Chapter 1:Take the Department Store Back To the Three Kingdoms

Yuan Tan

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Yuan Shang turned angrily and said, "Who dares to be so rude! Come here..." Ben said that he ordered this person to be captured, but he couldn't help being horrified.

I saw a majestic war horse not far away, sitting on a familiar and disgusting figure, this figure was more burly than before, and even more disgusting to him.

He was completely stunned, and subconsciously said: "Brother...Big Brother, you, you are back."

"Lao San, what the ** are you doing in my barracks?" Yuan Tan asked indifferently.

"..." Yuan Shang.

Yuan Tan pointed a big gun in his hand, "Are your brains not working well, do you need to fix it?"

"This..." Yuan Shang was embarrassed and ashamed at the moment, filling every pore on his body, wishing to find a seam to get in.

He knew that he was finished, the plan had completely failed, and it was not easy to not be famous.

Dare to stay there, Ji Zhongshengzhi pointed to the big wooden box containing the money, and said:

"Big brother, you can come back. These are my rewards to the tribe on your behalf. You see, they think you are going to be dissolved if you die. I am helping you to comfort you. Don't thank me, I will leave.

He was so panicked that he couldn't care about the trial and the others, went straight to his horse, got on the horse and ran away.

They panicked the match, especially after Yuan Shang ran away. The matchmaker immediately saluted and said: "I have seen the old man." He also ran away on horseback.

Only then did Ma Yan and the others know what to do, and they followed suit, and immediately drove off after saluting.

In a blink of an eye, when there is no one left, the money can't be taken care of.

For a while.

Yuan ShangBenz was on the way back to the city, "My elder brother didn't die, how could he not die? You know that Zhang Liao who followed him is Dong Zhuo's confidant, it doesn't make sense..."

Still can't figure it out.


There were earth-shattering cheers from the barracks behind him. Obviously, the soldiers of the Shence Army were welcoming Yuan Tan's return.

Yuan Shang felt that he was a big idiot at the moment.

The soldier didn't receive it, he was ashamed to say nothing, and he even paid in 50,000 to strengthen his tribe. Isn't he fragrant?

The whole plan is still very good, and the fault lies in it. I didn't expect the Shence Army to be so loyal.

Hearing the news of his death, others must have voted for others, and Shence Army asked to be disbanded on the spot, it was really unexpected.

"San Gongzi, wait a minute, wait for us." The trial partner caught up behind him.

Yuan Shang stayed with the horse, and everyone came and said, "Yuan Tan didn't even die!"

Hearing this sentence, the old farmer who passed by the road was immediately dissatisfied and said: "This son, why are you so rude? Can you speak the name of the old man? The old man is okay, the old man is Killed Dong Zhuo and came back."

"My eldest brother killed Dong Zhuo?" Yuan Shang was stunned.

"When did this happen?" The matchmaker asked with a change of face.

The old farmer also froze for a moment, and hurriedly said: "It turns out that you are the third son. This is the news that has just arrived, and it has already caused a sensation in the city."

"..." Yuan Shang. It's completely a ** of a ghost expression, and I've been stunned more times today than in my entire life combined.

Suddenly, he started to grab his hair violently, and then pulled it over.

Shence Barracks. …

With Yuan Tan's return, the whole army was extremely excited.

"Lord, we are not going to disperse..." Wang Zhao said on behalf of the entire army.

Yuan Tan waved his hand, "Okay, don't talk about it, I have seen it and heard it, I am enthusiastic in my heart, and I am very clear."

The soldiers and soldiers looked at him admiringly, with a warm heart, full of respect and kindness.

Yuan Tanrang opened the supplies he had brought.

It's all jewels and jade, this style is not comparable to Yuan Shang's boxes of five baht copper coins.

The whole army was very surprised, how much money it was worth, the eldest son really made a fortune this time, rich in the enemy's country.

It is impossible not to envy.

"Wang Cai, immediately write a book, and reward all of these to the entire army..."

Following Yuan Tan's words, the soldiers realized that the treasure of this rich and enemy country was actually rewarded to them, which was immediately shocked.

Zhang Liao and the others were also extremely shocked, only then did they realize that the treasure that the old man had spent so much effort to transport back was not for his own enjoyment.

For a moment, there was deathly silence in the barracks.

Yuan Tan said, "Don't forget the money from my third brother, let's count it together."

The whole camp was boiling.

After a while.

In the Great Account of the Chinese Army, Yuan Tan directly appointed Zhang Liao as the commander of the Shence Army, responsible for the overall daily work.

Zhang Liao didn't expect to get such an important thing. You must know that he has seen the passionate spirit of this army just now. This is the most united and most combative army he has ever seen, and he is satisfied to be one of them.

But now, there is a chance to lead this army.

Zhang Liao's life has not been smooth for more than ten years, but at this moment he feels that the previous sufferings are nothing. Because of all this, it's for meeting the big son at this moment.

He was full of the grace of knowing and encountering in his heart, strode out, and prayed: "Wish to serve the great young man, and I will pass the prestige of my divine strategy army to these thousands of miles of mountains and rivers!"

Zhang Liao's loyalty was finally raised to 100 after hard training.

It seems that he is such a reasonable general with a loyalty of 100

^0^Remember in one second【】

After that, it was great, even if Yuan Tan ordered him to commit suicide, there would be no hesitation.

Of course, Yuan Tan would definitely not give such boring orders.

However, Wang Zhao and the others looked at Zhang Liao with hostile gazes, unconsciously thinking, and they didn't know why the eldest son let a newcomer be the general leader.

Yuan Tan has a panoramic view. It seems that although Zhang Liao followed him to kill the country's pirates, he has a reputation, but it is obvious that Wang Zhao and others are not convinced.

But he didn't say much, he believed that Zhang Liao's ability would be able to handle these.

For a while.

Under Yuan Tan's guidance, Dianwei brought in two large wooden boxes.

He personally walked over and opened it. UU reading is full of daily necessities. He smiled and said, "This box is specially rewarded to you, and the other box is rewarded to officers and soldiers with certain merits. Save a little bit. These are not easy to use."

Immediately afterwards, he said: "I should enter the city. If not, my father and the others will have to wait in a hurry."

So he gave this place to Zhang Liao with confidence, and he took Dianwei and Ergouzi and other guards into the city.

After Yuan Tan left.

"What kind of jewelry is this?" Zhang Liao looked at the colorful bottles and jars in the wooden box, unbelievably.

Wang Zhao and Zhang Liao were not familiar with them yet, so they didn't dare to laugh.

Peng An couldn’t wait to take out some, and said: "Da Chief, you see this is called soap, this is shampoo, this is facial oil.... All of them are invaluable, if you don’t encounter major events, you won’t get such a reward. of."

"?? The value is priceless?" Zhang Liao saw that the packaging was indeed exquisite, and he had never seen it before, but it was obvious that Wang Zhao and the others paid more attention to the white and soft things inside.

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