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It’s a man with a paralyzed face, Ye Shao who is sunny and gentlemanly, a story about a beautiful soldier from the iceberg who got into Douluo. Jian San and three people are natives of the Tang Dynasty, not with a system. The prototypes of Jun Ye are King Lanling and Di Qing~ So they are beautiful O(∩_∩)O This article is not a world-wide harmony. Brother Pao and Xiao San are a pair, Xiao Wu is assigned to Young Master Ye, and Jun Ye is married For the Dai family, Zhu Zhuqing… I don’t know for the time being, and what Hu Liena likes is Tang Yin (Tang Wuyin), and the others follow the original work.

Don’t complain about why there is another named Tang Yin, whoever named Tang San’s name is to commemorate his mother, and if there is another brother, he will not be able to escape.
PS. This article is the main attack, Tang Yin attacked Tang San. Recently, I saw a few tearing main attack and main accept and because the cp and thunder point were not marked well, and I was scared to add the copy. If you have any contact, feel free to mention~~~

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