Chapter 612:Surreal Games: I’m An Engineer


All the mining bases of the Oga Empire have been fully operational again, and a large number of various mineral resources are flowing to each base through a transportation line.

A large number of transformed people in Sky Fortress are undergoing intensive training, and now the transformation technology mastered by evil spirit clones has become more and more mature.

Soon, a rigorous system will be completely formed, and every ordinary member will be required to make corresponding contributions in order to obtain qualifications to complete the transformation.

Once the transformation technology can mature and achieve large-scale applications, it will play a huge role in the future world.

"If medical machinery is used for surgery, the success rate must be extremely high before it can be put into use"

"The most important thing now is to concretize and standardize the entire transformation technology. We should clearly consider the corresponding standards, plans, and various other measures."

"Yes, the supporters have now gradually adapted to the transformed body and mastered the operation of the magic implanted in the body"


The various participants of this study in the conference room are discussing all kinds of problems that need to be solved now.

"Specific rules and standards still need enough samples to be formulated"

"Next, a second batch of supporters will be selected for surgery. At that time, we will use a different surgical plan, and then start a comparative experiment."

"If it is successful, it can be solved both by process and by rules"

The evil spirit avatar opened the mouth to determine the most critical point of this matter. The maturity of technology and the progress of theory are indispensable.



Of course, the rest of the staff will not refute. Now the successful example is right in front of us, and no one will be unable to see how the world will develop in the future.

"However, I still want to ask, how is the small mechanical and electronic rune tool I made you develop?"

After setting the first question, the evil spirit clone turned to ask another task.

At this question, several researchers suddenly felt a little helpless, and could only reluctantly answer to the evil spirit clone.

"Sir, this, this is still in progress. Although we have obtained a lot of rune editing technology from the Imperial Academy, the logic system inside still needs a period of study and understanding before it can be used."

The person in charge did not dare to tell lies, because they actually knew in their hearts that the evil spirit avatar in front of them was very strange, and could sense certain emotions in their hearts.

"Can't you directly connect the task with the research institute and let them help you build a framework?"

The evil spirit clone frowned and questioned him directly.

"This, this, we do not have the power to directly command the research institute. The operation of the entire research institute is beyond our ability to interfere..."

The person in charge was full of grievances when he heard the evil spirit avatar saying this, and they were not the evil spirit avatar, so how could they have the power to order another important department.

"Forget it, you speed up, if these tools are made, our surgery can be handed over to medical equipment"


In the end, the evil spirit clone didn't want to ask any further questions. The main body of the research institute was in charge. In fact, it was not easy for him to directly intervene.

The meeting ended with busy operations and experiments. Although there were many questions, everyone was full of energy.

On the surface of the Oga Empire, people who had been hiding in the refuge base finally left the underground world and returned to the surface.

But now the world is completely different from the world they remembered.

The charred bones can be seen everywhere, and there are traces of war everywhere, and the thick black fog in the sky can't tell the difference between day and night.

Such a world would be no exaggeration if it were not stated that they considered it hell.

God knows what has happened in this land, and now they only have a strong sense of happiness, grateful for their luck, and grateful that they were saved by a great engineer.

"From now on, you will be responsible for cleaning up this land, and some engineering equipment will be shipped to assist you later."

"Clean up all the corpses and dig out the debris. In the future, this land will become a vast farmland, and the entire Oga Empire will become more beautiful in the future!"

The leading organizers raised their horns and shouted to the people behind them.

"Don't worry about your safety being threatened"

"Look, there are a large number of flying warships in the sky to protect, and there is even a huge sky fortress comparable to a city"

"There are a large number of combat armors patrolling the border on the ground, and the adult's pet is protected around the main rivers and main roads."

"Trust me, you are safe!"

The people, who were still a little uneasy, calmed down as the organizer spoke.

But there were still a lot of questions in their minds.

"But with such a thick fog, we can't grow food even if we open up the fields."

"Yeah, I think it's better to continue to develop the training room"


These questions were asked from their mouths, and it was not advisable to work stupidly.

"Don't worry, the sun will come out when it's time to rise"

"Haha, you probably don't know, that adult is a great person who can truly master the sun!"

Hearing these questions, instead of getting angry, the organizer explained it to them with a smile.

"Let's get started now!"



"The engineering truck is here"

"Hurry up"

The world that was silent with the roar of machinery began to become lively.

Just as everyone was sweating profusely, a yellow brilliance suddenly appeared in the sky.

Then a huge valley of the sun appeared over the entire Orga Empire Continent, and ten Golden Crows emerged from the cloudy clouds like newborn suns, spreading an infinite amount of brilliance over the entire land.

"Oh! God!"

"It's the sun!"

"Haha, ten! There are ten!"

"Unbelievable, really incredible!"


Immediately, the Golden Crow hovering in the sky attracted everyone's attention, and the people who had never seen the Golden Crow were instantly excited.

A miracle appeared right in front of them, and they finally felt the long-lost hope at the moment when the brilliance reappeared to the earth.

The evil spirit clone above the sky took his hand off the magic circle, and the consumption of starting it once a day was nothing to them.

But using this power beyond common sense and subverting cognition is an excellent means to win people's hearts.

"Your Excellency, if there is no battle, the energy of the Golden Crows is enough to consume for six hours"

"If there is a battle, the Golden Crows will attack first, and the main artillery of the Sky Fortress will also be activated immediately."

"Well, I need to trouble you to monitor the surrounding situation. If there is any abnormal situation, just do it directly."


The Evil Spirit Branch said something to the simulation man beside him, then turned around and returned to the Sky Fortress.

The main body has sent him the exact plan, and the next task is not easy.

At the same time, the same thing is going on on the central island and the northern islands of the Empire. When the situation stabilizes, what Jiang Yang wants to solve immediately is the confidence of the people.

Whether it is to arrange for them to leave the refuge base to reach the surface for operations, or to activate the magic circle to show the power of fifth-level spells is the purpose.

He doesn't want to have internal problems again when the next action plan is about to It would be nice if these golden crows never went out."

Standing on the edge of the sky fortress, the Miko sighed at the people around her.

If you haven't lost it, you don't know how important the sun, which was once regarded as normal, is.

She would never have understood what the sun was without going through such a long dark period.

"The clouds in the future will eventually dissipate, the sun will shine on the earth, and the world will usher in a new life!"

In front of her, the black-robed evil spirit clone turned around and said a word to her, and then disappeared directly into a flame.

On the ground, the flame corps, which has increased in number again, rose from the burning flames and were training hard.

After these soldiers were truly reborn from the ashes, they have lost their original identities, and there is only one purpose left in this life.

That is to be a part of the whole Legion, to burn all fears into flames of rage.

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