Chapter 1299:Take the Department Store Back To the Three Kingdoms

Pang Tong they installed a wave

Inside the joint palace of Rome and Dormition.

Severus looked at Tang envoy Pang Tong with gloomy eyes, and said lightly: "Envoy, you said that we will have a good show tomorrow. Do you know that you will have a good show today?"

Pang Tong: "..."

When the Romans heard this, they all showed a ferocious look.

Vologis V licked the huge gem ring on his finger, rubbing it brightly, "The Roman Emperor is so right, come here, take them down and behead them to show the public."

Severus stopped: "Your Majesty, it's no fun to kill them today. Why don't we mobilize all our warships tomorrow and head to Aphris in Egypt. Yuan Tan didn't want to give us a surprise, we'll kill Pang Tong first. These people, give him a surprise."

Vologis V nodded, "Come here, put them in jail and keep them under strict supervision."

Immediately, a group of guards rushed up and surrounded Pang Tong.

Pang Tong shook his sleeves and tidied up his clothes, "Stop talking nonsense, I'll go by myself."

The admiring eyes of foreigners, sure enough, those who dare to come at this time are not afraid of death.

that night.

Pang Tong and the others were all imprisoned in a dark and damp cell, and there were a large number of guards outside, so a group of people came over and spat at them.

Pang Tong laughed and said: "We have become the public enemy of Rome and the rest, why are we so happy."

Dian Wei and the others also laughed.

"What are you laughing at? I'll chop off your heads tomorrow and sacrifice all of them to the flag."

Guards patrol here for the fifth time, Spout.

Pang Tong and the others were not afraid of death, nor did they take it seriously.

However, not afraid of death does not mean that you do not want to live.

"Master, let's go quickly. If the Romans and the Parthians jump over the wall tomorrow, they will really kill us."

On the contrary, Ergouzi became more and more excited, and looked forward to walking.

But in this heavily guarded cell, how to escape.

Pang Tong took out a small ball from his hair and put it on the ground.

The crowd gathered around and watched excitedly.

Dian Wei said excitedly: "That's it, the emperor said, as long as you add a drop of water, you can make a weapon."

Is it real?

Ergouzi, they felt it was true, but it was even more urgent.

So they found a drop of water and handed it over.

The ball slammed into a weapon box.

Dian Wei excitedly opened the lid and saw all kinds of guns and ammunition inside.

Pang Tong screamed with excitement, and with a big wave of his hand, he took out a Desert Eagle pistol from inside, and lifted his robe again. At least a dozen magazines were inserted into his belt.

Dian Wei and the others even shot.

As a result, Dian Wei grabbed a polished Uzi submachine gun.

The two dogs raised ak47, 16 and clamored.

"It's going to be cool now!"

"The emperor is mighty!"

"Finally I can pretend!"

Just when they were complacent, the guard ran over angrily when they heard the shouting, and scolded, "What are you shouting? Believe it or not, I will drag you out and hang them up and beat you one by one?"

Pang Tong and the others: (︶︿︶)

Guard: "..., what kind of expression is this? I've seen arrogant people, but I've never seen such arrogance in a cell! Come on, brothers, come here."

Clap la la, all of a sudden, more than 200 guards arrived.

It can be seen that the security here is heavily guarded.

The centurion came out of the crowd and said coldly, "Do you want to die? Huh?"

He saw the firearms in the hands of Pang Tong and the others. He didn't know what it was, but it didn't prevent him from being very angry. He slapped the team captain directly on the back of the head.

Angrily: "How do you do things

Yes, didn't they take away everything on them? Why are there so many sticks left? "

The team leader was very aggrieved. "My lord, it has been searched. Who knows where they found these iron sticks."

The centurion temporarily let go of his subordinates and said coldly, "Pang Tong, do you think you can escape from prison with these sticks?"

The Romans laughed, what a nonsense.

The centurion was also amused, and pointed out, "You can't even open the iron lock. If you are sensible, hold your head and squat down immediately. I can take care of you."

Pang Tong pouted, "Boy, look good, I'll show you today."

So he took out the Desert Eagle and aimed it at the iron lock.

When the Romans were confused, they heard only a gunshot.

All the Romans jumped in fright, followed by the sound of clattering, and the iron lock was opened.

(⊙o⊙) Ah!

The Romans were really dumbfounded.

What is the situation, the enemy has not moved, how can the iron lock be broken?

"Broken!" The centurion was still knowledgeable, his face changed greatly, "No, run!" He turned and ran.

When the Roman soldiers saw this, they were dumbfounded and furious.

You must know that in Rome, bribes go through the back door, aristocratic background, you can hold any official position, but only the centurion, only the most heroic person can hold it.

All are heroes.

The Roman soldiers scolded angrily, "Sir, we have more than 200 people here. How about your courage and your martial arts, have they all been eaten by dogs?"

A soldier drew a Roman dagger and shouted, "Kill these Tang people, and then send the centurion to the stake!"

The Romans drew their daggers.

Dian Wei raised his Uzi submachine gun and shouted, "Don't shoot, this wave is mine."

Er Gouzi and the others looked at each other, don't make fun of the general, this wave must not be just yours.

da da da~

Ergouzi shot first, and in an instant, more than 50 people fell down. There was no way, ak47 had a lot of kinetic energy and could string candied haws.

Dian Wei was furious, "Second dog!"

Ergouzi scratched his head, one stood at attention, and saluted, "General, don't care about my business, it's a fire!"

Dian Wei: (〃>Dish<)

Dress it up, then you will put it on for me. If it weren't for the relationship for so many years, I would slap you to death, believe it or not.

The Roman soldier was dumbfounded. What was the situation? Why did more than fifty companions fall down.

da da da... da da da....

The Roman soldiers all fell.

Dian Wei was dumbfounded, and none of the co-authors died suddenly.

The other guards stood at attention and saluted, "General, I'm sorry, we also went into trouble."

The Roman soldiers who were not dead widened their eyes with a ghostly expression.

where am I?

who I am?

What just happened?

Severus and Vologis V, UU reading www. and their ministers are now working in the joint headquarters to formulate tomorrow's tactics.

Severus said: "I guess there must be a naval battle tomorrow."

In the case of naval battles, there are too few warships in Egypt. Who gave Emperor Shengwu the confidence?

They can't figure it out, and they don't want to.

Vologis V said: "There should be a conspiracy, but any conspiracy is futile in the face of absolute power. We will send all the warships tomorrow to give Emperor Shengwu a thunderous blow. Let them know how powerful it is."

Makes sense.

At this time, Fabius, the guard who was on duty today, rushed in, "The big thing is bad!"

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