Chapter 122:Substitute

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The first film directed by Lexi himself, called "Gitanjali", has the same name as Tagore's "Song of Life".

In this work, she tells a story: Young dancer Miss Yu Wu, after an accident, had to quit the dance troupe. While recuperating at home, a child from a relative in Miss Yuwu’s family died of illnesses and became an orphan. The elders in the family shirked each other and sent the child to Miss Yuwu’s house for foster care.

This child is played by Chi Yunqing? The heroine, Yunqing.

At first, the woman and the child lived in peace. Until Miss Yuwu began to rebuild, Yunqing curiously followed her to the dance studio. In the gorgeous music, imitating the movements of Yuwu, Yuwu discovered Yunqing’s talents in ballet and began to treat her as her own. ? Disciples and children carefully teach.

Under the strict guidance of Miss Yuwu, Yun Qing gradually grew up, becoming a very good young ballerina.

Soon after a performance, Yunqing encountered a setback and fell into the first loss of life.

On the one hand, Yun Qing felt that he did not have any talents. It was Yuwu that pushed himself up in order to realize his dream of becoming the chief. On the other hand, she encountered the sweet trap of love. When her career setbacks, she wanted to rely on her sweet love to escape this kind of pain, and was finally severely reprimanded by Miss Yuwu.

The two of them almost fell apart until Yunqing came out of this confusion and understood why he danced. In the end, he became the starring role of the new adaptation of "Gitanjali", the ballet? The song of life.

Le Xi deleted the extra angle of view, putting almost all of the scenes on the two leading actors.

Between these two, it was a mother and daughter, a teacher and an apprentice, and even more ambiguous confidant partners.

From Yun Qing, Yuwu saw the phantom of her youth, hoping that she could replace herself as the chief. But at the same time, she couldn't bear it? Yunqing was bound by this dream and was able to find her ballet.

As for Yunqing...For her, Yuwu is not only her mother, but also her master, and even her ignorant love stimulus. She yearned that she could become an adult like Yuwu, but as she grew up, she was caught by the outside world and almost fell into disrepair. Finally, under the guidance of rain and mist, I found my true pursuit in life.

Lexi and Chi Chuji have been together for more than ten years, and no one understands the relationship between the two better than her. Therefore, Lexi can be said to be handy when it comes to tuning/teaching actors.

Both Silence and Chi Yunqing have experience in ballet, so the filming of the film went smoothly. To be fair, it took Le Xi a year to make this movie complete.

After that, she spent more than half a year editing the final film before she started preparing for the announcement.

On the eve of the release of "Gitanjali", Chi Chuji's new line of "Swan Lake" was also officially performed at the National Centre for the Performing Arts. The busy Lexi specially took a day out to watch Chi Chuji’s performance by the troupe.

Chi Chuji, who had already slipped from the peak of his career as a ballerina, would naturally not appear on the stage. But even without her on the stage, when Le Xi watched her re-arranged content, she was able to find her in it.

She couldn't help feeling sincerely, Chi Chuji was indeed a fascinating woman.

This was a very good viewing experience. After the performance, Chi Chuji, as the leader of the adaptation of the entire play, took the stage with other staff.

That night, she was wearing a dark halter evening dress, and she was like a black swan flapping its wings, elegant and noble, awe-inspiring.

Le Xi was sitting in the auditorium in the distance, looking at her small and eye-catching figure standing on the stage. The bright light was shining in the depths of her eyes. She followed all the audience and raised her hands to applaud, and offered her own compliments.

After the performance, Le Xi followed the crowd and walked out of the venue together.

This is undoubtedly a wonderful performance. After the performance, Chi Chuji’s assistant helped organize the congratulatory fireworks from all parties in the background.

Because there were too many flowers, I couldn't move them back in the end, so the assistant had to arrange some gifts and cards and hand them to Chi Chuji.

After three consecutive days of performance, Chi Chuji finally had time to tear down the greeting cards sent by these fans and old friends.

She was sitting alone in the office of the troupe, unpacking piles of greeting cards. Looking at the sincere comments contained in these greeting cards, Chi Chuji felt a particularly fulfilling sense of satisfaction.

When she opened an anonymous greeting card again, she found the movie premiere invitation letter sandwiched in the greeting card, and she was shocked for a moment.

This is a very design invitation letter. On the dark cover, there is a line of gilded fonts: "Gitanjali"

Chi Chuji's fair-skinned? Fingertips stroked this line of fonts, and looked at it for a long time before opening the invitation letter and seeing the content of the invitation inside.

On the left side of the invitation letter, according to the usual practice, the inviter, the movie's? premiere content, time and location, etc....and on the right is a line? Handwritten with a pen: I live in the hope of meeting her, But the meeting? The day has not yet come. (Note 1)

When Chi Chuji saw this line?, he instantly understood who wrote this invitation letter.

She cast her eyes down and stared at the invitation letter in her hand. It took a while to carefully put the invitation letter away, put it aside, and continued to open the greeting card.

That night, after Chi Chuji opened the greeting card, he sent a message to the little assistant, asking her to reschedule her own schedule according to the time of the movie's premiere.

The little assistant spoke well, and adjusted Chi Chuji's schedule very readily.

In a blink of an eye, on December 29, Lexi's "Gitanjali" premiered at the Capital Film University. That night, Chi Chuji wore a white strapless evening gown and attended the premiere ceremony of Le Xi.

Compared with the first time on stage, Lexi, who is already 28 years old, doesn't know how mature and stable he is. Chi Chuji sat in the audience and watched her as the director, talking freely in the face of the host's tricky questions.

After interviewing the main creative team, the huge auditorium gradually darkened. The white curtain fell slowly, and a beam of light was cast on it. After a series of producer titles, the movie officially began.

This is the debut work of Director Le Xi. Compared with the previous directors who have had a certain reputation, her shooting technique is still a bit green. But the film composition and mirror are very artistic, and there are several places that make people feel wonderful.

Chi Chuji sat down on the stage, watching this movie where the master and apprentice supported each other, little by little, the plot narrated in it was pulled into the story.

Especially in the middle of the story, when Yunqing came to the stage under pressure because of the success of the female lead candidate, but suffered setbacks and mistakes on stage, doubted his own talents, and wanted to choose to give up ballet? When Chi Chuji came to a surprise. I think of myself when I was young.

That year, she received an invitation from Lang Dan Dance Troupe, but at the same time she also split into Omega, for fear that she would not be able to develop in this business for a long time due to physical problems, and she was in a deep sense of loss.

At that time, Le Yang just asked her: "Do you like to dance? How does it feel when you are standing on the stage?" What did it feel like?

On the stage, when bathed in the radiant light, Chi Chuji felt that he could jump down forever.

At that moment, she firmly chose dance.

At this moment, Yunqing in the movie also faces her state of mind. Self-doubt, self-evasion, and thought of a stupid way out: agree to the proposal of a ballet fan who is actively pursuing himself.

After Miss Yuwu learned about this, she was furious, and the two had a dispute for the first time.

Few? Casual? Yunqing, faced with the hatred of rain and mist, iron is impossible? Gang, stubbornly retorted: "You let me dance because I have talent? No, you just want to fulfill your dream!"

"For so many years, what you have been doing? But to fulfill your own? Dream!"

"I am nothing but a tool to realize your dreams!"

The young Omega roared at his foster mother and his master, roaring such words.

The light in Miss Yuwu's eyes gradually extinguished, and she sighed and said generally: "You grow up, if you think this is not the way you want, if you don't like ballet at all, you can make your own choice..."

When a child is an adult, he will always be habitually rebellious when facing his parents. The two quarreled and broke up.

After Yunqing ran away from home, she still returned to the troupe to practice. The more she practiced, the more she found out what kind of love she had for ballet.

Especially after Miss Yuwu's adaptation of "Gitanjali" announced the hostess campaign, Yun Qing looked at his opponent and was aroused by a ballet dancer's "competitive".

She and her own? competitors, once again secretly competed, in the process of such a competition, out of confusion.

In the end, she won the heroine of "Gitanjali" and completed an excellent performance.

At the end of the movie, Yunqing got an invitation from a foreign dance company, gave up his fiancé, and chose to pursue further studies. On the day she left the troupe, she went to say goodbye to Miss Yuwu: "Please watch me. One day, I will have a better performance."

The story ends here.

Compared with the first two works that Le Xi participated in, the film she directed this time has a high degree of completion, but in some respects it is still young. However, as a new director, this is already a very good work.

When the movie ended? The auditorium burst into waves of applause. Chi Chuji followed the crowd and applauded, watching Le Xi standing up from the guest seat and thanking the left and right, and he sighed slightly: In the end, they can understand each other, really? Great.

Thinking like this, Chi Chuji got up from his seat, and left behind the crowd in an orderly manner.

As in the past when attending the premiere with Gu Mingyue, Chi Chuji did not attend the small dinner after the premiere. Instead, he walked out of the auditorium and walked outside the school gate.

The winter in the north was very cold. When Chi Chuji came out of the auditorium, she put on the down jacket prepared by her assistant. Wrapped in a black down jacket, she walked out of campus with an assistant.

It was already eight o'clock in the evening, and the night was dark, and there was no starlight in the sky. The night fog is heavy, and the north wind is blowing, making people feel cold all over.

The little assistant followed Chi Chuji and said, "It's too cold today. The weather forecast says it might snow."

Chi Chuji exhaled a white breath and said softly, "Then go back quickly."

It's snowing and the road is slippery, but it's not easy to drive.


The two accelerated their pace a little, and walked along the gloomy street lights towards the school gate. In the end, I didn't take two steps. The white snowflakes at one or two o'clock, like a piece of white dandelion, fell from the sky one after another.

When the first snowflake fell on Chi Chuji's sleeve, the keen Omega suddenly stopped. She lowered her eyes and looked at the unmelted snowflakes falling on her sleeves. It took a while before she looked up at the misty night sky.

The little assistant watched Chi Chuji stop, and turned his head to look at her for some unknown reasons: "What's the matter, Old Chi? Master..."

Chi Chuji raised his eyes and looked at the dark? Under the curtain of the night, the falling snowflakes were scattered, and he said softly: "It's snowing."

The little assistant stopped and looked up together, looked at the snowy sky, and cheered in surprise: "Ah, is it true? It's snowing!"

"Master Chi, it's Chuxue!"

The little assistant said this and said with a smile: "It's so rare? Chuxue, we ran into him. Master Chi, I think I can buy a lottery ticket tomorrow and try it."

Perhaps Chi Chuji's heart and feelings were particularly good when he saw the snow. She turned her head and looked at the assistant? She smiled slightly: "Then buy it."

The little assistant clapped his hands and said happily: "Since you have said so, then I will definitely buy it."

Chi Chuji smiled and continued to move forward: "Let's go, go home first."

"It's too cold at night, don't catch a cold."


The two walked side by side? and walked out of the gate.

Behind them, the north wind whizzed and snow flew, swallowing their silhouettes into the dark night.

The snow is getting bigger and bigger, and the lingering north wind hurts people's faces. Chi Chuji raised the collar of the down jacket, buried his face in the neckline, and seldom walked forward with his head down.

The little assistant on the side was even worse. She buried her face in the neckline, almost bent her waist into an ostrich, and walked forward with her head down.

Gradually, the two approached the school gate. As he approached, the keen Chi Chuji noticed a black shadow standing outside the security booth, looking at them quietly.

Chi Chuji raised his eyes subconsciously, and saw a familiar face among the snowflakes flying in the sky.

Next to the bright security booth, Le Xi was wrapped in a black coat, with both hands in his pockets, standing upright like a pillar.

The dim light illuminates Le Xi's hazy figure, and also reflects the sparse snow falling on her black and bright hair, which is crystal clear and moving.

Chi Chuji raised his eyes and looked at the white mixed in her black hair, and his heart was slightly choked.

She stopped and looked at Lexi who was standing next to the security booth. She didn't know what to do for a while.

The little assistant who was following her also stopped with him. She followed Chi Chuji's gaze and fell on Lexi together.

Le hoped that she would stop not far away? The figure, bending her eyebrows and laughing, called out: "Miss Chu Ji..."

Chi Chuji stopped for a while, nodded for a while, and took a step forward: "Long time no see, Le Xi."

Le Xi laughed and replied softly: "Well, it's been a long time."

She looked at Chi Chuji walking towards her through the night fog, and remembered the first time she saw Chi Chuji? In such a cold, Chi Chuji walked into her world.

So now, it should be time for her to make a choice.

Under the dark night, in the falling wind and snow, Le Xi set off to face Chi Chuji.

Very fast, under the vigorous north wind blowing, two completely different shadows, among the flying snowflakes, narrowed the distance.

As he approached, Lexi stopped. She lowered her eyes and looked at Chi Chuji in front of her. It took a long time before she raised her hand and rubbed her face. Some said embarrassedly: "I don't know which direction you will leave, so I just gambled at will..." "But obviously? Obviously, I made the right bet this time."

Le Xi laughed, looking down at the person in front of him? Chi Chuji, his eyes sparkling: "What do you do to me... to me? How do you see the movie?"

Chi Chuji raised his eyes, looked at Le Xi's cold red nose, and let out a white breath: "Very good?"

"Really...Is that so?" Le Xi sniffed her breath, and suddenly felt a kind of embarrassment that could only be felt in a young age.

She licked her lips and looked at Chi Chuji. It took a long time before she asked softly: "Then what about me? What do you think of me?"

Chi Chuji looked at her sincerely, did not avoid her gaze, but looked at her deeply, and said three words: "Very good?."

Lewang let out a long sigh of relief, looking at the tiny figure of her that was reflected in her eyes.

She straightened her back and smiled at Chi Chuji: "I'm very happy to hear this."

"Really? I'm very happy."

Le Xi licked her lips and put her hands in the pockets of her coat. Some said embarrassedly: "The weather is very cold, you go home quickly, don't catch a cold."

"I'm going back, after all, it's not nice that I'm not here."

Chi Chuji nodded and said softly: "Go, goodbye."

"Goodbye, Miss Chu Ji."

Le Xi said so, beckoned towards Chi Chuji, turned around and entered the dark night.

Chi Chuji turned his head and looked at Le Xi's figure gradually engulfed by the night, and couldn't help but call out: "Le Xi..."

Flying? Among the snowflakes, Le Xi looked back, looking at her with bright eyes: "What's the matter?"

Chi Chuji pursed his lips, watching those white flakes like snowflakes falling on Lexi’s black hair and shoulders, and he paused for a while before he said: "You..."

Le Xi looked at her hesitant? and couldn't help laughing. With her back to the darkness, facing the light, she raised her hand and waved it along with the snowflakes, happily saying to her: "Miss Chu Ji, if you have time, I will take you to see the first snow again."

Just like the first snow at the age of eighteen, I will take you to see it.

Chi Chuji stood there and smiled softly: "Yes."

Le Xi raised a smile, very happy? Said: "See you later, Miss Chu Ji!"

"Well, see you later."

Chi Chuji replied, and soon saw Le Xi's figure melt into the deep night.

Chi Chuji stood on the spot, watching Le Xi's troublesome black shadow, gradually disappearing into the vast night fog, and did not move a step for a while.

Snowflakes grew stronger with the gusty wind. In this cold, Chi Chuji stood motionless looking at the direction Lexi was leaving.

After a while, those naughty snowflakes followed the north wind to climb on Chi Chuji's slender eyelashes.

The fragile snowflakes gradually melted away under the transpiration of human body temperature, like a little crystal teardrop, hung on Chi Chuji's long eyelashes, and reflected bright light under the dim street lamp.

She stood silently for a while, until the north wind blew the tip of her nose, she closed her eyes, trembled her eyelashes, and smiled lightly.

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