Num. of chapters1114 chapters
#8 Top Monthly


Yuan Tan woke up to find that he had been reborn to the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, and brought a department store with him.

“Smoke… can you smoke?” Cao Cao was shocked.

Liu Bei was very angry: “My third brother, what do you want?”

Lu Bu is eager: “My son-in-law, I want to learn to drive.”

Zhuge Liang is looking forward to: “My lord, working overtime is too hard, that instant noodle… can you give me a bucket?”

“The emperor, this yoga is too difficult, the concubines can’t do it.” Xiao Qiao.

“Tai Zong Ben Ji”: Although Tai Zong Yuan Tan started at the end of the day, his steadfastness cannot rob his ambitions…The power of victory, the world, swallow the heroes, swept the Liuhe, swept the eight wastes, returned to one country, and lost three generations… .

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