Chapter 1:Tender Pampering is the Best Strategy


The spring rain was pattering, lightning outside the window was terrifying, and the blue-violet light entering the house was fleeting.

On the soft couch, Shen Shu frowned slightly and closed his eyes tightly. The crow-feather-like eyelashes seemed to shake slightly from the restlessness of his sleep.

Then, Shen Shu's almost desperate cry, accompanied by a thunder suddenly sounded in the hall.

"Pei Yunqian——"

Shen Shu suddenly opened his eyes and sat up in shock. The agile eyes of the past turned into a pool of stagnant water at this moment, and the tails of his eyes were reddish with tears in them.

A flash of lightning pierced the sky, and Shen Shu could see through the light that he was underneath the golden silk soft couch only found in the northern palace. The top of his head was covered with crimson tassels. The furnishings in the house were the same as she hadn’t been to the Xiongnu before. The time when you are married is not bad.

She looked at the familiar furnishings in front of her, as if she had not yet woken up from the nightmare she had just seen, and her eyes were not halved.

Is she...returning to the palace?

Still thinking about it in the future, the door of the inner temple was pushed open with a "bang" from the outside.

Shen Shu raised his eyes and looked over. Before she could see the person in front of her clearly, she heard a piercing voice with a bit of sarcasm in her ears: "My sister is really good for money, and she fell into a coma. Time to wake up?"

After speaking, the woman chuckled slightly, and said with a bit of viciousness between her words: "I thought my sister couldn't wake up!"

The voice was very familiar, but Shen Shu couldn't remember who it was for a while. She slowly raised her eyes, followed the voice, and saw a girl in a turquoise pleated skirt, with her chin slightly raised, walking briskly and slowly walking in surrounded by a group of maids.

The visitor is the birth daughter of the current Queen Mother, the sister of your majesty's compatriot, and the princess Jingan, Shen Yuan, who served as an ancestor throughout the palace.

Seeing the visitor clearly, Shen Shu's brows wrinkled imperceptibly, and his eyes flashed in puzzlement.

It stands to reason that she should have just returned from the Mobei battlefield. Why doesn't she remember when she fell into the water?

Besides, she remembers that when she went to the Huns to make a marriage, Shen Yuan had already made a marriage with Hou Shizi in Anyang, and soon she was going to get married and go to the fief of Ganzhou with Hou Shizi in Anyang. How could she be here at this time?

Thinking of this, Shen Shu had even more doubts in his heart, and for a while he even forgot to take his gaze back.

Seeing Shen Shu staring straight at her, Shen Yuan felt hairy in her heart. She always felt that Shen Shu's eyes looked different today, but she couldn't tell what was different.

After thinking about it, Shen Shu always lowered his eyebrows and pleasing his eyes when he saw her on weekdays. He didn't even dare to breathe. How dare to look at her grandiosely today?

Is she also worthy of a scumbag? Could it be that I stumbled and fell into the Yuhu Lake in the day, and I really got into the water in my mind

Thinking of this, Shen Yuan's heavily makeup and dazzling face appeared a touch of sorrow, and she suddenly felt guilty when she saw Shen Shu's eyes.

"What do you look at? If you look at this princess again, you will order someone to dig out your seduce eyeballs. This princess will dare to look directly at you as a scumbag?

She was most jealous of Shen Shu's eyes.

"Don't think that this princess is in a good mood today, and you can sit on an equal footing with this princess when you call you sister. Don't say you, even your mother, the cheap maid, can only carry shoes in front of this princess!"

Hearing this, Shen Shu calmly retracted his gaze, his hands hidden under his sleeves were clenched into fists at some point, his nails sinking deep into his palms, leaving behind a ** crescent.

Had it not been for her mother to restrain her before her death and protect her younger brother anyway, how could she allow Shen Yuan to step her under her feet in such a way and to insult her biological mother so much.

Shen Shu gritted his teeth secretly, and his fingers under his sleeves trembled slightly with anger.

Four years ago, for the sake of peace between the two countries, she married the Huns and married them, but now she has become an abandoned son in the north. If not for Pei Yunqian desperately to protect her, she is afraid that she has become a member of the yellow sand. Lonely soul.

Thinking of this, she looked up at Shen Yuan: "Pei Yunqian..." What happened?

If Shen Shu didn't mention Pei Yunqian, she would have forgotten it. If it wasn't for Pei Yunqian to save Shen Shu through meddling today, Shen Shu was afraid that she would be killed in Huangquan, and she would not have this "good luck".

Before Shen Shu finished speaking, Shen Yuan smiled and said, "My palace is here today to confess good to my sister."

With that, Shen Yuan pretended to bless her, and she did not conceal the gloating in her eyes.

"My sister is going to congratulate my sister today. I don't know. My sister accidentally fell into the water in the Yuhuayuan today. It is a blessing in disguise. I heard that the envoy of the Huns happened to pass by. Seeing my sister's face was shocked, she is now begging for a kiss like the emperor brother. My sister should be going to the Xiongnu to make peace soon. My sister's blessing is really not comparable to ordinary people."

With that said, a touch of jealousy flashed in Shen Yuan's eyes. Shen Shu's fascinating face was original sin, but now it is also thanks to her face.

Hearing this, Shen Shu frowned and looked up at Shen Yuan, with a bit of confusion in his eyes. For a while, he didn't know what Shen Yuan meant.

Seeing Shen Shu not speaking, Shen Yuan couldn't hide a smile on her face, "Reassured": "Sister, there is no need to be afraid. The queen is sympathetic to you. You are allowed to take your personal maid with you, and you can also be yours. Companion."

After speaking, Shen Yuan smiled and waved, and the people next to him knew it and immediately dragged someone in from the door.

Seeing the girl kneeling on the ground, Shen Shu's heart trembled, and the blankness in his eyes was not reduced but even worse.

Just because the person kneeling on the ground is not someone else, her personal maid Linlang who is already dead in the Xiongnu. She clearly remembered that Lin Lang was buried by her own hands, it was impossible to survive.

She couldn't believe everything in front of her. If it wasn't for her heartache to be too real, she was afraid that she would think that the days when life was worse than death in the Huns for the past four years were a dream.

As she was thinking, she turned her head and saw herself in the bronze mirror inadvertently, her eyes stopped for a moment, and she didn't know what expression to make.

I saw that the girl in the mirror was born with icy muscles and bones, her eyebrows were picturesque, her smart eyes seemed to reflect the spring water in March, and she smiled and looked forward to brilliance, bright as a bright moon on the horizon, so beautiful that she couldn't be more beautiful.

She knew that she was past the cardamom age, but now she reflected in the mirror clearly the appearance of her when she had not gone to the Huns to make marriage.

After a while, Shen Shu came to her senses. She took a heavy breath and slowly raised her head, facing Shen Yuan's eyes, trying to make her voice as smooth as possible, saying, "Now, is Ming Xuan ten years?"

Hearing that, Shen Yuan laughed out loud with a "pouch", "I said Shen Shu, you won't be really scared, are you? Or did you follow the water in your head today?"

Shen Shu didn't speak, his eyes fixed on Shen Yuan's face and he didn't leave half of his eyes, his eyes seemed to be quenched, terribly cold.

In Shen Shu's eyes, Shen Yuan saw a bit of coldness that she had never experienced before, and she shivered with fright, and subconsciously said, "It's... the sixth year of Mingxuan."

Hearing this, Shen Shu was silent for a long while, his crow-like eyelashes trembled lightly, suppressing the emotions rolling in his eyes, and a bitter smile unconsciously evoked at the corner of his mouth.

As she thought, she came alive.

She was reborn four years ago. At that time, she hadn't married the Xiongnu to make a relationship, and she was still the unfavored Princess Ling'an in the northern palace.

But Shen Yuan, who was standing aside for unknown reasons, felt that the smile at the corner of Shen Shu's mouth was too strange and permeating. Shen Shu is obviously the same as before, but she has some fear in her heart, which is really weird. She secretly said "unlucky", then angrily led people out of Shen Shu's bedroom.

After Shen Yuan left, Lin Lang wiped away her tears and quickly got up from the ground and threw herself at the bedside of Shen Shu: "How about you, princess, do you still feel uncomfortable? The slave maid will find a doctor and show the princess carefully."

Before Shen Shu could speak, Lin Lang's tears fell like broken beads, and the big ones fell: "It's useless to be servants. I met Princess Jing'an on the way to get an imperial doctor. She took her away and delayed the princess. Body."

Shen Shu looked down at the girl lying next to his bed. He couldn't help being in a trance. What appeared before him were the days when he and Lin Lang were struggling to depend on each other in the Xiongnu.

After a long time, Shen Shu came to a sense of relief, raised his hand to wipe the tears from her face, and comforted her softly: "What are you crying? I'm not good."

Since the new emperor ascended the throne, the entire Chu Jingcheng knew that she, the only daughter of the first emperor who was not willing to be married, was now the most unwelcome princess in the entire palace.

In her previous life, the only use value of her poor life was probably to sacrifice for Beilin to go to the barbarian land and relatives, and to exchange the peace of Beilin for four years.

I still remember what the Queen Mother said when she forced her to marry her: As a princess in the north, she should have sacrificed for the country. If the righteousness of the country is not enough for you to sacrifice yourself, how about your biological brother?


In this life, she just wants to live for herself, take good care of herself, and protect her younger brother to spend the rest of her life peacefully. The most important thing is that she can't go to that barbarian place to get married.

After a long while, Shen Shu lowered his eyes and said, "Lin Lang, do you know who rescued me today?"

Lin Lang carefully recalled what happened in the day, and said: "If the slave and maid had read it right, that person should be General Pei."

"General Pei? Pei Yunqian?"

Hearing this, a trace of stunner flashed across Shen Shu's face. It turned out that Pei Yunqian saved her when she fell into the water in the last life?

Shen Shu couldn't help smiling bitterly, thinking about how she had owed Pei Yunqian three lives in these two lifetimes, and how to pay her back.

Lin Lang didn't know what Shen Shu was thinking, she would be wrong when she saw that Shen Shu was surprised.

As everyone knows, the general Pei Yunqian has always been moody and fierce with a heavy soldier in his hand, and everyone says he is an unprovoking traitor.

In the last life, Shen Shu heard the rumors and never had any intersection with this general. He didn't even dare to take a second look.

But until that day, above the yellow sands of Mobei, she only saw the rumored cold-blooded man, desperately trying to protect her.

Thinking of this, Shen Shu's eyes flashed.

Where can a person who can pay his life for an insignificant person be so bad?

It can be seen that the rumors are false.

Shen Shu frowned slightly, and her fingers under her sleeves slowly closed unconsciously. Now how can she prevent this disaster from falling on her head again.


Shen Shu suddenly realized something suddenly raised his head, as if a drowning person suddenly grabbed a driftwood and stumbled outside the door.

Xu Ye was flustered in her heart, and her footsteps followed messy steps. The moment she opened the door of the temple, the whole person lost her weight and fell to the ground. She thought she was going to fall down hard, but didn't want to fall into a belt steadily. Embrace with a touch of sandalwood fragrance.

Four eyes face each other.

The man’s long black hair is ** high, his facial features are sharp and chiseled, his eyebrows are sharp, and the red mole under his eyes is very charming. At first glance, he looks like the person in the painting, but his dark and deep eyes are terribly cold. People are different from when they were in Mobei.

After a long while, the man turned his face away, his Adam's apple rolled up and down, and there was a gloomy cold between his brows: "Don't let go?"

Shen Shu's mind went blank, and a pair of clear, bright and fascinating apricot eyes looked at him, crow-like eyelashes trembling lightly, seemingly nervous.

After a long while, she said softly: "I don't want to be married, can the general marry me?"

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On the eve of the wedding, Song Qingyi dreamed that the crown prince was enthroned to kill, and blood was flowing from the ruling and the wild, and the Song family was not spared.

On the dark palace in the dream, the man's robe was stained with blood and stood in front of her, cold fingertips across her face, his voice was low and cramped: "Are you still running?"

Song Qingyi shook his head: "Your Majesty...forgive me..."

The man's eyes dazzled, and he slowly lowered his head to her ears, his voice was slightly dumb with bewitching: "Wrong again, call again."

Song Qingyi's voice trembled slightly with crying: "Husband... husband..."

After waking up from the dream, to protect his family's life, Song Qingyi resolutely married into the East Palace regardless of obstacles.

On the day of the wedding, Song Qingyi's legs trembled and walked step by step to the prince's side: "Min...Minnv met His Royal Highness."

Jing Li slowly raised his eyes, clasping the wheelchair lightly with his fingertips, and his voice was low and dangerous: "What is calling for loneliness?"

Thinking of the scene in the dream, Song Qingyi's heart trembled, and instantly changed her words: "Husband..."

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[Buddhist smashing street actress X no bottom line to dominate wife actor]

The entire entertainment circle knows that Jiang Yu is an eighteenth-line actress who is still going through the center of the earth.

Netizens said that she was hot, celebrity on the Internet, and Bai Lianhua, and she was scolded on hot search several times, but Jiang Yu didn't explain it.

Until one day, a certain black fan picked up her Weibo trumpet titled "Don't Sleep Qi Zhou, Swear Never Give Up", and Jiang Yu's Weibo was slaughtered again that day.

Jiang Yu couldn't help refuting the rumors: High school chasing trumpet, declined to go deep!

Qi Zhou, the top stream in the entertainment industry, has been in the circle for five years and has zero scandals. He has been blessed by the godsend in his acting skills.

Later, at the celebration banquet, the drunk Jiang Yu swayed close to Qi Zhou. She stood on tiptoe, climbed onto his shoulder, and casually kissed his Adam's apple.

There was silence all around--

Everyone was silent for Jiang Yu.

In the next second, the man who had always been cold-hearted raised his hand to hook her slender waist, stabilized her figure, lowered his head and slowly approached the woman's lips: "Stand firmly, kiss."

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