Chapter 1296:Take the Department Store Back To the Three Kingdoms

Guan Yu's batch was successfully installed

, take the department store back to the Three Kingdoms

"Great God, please come to your kingdom."

In the entire Egyptian capital, no one was standing, and more than half a million people were kneeling on the streets of the city.

The Egyptians were very frightened, for fear that the gods would fly away and Egypt would be finished, so they all shouted reverently.

The plane was still hovering in the sky.

Liu Bei was furious, "Morton, why didn't God descend?"

Morton was diligently directing the priests to perform sacrifices. Hearing that, he looked at it with a professional eye and suddenly found the problem.

He patted his bald head and said excitedly: "I know, Your Majesty, the coming of God is extraordinary. This place is densely crowded with people. God must be very angry, right?"

Liu Bei was sweating profusely, "Yes, yes, you are so right. The divine bird flying in the sky is so big, it needs a big place to land. Immediately send my order, the palace, and the main road leading to the palace. All cleared."

So, as the army moved, the people were driven into the distance.

"God, please land." Liu Bei prayed sincerely.

on the plane.

Yuan Tan couldn't help saying: "Xuande is really witty."

Cao Cao and the others had to admit it.

So Yuan Tan directed the plane to land.

I saw the plane roared from the low altitude on the side of the people and began to land, and stopped along the avenue to the gate of the palace.


Liu Bei personally drove the troika, rushed out of the palace, came to the plane, and saw the unusualness of the behemoth more intuitively.

"Are all these birds hairless?"

Liu Bei was shocked, but recalling the murals in Egypt for thousands of years, the life on them was sharp and angular, and birds and beasts really did not grow hair.

So he was even more in awe, and bowed his head.

Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians saw God descend, unable to resist the surging in their hearts, they broke through the blockade of the army and swarmed.

Fortunately, they feared God, and there was no rebellion or confusion. The more than half a million people were placed in order, and they knelt on the ground one by one.

The cabin door opened, and the automatic gangway retracted out.

The Egyptians were even more shocked when they saw this, and their eyes widened.

When a tall voice appeared at the hatch, the Egyptians worshipped even more.

"God is out!"

Everyone bowed their heads and bowed, what the Golden Sutra of the Sun, and recited it aloud.

Liu Bei was also shocked, and then he was ecstatic. With the support of God, he would be able to win without Yuan Tan, and he would be able to fight back to Middle-earth.

After Liu Bei traveled around the world and settled in Egypt, he knew that the Roman Emperor, the Parthian Emperor, and Yuan Tan all wanted to unify the world.

He also wants to unify the world.

But the Romans and the Parthians are too powerful, especially Yuan Tan, who is more powerful. What kind of guns are there?

Now I have God, and I am not afraid of guns.

Liu Bei shouted loudly, "I am the emperor of Egypt, Liu Bei, to welcome the gods." After speaking, his forehead touched the ground, his ** was higher than his head.

So did the Egyptians.

In the cabin, Cao Cao, Zhuge Liang, and the others laughed. Guan Yu and Zhang Fei had hot faces, and they thought to themselves, eldest brother, you are so ignorant.

Not even thinking about the first time I saw a plane, I almost fell to my knees.

Guan Yu pushed Yuan Tan away and got off the plane first.

When his figure appeared, in the surrounding heaven and earth, hundreds of thousands of Egyptian people touched the foreheads of the ground.

Guan Yu stroked his beard and walked up to Liu Bei.

Liu Bei was shrouded in black shadows, shaking all over, God came, and he didn't know what God looked like.

I heard heavy breathing.

God also breathes?

Liu Bei took courage and looked up. Then I saw God's appearance, with a face like a heavy date, five long beards, and likes to wear a green hat. It turns out that God looks like this, exactly the same as his second brother.



"Is that your second brother?" Liu Bei was shocked, but he didn't expect Guan Yu to come out of the divine bird.

Guan Yu stroked his beard, looked up at forty-five degrees, and said lightly, "Brother, get up quickly."

Liu Bei, q0q

I thought it was God who came down, but I didn't expect it to be his second brother.

Second brother, when did you become so arrogant, you already have mounts that can fly.

Do not.

Liu Bei immediately denied it, because another thought arose in his mind.

This must be the second brother who met God, and God also appreciates my second brother, so he brought him here.

Thinking of this, Liu Bei hurriedly pulled Guan Yu's trouser legs and said, "Second brother, don't be rude, and continue to pay respects to the gods with eldest brother."

Here comes another dark shadow,

Liu Bei was frightened and hurriedly bowed his head respectfully, when he heard the laughter of Gigi Gi and looked up, "Third brother!"

Liu Bei was furious, even if you are familiar with the gods, you can't be so rude, if you offend the gods again, we will be finished, and said sternly: "Don't smile, kneel beside me, the gods will come out. "

At this time, Yuan Tan and the others walked down.

Yuan Tan said with a smile: "Master Xuande, I haven't seen you for many years, and your style has not diminished in the past, so you don't need to be more polite."

When Liu Bei heard that, his heart was really elated. Is God being so polite to me? Could it be that I am also valued by God, and it would be interesting to unify the world.

Wait a minute, why is the voice so familiar.

Liu Bei looked around, his eyes popped out of his sockets immediately, "Fuck! Yuan Tan!"

However, Liu Bei immediately calmed down, and it seemed that the gods were also optimistic about this Yuan Tan, but it didn't matter, the gods flew to Egypt.

Don't be mad, Yuan Tan, God will definitely be more optimistic about the respectful me.

So he ignored Yuan Tan and continued to look towards the exit of the plane. He saw Ergouzi and other guards walking out of the plane, pointing out the prosperity and exoticism of Egypt.

The corners of Liu Bei's eyes twitched wildly, God still hasn't come out? So he still knelt and looked at the hatch.

Guan Yu's face was hot, "Brother, get up quickly."

Liu Bei excitedly said: "Second brother, don't worry, we must be respectful. God, why don't you come down?"

When Guan Yu heard the words, he could not wait to find a crack in the ground to get in.

Zhang Fei shouted, "Brother, don't be so ignorant, okay, no god, everyone is here."

Liu Bei was shocked: "No god? Then where did this huge flying bird come from, and it can even sit in its stomach."

Cao Cao walked over with a big laugh, "Xuande, if you have to say who is a god, then we will."

Guan Yu glanced at Cao Cao angrily, stroked his beard, and said lightly, "Brother, this is called an airplane, and it was created by my son-in-law. Get up soon."


Liu Bei understood, and his face suddenly felt extremely painful, as if someone had beaten him thousands of times, "" His eyes darkened and he passed out.

The Egyptians looked at Guan Yu with awe, and gradually worshipped him fervently. The king of Thebes is too good to have a god-like son-in-law.

Guan Yu was very happy in his heart. For many years, he has never been successful in pretending to be criticized by his eldest brother. Here, he can be successful in pretending to be criticized every day by following his son- in-law.

The feeling of batching is cool.

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