Chapter 121:Substitute

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Chi Chuji never found the right opportunity to return the umbrella he got from Lexi. It wasn't until midsummer that Le Xi graduated from the Graduate School of the Star City Academy of Drama, Chi Chuji found a suitable opportunity to return the umbrella to the other party.

On the day Lexi attended the graduation ceremony, Chi Chuji had already gone abroad to lead a performance by the troupe, so she had to let her little assistant go out for a business trip and went to Star City to congratulate Lexi on graduation.

In midsummer, the weather is extremely hot and dry. In the auditorium, which can accommodate tens of thousands of people, the air conditioner is fully turned on, but it still looks very stuffy. As a representative of this year's graduates, Le Xi went on stage to give a speech.

Chi Chuji's little assistant stood on the edge of the upper part of the auditorium, holding the camera to face Lexi, adjusted the pixels to a very high level, and recorded Lexi's speech clearly.

After a long morning, the little assistant finally waited until the graduation ceremony was over. Then he took the camera and a bunch of gifts and ran towards Le Xi.

After "Magnolia" and "Two Colors", Le Xi is already a famous new star in the circle. At a good time like the graduation ceremony, naturally there are many students and younger generations who want to take photos with her. , Not to mention some media that took the opportunity to visit her because of the popularity of "Two Colors"?.

When the assistant rushed up, Le Xi was already surrounded by a group of media people.

With her small body, there is no way to break into the siege. She had to hold her camera, jumping around the periphery like a little frog, shouting Lexi's name in a loud voice, trying to attract her attention: "Lexi...Lexi!"

Her voice was crowded among the noisy media people who wanted to interview, and it was quite unclear, so Le Xi didn't look back at her.

The assistant was anxious? Get up and put down the camera, holding Lexi's umbrella and waving it? Get up: "Lexi, Lexi look here!"

The shaking of the umbrella was too obvious. After Lexi answered a reporter’s question, she raised her eyes and saw the umbrella that was swung like a sword. After a while, she realized that this belongs to her. thing.

A hint of surprise flashed in her eyes, and she politely said to the reporter who was waiting to answer her? Sorry, she pushed aside the crowd and walked towards the assistant.

Seeing her coming, the little assistant immediately put the flowers in, and said politely: "Le Xi, I wish you a happy graduation, a bright future and a bright future!"

Le Xi recognized it at a glance? She was Chi Chuji's assistant. She held the assistant's flower in her arms and said softly: "Thank you."

The little assistant chuckled? Just a moment, and passed the umbrella again. Le Xi took the umbrella and did not ask why Chi Chuji asked her to come over. He just smiled when he saw the joyful eyes of the assistant?: "Would you like to take a photo?"


Le Xi asked her assistant and media person to take a photo with her assistant. After the little assistant had the photo taken together, he left quite contentedly.

On the same day, Lexi was entangled by the media. After dealing with everyone politely, she hugged a bunch of flowers from fans and media friends and got in the car to the hotel.

After getting in the car, Le Xi drew a card from the bouquet of sunflowers given to him by his young assistant.

Using the light in the back seat of the car, she turned on the congratulatory card and saw a line of vigorous and thin fonts: It is not the hammering of the pebble that makes the pebble perfect, but the water and singing and dancing. (Note 1)

Le Xi read this sentence carefully? Once again, raised his lips and smiled? He got up: "Tagore..."

What kind of blessing is this? What kind of? Life vision?

Probably... I hope you can become a better person?

Le Xi thought so, leaning back, leaning on the car seat, and gradually relaxing. She rubbed the card and thought about what Chi Chuji looked like when she wrote this line, her thoughts were peaceful.

That night, Le Xi posted a photo of her graduation on the social network.

In the photo, she is wearing a master's uniform, holding a bouquet of sunflowers in one hand, and holding a long umbrella in the other, standing upright in front of the camera like a sword breaking through the fog of life.

This photo was widely reposted by the marketing account, and many fans are concerned about where Lexi's umbrella comes from. That day is the big sun, even if you want to block the sun, you wouldn't use such an umbrella, right? In view of this umbrella, many fans think that Le Xi may be an old cadre in private?

Le Xi let them guess without explaining. She thought in her heart that this might be "borrowing an umbrella from the boat canopy", and the story of "love" has just begun.

With this idea in mind, Le Xi started to pay attention to the performance of the Chi Chu Ji Theater while preparing for the shooting of the new movie.

Her first movie is a story about ballet dancers. After many years, Le Xi once again entered the cinema and theater company to understand the life of ballet dancers.

Chi Chuji, as her best observation sample, is naturally within her observation.

In order to avoid misunderstanding Chi Chuji, when Le Xi came to the theater to collect materials, he deliberately staggered the performance time of Chi Chuji's troupe, avoiding all unnecessary meetings.

After half a year, Le Xi’s script was finally completed. This winter, she sent an invitation to Silence and Chi Yunqing, hoping that they would participate in her new movie.

Silence? I partnered with Lexi several times before, and was very interested in the story with her, so she agreed without hesitation.

On the contrary, Chi Yunqing, since the campus movie that was released in the fall, began to avoid Lexi intentionally or unintentionally. So that after being invited by Le Xi, she refused without hesitation at all.

Chi Yunqing is currently Lexi's most favorite heroine, and Lexi naturally refuses to let her go so simply. After being rejected several times, Le Xi directly brought the script to the door.

Chi Yunqing was blocked by her and had no choice but to agree? I met her, and the two met at a private restaurant with good privacy protection.

Because Lexi and the boss knew each other, on the day of the meeting, the boss specially opened the door a few hours in advance, letting Lexi and Chi Yunqing come in to meet in the morning.

Early in the morning, the morning light passed through the sparse bamboo forest in the yard and fell on the position by the window, which was exceptionally brilliant and dazzling.

Lexi pulled down the curtain a little, blocking the dazzling and warm winter sun, and handed the script in hand to Chi Yunqing: "Look at the script first, and then consider whether to reject me directly."

Chi Yunqing stretched out his hand to take the script, rubbed it in his hand, and faintly said: "Actually, I have already read the script? The story of the senior sister is very exciting. I have a hunch that it will make me better. One floor."

Le Xi looked at Chi Yunqing in surprise: "Since this is the case, why do you refuse me over and over again?"

Le Xi let go? He breathed a sigh of relief, and looked at him madly? Chi Yunqing glanced at him, joking? Saying the same: "Really?...I thought my story was written too badly, so you can't look at it. I have always refused this cooperation."

Chi Yunqing smiled, shook his head and smiled? "It's not like this... It's just..."

"Just what?"

Chi Yunqing raised his eyes and carefully examined Lexi who was sitting opposite. The twenty-six-year-old young woman has a mature and reliable breath.

Since childhood, Chi Yunqing has worked with her partner many times, and I don't know how many times he dreamed of this face in his dreams. Chi Yunqing paused, pondered, and hesitated to say: "It's just because of senior sister..."

Lexi was puzzled and asked instead? One sentence: "Because of me?"

Chi Yunqing took a deep breath, looked up at Le Xi, his eyes were full of determination: "Because I have been thinking about how Senior Sister thinks of me."

Le Xi is even more puzzled?: "What does this sentence mean?"

Chi Yunqing paused, and said in a somewhat inexplicable way: "Because Senior Sister usually takes good care of me, I was wondering, is it possible that Senior Sister...may like me..."

Le Xi was stunned for a while, and it took a long time to remember it? After the movie they worked with before was released, there was a vigorous scandal. She hurriedly waved her hand and explained: "No, no, no, I didn't mean it, just because you are my school girl, so I..."

"Really?" Chi Yun looked at her calmly, as if he had seen through? Everything about her, and said sharply?, "Is it just like this?"

"In the past, I always felt that when Senior Sister was looking at me, she seemed to be looking at another person through me. I didn't know? What was it for, but? Yes...but? When I saw this script, I suddenly understood? Bai, the elder sister is on me, looking for what kind of phantom."

Le Xi grabbed the laugh, and looked a little embarrassed.

The atmosphere between the two became more subtle. The morning light passed through the gauze curtains, and the shadows adorably reflected on Le Xi, setting her upright body like a green bamboo to make her gloomy.

Chi Yunqing looked at her shaken expression, and it took a long time to continue: "I don't like the look in the eyes of Senior Sister, I want to appear? In the eyes of Senior Sister, I am a completely independent self."

"Senior sister may not be aware of yourself? Bai, what kind of charm you have in yourself." Chi Yunqing's eyes were firm and loudly, "So I like senior sister very much, but? Are you also afraid of being shaken under the scrutiny of senior sister? Myself, so I want to keep a certain distance from my senior sister as much as possible."

"At least, we can't continue to cooperate until I put down the senior sister?."

Chi Yunqing's remarks were just a confession.

Her meaning is clear? Indeed, because of Lexi's care, she used to like Lexi very much. But when she found out that she might become a substitute for others' emotions, she would stay away from Lexi without hesitation.

Le Xi looked down and smiled lowly. For a long time, she rubbed her fingertips, smiling, and said to Chi Yunqing: "I have to apologize to you about this matter."

"I admit, I did because you look a lot like her, so I was once on you, looking for her shadow when she was young."

"But?...I didn't mean anything else."

Le Xi raised her eyes and looked at Chi Yunqing seriously? He said, "I'm sorry."

"Now I know exactly what I need." Le Xi raised her lips and smiled extremely softly, "I'm sorry to make you misunderstand? I have no plan to let others replace her in my heart."

"The more I look at you, the more I understand Bai's existence, what kind of uniqueness is in my heart. I clearly understand Bai, what kind of feelings I have for her? What kind of future I hope for. "

"No matter what the gap is, I will try to start, so I will never have that kind of meaning to you..."

Lexi took a deep breath, and solemnly said to Chi Yunqing: "Please rest assured, nothing will happen to us before. I will not seduce you based on what I did."

"She is irreplaceable. If I have such thoughts, it is a kind of blasphemy for my feelings."

Le Xi pursed her lips, looked at Chi Yunqing softly, smiled, and said to her: "Leave aside these unnecessary emotions, I really want to ask, for the sake of the script, you still have to Do you cooperate with me?"

"I'm just as a director, and the person who plays with you is silent, double golden shadow queen."

"This is the story of two Omegas. Are you really sure? Are you willing to give up such a precious opportunity for cooperation because of your personal emotions towards me?"

Lexi? Xie Chi Yunqing, she is a very ambitious Omega. She is very confident in this cooperation, and believes that after she and Chi Yunqing talk about it, the other party will definitely agree to her.

Chi Yunqing looked at her face holding the winning ticket, frowned slightly, and spoke extremely displeased?: "Is the senior sister such a disgusting person before?"


Chi Yunqing suppressed his anger, took the script for a while, and angrily threw it down. In a word: "In the future, in the theater, in addition to filming, there will be a third person in the scene, don't contact me privately! "

Le Xi laughed? She got up, and responded quite generously: "Okay."

The author has something to say: In terms of feelings, it seems that she and Chi Chuji have never started.

Just like Lexi said that Chi Chuji is a person who can't cover it, it seems that he hasn't seriously covered it.


Whatever you want, it's about to end anyway.

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