Chapter 1298:Take the Department Store Back To the Three Kingdoms


I fell in love with and took the department store back to the Three Kingdoms

Inside the Roman Joint Command of Participation.

Inside the huge white limestone building like a palace.

Severus and Vologis V, both with crowns and scepters, sat side by side on thrones.

The following two columns are the generals of the two countries, all of them mighty and majestic.

"Pang Tong, the envoy of the Tang Dynasty, has arrived."

There was a shout from outside.

Pang Tong appeared.

Cang clang.

I saw that on the road leading to the palace, there were resting soldiers on one side and Roman soldiers on the other side.

The Roman soldier drew out the Roman dagger, and the Parthian soldier drew out the Persian sword and crossed it over his head.

Neither the Romans nor the resting soldiers themselves thought that one day, the two sides would join forces to scare an outsider.

They all looked at Pang Tong with cannibalistic eyes.

These soldiers are the elite of the elite, and the murderous aura they exude from their bodies gathers, which can scare people into peeing.

Pang Tong swallowed his saliva. Mama's slap in the face is cruel enough. Do you think Lao Tzu is frightened?

The Roman soldier roared: "With the power of my life, I will conquer the land I see, I will come, I will see, I will conquer."

The resting soldier roared: "The coward has experienced the horror of many deaths before he dies."

Pang Tong frowned, is it such a bullshit?

Severus and Vologis V couldn't help being proud, so they went to the window and looked at Pang Tong outside.

The generals of the two countries also liked to see it and ran out to watch.

Look at how this envoy of the Tang Dynasty passed through this formation.

Seeing this, Pang Tong swaggered over and found that the soldiers did not give way. According to reason, wherever he walked, the blade must be retracted. You have shown the prestige of your own country, and you can no longer stop the envoys of other countries from moving forward.

But rest and Roman obviously don't want to play their cards according to common sense.

"General Dian Wei!"

Pang Tong called.

Naturally, Yuan Tan would not let his great military advisor come here alone, without sending Dian Wei to protect him, and he also gave a lot of life-saving things.

Dian Wei strode forward.

"He is Dian Wei, one of the most powerful generals in the Tang Empire!"

"It is said to be the general in front of Emperor Shengwu's palace."

The soldiers of the two countries were talking a lot.

They all thought Dian Wei was going to shoot in, but who knows, he felt something out of his arms.

The rest and the Romans widened their eyes.

"what is this?"

"Is it an egg?"

"I don't look like an egg. It should be a new wine bottle from the Middle- earth people."

"Wine is strong and cowardly."

The soldiers of the two countries laughed.

With a bang.

The soldiers of the two countries were even more happy, and it turned out to be a wine bottle, and the lid was opened.

The envoy from Middle-earth was so frightened that he drank to strengthen his courage.

Ha ha.

Pang Tong also laughed, blocking one ear with one finger.

Dian Wei opened the lid, counted a few, and then threw it aside.

Throw it away before you drink it, what do you mean?

Everyone was astonished.

There was only a loud bang, rumbling, the earth was shaking, and even the temporary palaces of the two countries were shaking.

There were no casualties among the soldiers of the two countries, but they all fell to the ground in fright.

This..., is this the legendary hot weapon?

Pang Tong swept the dust off his body, swaggered, and walked past the pale- faced soldiers lying on the ground one by one.

Very high profile.

The crowns of Severus and the Warrior Vologis are crooked.

The faces of the Erguo people were hot, as if someone had beaten them thousands of times.

What's more, he also said that he would give people a blow, but they didn't move. They didn't know what to throw out. The power was so powerful that it scared us all.


The ministers of the two countries were red-faced, and when they ran out, they originally wanted to watch something they liked, but they didn't expect that they would be liked by others.

So without saying a word, they all ran to the palace and stood up.

When Pang Tong walked into the imperial palace under the protection of Dian Wei, Severus and Vologis V looked very embarrassed.

Before, I had only heard about the power of Datang's hot weapons, but today it's an eye-opener.

No wonder the glorious Kushuang Empire said that it would be gone.

Severus snorted coldly and said lightly, "Emissary of the Tang Dynasty, what did Emperor Shengwu send you to do?"

"Your Majesty of Rome." Pang Tong said neither humble nor arrogant, "Our country is willing to settle the Egyptian affairs peacefully."

"Oh?" Severus thought he was here to issue a gauntlet, but hearing the words was unexpected, and said, "How does Emperor Shengwu plan to resolve it peacefully?"

"The emperor of our country can withdraw from Egypt peacefully, but Anxi and Rome will release all the imprisoned Middle-earths and treat the Egyptians as civilians." Pang Tong said calmly.

Severus and Vologis V looked at each other.

This condition seems fair, but don't forget that two countries now have millions of troops and ten thousand warships. Under such circumstances, why should a peaceful settlement be required?

The benefits of a military solution are even greater.

Volodgis V smiled disdainfully: "Emperor Shengwu is really a good planner, but have you ever thought about it, your country's army is far away tens of thousands of miles away. Liu Bei and his Egypt are already our dinner, you say Why do you agree to your terms?"

Pang Tong stroked his beard and said calmly, "If you don't agree, you will probably pay a huge price."

If it weren't for the fact that Rome and Anxi had detained more than 30,000 Chinese from China, Yuan Tan would never have sent Pang Tong here.

"Wait, did Emperor Shengwu come to Egypt?" Vologis V asked in shock. UU reading

Pang Tong said lightly: "Yes, the emperor of our country is now in Memphis."

Everyone was taken aback. Saying that, the spies killed the wrong ones just now. The Emperor of the Tang Dynasty really flew from Guishuang to Egypt in just a few days.


They were dripping with sweat.

Human, can you really fly?

Severus snorted coldly and said, "Yuan Tan just flew over with a dozen people."

Only then did everyone breathe a sigh of relief.

Severus secretly scolded Vologis V that he was still too young to be intimidated by the enemy with just a few words, "It's a ridiculous price, and Emperor Shengwu will pay a huge price."

"We have tens of thousands."

"We bring a million armor."

"I advise your emperor to surrender. If not, rush to Egypt and capture him alive."

After being stunned for a moment, the people of Erguo burst into thunderous applause at Severus.

Emperor Kaixuan deserves to be a dictatorial emperor who has been in the army all his life and stepped on the Senate. How can we be frightened by the enemy with a few words?

Pang Tong stood with his hands behind his back, and said calmly, "If that's the case, then you can go to sea tomorrow. I believe that after seeing what happened tomorrow, you will definitely agree."

Severus sneered, without soldiers and horses, without warships, what will happen tomorrow?

People couldn't understand it either.

Emperor Shengwu didn't come here with an army of thousands of horses. With the huge military strength of the two countries, he could completely resist anything.

That being the case, let's go see it tomorrow, what kind of moth the Emperor Tang can do.

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