Chapter 1300:Take the Department Store Back To the Three Kingdoms

Roman Dormition Combined Fleet

I fell in love with and took the department store back to the Three Kingdoms

"What's wrong?"

Severus felt very embarrassed about his general panic. Blowing the beard and staring, didn't you see that there are still allies of rest here?

Fabius couldn't care about anything else and shouted, "Pang Tong and the others have escaped from prison!"


Severus was taken aback, "How is this possible? The cell was provided by His Majesty's Rest. It is the strongest cell in the world."

Vologis V was also quite forceful, grabbed Fabius by the collar and stared, "How did they escape from prison, are you Romans so negligent in their duties?"

Fabius hurriedly defended, "Rest in peace, it has nothing to do with us in Rome. They have guns, guns! One shot will open the iron lock."

Everyone: "..."

What the ** is a gun?

Severus said anxiously: "Now is not the time to look for responsibility, hurry up, immediately issue an order from the United Headquarters, and everyone will be dispatched to capture Pang Tong and the others."

So the Romans and the Parthians acted.

And Severus and Vologis V came to the watchtower.

I saw that in the darkness, light appeared from time to time, and it was fleeting, not to mention the distance was extremely far.

The deafening voice made the two world-class emperors tremble.

Especially when the light is dense.

This reminded the Parthians and Romans of God involuntarily.

Only divine power can produce such special effects, right?

In the dark of night, ancient humans were more able to feel the power of firearms.

Many lonely Roman soldiers of rest, kneeling in front of the light one by one, even began to pray.

An hour later.

The gunfire and the light were no longer visible.

Fabius returned anxiously, and said in despair, "Your Majesty, the Great Emperor, Pang Tong and the others robbed the warship, and they have already sailed to sea."

Before he finished speaking, he saw a huge fireball bursting out from a far away place.

Obviously, Pang Tong and the others were engaged in something before they left and exploded a warship.

Severus was furious: "There are only a dozen of tens of thousands of people, can this make people run away?"

Fearing that he would be implicated, Fabius hurriedly said: "Your Majesty, your subordinates really tried their best, plus it was night, plus their weapons were too powerful. Bang Bang Bang, all of our people were shot dead. "

He also anxiously gestured for a large-scale collapse.

"Bombed?" Severus and these high-level officials frowned.

"Yes, it's this kind of marble."

Fabius took out a bullet from his pocket.

Severus and the others were all taken aback when they saw it. They didn't expect Datang's weapons to be so advanced.

Vologis V said: "These weapons are really weird, but it doesn't matter. In naval battles, these weapons can't play any role."

After all, without warships, everything is impossible to talk about.

And the warships of the Romans and the Parthians were as numerous as oxen.

Severus said firmly: "Pass my order, all the naval units of the Roman Empire will be mobilized immediately and go to the port of Aphris early tomorrow morning."

Vologis V put forward a different opinion, "No, start now, and send all the warships of our two countries. We also need to send fast ships immediately to chase after Pang Tong. Before they return to Aphris, we must send the warships out. They recaptured."

His opinion was approved by everyone.

The fleets of the two countries were originally on alert, and after receiving the order, the entire Crete was boiling.

The southern shore of the entire island is full of docked warships.

After receiving orders, they left the port one after another.

Tens of thousands of large and small warships continue to set off, what a spectacular scene.

After Rome and the rest are not in the book, the fighting power is too tyrannical.

In Rome alone, there were more than 6,000 warships, making up a total of eleven large fleets. Among them, the western and eastern fleets are the most powerful, and there are nine fleets in each province.

Severus wanted to capture Egypt for a long time, so he focused on the development of the navy.

And the rest has almost 4,000 warships of various types, which were originally designed to fight against the Romans.

Now they are united, the largest in the world.

There are ten giant warships on both sides, and the largest one is from Rome, called the Goddess of Harvest.

There are also 100 five-tier battleships.

There are more than 500 four-tier warships.

There are also three-tier battleships, two-tier battleships, and so on.


this night.

On the Egyptian side of the port of Aphris.

Yuan Tan also has sleepless nights.

"Your Majesty, Pang Tong has sent a radio message."

Zhuge Liang walked in, opened the folder, and read: "All the enemy's ten thousand warships have been dispatched."

The telegraph is so simple and clear.

But for Yuan Tan, Cao Cao, and Liu Bei, it's enough to explain the situation.

Cao Cao looked worried and said, "Xiansi, now you should talk about how to deal with tens of thousands of enemy warships. If you know Liu Xuande, there are only 500 old-fashioned warships."

Boss Cao said this with a look of disgust, "I'm not talking about him, it's just the enemy's giant battleship, which is enough to sink all of Liu Bei's naval power."

With big ears circling and a burning face, Liu Bei argued, "The Mediterranean Sea is controlled by the Romans and the Parthians. It's not easy for me to save 500 ships."

Cao Cao said with contempt: "Egypt is not a small territory, and it is also very good at building large warships. UUkanshu can only say that your level is limited."

The corners of Liu Bei's eyes twitched, and he said, "It's useless to say these things now, Your Majesty, how are you going to deal with the Romans?"

Cao Cao despised it even more. In just a few days, the emperor's name was so smooth.

In fact, Liu Bei had his own difficulties. Seeing that the hegemony was over, Yuan Tan was too fierce to resist.

However, the fundamental reason is that Liu Bei's thinking has completely changed, and now he only wants to contribute to the nation.

Liu Bei cast a glance at Cao Cao, walked out and said sternly: "Your Majesty, Cao Cao disregards the distinction between the ruler and the minister, and he is actually deceiving the ruler. The minister proposes to put him in the Heavenly Prison as an example."

Damn it!

Cao Cao was caught off guard by this sudden killer, his eyes widened, and he could not wait to eat Liu Bei.

Zhuge Liang shook his feather fan lightly, supporting Liu Bei for the first time in his life, and said, "I think Duke Xuande is right. Although the emperor said that he is equal to you, as subjects of the Tang Dynasty, you should not be too polite. If you consider yourself a foreigner, you have to be polite, don't you think?"

Whoever is a foreigner, you are a foreigner, and your whole family is a foreigner.

Cao Cao's forehead was bubbling with blue veins. He suddenly sighed and gave a solemn salute: "Long live the emperor, long live, long live."

Yuan Tan accepted the gift and sighed, "Don't do this, it's boring."

Cao Cao and Liu Bei felt warm in his heart, losing to this man was not wrong.

So Cao Cao brought up the old story again: "Your Majesty, how are we going to fight Rome and rest in peace?"

"Let's fight like this." Yuan Tan said mysteriously.

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