride back to the city, but Father Zhao didn't say a word on the way, his face was gloomy.

"Big brother, don't worry, I'll do a little bit up and down, let the construction arrange a brisk job, then there is no need to go to the ground."

"The director's younger brother, that Jinbao, is also on this farm, right?"

"Who said no, it's such a rammer, I even sent my own brother. I haven't seen such a ** yet, I don't care about it."

"Huh!" Father Zhao showed a sullen expression.

The two brothers had to go back to the county to find a way. By the way, all parties told Han Qingsong's status and corrupted Han Qingsong's reputation, rendering him an uneducated, vulgar, unsympathetic, and sophisticated.

This provided a lot of convenience for Han Qingsong to do things later. Everyone knows that he was stunned and didn't whistle around with him, or thought he was foolish and fooled.

Han Qingsong didn't take it seriously, what should he do.

Someone from the supply and marketing agency came to deliver him the letter, and the old president came back and asked him to come over.

Han Qingsong went all the way to the supply and marketing cooperative.

The commune is not big, and several units are basically next to each other, and they will be there in a short walk.

Director Qian was in his early fifties, with gray hair and a dignified appearance, with shrewd eyes in his eyes.

After meeting a few words of greetings, introducing them, and hearing Han Qingsong's intentions, Director Qian smiled and said: "Director Han, let's not tell you, our commune is just a brick kiln factory. Bricks and tiles are really lacking. The county's bills are full. Send it here, as well as the major teams of our Revolutionary Committee. Those who apply for queuing here will have to be queued almost three years later."

Even if ordinary employees can't afford bricks and tiles, there are still people who can.

In this way, they are all scheduled to go in three or four years.

It can be seen that supplies are in short supply.

Han Qingsong thought that it might not be arranged, or he would find a way to burn it himself, so he would have to buy firewood and coal, or he had to apply for a supply and marketing agency. It won’t be arranged for a few years.

Who knew that President Qian said that it was not easy to buy, and then said, "Don't worry, I will look through the list."

He opened a drawer, and the piles of orders inside were all applications for bricks and other building materials.

President Qian took it out and flipped through it. After flipping a few stacks, he said happily, "Found it."

"A few days ago, I took a batch of them. I have not been in a hurry recently. I first took them out to the Korean Bureau for an emergency." President Qian said that he would pull out the three lists and show them to Han Qingsong. "I don't know how big your building is. House, are these enough?"

Han Qingsong looked at it and found that there were almost 20,000 bricks, less than 4,000 tiles, three carts of lime, and yellow sand.

This is quite unexpected!

Even if the members apply to line up to buy them by themselves, at most three to five thousand bricks will be approved. That is still good.

Han Qingsong smiled, "Enough, thanks to the president, you have been a great help."

President Qian smiled and said, "What's the matter, everyone supports each other."

The bricks here are not all red bricks, some are blue bricks, the tiles are gray-black tiles, and some are tube tiles.

Han Qingsong doesn't mind, as long as there are bricks and tiles.

After a few more chats, Han Qingsong asked President Qian to give more suggestions and requests, and he would take the commune militia to meet the commune’s public order and other requirements as much as possible.

President Qian smiled and said, "Han Ju, if you don't tell me, I'm ashamed to ask. You can really help if there is something."

Han Qingsong: "Please speak."

"This is not a matter of delivering goods." President Qian raked off his gray hair. "Our supply and marketing agency is responsible for collecting agricultural products, livestock and poultry from the countryside and sending them to the county supply and marketing agency, and then shipping the industrial products. Going back to the countryside. This time, it can be quite tossing. There are just a few people in the supply and marketing agency, and most of them are women. Although women can cover half of the sky, the hard work is really not easy for women to go to. ."

Han Qingsong nodded, "If the supply and marketing cooperative needs to send someone to the Public Security Bureau to say, our militia boys are very happy to help."

The supply and marketing cooperative is a system. In fact, the slaughter, blacksmith, and carpenter groups of the commune are all under the jurisdiction of the supply and marketing cooperative.

Fortunately, the slaughter team said that most of them were men, and the supply and marketing cooperatives were a little strenuous in the work of collecting eggs and poultry.

The establishment is limited, and most of the people who are involved in the relationship are women, and President Qian also has a headache.

After talking for a while, Han Qingsong said goodbye. He wondered if so many bricks and tiles were pulled by a mule cart, at least several times, in order to prevent long nights and dreams, he should pull it back first for insurance. It will take a few days to be busy with the autumn harvest, it is difficult to borrow carts and horses, and people can't spare time.

He came out of President Qian’s house, walked around in the front sales department, and bought something for Lin Lan. He also thought that there is nothing wrong with him now, so it’s better to go back to the village to borrow a mule cart and someone to help go to the brick and tile factory to buy goods.

When he returned to the office to get his bag, Han Qingyun happened to be waiting for him in the office.

"Three brothers," Han Qingyun happily every time he sees Han Qingsong, calling out even closer than his own brother.

Han Qingsong let him sit, and quietly put the scarf he bought into his shoulder bag, "Here is the uncle?"

Han Qingyun shook his head, "No, he sent me to run errands to take back the verdicts of Han Qinghua and a few thieves." Although the thieves were not from their own village, they stole them from their own village. Members are concerned.

Han Qingsong asked, "Why didn't they come this morning?"

When the sentence was pronounced in the morning, no one came from Shanzui Village, only the short and thin family members.

Han Qingyun smiled, "My father said that no one should be short of work for the autumn harvest, and he is not allowed to come to the commune to make trouble, just send me to get it. If anyone is worried, he will visit the farm after the autumn harvest is finished."

Naturally, this is just a scene. Actually, I still support Han Qingsong's work, so that Yu Yuzi will not bring people to make a fuss.

She is better to say that the key is Mrs. Han. If she is instigated by Yu Yuzi and she will bring people to cry, the impact will be too bad, and it will also bring pressure and negative impact to Han Qingsong.

This is what the old party secretary said to support Han Qingsong's work as much as possible and not let the villagers hold him back.

Han Qingsong naturally thought of it and nodded, "I see."

To deal with difficult members of the village, commune cadres and even the militia and the public security bureau are not good at it. It is best to use prestigious village cadres.

Like Han Yongfang, Shanzui Village is not afraid of him.

Han Qingsong let him go.

Han Qingyun smiled and said, "Why am I busy, Brother 3, are you going out? Do you want me to help?"

Han Qingsong saw that he did not look like he was really anxious to go home, so he said, "I bought some bricks and tiles and want to bring them back."

"Let me go, how can your chief executive do this." Han Qingyun automatically invited Ying, and bowed his head to get the list that Han Qingsong put on the table.

At first glance, it turned out to be 20,000 bricks, and he was so surprised that he called out, "Brother, you can do it!"

It's absolutely amazing to be able to buy 20,000 bricks at once this year.

Han Qingsong said, "Before the autumn harvest, I borrow a mule cart to pull it back a few times."

Han Qingyun: "I will help you."

Han Qingsong: "Let's go to the slaughter group to borrow a mule cart. You go home and find your sister-in-law for two hundred yuan. You can borrow two more carts. Today you can pull three carts, and the rest will be used later."

He took a pen and paper and wrote a line of words, and asked Han Qingyun to take it back and show Lin Lan.

Han Qingyun smiled and said, "My sister-in-law is illiterate."

Han Qingsong glanced at him, "You know again."

Han Qingyun chuckled, "The chief director has to make an approval note with his sister-in-law even with money." He said and ran away.

When Han Qingyun arrived in the village, he first went to the brigade to deal with the party secretary, and then ran to find Lin Lan regardless of what he said.

Lin Lan has worked out in the past few days. She sewed the quilt and started to sew cotton jacket and cotton trousers.

Dawang's child needs to be redone, and then the child picks up his brother's clothes.

It's a pity that Sanwang's clothes are as worn as a beggar's clothes, which is really shabby and can't be worn by Xiaowang.

So Lin Lan wanted to sew the cotton-padded clothes of the three children. She began to worry again, doing it while worrying. She wondered if she should train Maisui and Erwang?

If the two children help, it is estimated that it will be soon.

It's just that they are going to school now, and the production team has to do some small work to earn work points after school, which is hard to tell.

Han Qingsong is happy, but he is always a big man and a bureau chief. She has been busy at work these days, so she can't let him do the needlework.

Even now, there is a joke in the village that Han Qingsong does not go to work and helps clumsy women to sew quilts at home.

Although she didn't care at all, she still had to think about Han Qingsong and the children.

Han Qingyun greeted him outside, and Lin Lan let him in.

Seeing Lin Lan sewing the padded jacket, Han Qingyun smiled and said, "Sister- in-law, why don't you leave it to my brother to sew it."

"I don't know how to sew, of course I don't need him." Lin Lan smiled, "What's the matter with you?"

Han Qingyun handed the piece of paper to Lin Lan, "The love letter from the third brother."

Lin Lan saw him laughing, and immediately knew that he was joking, "Nonsense, your third brother would not be able to write a love letter if he was killed."

She took it and took a look. It said that she would use money to buy bricks and tiles.

She was surprised: "Bought bricks and tiles?"

Han Qingyun: "Well, how about my third brother, nothing can't be done."

Lin Lan asked how much money.

Han Qingyun: "A brick is at least two points and five points, or three points. You can't pull that many at a time. How can you score a few times? You don't have to pay for it all at once."

Lin Lan had the final say, the bricks were two or three points, and the tiles and tubs were more expensive, probably six to ten cents, so the transfer fee that Han Qingsong brought back would almost be spent.

But with so many bricks, I'm afraid I won't be able to use it up.

At this time, money can't buy things, if you have the opportunity to buy more, you will naturally buy it back.

It's okay to buy it back, even if you resell it.

Don't need to pay a piece of brick, just buy it for five or four cents.

She took three hundred yuan to Han Qingyun, and wrote a three-hundred dollar note on the slip to take him back.

Han Qingyun said: "Sister-in-law, you write this word badly."

"That is, don't look down on your sister-in-law!" Lin Lan pretended to be aggressive, "We are both civil and military!"

Han Qingyun was secretly talking about Lin Lan as if she had changed her person. At this moment, she took out three hundred yuan without blinking.

Three hundred yuan, even his house is not easy to take out.

Han Qingyun wrapped the money and the note in a handkerchief in his personal pocket, then went to the brigade to borrow a car, and then called a few young people to help.

He wanted to call Brother Han and Brother Han, but he was afraid of irritating the old lady, so he went to his brother and uncle brother.

They heard that it was helping Han Qingsong, and many people came in to inquire.

"Qingyun, Qingsong is going to build a brick house? Such a high profile!" Some young people are envious and jealous, they are really powerful.

I had known that he had also served as a soldier back then, maybe he could build a big brick house now.

Han Qingyun said: "What's so low-key about this? Whoever can build a brick house will muddy the house, and it will be repaired every year, and it will be scary if it rains heavily."

"Isn't that the chief of the authorities? Don't be low-key? Asking people to know how much benefit those who thought they were the authorities have gotten." Someone murmured.

"Hurry up, third brother is now the chief of the authorities. It's not how many years he has been as a gossip. They are the possessions saved by serving as a soldier. Who is jealous and who is going to serve as a soldier and sell his life!"

Those people don't say sour words, and jokingly said that they admire Qingsong.

"Oh, the back window of my main hall has collapsed. If only the bricks and tiles are repaired, it will be fine."

Some people also hit Han Qingsong's idea, thinking that they would also borrow some bricks after he got him back.

Some people want to walk away from the relationship and ask Han Qingsong to help get a permit and pay for it by himself.

Han Qingyun listened, and immediately knew what it meant, "I can say it, don’t bother Brother Qingsong. He just went to work in the commune, he hasn’t stood firm yet, so how can I have the energy to take care of others. If you want to To buy, let’s find the secretary and go in line to approve the notes."

"Look at what you said, how can we be so ignorant." They all rushed to help Han Qingsong, thinking of a set relationship.

Han Qingyun didn't order them, and specifically ordered a few men who didn't talk much honestly. They didn't do much of those tasks, but they didn't want to talk to them.

When he takes people to the brigade to borrow a mule cart, the others will have to say sour words.

"Look at them, it's like a good thing to pull a brick."

"People are in favor of the chief, can it be the same?"

They also wanted to flatter, but they didn't have a chance. After all, Han Qingsong didn't say much and didn't have a chance to get close.

After much deliberation, it seems that the only way to let the mother-in-law go and get along with Lin Lan.

But the woman was more powerful, scarier than Han Qingsong. Although Han Qingsong was ruthless, she was reasonable. The woman is not reasonable at all, she swears when she is upset and can't afford to provoke her.

However, there are still some people who are not afraid of cursing by ** and are willing to find opportunities to approach Lin Lan.

Lin Lan was sewing cotton clothes at home. At this time, three women came together.

One of them, with a long face, smiled, was the sister-in-law of Uncle Han Qingsong's family, whose surname was Zang, who used to stay away from Lin Lan.

The other two daughters-in-law are also wives who didn't show up in the five clothes. They used to watch Lin Lan's jokes. Now they are envious and jealous of other men's talents, and they want to get some light, so they come to make friends.

To be honest, few people used to watch the jokes of the original owner.

Lin Lan didn't shake her face at them.

"Da Wangniang, are you sewing cotton clothes? Why don't you find us together? Everyone sews together and helps each other. The sewing is fast and good."

The other two concubines also echoed: "Yes, my sister-in-law is ready for needlework."

"Oh, is this a cotton-padded jacket? This cloth is really bright!" Zang sister-in-law touched the three-color plaid that Lin Lan bought.

Lin Lan: …Don’t pretend, it’s just a piece of ordinary homespun, and it’s not a floral cloth pulled by the commune. What surprises you.

It is also difficult for the three women to boast about a piece of ordinary jacquard homespun, and then to quarantine Linlan's needlework.

The youngest new daughter-in-law, Apple smiled and her eyes curled up very playful, her name was Li Apple.

She touched the quilt on the side and boasted: "Look at my sister-in-law, with this craftsmanship, the stitches are really neat and neat."

Lin Lan: "...that was stitched by his father."

Three women:...

Li Pingguo was immediately embarrassed, and hurriedly boasted: "You see the padded jacket sewed by my sister-in-law is also very good, much better than us."

She stretched out the cotton trousers that Lin Lan had sewn by Dawang, revealing the big twisted stitches inside.

Three women:...

Sister-in-law Zang glared at Li Pingguo. Li Pingguo was about to cry. She didn't expect it to be like this. She was flattering and bald.

Lin Lan didn't change her face, after all, she had seen wind and waves, so she was afraid of this.

"Sister-in-law, are you so empty today?"

"I don't want to come and do needlework with you." Zang sister-in-law smiled: "You will have needlework in the future, don't do it yourself, just tell your sister-in-laws."

Li Pingguo said immediately: "Sister-in-law, give me your quilted jacket, let me sew it for you. This plaid is really good, you look good, and I will sew it for you."

Lin Lan: "...This is for wheat ears."

Is the little girl's padded jacket as big as her?

Apple Li:...!

"Haha, sister-in-law, I think it's bad, I think it's yours."

Lin Lan didn't embarrass her, "Isn't it because she is afraid of growing her body and making her bigger."

Sister-in-law Zang said: "Your second sister-in-law is ready to make shoes. Are you going to make cotton shoes? Let her do them for you."

Cao Er's sister-in-law didn't say anything. After hearing this, she smiled at Lin Lan, "It's cold, and I must sew cotton shoes in winter. I will do it myself, so let's make two pairs for you."

Lin Lan smiled and said, "Thank you very much for that."

The three of them breathed a sigh of relief, just let them help.

Lin Lan continued: "In the future, my sister-in-laws will make shoes, greet me, and I will go to learn."

It is not necessary to let someone make it. She owes a lot of favor, especially she has always felt that the manual work is tiring and precious. She spends money to buy three pairs instead of making a pair by hand, and she refuses to ask for it.

The three said yes, call her next time.

Lin Lan took out the cloth heads at home and said with a smile: "Sister-in- law, if you are in trouble, take these cloth heads."

Originally, she wanted to give full play to her creativity and sew a paddy field-style bag, but she found it too difficult for herself.

It is better to save cloth tickets and spend money to buy them to save trouble.

Li Pingguo smiled and said, "Second sister-in-law is going to be undressed, let her use it."

Cao Er's wife said: "Middle, when you get rid of your clothes, I will twist a few pairs of insoles for you, and then you will fill the soles."

The sole needs to be covered with hemp rope, and the sole needs to be several layers, so it is very laborious to hold the sole.

But those shoes are very comfortable to wear.

"Okay, thank you Ersao." Lin Lan smiled.

The three exchanged glances and achieved their goal without being too dazed, so as not to annoy Lin Lan. They figured out that in the future, if there is nothing to do, they will come and walk around, picking up the relationship.

Before they left, there was another wave of women who came here by sewing padded jackets to make shoes, and they said they would weave baskets and mats.

When Lin Lan heard the basket, she remembered going back to her family's house, and wondered if she had to find time to go back to her family's house.

There is no shortage of baskets at home, but I have to buy two new bamboo mats.

The local sorghum mat is used.

The sorghum stalks were placed in the river and ran for a night, picked up and broken open, scraped off the flesh, and then softened the sorghum with a roller, and then used to make seats.

This kind of mat is naturally not as good as the bamboo mats in the south, but the bamboo mats are convenient and cheap, and the local people use this kind of mats.

In general, during the slack season or in winter, men will concentrate their time to arrange seats, and most of them are to make work points for the team.

Members can buy it from the team, or they can use their own sorghum straws.

Lin Lan didn't get any seats after the separation. The two seats in the family were broken seats, and they were no longer able to be used.

She also wants to buy two new ones.

Her father would also arrange seats, but this season has not yet begun, it is estimated that it will be winter, so I can't buy them when I return to my parents' house, so I might as well buy them from the village.

She was not interested in making baskets, so she only asked the woman who arranged the seats, "Can you make them according to the Kang? You see, my Kang, one big and one small, can't be used in common sizes."

The daughter-in-law smiled and said, "Of course, it's all made up of sticks anyway."

Lin Lan ordered two.

Some people must have pantothenic acid, "Da Wang Niang, don't you want to build a house, why do you still order a mat? You are not afraid of the size?"

Lin Lan said, "How could it not work? By then, the new house will be bigger, and there will be no newspaper to paste the wall. Then it will be directly nailed to the wall with a mat. It will be clean and beautiful and beautiful."

A few women were sore by her bold tone. A seat is not cheap. Who can buy a new one without saving up to a year? How can it be used for a few months like hers? If it is not appropriate to go directly to the wall?

They think Lin Lan is showing off. Now that a man becomes the chief, she has money and can't show off hard?


Lin Lan saw that their faces had changed, and she was still a little puzzled. Isn't it possible to put the mat on the wall? Are they to blame her for not respecting other people's labor?

For Lin Lan, that one thousand and two thousand yuan, even if it is a huge sum of money to others, she herself does not have the mentality to show off, she just feels that it is only that two thousand yuan.

But she is not stupid, she can naturally hear people say sour words, and she will not pay attention to those who are unkind to her.

If he doesn't go back, he will face coldly, to show that the shrew is unhappy.

Just like this, there were several groups of women in the house that afternoon, and Lin Lan also felt puzzled.

If it was Chief Han Qingsong, I knew that I didn't see them before, so why are they here today?

She really didn't think it was because she could buy bricks and tiles.

She sewed up Dawang's cotton-padded jacket and cotton trousers. At this time, she heard howling outside. Which woman was making noise in public?

Since she didn't make noise, she found that there were still many successors.

After listening to it, the voice was very familiar. It was Yu Yuzi, who cried and scolded for a while, not knowing what was going on.

The voice got closer and closer, and finally stopped behind her house.

Lin Lan threw down her clothes when she got angry, and ran out to have a look.

On the way, she saw Yu Yuzi scolding the street behind her house.

Speaking of scolding the street, before Lin Lan in Shanzui Village said that no one dared to say first, but now someone quickly squeezed into the first place, Lin Lan naturally had to know.

I saw Yu Yuzi with one hand on his hips and one hand at Lin Lan's house, as if he could knock the house down. At the same time, he was still cursing fiercely. When the scolding reached the place where he was harsh, he immediately turned his legs away and ran forward. After running a few steps, he suddenly stopped, stomping his thighs and gnashing his teeth and cursing fiercely.

The style of painting is really harsh.

Many children gathered around and followed her to learn.

Several adults who came back from work stood not far away to watch the excitement.

"Han Qingsong sentenced her parent Zhenger to a five-year labor reform."

"Sent it out?"

"Mother, five years, so why not delay?"

"That kid doesn't do his work all day, and makes trouble. It doesn't matter if he is locked up, he saves trouble at home."

"Yu Yuzi said that his son had been retaliated against. It was unfair. He has to go to the county to file a complaint."

"Why don't you go?"

"Cut, you think she doesn't want to go, she can't even go to the commune, and the party secretary won't let it."

"The party secretary is too domineering, and no one is allowed to file a complaint."

"Don't talk nonsense, I'm very convinced by our secretary."

"The scolding is terrible, and no one is in charge. Where is the chief security officer? Where's the secretary?"

When someone saw Lin Lan coming over, they immediately shut up and greeted her enthusiastically.

This is the secretary's woman, even if she used to be a bitch, she is now a proper advanced element.

The one who laughed at Lin Lan was the cruelest and most able to watch the excitement before, and now he is the most enthusiastic towards her.

Lin Lan was lukewarm, "Where are you scolding the street?"

"That's not the case, why do you say she is so shameless, that her son is a bad man and still depends on others?"

Others were vying to report to Lin Lan, "At the end of the commune’s verdict at noon, Yu Yuzi wanted to go to the commune to make trouble, but was stopped by the party secretary and shouted to go to work. I must have hatred in my heart. Come scolding."

Lin Lan snorted, and she walked past Yu Yuzi.

Yu Yuzi watched Lin Lan come over, her voice lowered.

Lin Lan smiled and said, "You curse, continue to curse."

Yu Yuzi said bitterly: "I didn't scold you, I would scold anyone who was frightened!"

Lin Lan hugged her arms and looked aside, Yu Yuzi was numb when she saw her, and she couldn't scold him.

Lin Lan: "Why don't you scold you? The scolding is strange."

Yu Yuzi: Neurosis! You are the one scolding!

Lin Lan smiled, "Go on, if you have a louder voice, or you won't be able to hear you clearly." She said she left.

Yu Yuzi saw that Lin Lan hadn't fight back, and thought that Lin Lan couldn't get hold of it, and she didn't call her name, so she would definitely not dare to scold herself.

Think about Han Qingsong's job as the director. The first case was that his son was sentenced to five years, and Yu Yuzi hated it to death. In the morning, she instigated Mrs. Han to take people to the commune together, but was intercepted by the security officer and scolded by the old party secretary. She threatened to deduct work points if she went to the commune to make trouble. The whole village held a meeting for criticism.

After all, she didn't dare to confront the old party secretary, and went to work obediently. Now that she was off work, she naturally refused to bear it.

She didn't even dare to be right with her when she saw Lin Lan came over. She was even more energetic, jumping, jumping high and starting to curse.

Just when she jumped up and scolded: "Let you trick me, lock up my son, the family is cruel and short-lived, the gods are all...ah-"

Before she finished scolding, there was a heart-wrenching pain in her leg.

As soon as she turned her head, she saw that Lin Lan didn't know where she came back from, holding a thorn thick little finger in her hand, and was struggling to draw her.

"Ah—" Yu Yuzi called out and hurriedly hid.

"Shoo!" Lin Lan learned the child's spinning top to round her arms and take out the surplus, so that the surplus can jump up and down, howling ghosts and wolves.

"Bullying people, officials bullying the people!" Yu Yuzi clutched his ** and drew her hands, jumped up and kicked her legs, squatted down and pumped her back, making her burning with pain.

Lin Lan: "I let you talk nonsense, I let you spread rumors! You are the one who smokes!"

"Stop it!" Liu Chunfang came over when he got the news, and hurriedly stepped forward to stop Lin Lan, "Why are you hitting someone?"

Lin Lan stopped and snorted, "Let me hear the influence of your cursing here again. I see you smoke once, if you don't believe it, try it."

"You, you are too much, unreasonable, you are simply bullying!" Liu Chunfang hates Lin Lan to the extreme. This shrew is now gaining power, and it is a loss of Han Qingsong's face and Shanzui Village's face!

Being so vulgar, pungent, and uneducated, she is not worthy of the chief's wife.

She must find an opportunity to persuade Han Qingsong, Lin Lan and such a shrew, will ruin his reputation, and sooner or later will hurt him.

"If anyone scolds the street again, they should be ** and sent to the commune, so as not to affect the reputation of our village." Lin Lan bluntly returned.

Liu Chunfang: "You are the most powerful when you say cursing the street, why don't you tie you up and send it away?"

Lin Lan: "Which eyes are you looking at me scolding the street?"

"You didn't curse less before, and you drank pesticides a while ago..." Liu Chunfang said while watching Lin Lan vigilantly, for fear that she would smoke herself.

Lin Lan snorted, "You also said that in the past, what do you say now? Why don't you say what is in front of you?"

With a wave of the jingle in Lin Lan's hand, Liu Chunfang was frightened to hide.

Lin Lan showed a threatening look, "Don't let me hear the second time. If there is a problem, go to the brigade to solve it. If you scold the street, you will bundle it up and send it to the commune!"

After speaking, she walked away, making Liu Chunfang trembling and tears rolling in anger.

When Lin Lan passed by the old Han's house, she found that, as expected, the old lady was also making trouble.

Naturally, just like Yu Yuzi, Han Qingsong sentenced Han Qinghua to not let him go home for five years, but he wanted to go to the commune and was frightened by the old party secretary.

When the sentence was pronounced in the morning, there was nothing wrong with the commune, just a small episode.

There is nothing to do with the short and thin family. It is nothing more than to come and give it away, and to see if he is beaten and feed him, he also breathes a sigh of relief. It is necessary to beat and curse a few times, "I keep telling you not to mix with that second-rate guy. You must not listen. Now I'm all right, I'm tired. I should let you suffer, knowing that it's amazing."

The reform-through-labor farm is not a jail. In fact, it is a farm where people are staring at work. You can also take time off, and you can do other things when you are off work. Family members can also apply for visits and deliver goods, as long as they work to earn work points and get enough food.

So these two parents are not worried.

Yu Yuzi of Liu Chunhe’s family and the old lady of Han’s family were not good enough. When they left work at noon, they still thought about going to the commune to make a fuss. As a result, they were blocked by the village militias led by the security officer as soon as they left the village.

"If you interfere with official duties, just arrest them."

Yu Yuzi and Mrs. Han also disliked each other for a lifetime. When they were old, they formed an alliance, pitying each other and supporting each other, crying and crying.

To put it bluntly, they are also those who scold their daughter-in-law and granddaughter at home, and they can barely count as the number one in the village. If the village cadres are genuine, what are they.

Not to mention anything else, Han Yongfang roared: "Who is embarrassing me, and wants to run to the commune to shame our brigade, just grab it, and hold a meeting at night to review and criticize the whole village!"

The director of security can listen to him, so Yu Yuzi and Mrs. Han will be locked up.

The men from the two families hurriedly stepped forward to apologize, said everything nicely, and took the two old ladies back.

At this moment, the old lady Han seemed to have an appointment with Yu Yuzi, and began to make a fuss again.

Lin Lan knew that she wanted to wait for Han Qingsong to come back and put pressure on Han Qingsong. As long as Han Qingsong didn't let her brother back, the old lady would have to take this matter to him.

She raised her foot and walked in.

Besides, the old lady Han asked Han Jinyu to accompany her at home to discuss for a long time in the afternoon, wondering how to force Han Qingsong to change.

It's just that he hasn't seen anything in the world. Although Han Jinyu has been studying for a few years, it's nothing.

"Would you like to let my eldest sister and eldest brother-in-law come back?"

Old lady Han kept holding her heart and kept crying, "What good is your eldest brother-in-law?"

Han Jinyu said bitterly, "Mother, let's go to Lao Lin's house and let them take the girl back!"

The old lady waved her hand, "You missed it, look at your third brother, there is a daughter-in-law who has forgotten her mother."

She finally endured that the old man, sons and daughters-in-law all came back from work, and began to sit in the main room and perform to their heart's content.

The goal is naturally to get everyone in the family to find the third child and force the fourth child back.

Brother Han was tossed enough, but he couldn't leave it alone, Sister Han was too angry.

The old man Han has been more and more silent since Lin Lan was fighting with his younger son, and Lin Lan took Qian and his younger son was arrested. Nothing has changed since the third son came back. He has become more and more silent.

Nowadays, I either go to work or smoke dry cigarettes, often without saying a word for a long time.

At this moment, seeing Lin Lan smiling slightly walk in, that smile was just gloating, and the old lady was so angry that she was almost furious.

When is it the turn of a shrew to watch her joke!

"You, you ** daughter-in-law, you are really not filial, you are instigating men not to be mothers and brothers, and to catch my fourth child alive..."

Lin Lan unceremoniously interrupted the old lady's performance, and decided to beat the drum hard, "Old lady, you are really a joke. My fourth uncle went to work on the farm, and was not shot! He stayed hungry as long as he worked there. , It’s closer than going to the county, and I didn’t say not to visit, why are you crying? Compared to the third brother who has been in the army for a few years, this is much better. The third brother did not see you as a soldier. Going to work on a farm twenty miles away, why did you fall like the sky collapsed."

The old lady Han was blocked by her and couldn't get up. "You, you, can this be the same!"

Lin Lan confidently said: "I don't think it's different. If you don't see the same thing, it's that you are partial to the fourth child and don't care about the third child. What's the point. To you."

She glanced at them coldly, "I warn you, if anyone dares to add obstacles to the child's father and delay his work and make money, I will fight hard!"

Now she and her children are counting on Han Qingsong to make money to support the family. If they want to disturb Han Qingsong's work, they are their enemies.

Never be merciless!

In the end, her gaze was fixed on the big axe hanging in the hall, and Han Jinyu and Ersao Han shivered with fright, "You, what do you want to do?"

Han Jinyu took the axe first and hid it in the house.

"I already bought the axe." Lin Lan dropped a cool sentence and turned away.

"Quickly send me to the labor camp—" Old lady Han was so angry that her family had to send her to the fourth child.

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