Chapter 1:Substitute

She and the swan

At the end of September, Qiuhuo's tail skipped the sky above Star City, bringing a faint heat.

It was lunch time, Lexi and her friends bought food in the cafeteria, and as usual, found a four-person seat by the window to sit down and have lunch together.

The bright sunshine outside the window scorches the earth, just like a canteen with a loud voice inside.

Sitting across from Lexi, Zhao Sisi sandwiched a piece of sweet and sour pork ribs, holding his cheeks and drew an aria in melancholy: "Ah~ah~ I really want to have a vigorous love in the tail of youth~"

Zhao Sisi has a face with melon seeds, long curly chestnut hair, and a very beautiful alpha.

In fact, there is no shortage of people to chase after a beautiful female alpha like her in this high school full of girls. But she neither likes beta nor omega, she is an out-and-out ** who only likes alpha.

As we all know, under the influence of pheromone, alphas are very easy to be hostile to the same kind of people. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to get the same feeling among this kind of people.

Female alphas like Zhao Sisi who like the same ** are really rare.

In the past two years, Le Xi has heard her saying this countless times. But no matter how many times it was, Le Xi smiled and asked very gently: "Who did you fall in love with this time? What kind of alpha is it?"

Zhao Sisi stretched out ** to point at Lexi, his eyes bent into crescents, and said with a smile, "Lexi who knows me!"

"Hehe, it's the new trainee teacher, it smells of sea water!"

Hearing her say this, Kong Mingque, who was sitting next to her and concentrated on eating curry, suddenly raised her head and looked at her with a pineapple head, his eyes wide and round: "Teacher intern? Shang Siwen who teaches math?"

"Didn't she just give us a math class? Do you like it?"

Of course, this is not the point.

Kong Mingque swallowed the curry rice in his mouth and asked in surprise, "Didn't you say that you don't like the aggressive alpha?"

"The smell of sea water, that is the smell of sea water. Just seeing her, a less sensitive beta, I have a suffocation feeling of being immersed in the deep sea. How can you still like it?"

"You, an underage alpha, won't you feel trembling when you smell her? Doesn't you feel weak in your legs?"

Zhao Sisi was a little embarrassed to cover his face, spread his fingers, and looked at Kong Mingque through the gap, pretending to be embarrassed and said: "Daming King, you are so disgusting. It's soft legs, so embarrassing." Kong Mingque glanced at her, his tone was rather disgusting: "Zhao Sisi, you are underage and don't have a driver's license. Don't drive on the road casually."

Zhao Sisi put down his hand and compared one-handed orchid finger to Kong Mingque, and said contrivedly: "Hey, your thoughts are so impure."

Kong Mingque chuckled softly, his eyes filled with contempt of "I don't want to pay attention to you".

Lexi clamped a piece of pineapple chicken, put it on his mouth and gnawed it thinly, smiling and interrupting their about to rise up: "Speaking of which I am a little curious, why can you like an alpha that is so aggressive as a pheromone? ?"

Know that the same is alpha, most of the same kind will reject people with extremely oppressive pheromone taste. In the alpha, even if there is mutual admiration, it will only occur among people who have a soft, sweet, gentle, and fresh pheromone taste.

According to Zhao Sisi herself, her scent is gunpowder, and the milder alpha of this kind of pheromone has always been favored.

It was the first time that she heard from Zhao Sisi that she would favor such an aggressive alpha, which made people curious.

Zhao Sisi patted the palm of the other hand with the back of his hand, and said in an extremely painful tone: "Face, of course it is a friend!"

"The lady has such a beautiful face, like a peony in full bloom in the spring day, so beautiful and charming. Her voice is so soft, as moving as the spring breeze, and people can't help but listen!"

"Such a boring math class, I listened to her voice, and I could finish listening intently."

In order to express his seriousness and passion, Zhao Sisi also emphasized: "In that class, I actually took all notes. This is a very unimaginable thing in my study career in the first two years. !"

Kong Mingque snorted and exposed her without hesitation: "You come here less, you are in the third year of high school. If you don't study well, do you want to go to university?"

As a result, Zhao Sisi put his hand on his chest, like a preacher, and said very solemnly: "With my scores in other subjects, do I need to consider the scores in mathematics?"

"Do I need it? Do I need it?"

"No, I don't need it!"

"Mathematics, the student's public enemy!"

What Zhao Sisi said was impassioned and filled with righteous indignation: "But in that short afternoon, the lady used her beautiful face, wonderful figure, and beautiful words, so that I was immersed in her love magic and defeated this. Detestable enemy."

"At that moment, I felt that I could defeat my stubborn enemy and get full marks in my mathematics!"

"You know, this is the painful teaching of my mother and my tutor, and none of them can make me think of it."

Zhao Sisi held his heart in his hands and began to sing an aria very grandiosely: " and humble love, which makes me surpass instinct, surpass everything, and gain boundless confidence."

Kong Mingque couldn't listen to it anymore, she couldn't help but stretched out her hand and flicked ** Zhao Sisi's forehead: "Wake up, you are blind self-confidence."

Zhao Sisi raised his hand to cover his forehead and said aggrieved: "It hurts!"


Kong Mingque rolled her eyes at her, too lazy to pay attention to her.

Zhao Sisi received a cold reception here, turned his head to look at the gentle and watery Lexi opposite, and complained with tears in his eyes: "Lexi, she hit me!"

Le Xi smiled with a good temper: "Alright, alright, it's okay, it won't hurt after rubbing it."

Le Xi stretched out her hand and rubbed it for her, then closed her hand and asked curiously: "So, do you like the teacher's appearance?"

Zhao Sisi nodded and added: "For the time being."

Le Xi smiled and said with a smile: "It seems that beauty is the deadliest weapon for mankind. No matter what kind of love problem is, it can be overcome by beauty."

Kong Mingque nodded and said in agreement: "This is true, everyone has a pair of eyes that appreciate beauty, so there will be so many people like you."

Le Xi narrowed her eyes and smiled, and said lightly: "I think this kind of like is different from Sisi's like to Teacher Shang."

"After all, Sisi knows the pheromone taste of Teacher Shang, and still has no hesitation. But I am a tasteless person..."

"If, I mean, if one day I can successfully re-differentiate and become an alpha with a hard-to-word smell, they will probably dislike me."

"I think what they like for me is the illusion of smearing on a piece of white paper with nothing."

"And Sisi's love for Teacher Shang has a romance of moths to the fire."

Lexi is also an alpha, but her differentiation is different from that of normal people. Because of her congenital defects, her glands are underdeveloped after differentiation, she can't secrete pheromone, nor can she smell other people's pheromones.

Unlike Beta, who can smell ao, she is a disabled and unsound person. This kind of unsoundness is no less than having eyes but unable to see light, mouth but unable to speak, and ears but unable to hear sound.

In this world full of all kinds of pheromones, everything about her is gray. Pheromone to her is the useless gas in the air that can be seen but not touched.

She cannot fill others with pheromone, nor can she obtain pheromone from others to comfort herself.

Her world is bleak and silent.

She is a disabled person.

A disabled alpha who needs long-term injection of pheromone that she can't perceive.

When she mentioned this incident, Zhao Sisi and Kong Mingque looked a little embarrassed. Kolaxi's expression was too natural, Kong Mingque had to raise his hand and scratch his face, and said, "Well... Actually it may not be like this. Isn't our beta pheromone close to nothing? Isn't it the same? Have a loyal partner for life."

"I believe you will... succeed in secondary differentiation!"

Zhao Sisi hurriedly answered the conversation and encouraged him to say: "Yes, it can be successful!"

Lexi’s original intention was not to tell about her slightly tragic fate. She smiled and changed the subject: “Well, let’s not talk about me, I want to ask our dear classmate Sisi, and prepare for her. Do you confess love at first sight?"

Zhao Sisi threw a triumphant wink at her: "Of course, like it must be a confession! I decided after the first month of the exam, if I still like her, I will confess!"

"But before that, you have to help me think of a way, why don't you talk to this teacher in private!"

Although Kong Mingque was very shameless about her behaviors of "big radish with a big heart" and "being upset", she was still very enthusiastic and gave her a plan with Lexi.

But the lunch break came soon, and the three of them had to ate lunch in a hurry, returned to the classroom for lunch, and negotiated to find a fast food restaurant after school, while writing test papers and discussing how to ask for contact information.

After school in the evening, Lexi and the three people on bicycles ordered a bunch of food at the Yijia fried chicken restaurant near the school. While doing homework, they discussed how to get Zhao Sisi and Shang Siwen to get in touch.

It was more than nine o'clock, and after finishing the homework, everyone went home on their bicycles.

Lexi now lives in a community with villas near the school. As usual, she rode her bicycle on the moonlight and stopped by the track of the community. After running five kilometers back to the place where the bicycle was parked, she slowly swayed the bicycle home.

Going through the dim lights all the way to the door of the villa, Le Xi pressed his fingerprints and went in, and placed the bicycle in the garage in the yard by the light of the street lamp, and then walked gently towards the door of the house.

When she pressed her fingerprint to open the door, she also sent instructions to the smart robot on the phone to turn on every light leading to her room.

So at the moment she opened the door and entered, the yellow and warmth belonging to "home" softly turned toward her.

Lexi stood at the door, took a light breath, relaxed his body, and said softly to the home that welcomed it in a cold and quiet manner: "I'm back!"

Yes, even if no one welcomes her, she still has to make herself feel home.

After doing this routinely, Le Xi closed the door and turned to look at the shoe cabinet. Just when she took out her indoor slippers to replace, a pair of white ballet soft-soled shoes placed messily next to the shoe cabinet attracted all the eyes of Le Xi.

At this moment, these plain, off-white ballet shoes are like sinus node p cells that force her heart to beat, pulling all her heartbeats.

In an instant, a great surprise filled her pupils.

Lexi's blood flow quickly rose, her heart tightened and her breathing was short of breath. Anxious mood prompted her to hurriedly change her shoes, step on indoor slippers, and rushed all the way to the second floor like a light crane.

She is back, she is back!

This thought crazily sounded in Le Xi's mind. She was like a young man running toward her lover, panicking all the way and staggering to the second floor.

In front of the stairs on the second floor, through the dim street lamp, she vaguely saw the unidentified figure curled up on the sofa in the living room.

Le Xi dropped one hand on the handrail of the stairs, looked at the figure on the sofa, and quickly calmed down her breathlessness. She took a deep breath for a long time, suppressing her violent heartbeat, raising her hand to smooth her messy forehead, slowing down and walking towards the person lying on the sofa step by step.

After approaching, Le Xi discovered that the woman was wearing a black tutu, her feet relaxed and lying on the sofa.

Under the ambiguous light, the woman is like a sleeping black swan princess, closing her eyes wearily, as if waiting for her lover to wake her up.

Le Xi couldn't help slowing her breathing, she took off the schoolbag she was hanging on her shoulder, and walked to the woman's side.

She squatted down, trying to look at the woman's sleeping face with an absolutely equal look.

Her eyes swept over the other person's face that seemed a little cold because of her thinness, her straight nose, her two cherry-like soft lips, and finally her gaze fell on her slender eyelashes.

She looked at each other's eyelashes as thick as a small brush, and her heart seemed to have been brushed by a brush.

In the end, Le Xi still couldn't help holding out her eager hand, and gently touched the other's hand hanging beside the sofa like a child.

When the opponent's cold body temperature came from his fingertips, Le Xi suddenly felt a tremor that would only occur during daily omega pheromone injections.

Her body temperature has magical powers.

Le Xi thought about it for a while, swallowing the secret, unknown emotions in her heart that made her feel disgusting and joyful, disgusting and joyful, and gently held the opponent's finger.

She took the other person’s finger, shook like a childish child in the weak body temperature, and whispered: "Chi Chuji...Chichuji..."

She gradually saw that the woman responded to her call.

The woman's fingertips trembled slightly, her eyelashes flapped her wings like a butterfly, and Le Xi knew she was about to wake up.

So the well-behaved child returned to where he was, and changed to the most secure name: "Aunt Chu Ji... Aunt Chu Ji..."

In the dimness, the woman opened her eyes. Her pair of indifferent eyes, which seemed to contain Wannian Glacier, cast a cold glance at Le Xi.

Le Xi raised her lips and gave the other party a gentle smile: "The sofa is cold, you want to sleep, don't sleep here."

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