Chapter 118:Substitute

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Already drunk? Unconscious Le Xi mistakenly took Chi Yunqing outside the door as Chi Chuji, opened her arms and moved towards her.

Alpha water-like pheromone rushed towards Chi Yunqing silently. Chi Yunqing raised her eyes and looked at Lexi, who was in front of her like a tree, and for a while forgot to avoid him.

Just when she thought Le Xi was about to hug it, Le Xi's hand suddenly stopped.

Chi Yunqing looked at Le Xi in surprise, only to find that this tall alpha was standing in front of her with collapsed shoulders and bowed waist, like a dry tree, with a lonely expression, withdrawing his hand, muttering to himself Language: "You...don't accept my hug..."

"So I won't..."

"I won't? Hug you..."

"But what if? Look at you again..."

Take a look at you again, knowing that you are here, living well in this world, everything is good for me.

The pheromone on Alpha's body faded like a tide, and the assistant sister who was thrown away by Lexi hurried over and pushed Lexi into it: "Boss boss, let's go and lie down on the bed first..."

"Lie down..."

The person who was still clamoring about going home before, after seeing Chi Yunqing, was like a domesticated little dog, quieting down obediently. She withdrew her hand, and was desperately returned to the room by the assistant and placed on the bed.

People who have drunk too much, endured the pain from the stomach and chest cavity, inhaled their nose, and made a small? Small? Sobbing...Every time, this? The sobbing became louder and changed. The little beast-like screams make people feel anxious and painful.

Standing at the entrance of the hotel, Chi Yunqing picked up the medicine in his hand, his eyes fell on the faintly visible end of the bed, and gently bit his lips.

This? A cry...

It's so heartbreaking? It hurts.

Thinking about this, Chi Yunqing’s assistant sister who had placed Lexi walked over to her at this time. She was a little embarrassed and said, "Sorry, Chi Xiao? Sister, our boss drank too much, a little..."

Chi Yunqing showed a comprehensive smile: "Senior sister is also trying to help me out today, so she will be like this, I am very grateful to her."

"Drinking too much is bad for your health. This is some stomach medicine and anti-alcohol tea. You can give her a drink."

Chi Yunqing passed the medicine in her hand, and the assistant sister took the medicine and thanked her.

When the things were handed over to Assistant Lexi, Chi Yunqing turned and left Lexi's room.

The door behind him closed with a creak, Chi Yunqing walked towards his room, thinking about "Little Sister Chuji" as the name...

She vaguely realized that Le Xi could have some kind of misplaced emotion towards her aunt.

Ah, it turned out to be based on this? Such a reason. Will this? Do you protect her all the time?

What? Is this a substitute?

Chi Yunqing bit her lip, and a thought faintly arose in her heart: if next time, Le Xi asked her to cooperate, then she would still refuse the other party.

After all, no one will accept oneself? It is a substitute.

Just after Chi Yunqing left, the assistant returned to the room with the medicine.

In Lexi’s heartbreaking sob, the assistant helped her take the medicine apart, walked to the bed and fed her the medicine, and sighed like an old mother while patted her on the back. Get a little fat, don't toss it until you have a stomachache."

She wiped Lexi's tears, coaxed her to take the medicine, and then helped her take off her shoes and coat. After she was placed on the bed, she listened to her little beastly sobbing, and it took a while to sigh. : "A child who was so happy Why..."

The assistant sister was not good to continue talking. After helping Lexi tidy up, she picked up the mobile phone she was struggling to land on the bed.

When the assistant sister picked up the phone, she found the call that had been connected at some unknown time. When she looked at the name of the call, she was frightened? Her eyes widened.

This? Is this... Is this? Is...

Teacher Chi Chuji...

So just now, the phone is always on? When did you connect? I didn't hear it? The boss's drunken voice, right? When it's over, will she be reprimanded by Chi Chuji if she doesn't take good care of people?

The assistant sister's heart beat faster, and the adrenal glands suddenly surged, making her drooling wildly.

She was holding Lexi's phone, and in Lexi's cumbersome sobbing, she put the phone next to her ear with a small heart, and called out anxiously: "Mr. Chi... are you still there?"

On the other end of the phone, Chi Chuji was hiding in the silence of the night.

She held the phone and quietly listened to the noisy voice from Lexi. The sound of vague words, falling, crying, coaxing, and thoughts were quiet.

After a long time, when she thought that Le Xi finally stopped, she suddenly heard a small heart-winged voice.

Chi Chuji quickly recognized the master of this voice, not someone else, but Lexi's assistant. Chi Chuji pursed his lips and was silent for a while, and then he said, "I'm here."

After a while, the assistant sister lowered her voice, Xiao Xin explained wingedly: "That...the boss, she... today..."

"Today is to block alcohol for my colleagues, so that's why?..."

Chi Chuji responded softly: "Um..."

Chi Chuji paused, after a long time? Asked: "How is she recently?"

Lexi is not a person who keeps updating his news. Chi Chuji is also busy, so there is no chance to pay attention to Lexi's news at the end of the year.

She usually doesn't ask about this kind of thing, but it might be too late tonight, and Lexi called her again after a year, so in her heart, Think? There seems to be nothing wrong with asking.

The assistant paused, and told Chi Chuji about Lexi’s recent situation: “It’s pretty good. I went to Tbilisi to film a movie a while ago. I had a fever and got a serious illness and lost a lot... Recently I rushed to write. Graduation thesis, I'm going to be filming again, I lost a lot of weight, and I got stomach problems..."

"Other than that? It's all pretty good."

Chi Chuji narrowed his eyes and responded softly: "Oh, is it..."

Her voice was not emotional, as if the assistant had seen it occasionally a few times before? Her appearance was cold and cold.

In the assistant's heart? I was a little worried, and it took a long time to say: "Um... Teacher Chi, I will take good care of the boss."

"Well, then I will trouble you." Chi Chuji paused, and added, "Go back and delete her call records, just as she didn't call me."

"She drank too much and can't remember."

The assistant sister paused, and it took a long time before she said, "This?..."

Chi Chuji's voice still remained calm: "Trust me, this is a proper judgment."

The assistant sister has been with Lexi for several years, and she knows how they are going. She pursed her lips for a while? Answered: "Okay."

The assistant said this, but he thought in his heart that she was receiving Le Xifa's salary, so she shouldn't make her own decision. Zhang Di should do these things.

Chi Chuji exhorted a few more words and asked her to take care of Le Xi's body before she hung up the phone.

Chi Chuji put down the phone and immersed himself in the dark night. The noisy noise has dissipated, she will get a good dream tonight.


The next morning, Le Xi woke up in a violent headache. She clutched her head, got up from the bed, looked at herself? She was embarrassed, stretched out her hand and patted her head.

The memory seemed to disappear after she entered the bathroom. Then it was Chi Yunqing standing in front of her, holding her hand...

Thinking of this, Le Xi felt cold all over.

Last night, she didn't do anything offensive, right? She remembered that Chi Chuji had said that if she touched someone else, she would really not be wanted.

When this idea came up in her mind, Le Xi was taken aback. After a long while, she tugged at the corner of her mouth, showing a self-deprecating smile.

What? How come after so many years, it is still the reaction when I was 18 years old.

Chi Chuji didn't want her anymore, so he wouldn't mind this kind of thing either.

Despite Lexi's thoughts, she still confirmed her own condition. After she discovered that she did not do anything inappropriate after drinking, she let out a long sigh of relief.

She staggered out of the bed, walked into the bathroom, washed her alcohol, and walked out wrapped in a bathrobe and wiping wet black hair.

At this time, the assistant sister also knocked on the door. Le Xi opened the door, and the assistant sister walked in early with a bunch of them.

The assistant would put it on the coffee table earlier, and complained to Le Xi: "Hey, the last time I was hospitalized in Tibiri, I almost lost half my life. Did you dare to drink this last night? Don’t you worry about it? Did you drink it yourself? Stomach piercing?"

"Are you ignorant of your physical condition, you said you can't drink, but you still do it? You desperately..."

Le Xi narrowed her eyes and smiled, and sat down next to her assistant sister: "Sister, don't you know what happened yesterday, that group of old fritters can't do it? You can take care of things, how can you let people do this? Why bully our crew? People."

"Yes, yes, you can take care of it." The assistant sister said, putting the seafood porridge in front of Lexi, "Quickly drink something to cushion the stomach, you vomited so bad yesterday, I am I'm afraid you will vomit out your stomach."

Le Xi pursed her lips, held up the seafood porridge in the bowl, scooped a spoonful, and placed it on her lips. She blew her lips and recalled the picture in her mind for a long time. She said: "After I came back last night, I didn't do anything weird. Thing?"

"No...just like a normal drunkard, crying and making trouble..."

Le Xi was silent for a while, looked at the assistant sister who was eating fried dough sticks, and said tentatively: "I remember? Chi Yunqing seems to be here. I didn't drunk crazy with her, right?"

The assistant sister nibbled the fritters and glanced at Le Xi: "No, I'm here? Of course? Will protect your image."

"Ah, yes... but there is something I have to tell you."

Le Xi blinked and asked puzzledly: "What's the matter?"

The assistant sister sighed and took a bite of the fried dough stick for a long time. She said, "That's right, you drank too much last night, so I called Teacher Chi."

Le Xi's eyes widened instantly and looked at the assistant sister in surprise. After a while, she stammered: "She... did she pick it up?"


"Take it?" Lexi's heart jumped quickly. She asked in a panic: "Then she, what did she say, what did I say to her? Did I say anything strange?"

Chi Chuji picked it up! Chi Chuji unexpectedly? Will answer her call! She thought that Chi Chuji would never take care of her!

But Chi Chuji unexpectedly? Will answer her call in the middle of the night! Does this mean that Chi Chuji cares a little bit about her?

Ah, that's not right, Chi Chuji had always cared about her. When she was just an adult, Chi Chuji would come out to take her home after drinking too much.

Obviously myself? I was very tired just after getting off the flight, but I took care of her all night.

How can Chi Chuji? Don't you care about her?

Le Xi's dizzy brain immediately became sober, she looked at the assistant sister hopingly, trying to get the answer she wanted from her mouth.

The assistant sister paused for a long time. She said: "You drank too much and cried and made trouble. I don't know when the call was made? I went out and got through again. Anyway, I answered the call later..."

"Mr. Chi, I asked about your health and other topics, and I also asked you to pay more attention to rest..."

The assistant sister pursed her lips and watched Lexi give her own advice: "Ms. Chi still cares about you. If you miss her, do you want to go home and have a look?"

Will you go home and have a look?


Le Xi lowered her eyes, and said with a lonely expression: "Maybe she cares about me, but..."

But, don’t you really want to see me?

Lexi sighed and looked at the assistant sister and said, "Forget it, you can make an appointment for the hospital. I will have an operation in two days."

She already wanted to understand, what kind of capacity would she be with? Chi Chuji's side. Whether it’s on the other side, always staying together? Whether it’s together, she can’t let the other party worry about it? She...

You must live desperately and well...enjoy your own life.

The author has something to say: If this is a completely Japanese-style novel, the final ending would be like this: After Le Xi came out of the hospital, he left in the direction of the sunset...

You don't know where she will go, whether she will go home or go far away...

You don't know if they will be together...

But Lexi has grown...

As for Miss Chu don't know if she loves Lexi or not, and what kind of emotion she has for her, but I have written enough about what should be, right...

All in all, I should be able to finish it tomorrow.

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