Chapter 120:Substitute

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Chi Chuji had difficulty sleeping.

Maybe it was because she was too tired from the recent work, or because of something else, she didn't feel sleepy after she lay in bed tonight.

Chi Chuji put his hands on his abdomen, covered the quilt in a posture of an emperor sleeping, and lay flat on the bed. The bright moonlight shone through the gauze curtains by the window, and the room was full of shadows.

Chi Chuji was disturbed by the light, frowned slightly, turned over, turned his back to the light and plunged into the darkness. But that light like? A shadow following her, silently resting behind her.

This strong sense of presence forced Chi Chuji to open her eyes. She sighed, and finally got up in a shawl and walked out of the window.

She used to be? A person who doesn’t care if there is light interruption at night, but I don’t know when, her room? Same as Lexi’s room? Only a thin layer of gauze curtains will be drawn and let the city go. The light comes through.

Just? Because Lexi is afraid of the dark.

Chi Chuji walked to the window and stretched out his hand to pull the curtains up, but when he raised his eyes, he saw a full moon like a white jade disk.

She raised her head, facing the brilliance of the full moon, her whole body was bathed in the moonlight, and she stopped her movements unknowingly.

The cold moonlight shrouded Chi Chuji's thin body, just like a quiet moonlight covering the icy snow-capped mountains, cold and beautiful.

Chi Chuji looked at the full moon in the sky, watching the layers of night fog disperse under the moonlight, and his mood gradually calmed down.

Chi Chuji retracted his hand holding the curtain, and stood by the window with his arm in his arms, silently looking at the full moon in the sky, thinking about the night before Lexi left, didn’t it? The moonlight?

It was strange that she couldn't remember what it was? What kind of weather was it.

Is there a moon, or? No moon?

She just... just heard Le Xi cry like a child.

Chi Chuji constricted his eyes, slid the hand holding his arm, grabbed his own wrist, and squeezed it unintentionally. She stood for a while, then turned and walked towards the bed.

The woman with a cold moonlight lay down again under the cold blanket. She curled up on the bed, with her back facing the moonlight in the room, and buried herself in the darkness.

Behind her, the moonlight was still shining quietly, as it was before, as if it would not change for thousands of years.

The four seasons change, the years cycle, and it's another summer.

In the early summer of this year, Le Xi and Zhang Xiaoran's "Two Colors" was officially released. This film, which took place between the two alphas, caused a lot of controversy when it was first released because of the relationship between the character and the plot.

Zhang Xiaoran has won praise from many fans for his sincere role as "Qingyi". Of course, because she can't give up in love, she is humble to the extreme, and has received many people's scolding of "hate iron is not steel".

Others are always like this, it seems as long as they say “she did it all this way, to prove that she doesn’t love you at all, you leave her” or? “You have to respect yourself? Love, you stay like this. By her side, are you cheap?” Such as this, it seems that a person can get out of a messy relationship that lasts for more than ten years.

No matter what Qingyi's final ending was? Killing himself because of what, this story has ended with Lin Chu jumping into the sea.

This pair of lovers, because of the difference in concept?, entangled in love and ended up sacrificing their own lives as love. Everything is in the past tense.

The story is left for people to see, whether it’s insulting or distressed. Everyone is not a person in the story, and only hopes the audience outside the screen. If you can find yourself and yourself in the characters Where they overlap, they resonate a bit.

It doesn't matter if there is no overlap. No matter what you feel after reading this story, just remember the story.

There is no doubt that "Two Colors" is a story worth remembering.

Most people will experience this kind of struggle in love. Some are shallow, some are deep. Some can wake up suddenly, some are in a panic...

But all this is just a certain stage of love. A lifetime is so long, who knows when the end, the person lying in the grave with you, will it be the one you liked at first?

All in all, after the movie was released, the popularity of Le Xi and Zhang Xiaoran rose again and again. In view of the fact that the protagonist's personality in "Magnolia", which she has previously worked with with Silence, is also very contradictory, many fans think that Le Xi has a kind of "scum" that ordinary people can't match.

Not only slag, but also crumbs. When I put on my sunglasses, I was crumbly.

During the movie’s release, Gu Mingyue called Chi Chuji and urged her to watch the movie: “In this movie, anyway, I have part of my investment. A movie ticket is 45, I can earn a lot of money. It's a dollar!"

There was no emotion in Chi Chuji's voice: "Why should I spend money to support you?" "Whatever you do, anyway, I am the one who is lying down and earning money." On the phone, Gu Ming curled his lips, somewhat indifferent. Said, "Le Xi is not necessarily the case. If the film does not win the audience, it will be difficult to receive good resources in the future."

Chi Chuji pursed her lips, and said after a while, "Aren't you? Did you say that she will be behind the scenes later?"

"Who knows?" Gu Mingyue shrugged, in a very lazy tone, "If no one buys the movie she made, shouldn't it be the time to repay the debt? Can I make the movie?"

"A lot of actors who want to turn behind the scenes are like this. If the investment fails, they will come out to make money again."

Hearing her gloating tone, Chi Chuji spoke for a while, and said impatiently: "Can't you expect her to be better? Is she? Your niece?"

Gu Ming became more and more happy: "What, she has a lot of stocks? How about stocks. In case the movie is not well shot, don't you have to exchange stocks for investment with me? You know, I am greedy in her hands. Things, isn’t it? One day or two days."


Chi Chuji commented on Gu Mingyue this way, paused, and then added: "In the future, don't try to test me about her."

Gu Ming smiled and curled his eyes, smiling happily: "What are you testing? Sister Chu Ji, do you need to try now?" Chi Chu Ji Xian? Is it like this? A black cat, Le Xi Is it? Her funny cat stick, if you just tease her, you will have a reaction.

This discovery made Gu Ming feel more sincerely interesting, so in three or five hours, she would give Chi Chuji a peaceful life like an ice lake, and cast a feather that could destroy her innocuous holy land.

Chi Chuji heard her evil taste, pressed his brows, and said coldly: "You really? Like to watch? My joke."

After saying this, Chi Chuji hung up and dragged Gu Mingyue into the blacklist by the way. She decided to block black this time? It would be longer, not six months or eight months, the more Gu Ming? Don't? Want to come out again.

Although Chi Chuji said that she refused to Gu Mingyue, she still bought a ticket and took her assistant to watch the movie when the troupe was on vacation.

As before, Chi Chuji did not deliberately understand the movie "Two Colors", so when watching the movie, he got a good viewing experience.

Le Xi's performance in the movie is so far apart from her personally, like two people.

Chi Chuji didn't comment on the two people in the story, but when he saw Qingyi killing himself in the bathtub, his heart twitched slightly.

She looked at the sharp blade that had fallen by the bathtub, and was soaking in the hot water with eyes full of blood, suddenly remembering what happened many years ago:

Is that still? When she was in the Lang Dan Dance Troupe, a female Alpha Sister who came out of the country in the same way fell in love with a female Alpha dance teacher. The two secretly entered the relationship underneath, until Tianchi Chuji ran into each other after kissing, and was discovered by Senior Sister Alpha.

This sensitive by nature sister began to use Chi Chuji as her emotional partner, telling her the sweet and sad relationship with her teacher...

That teacher alpha is actually married in his own country. But she still tells her senior sister that they are a combination of art and don't care about worldly things.

Chi Chuji doesn't comment on this, because she knows that when you really fall in love with someone, you will put yourself in a position as low as dust.

At the beginning, the senior sister also said that maintaining such a relationship is very good. Until one day, the teacher Alpha had to return to his family and ended the relationship.

The two entangled several times, but finally to no avail, the school sister, like one of the protagonists in the movie, chose to kill herself.

Chi Chuji still remembered that the beautiful-faced senior girl lying in the red bathtub with long hair like seaweed, her face pale, her eyes closed forever.

Like a daffodil falling into a sea of ​​love roses, falling asleep forever.

Chi Chuji had no intention to evaluate whether this behavior was worthwhile, because only the person involved knew this emotion. But from her personal point of view, she felt it was a pity.

So she...

Chi Chuji was distracted? After thinking about it, the movie came to an end soon.

When Lin Chu faced the sea and jumped, the sound of the waves suddenly rose. The camera stopped on the gloomy sea in the distance. At this moment, a ray of sky broke through the dark clouds and shone on the sparkling sea, leaving a ray of light.

There were various sobbing sounds in the cinema. Chi Chuji looked at the screen that had already begun to show off, and pressed his lips tightly.

After the credits, it is a little easter egg.

After a certain time, Lin Chu, who was thin in shape, was wrapped in a quilt and pressed against Qing Yi who was already drowsy, pinched her ears, and smiled.

Lin Chu leaned forward and said in Qingyi's ear the answer she had been pursuing all her life: "I love you."

Lin Chu's voice fell, the screen faded out, and the lights in the cinema turned on.

Chi Chuji sat on the seat, thinking about the gentle expression on Lin Chu's face before, lowered his eyes slightly, and restrained all his emotions.

The audience began to leave the venue in an orderly manner. Chi Chuji got up, put his hand on the shoulder of the little assistant who was crying until he was faint, and called out: "Let's go."

The little assistant sniffed, wiped his tears with a tissue, and left the scene with Chi Chuji.

The two quickly walked out of the cinema and found when they walked to the first floor of the mall? I don't know when it rained outside.

Summer is rainy, and the dripping rain falls from the dim sky, as if covering the world with heavy rain. The rainwater, like a broken thread, fell on the square covered with flagstones, splashing a large fragment of water droplets.

With such a heavy rain, no pedestrians are walking around in the square even if you bring an umbrella. The bustling and noisy world seems to have become quiet because of the rain.

Standing by the door of the mall, Chi Chuji put his hands around his chest, watching the heavy rain outside the window, his expression gloomy.

The little assistant stood beside her, watching the endless rain outside, and whispered his own advice: "Mr. Chi, should we go upstairs and find a place to sit?"

Chi Chuji's gaze fell out of the window, and he faintly replied: "The heavy rain is in time, and it's going fast. The car is not far away. We can wait? Wait? We can go back."


The little assistant said so, took out his mobile phone, searched the movie Weibo that he watched before, watched the movie, his eyes were red again, and he whispered softly.

Chi Chuji didn't care about the little assistant on the side. She looked at the hustle and bustle of the empty world outside the window, holding her arms and wondering what she was thinking.

At this moment, two black and white shadows, holding a large dark blue umbrella, came from the rain supporting each other.

The girl dressed in white, hugging the thin girl in black on the side, holding an umbrella together, wearing sunglasses and a muzzle, taking the same steps with the same frequency , Walked towards the mall.

As he approached, Chi Chuji looked at the girl who was wearing a black shirt and casual suit pants with similar colors, and was taken aback.

Who is this person?...


She subconsciously wanted to walk aside, but the two of them quickly walked in from the outside holding the umbrella and pushing the revolving glass door.

The moment they came in, the wind and rain all over the city seemed to have poured into the mall, bringing a touch of summer dullness.

Lexi closed the umbrella, and the rain ticked down the umbrella. Zhang Xiaoran, who was on the same trip with her, patted the clothes and whispered: "This rain is so heavy, if not? You brought an umbrella, we probably won't be able to catch up with the movie."

Le Xi shook the umbrella, and said softly: "Yeah."

At this moment, Zhang Xiaoran stretched out her hand and pulled her sleeve, and said: "Let’s go upstairs, the movie is about to begin."

"Wait? Wait?" Le Xi said, shaking his umbrella, and walked towards Chi Chuji who was standing aside.

Chi Chuji didn't have the will to leave at this time, but stood there, quietly watching Le Xi walk towards herself step by step.

The distance between the two was not too far, and Le Xi arrived in front of Chi Chuji within a short while. Through the sunglasses, Le Xi looked at this elegant woman who didn't seem to have changed in front of her. He pursed her lips and smiled: "Did you not bring an umbrella?"

Maybe it's? It's been too long. Chi Chuji always feels that Lexi's voice has changed a lot from before. That clear voice, like a stream, seemed to have turned into Taotaojiang water, depressed and filled with a steady clarity.

Chi Chuji nodded: "Yeah."

Le Xi laughed, handed the umbrella in her hand, and said softly? "If? In an emergency, use my umbrella."

Chi Chuji hesitated for a while, but still? He took Lexi's umbrella and said softly, "Thank you."

Under the sunglasses, Le Xi curled her eyebrows: "You're welcome."

Chi Chuji looked at what she was like at this time, for a while? She didn't know what to say, she paused and said: "The movie is very good."

Le Xi still remembered that she was so boastful of herself in her first movie. She couldn't help but raised the corners of her lips, and said with a smile through her sunglasses and Chi Chuji: "In the future, I will shoot myself and it will be even better."

After she said these words, Chao Chi Chuji beckoned: "Goodbye."

Chi Chuji nodded and said softly: "Yeah."

Under the curious gaze of the little assistant, Le Xi ran towards Zhang Xiaoran.

Chi Chuji, holding the umbrella that was still ticking off the water, stood in place, watching Le Xi's back leave.

After Le Xi completely left, the assistant on the side wiped his eyes and turned to look? Chi Chuji asked carefully: "The teacher Chi, was the one just now? Isn't it?... Isn't it? Lexi?"

The little assistant? Knows Lexi, and of course he can judge her identity from her figure and actions.

Chi Chuji didn't answer, she held the umbrella, and said coldly?: "Let's go, I'm going back."

"Oh, OK."

The little assistant said so, following in Chi Chuji's footsteps. After the two walked out of the mall door, Chi Chuji held up the umbrella and led the assistant into the stormy rain.

The torrential rain in summer seemed to be heavier, and soon swallowed the thin figure of the woman into this empty and lonely world.

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