Chapter 1297:Take the Department Store Back To the Three Kingdoms

Rome rests ambitiously

The Egyptians are boiling.

It was not a ** who came, but Yuan Tan, the emperor of Shengwu from Middle Earth.

The name of Emperor Shengwu rose in the eyes of the Egyptians, and he soon became equal to the gods.

Emperor Shengwu was the incarnation of God, who came to Egypt in a plane that could fly.

Among the Egyptian crowd, a few spies who were resting in Rome, saw this scene, and their expressions changed greatly. They felt that the spy mission had been completed and they had to report back as soon as possible.

An hour later.

The Egyptian Royal Palace, in the bright and bright halls all around.

Liu Bei sat on the throne, and arranged for Yuan Tan and others to sit below them casually.

Zhuge Liang was very dissatisfied, shook his feather fan, and said, "Liu Xuande, you are wrong, you should come down and let the emperor sit on it."

Liu Bei pouted, I don't. Indifferently said: "I am the emperor of Egypt, you came to my country, you should be seated like this."

Pang Tong was also very dissatisfied, and said, "Don't say that we are here to save you, you can become the emperor of Egypt all thanks to the cultivation of the emperor, not to mention, do you admit that you are a Middle-earth?"

Liu Bei's mouth pouted even higher, so I wouldn't.

"Alright, alright." Yuan Tan waved his hand, indicating that it was okay, looked at the stunned Egyptian courtiers around him, and said, "Xuande, let them back down, let's talk on our own."

Liu Bei nodded and waved his hand coldly. Morton and the others were unwilling and had to leave.

Yuan Tan got up, walked to the big pillar, touched the uneven fresco, "Egypt, the oldest civilization."

Liu Bei was very proud at first, but he was discouraged immediately. This is not his civilization, there is nothing to be proud of.

Liu Bei got up and walked on, "Yuan Tan, you should also know that the Romans have joined forces with a million troops, but there are more than 10,000 warships. Now they are arrayed in the Mediterranean Sea, and they will come at any time, but there is a plan to retreat from the enemy. ?"

Yuan Tan looked out through the open palace, "Rome and the Parth have mobilized the entire nation's troops. It is difficult for us to win on land, so let's fly home."

Liu Bei was speechless for a long time.

Yuan Tan patted Liu Bei on the shoulder and said, "Return to China to build infrastructure, arm more modern soldiers, and slowly clean up Rome and rest in peace."

Liu Bei: "..."

Guan Yu walked over and said, "Brother, go home, we have been wandering outside for many years, and now, it is meaningless."

Liu Bei was stunned for a long time and sighed, "But, second brother, we have been here for so many years, and it is really difficult to let go of the people here."

Guan Yu said: "Brother, this is something that can't be helped. In the end, we have to choose."

"But, how will we come back in the future?" Liu Bei asked worriedly.

Zhuge Liang shook the feather fan lightly, "The emperor has already made up his mind to organize some Egyptians to fight against the Romans. The Egyptian people also know the current situation, and they have no choice but to give up Egypt temporarily."

Liu Bei pursed his lips, one emperor at a time. It's all right. After returning, he was nothing and had to admit Yuan Tan's status as the great emperor.

However, it is more tempting to die here if you don't go back, or to live with your brothers, wife and children for a few years.

As Guan Yu said, everything has no meaning, especially seeing that Yuan Tan has a machine like an airplane.

Liu Bei said: "However, there are still many Middle-earth people who were captured by Rome and Anxi. They traveled thousands of miles to foreign countries and made huge fortunes for Middle-earth. Yuan Tan, you shouldn't ignore them. Bar?"

Everyone looked at Liu Bei with admiration.

Liu Bei is also a hero, a hero of Middle-earth.

Yuan Tan said solemnly: "I have a plan, we can sign a treaty with Rome to rest in peace. We temporarily give Egypt to them on two conditions, one is to unconditionally release all the imprisoned Chinese people, and the other is that the Egyptians must get Treatment of Roman civilians."

"I believe that the people of Egypt can understand your difficulties after learning about this situation. We are forming a resistance army, and when we come back, everything will come naturally."

"Okay." Liu Bei agreed with Yuan Tan's plan.

So, Yuan Tan sent Pang Tong as his messenger to go to Crete to negotiate with Severus and Vologis V there.

Three days later.

Crete. Fun Court

Located in the middle of the eastern Mediterranean Sea, this island is the southernmost pearl of the Aegean Sea and the largest island, with an area of ​​8,336 square kilometers.

The island of Crete is sunny and sunny all year round, and the plants are evergreen. It is known as the Garden of the Sea.

Rome and Anxi have hoarded a large amount of food and supplies here. They each occupy the east and west of the island, with a total of eighty armies. It has completely become an island of soldiers, and it is the bridgehead for Anxi to attack Egypt.

At the center of the island is the joint headquarters of the two countries.

Usually the triumphant emperor Severus, and the king of kings Vologis V sit here.

Now the two are in the honeymoon period and have a very close relationship.

"His Majesty the Fifth, we have hoarded enough supplies. Next month, we can take advantage of the monsoon to attack Egypt southward." Severus took the map, "After occupying Egypt, our troops will be able to converge in Germany, and the coalition forces will Conquer Gallo-Germanic..."

After the two superpowers let go of their hatred, their horizons immediately widened too much. They discovered the benefits of the union, Egypt, and Rome would be given to Parthian occupation.

In return, the Parthians sent troops to satisfy Rome's complete annihilation of the Gaul and Germanic national rebels.

If their plan goes well, there will be only three countries left in the world, Datang, Rome, and the rest.

Rome and the Parthian Church joined forces in the Eastern Expedition, and they must eliminate Yuan Tan, a confidant.

"Your Majesty, the Great Emperor, the spies ahead brought back urgent news."

A little while.

Severus and Vologis V, in the headquarters, saw three spies who came back.

"Your Majesty, the Great Emperor, Yuan Tan, Emperor of Shengwu, is here."

The news of the three spies is the same.

Severus frowned, "Did you see it clearly? Yuan Tan was still in Guishuang before, and it took a few days to arrive in Egypt after such a long journey?"

Vologis V even pointed directly at the spy on his side, "Someone, pull it out and cut it."

The spy panicked, "Your Majesty, what the villain said is true, Yuan Tan really came, and he came in a flying plane."

Other spies said the same.

"Flying? It's flying over!"

Severus and Vologis V looked at each other in shock.

how can that be?

In terms of guns, they can also understand that it is a more advanced bow and arrow, catapult.

What kind of person is flying in the sky?

"How does the plane fly?" Severus asked.

His spy gestured.

As tall as a castle, very long, like a bird, made of metal? Flying around without moving your wings?

Instead, Severus breathed a sigh of relief, "Come on, pull out this guy who is more confused than the Egyptians and chop it up."

"Your Majesty, the Great Emperor, what we say is true."

the three shouted.

"Damn it, this must be a trick of the Egyptians. The Egyptians know this trick best. You can't even tell the difference. What's the use of it, cut it, go cut it quickly." Severus waved his hand.

Vologis V also agreed, and he thought of his own hanging garden, which he also claimed to be suspended in the sky.

It's not that they haven't deceived people, so how can they be fooled by others.

With the spy being pulled and beheaded.

The Roman minister Fabius rushed over, "Great Emperor, Your Majesty, a middle- earth man has come from the sea, and he is said to be Pang Tong, the messenger of Emperor Yuan Tan, Emperor Shengwu." March, early spring.

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The gloomy sky was gray and black, showing a heavy depression, as if someone had spilled ink on the rice paper, the ink soaked the sky and smudged the clouds.

The clouds layered on top of each other, blending with each other, dispersing one after another of crimson lightning, accompanied by the rumbling thunder.

Like a ** roaring, echoing in the world.

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The earth was hazy, and there was a ruined city, silent and lifeless in the red rain of blood.

In the city, the walls are broken, everything is withered, and collapsed houses can be seen everywhere, as well as blue-black corpses and pieces of meat, like broken autumn leaves, withering silently.

The bustling streets in the past are now desolate.

The sandy road where people used to come and go is now no longer noisy.

There was only blood and mud mixed with minced meat, dust, and paper, which could not be separated from each other, which was shocking.

Not far away, a mutilated carriage was deeply immersed in the mud, full of mourning, only an abandoned rabbit doll on the hull of the carriage hung on it, swaying in the wind.

The white fluff has long been soaked into wet red, full of eerie and eerie.

The turbid pupils seemed to have some resentment left, staring alone at the mottled stones ahead.

There, there was a figure lying there.

This is a thirteen or fourteen-year-old boy, dressed in tatters, covered in dirt, with a torn leather bag tied around his waist.

The young man squinted his eyes, motionless, the biting cold from all directions through his worn coat, hit his body, gradually taking away his body temperature.

But even if the rain fell on his face, he didn't blink, staring coldly into the distance like a falcon.

Following his gaze, at a distance of seven or eight feet from him, a skinny vulture was eating the carrion of a wild dog, occasionally observing the surroundings alertly.

It seems that in this dangerous ruin, it will vacate in an instant with the slightest disturbance.

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After a long time, the opportunity came, and the greedy vulture finally completely submerged its head into the belly of the wild dog.

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