Chapter 615:Surreal Games: I’m An Engineer


The war was about to break out, the giant beast roared, and the flames shot into the sky.

However, the strength of these two top players in the country of Shaka is not bad. After all, the players have all kinds of props and skills.

However, the evil spirit clone didn't care, and the situation reversed when the second spell scroll, Golden Crow, appeared on the battlefield in the sky.

When he took out the third spell scroll, the player hiding in the shadows left behind a substitute and disappeared.

On the contrary, the player riding a giant elephant in the sky was as majestic as a mountain.

And his giant elephant is now entangled in the ground by the snake and struggling frantically, raising a large cloud of dust and smoke.

"Hey, how can I say it, the thing I'm most afraid of now is a battle with a lot of people"

The evil spirit clone put away the third spell scroll, shook his head and sighed.

The six-armed snake man, who didn't want to go all out, immediately rushed up after noticing the sight of the evil spirit clone.

The evil spirit clone did not move, and the player who escaped was obviously good at stealth and assassination.

At this stage, the evil spirit clone doesn't want to catch up.


With an extremely dazzling explosion in the air, the pitch-black giant was directly blown away, and then lost its balance and smashed to the ground.

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At the same time, the six-armed snake demon quickly stepped forward to make up for the knife. With Jinwu taking the lead, this guy is very good at exploiting loopholes.


Accompanied by a machete inserted into the player's body, the screams suddenly spread throughout the entire land of Sharjah.

In just a few minutes, the guy was subdued on the ground like his giant elephant.

Although he may not die in a while, it is obviously not a good time.

"Darkel, you coward! I know you're still around!"

"Liar! Coward!"


The subdued guy screamed and scolded, and now he is expressing his resentment towards the player who escaped.

"Tsk tsk, are you afraid you didn't wake up?"

The evil spirit clone walked up to this person with a sigh on his face, this guy is really the kind of guy who only has muscles and no brains.

"Damn it! You shameless robber!"

"You should go to Avici Hell!"


Hearing the mockery of the evil spirit clone, the guy immediately turned his attention to the evil spirit clone.

"Forget it, there's no way to talk to an idiot."

"Break the tendons all over his body, um, you should know what to do to prevent him from recovering, right?"

The evil spirit clone shook his head and said something to the six-armed snake man.


Hearing the words of the evil spirit clone, the six-armed snake man nodded immediately, and then the machete shrank into a small sharp blade in its hand.

Then began a tragic torture, from the hands and feet to the body, from the head to the vertebrae, where everything that could move was cut off by it.

"I won't kill you, and I'm not interested in killing a fool."

"How to deal with you, someone will come naturally"

After saying this, the evil spirit clone waved his hand directly to let the six-armed snake demon take care of him, and he himself came to the side of the giant elephant.

At this time, the giant elephant was covered in burns, and was constantly entangled and contracted by the snake to the extent that it almost stopped breathing.

This is the real snake swallowing the elephant, but the snake did not directly burn it to death.

“Pets are nice, but it’s a pity”

The evil spirit clone can barely tell that the level of this giant elephant is relatively high, but it has not reached the level of a top player.

Therefore, it does not appear to have much resistance when facing the snake.

"Forget it, I'll save your life as well"

The evil spirit avatar stretched out his hand and inserted it directly into the giant elephant's body, and a straw stretched out from his hand, spreading continuously in the giant elephant's body.

It's just that this time he didn't let these straws absorb the flesh and blood of the giant elephant, but sealed off the important parts of the giant elephant.

After doing this, he will stop tossing the poor pet, as long as he can guarantee that he can't escape.

The player who escaped did not reappear until the end. In fact, he was scared by the evil spirit clone and took out a spell scroll at every turn.


"It's over so soon"

"Yes, one of them fled without a fight, and the other was surrounded and defeated by two spell scrolls."

"Heh, how much information have you collected about them?"

Jiang Yang, who was flying inside the battleship, shook his head speechlessly. In fact, he was a little worried when he heard the news.

But I didn't expect that these two top players are parallel imports in the true sense, and they can't be compared with the top combat powers such as the strength of the country and the Void Walker.

At most, they can be compared with the former Seimei, and they are all players with weak accumulation of ability.

"Daker, the leader of the largest family in the current Shaka country, but he entered the top player for a relatively short time, about a month, and later most of the family forces in the entire Shaka country were drawn by him to form their own faction. "

"The other is Rajagir, who belongs to the warlord. He came from the bottom of the poor, but was later poached by the army of Shaka. Now he is the strongest thug of the warlord. Half of his own strength comes from his pet. There isn't a lot of bright spot in the ability"

Seeing the information released by Photon, Jiang Yang immediately lost It's okay for an opponent like this to dominate in a small place, and it's a joke to want them to have lofty goals and aspirations.

"Well, I see"

Jiang Yang nodded and didn't want to talk anymore, so he simply closed his eyes.

If it hadn't been for the Rune Excalibur, he wouldn't have been so troublesome to take the flying battleship.

"Also, Your Excellency, Andrei of the Condor Empire wants to meet with you"


Jiang Yang immediately opened his eyes when he heard Guangn's words. To be honest, compared to the two guys who couldn't get on the stage, Andre's weight didn't know how much heavier it was.

"According to the news from the Condor Empire, Andre wants to thank you in person for your help"

"Oh, I'm afraid I want to see if my abilities are true? I'll thank you for the real ones, and just kill the fake ones."

Jiang Yang sneered, these guys said they were gods, but in fact they were just powerful people.

After all, the definition of God is not self-proclaimed. For ants, ordinary people are also gods.

"Then how do you respond, Your Excellency?"

"Tell them that they are really sincere and thank me and send me hundreds of kilograms of magic-patterned metal, and don't need to say other nonsense."


In the face of this kind of thing, Jiang Yang has no interest in meddling, and the Condor Empire has now been completely crippled.

The current total population of the Condor Empire is less than one-tenth, and a large number of cities and lands have been destroyed.

Of course, that doesn't mean they can't pose a threat to themselves, just not as big as before. Click to download this site APP, massive novels, free to read!

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