Jiang Yishui

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1. Blood type text, the original setting will not be changed, the stability will be updated every day, and the conscience is guaranteed!

2. The age difference is 16 years old, and there is no ethical relationship between the two parties.

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At the age of eight, Le Xi’s parents passed away in a car accident. She met Chi Chuji for the first time at the funeral.

It is said that her alpha mother comes from a large family. In order to resist the marriage, she finally abandoned the fiancée appointed by the family and eloped with her own omega to give birth to Lexi.

And Chi Chuji (four tones of ji) is the fiancee who was abandoned by her mother. (Currently dismissed from the engagement)

The relationship between the big family is complicated and Lexi is in an awkward position, and no one treats her sincerely. So soon after, Chi Chuji took her away.
Le Xi knew that Chi Chuji didn’t like her. But it doesn’t matter, at least Chi Chuji still took care of her so that she could grow up well.

Le Xi was sent under the fence and spent ten years living together with Chi Chuji.
It’s just that no one thought that one day, Lexi would split up again and everything would change.

Chi Chuji: You just made atonement for your mother, and I don’t like you.
Le Xi: Well, I know, you love me.

White cut and black attack x Gaoling’s flower

Hey, the repayment of the mother’s debt to the daughter is really good.

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