Chapter 119:Substitute

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After the filming of the film, Lexi chose a gap and went to the hospital for an alpha birth control operation.

This is a very simple operation. It is like a shackle, shutting down the "reproduction" and "inheritance" of the alpha instinct, as well as the extra "like" and "desire for control", to the deepest part of the body.

This feeling is like what Lexi did in his teenage years, after closing the door, dancing with the remaining beasts in his heart.

But at that time, Lexi's door was "reason", a kind of self-controlling reason. The rationality of alpha is actually something that is not reliable, or that the rationality of human beings is somewhat unreliable, so it is necessary to give a certain brand and psychological hints to oneself in order to maintain oneself at all times.

What remains in Lexi's body after the operation is a kind of branding and psychological hint, as if to remind Lexi all the time: don't be greedy.

Only by abstaining from greed and suppressing hatred can you jump out of ignorance and be calm.

After Lexi came out of the hospital after the operation, he returned to the school. While completing the credits, she began to write down the stories in her mind into movie scripts.

The first draft of this script was completed on the eve of Lexi's 25-year-old birth. After completing the first draft, Lexi began to write the project book, set up a suitable team, and prepared to start shooting after graduation.

At the same time, Le Xi was also editing the campus movie he had made with Chi Yunqing before. This movie is Lexi’s test of water. It was originally scheduled to start screening next summer, but when signing the contract with the theater, it was not accidentally made difficult.

Because Lexi had offended the investor at the opening banquet before, the other party deliberately made things difficult and pressed the terms of the contract very harshly. Le Xi didn't want to continue to cooperate with the other party? When the other party deliberately suppressed it, she turned around and went to Gu Mingyue.

Gu's family made a fortune in gardening and real estate. Before the film and television industry took off, Gu Mingyue entered the market and occupied a large market share.

As the saying goes, the fertility does not flow out of the land. Rather than being exploited by other people, Le Xi might as well go to Gu Mingyue and cooperate with her to achieve a win-win situation.

In addition to discussing theater cooperation?, Le Xi also took part of the shares that Gu Yu left her before, and made a deal with Gu Mingyue in exchange for a part of the shares of the film and television company under Gu Mingyue's name, officially. Step into this circle.

For this reason, Le Xi specially went back to Star City and met with Gu Ming Yue at the headquarters of the Gu Family Group.

The two hadn't seen each other for many years, but they met again to talk about their lives, and the meeting room was filled with a ** atmosphere of fighting for benefits.

Gu Mingyue did not treat Lexi preferentially in terms of commercial terms because she was related to her by blood. On the contrary, she also gave Lexi quite harsh conditions.

But compared to the other party's contract, Gu Mingyue's contract was just within Lexi's acceptance. No matter how harsh, Le Xi might just leave.

So when signing the contract, Le Xi looked at Omega, who looked like his mother, and sarcastically said: "Someone before? Tell me that you are famous in this circle? You can make money. The sentence is more convincing."

He is simply a natural capitalist who can exploit people.

The more Gu Ming spread his hands, he smiled and said to Le Xi: "You do creative work, we help you sell the work to make money, mutual benefit... I really have to work hard to help you earn money."

Le Xi glanced at her and said coldly: "Then, with your auspicious words, our company's works can be sold well under your operation."

After signing the contract, Le Xi stretched out his hand to Gu Mingyue, and said very seriously: "Cooperation? Happy."

"Cooperation? Happy." Gu Mingyue took Le Xi's hand and smiled with his eyebrows bent, "How about having a meal after signing the contract?"

Le Xi looked at Gu Mingyue's mother-like face, pursed her lips for a moment, and said, "Okay."

Gu Mingyue asked the assistant to order her a private restaurant, and drove Lexi to dinner with him. The two are not close, and they have rarely seen each other in recent years, but Gu Mingyue is indeed Lexi's only elder.

So at the dinner table, the two of them also talked about unimportant things.

For example, Chu Chu is already in high school and has good grades. He just loves to make money and invests everywhere with money. Lexi didn't have such an experience in high school, after all, she was still immersed in the pain of bad virtue back then.

At that time, apart from venting her emotions, she couldn't think of the other superfluous things at all. Like her parents, she is a person who is too immersed in her own world, immersed in literature and art.

After the topic gradually opened up, Gu Ming narrowed his eyes and asked curiously: "You and Chi Chuji... are you separated?"

Le Xi was stunned for a moment, and then realized that Gu Ming knew the more about her and Chi Chuji's affairs, and it took a long time before he nodded: "Well, we are separated."

Gu Ming showed a clear expression, "Oh..." Gu Ming leaned forward, leaning in front of Lexi's face, and asked gossiping: "Why did she dump you? What reason did she use? What is the mood? Is it still cold?"

As a friend who has been paying attention to Chi Chuji all the time, Gu Mingyue is really too curious about Chi Chuji's reaction.

Looking at her expression, Le Xi frowned, and said a little displeased: "Auntie, it's none of your business, why are you so gossip?"

If you separate, you will be separated. Why do you even bring up people? The sad thing.

The more Gu Ming held his arms, leaned on the chair, stretched out a finger, and smiled on his face: "I will give you a little discount for the contract just now."

Le Xi glanced at her, too lazy? To pay attention to her, lowered her head to continue eating: "If I were fifteen years old, maybe I would promise you. Now... forget it..."

What about coaxing a child? There is no such casual coaxing.

The more Gu Ming saw that she was not fooled?, he sighed deeply, and sighed that "I hate iron is not steel": "I thought you could take over the marriage contract with the Chi family from your mother, and finally get to Chi Chu. Ji gets married."

"What... boring."

Gu Ming waved his hand more, with a look of life and death.

Lexi paused, and looked up at Gu Ming for a while and then said, "What do you think about me and her?"

"Otherwise, how can I look at it?"

"I thought... would you think? It was the right thing for me to separate from her."

In other words, it is a false fact that she once maintained such a relationship with Chi Chuji.

The corners of Gu Ming's lips curled up and he laughed: "What kind of a right thing..." Isn't this just a sparse and ordinary thing.

Everything in the human world is like the clouds in the sky, gathering and dispersing, which is normal.

Gu Ming smiled more and made a deal with Le Xi: "I'll give you ten thousand, you tell me how she dumped you, how?"

After Le Xi finished her meal, she wiped the corners of her mouth with a napkin: "This is my privacy. Ten thousand is too little." She opened her palm to Gu Mingyue, and said blankly, "Do you want to know the details? It’s worth this number for the situation."

Gu Mingyue began to think? She was interesting, she bent her eyebrows, smiled and nodded: "Okay, deal." A mere 50,000, for Chi Chuji's gossip, this kind of pleasure does not hurt her.

Lexi briefly talked about the matter with Gu Ming, and finally concluded: "In short, she thinks? I'm too obsessed, so she dumped me."

Gu Ming smiled and curled his eyes: "That's the reason... it's her style?"

"Yes." Le Xi said with emotion, "Is this person?, just like her pheromone, like ten thousand years of ice, you can't cover it..."

The two of them left after talking.

Gu Ming had a particularly pleasant meal. On the way back to the company, he was bored and sent a message to Chi Chuji: "Guess who I met today?"

This news didn’t get a reply from Chi Chuji until 7 o’clock in the evening: "?"

At that time, Gu Mingyue was looking at the documents in the office. After seeing Chi Chuji's reply, he raised his eyebrows and dialed Chi Chuji's phone.

The phone beeped a few times, and it was quickly connected: "What's the matter?"

Gu Ming stretched his waist and turned his boss chair to the large floor-to- ceiling window, looking at the lights of the city, smiling and saying, "I haven't chatted with you for a long time, let's talk to God."

On the other end of the phone, Chi Chuji was taking off her flat shoes and stepping on indoor slippers into the living room. She threw the key on the coffee table, relaxed and lay on the sofa, stretched out her hand to rub her leg and asked softly: "What are you talking about?"

Gu Ming licked his lips, and said full of evil fun: "Le Xi."

Chi Chuji paused for a while, and said softly, "This is nothing to talk about."

Her tone was flat, and it seemed no different from usual. Gu Mingyue was able to detect her emotions from the subtle changes in her voice.

Aware of this, Gu Mingyue's smile became even greater, and she continued to speak: "I saw her today, she came to me to sign the contract, and then talked about the matter with you..."

Chi Chuji was silent.

Gu Mingyue almost couldn't help laughing, and said happily, "She said she was dumped by you. The reason is that you think? She is too obsessed, so I don't want her."

"Chi Chuji... You didn't say at the beginning, ‘I don’t care why she climbed onto my bed, why she was with me, what kind of feelings she had for me...’"

"'I just need to understand that she is easy to use for me'?"

Gu Ming's voice was dumb and vividly imitated Chi Chuji's tone, repeating what she had said before, and asked gloatingly, "Why do you treat people to their homes because they are too obsessed with the family? Dumped it?"

"Ah... my dear friend, you didn't suffer retribution for playing with the feelings of alpha?"

Gu Ming became happier, she finally could see that Chi Chuji had other emotions, and now was the time to be happy.

Chi Chuji has known her for many years and knows her evil taste. She lowered her eyes, rubbed her sore calf, and then said softly, "If you think so, so be it."

Just treat it as her retribution.

After Gu Ming slapped his tongue and blew a frivolous whistle, he was very surprised and said, "Isn't it, Chi Chuji, do you care about her so much?"

Caring about?, already reluctant? Did you play with her?

Chi Chuji is too lazy to continue discussing with her? This matter, he said coldly: "If you have nothing else, I'll hang up."

"Oh, then I still have it." Gu Mingyue quickly complained, "My eldest niece said bad things about you today..."

Chi Chuji said softly and asked, "What then?"

The more Gu Ming held his arms, he said with interest: "She said you are a piece of ice, and you can't cover it no matter how you cover it."

Chi Chuji did not answer. After listening to these words, she quickly hung up the phone and dragged Gu Mingyue into the black list.

The more Gu Ming listened to the beep of the phone hung up, and wanted to dial it again, but found that he couldn't? After dialing, he sighed softly: "This is anger."

Based on her understanding of Chi Chuji, this is definitely anger.

Thinking of this, Gu Mingyue grinned while holding the phone. It seems that if she has something to do in the future, she can use it to amuse Chi Chuji.

She never expected that someone like Chi Chuji would have today.

But it is also normal, Chi Chuji, this person, has been like this since he was a child. Cold and cold, but not heartless. Persevering in pursuing an artistic career, but still retaining a certain moral bottom line.

If she is really allowed to play with someone who really likes her, she can't do it completely if she wants to.

This is, she has the only respect for people who like herself.

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